A Haunting Season Five Offers Fans Ten More Frightful Episodes

Courtesy:  Timeless Media Group/Shout! Factory

Courtesy: Timeless Media Group/Shout! Factory

Paranormal shows are quite popular right now across the television spectrum.  Bio channel is frontloaded with paranormal shows including: Celebrity Ghost Stories, My Ghost Story, The Haunting Of, and re-runs of Psychic Kids just to name a few.  Travel Channel has Ghost Adventures.  Syfy has Ghost Hunters and Haunted Collector. At one point, the network even had Ghost Hunters International.  That show was short-lived, though.  And at one point, A&E had Paranormal State.  That show ran for five seasons before being moved to Bio Channel and re-run.  And even Discovery Channel for some time had its own show in A Haunting.  It lasted for roughly four seasons on the network before pulled it and it was moved to Discovery’s digital “sister station”, Destination America.  The show aired its fifth season on Destination America after having been off the air for five years.  Now fans of this show can watch all ten episodes from Season Five any time they want thanks to Shout! Factory and Timeless Media Group.

For those that have never experienced this show, it is one of the scarier of the crop of paranormal programs out there today.  So what is it that makes A Haunting stand out?  Let’s start with the most obvious of factors.  It isn’t a reality show.  That eliminates Paranormal State, Psychic Kids, Ghost Hunters (and its spinoff), Ghost Adventures, and Haunted Collector.  To a certain extent, one could also argue that The Haunting of would be eliminated, too.  Having eliminated all of those, that leaves just My Ghost Story and A HauntingMy Ghost Story seems somewhat hokey with its re-enactments.  Sure, A Haunting uses re-enactments and interviews, too.  But the production values of the re-enactments in A Haunting are far more professional.  The re-enactments are so well done that they play out like something straight out of a horror movie.  Because of that, it is so much easier to suspend one’s disbelief and be pulled into these stories of ordinary individuals that have been affected by or have encountered something which they cannot explain.  In turn, it is so much easier to be scared regardless of whether or not one believes in the unexplained.

Each professionally re-enacted story told by the ordinary individuals is the main key to the success of this show in scaring its audiences.  The stories are so well told through the course of each episode that even those that don’t believe will find themselves not wanting to watch any of the chill inducing episodes alone or in the dark.  Through the course of the 2012 season, audiences are introduced to a family in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that was at one point, haunted by the spirit of a civil war soldier that had been killed in battle.  Viewers are also introduced to a family whose story doesn’t exactly have a happy ending.  The family in question ends up moving out of its house because an evil spirit is not just haunting the house, but also physically assaulted one of the young ladies in the family.  It becomes so brazen that it lays down in one of the girls’ beds right next to her solely to terrorize her.  The visualization of this evil spirit and the actress’s reaction will frighten any viewer with even the strongest constitution.      

One can tell by now just how scary the episodes contained within A Haunting: The 2012 Season is.  There is still another factor that must be noted about this set that audiences will appreciate.  That factor is the double-disc set’s packaging.  Timeless Media Group, being associated with Shout! Factory, it is no surprise that the discs contained in the case for this season both have their own space within the case.  Shout! Factory was one of the first companies to actively start packaging its multi-disc sets in more ergonomic packaging.  This set is no different.  All ten episodes on both discs are kept safe in their case as one disc is placed in its own spot on one side of the case, while the other is on the other side of the case.  This preserves the quality of the discs as it prevents them from becoming scratched up unlike say, the packaging method for Syfy’s Ghost Hunters season sets.  The discs in those sets are packed one on top of another with no regard for the discs’ safety.  This makes the new set of episodes from A Haunting that much more worth the money for those that are fans of the paranormal sciences and paranormal programming in general.  A Haunting: The 2012 Season is available now in stores and online.

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New Ghost Hunters Set Shows More Of America’s Haunted History

Courtesy: Image Entertainment/Syfy/Pilgrim Films & Television

Jason, Grant, Steve, and Tango are back again.  Syfy’s hit paranormal investigative team, TAPS, offers fans the second half of its seventh season now out on DVD.  This new four-sic set sees the team investigates some pretty interesting spots.  Among the most interesting of the investigations are investigations of Seaview Terrace, the Carnegie Library, the Sun Inn, and Hanoverhill Roadhouse.Most people probably don’t know the name of Seaview Terrace.  The mansion is actually pretty famous.  It’s the mansion where the original Dark Shadows television series was filmed.  So what better place to investigate than the real life set of a show about a half human-half vampire?  The investigation isn’t without its rewards, either.  The team captures its share of disembodied voices and other unexplained things that go bump in the night.  That’s not all that happens.  A couple of the team members even see their equipment, which was allegedly sitting stable on a table fall over right in front of their own eyes.  There shouldn’t have been any way that it should have fallen.  Between these instances and others, the team leaves little doubt that there’s something left to be explained in this famous house.

Things don’t let up from here.  The team investigates an old jail and a very well-known library, both of which showed signs of some paranormal activity.  And in the spirit of the holidays, the second half of Season Seven offers fans a pair of investigations in Bethlehem, PA.  The team investigates the Sun Inn and the Hanoverhill Roadhouse.  Employees and guests of the Sun Inn reported instances of a little girl’s spirit roaming the building.  And to no surprise, the TAPS team does capture what seems like images of a little girl.  They even hear what sounds like a voice that could be hers.  Having completed this investigation, the team makes its way to the Hanoverhill Roadhouse.  The story behind this investigation is of a little boy who always sad and crying when he’s spotted.  The team doesn’t capture any images of him.  But they do capture what sounds like a whimpering or crying sound at one point.  That evidence alone makes for enough to validate another investigation at another time.  These investigations and the set’s bonus disc make for lots of entertainment for both Ghost Hunters fans and for any paranormal enthusiast.  The set is available in stores and online now.  Season Seven Part Two can be ordered direct via the NBC Universal online store at http://www.nbcuniversalstore.com/ghost-hunters/index.php?v=syfy_ghost-hunters.

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Syfy Brings Fans More Ghostly Tales In Ghost Hunters Season 7 Part 1

Courtesy: Big Vision/Syfy/Image Entertainment

Paranormal shows are some of television’s most popular programming today.  Travel Channel has Ghost Adventures.  Bio Channel has re-runs, still, of Paranormal State.  It also has new episodes of My Ghost Story, and Celebrity Ghost Stories, among others.  It also recently started up another semi-paranormal show called The Unexplained.  Even the CW has its own paranormal drama, simply called Paranormal.  The list goes on and on.  If there’s one show among the masses that stands out right now, it’s Syfy’s Ghost Hunters.  The hit show has even spawned its own spinoff, International Ghost Hunters.  The original recently wrapped the first half of its eighth season.  Its second half is expected to run sometime this Fall.  While fans wait for the second half of Season Eight to premiere, they can enjoy the first half of Season Seven.

Ghost Hunters Season Seven Part 1 is available now on a four disc DVD set via Big Vision, Syfy, and Image Entertainment.  Season Seven sees TAPS head down to New Orleans to check out an allegedly haunted old mint.  Also in Season Seven Part 1, TAPS heads up to Michigan to investigate the Mission Point Resort at Mackinac Island.  And in one of the most interesting episode from Season Seven, TAPS is called to Pearl Harbor to investigate reports of hauntings there.  This episode is actually a two-part episode.

In its trip to New Orleans, the TAPS team is asked to investigate reports of paranormal activity at the old U.S. Mint there.  The team meets security guard Jimmie Jackson, who tells them his story of seeing an entity who is believed to be William Mumford.  Mumford was hanged at the Mint after he took down an American Flag that had been raised there in place of a confederate flag.  The team spends the night in the mint, investigating reports of moaning from what was believed to be Mumford’s mother, crying over her son’s hanging, as well as other phenomena.  In the end, TAPS founder Jason and Lead Investigator Grant (who would later leave in the show’s eighth season) say that there’s no way to say for sure if the Mint is indeed haunted.  The little evidence that they managed to collect was inconclusive and that they would have to come back another time for another investigation to see if it really is haunted.

While it produced a little bit more information and evidence, TAPS’ investigation of the Mission Point Resort wasn’t entirely conclusive, either.  The team haunts for a figure known as “Harvey” who it turns out wasn’t named Harvey.  Though there really was a figure at the resort (which was previously a school) who had committed suicide.  “Harvey’s” real name is kept confidential.  It’s revealed that “Harvey” had actually committed suicide during the Winter and his body wasn’t discovered until the following Summer.  The team does record the sound of what sounds like a little girl while investigating the building’s theater.  This investigation reveals enough evidence that the team is convinced the resort is indeed haunted.

Perhaps one of the most haunted sites that the TAPS team has ever investigated is the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor.  The team goes to investigate the museum’s Hangar 37 and Hangar 39.  While there, the team hears a lot of noises that sound like people running.  One of the team members yells “bullets” a few times, which seems to cause whatever or whoever was there to take off running.  There is even the sound of running on one of the hangars’ catwalks.  At one point, the team even captures what seems to be a figure on one of the catwalks.  The evidence isn’t fully revealed until an episode after as the team is called back from Hawaii to investigate claims of a little girl being haunted by multiple spirits.  But there is little doubt, considering knowledge of paranormal activity, Hangar 37 and 79 are in fact haunted, along with most of Pearl Harbor.  Fans can find out what the evidence from the investigation reveals by picking up Season Seven Part One.

As interesting as the episodes in Season Seven Part One are, there is one glaring black eye to this set.  That black eye is its packaging.  The discs are stacked one on top of each other, rather than being given their own spots inside the slim case.  What stacking the discs potentially does is increase the chances of the discs getting scratched, thus reducing the life of the discs.  Hopefully when the second half of Season Seven is released, this is something that will be fixed.  If not, then perhaps it will be fixed in its eighth season.  Other than that, this is a set that any paranormal fan will enjoy watching.  It’s available in stores and online.  It can be ordered online at http://www.nbcuniversalstore.com/syfy/index.php?v=syfy

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