The Forge Announces Expansive New Live Calendar

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Chicago has, for ages, been a hotbed for great musical talent and a place where some of the biggest acts have come on their tours, including the acts lined up to perform at The Forge, the city’s foremost concert venue.

The Forge released this week an extensive new list of acts scheduled to perform at the venue.  The schedule runs from Feb. 9 and runs through June June 29.  Dead Horse Trauma opens the new schedule alongside Oblivion Zero, Consume The Divide, A Silent Truth and torn By Tentacles.

Also scheduled to perform at The Forge on its latest schedule are: Sons of Apollo on Feb. 18 alongside Drifting; Act of Defiance on March 15, Hatebreed on March 20 alongside Crowbar, The Acacia Strain and twitching Tongues; Satyricon and Inquisition on May 20; Uli Jon Roth on June 29; Flaw, Bedlam, Static Signal and Undeclass on March 29 and many others.

The current schedule or The Forge is noted below.

The Forge – Event List

February 9- Dead Horse Trauma, Oblivion Zero, Consume the Divide, A Silent Truth, Torn by Tentacles
February 10 – Smells Like Nirvana, Facelift, Fake News
February 16- Dreezy/ Lil Bibby
February 18 – Sons Of Apollo, Drifting
February 23- Poison’d Crue & Done Dirt Cheap
February 24- Kashmir
February 27 – Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, Havok (Sold Out)
March 2- We Came As Romans, The Plot in You, Oceans Ate Alaska, Currents, Tempting Fate
March 4- Local Showcase- Stone the Crow, Orinoco, Torn by Tentacles, Bury the Shadows, What Lies Ahead, Secrets of Skeletons, Bury Your Past, 3 Days From Dying, Bareknuckle Bullseye, Folls Brew, Vivorum, Chalk
March 6- Catastrophic Event Specialist Tour- Ces Cru, G-Mo Skee
March 7 – Udo Dirkschnider, Elm Street, Strikeforce, Endgame
March 10- Blackened, My Metal Heart
March 15- Act of Defiance
March 16- Janet Gardner, Reanimate the Fallen, Bullet to the Heart, Blacken the Day
March 17- Riff Raff
March 20- Hatebreed, Crowbar, The Acacia Strain, Twitching Tongues
March 21- Dying Fetus, Thy Art is Murder, Enterprise Earth, Rivers of Nihil, Sanction
March 23- Twiztid
March 24- Magic Mike Tour
March 28- Froggy Fresh
March 29- Flaw, Bedlem, Static Signal, Underclass
March 31- ICP, Attila
April 12- The Lacs
April 13 – Cradle Of Filth, Jinjer, Uncured
April 26- Carnifex, Oceano, Winds of Plague, Archspire, Spite, Buried Above Ground, Widowmaker
April 28- Damaged Justice, Super Unknown, Big Bang Baby
April 29- Bobaflex, Andrew W. Boss, Trip 6
May 6 – Nile, Soulfly, Hate Storm Annihilation, Orinoco, Beneath the Hollow
May 20- Satyricon, Inquisition
May 25- Insomnium
May 31- Devastation on the Nation- Aborted, Psycroptic, Ingested, Disentomb, Arkaik, Venom Prison, Vale of Pnath
June 4 – HammerFall, Flotsam and Jetsam, Wrath, Acracy
June 29 – Uli Jon Roth

More information on The Forge’s schedule is available online now along with all of its latest news at:






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Tommy Victor Is In His Prime On His Latest Prong Recording

Courtesy: Steamhammer/SPV Records

Later this month, Prong will release its latest album to the masses, and the record, Zero Days, is one of this year’s top new hard rock and metal offerings.  The record, the 12th full-length studio recording from Tommy Victor and his ever-rotating roster of fellow musicians, is everything that audiences have come to expect from Prong – heavy yet infectious riffs and grooves, and equally hard-hitting lyrical content. That is evidenced early in the album’s run in the form of ‘Divide and Conquer,’ which will be discussed shortly.  The full-on thrash riffs and social commentary of ‘Forced Into Tolerance’ shows just as much as ‘Divide and Conquer’ what makes this record another enjoyable offering from Prong.  It will be discussed later.  ‘Self Righteous Indignation’ also serves, with its musical arrangement and lyrical content, why this record represents everything that Prong’s fans have come to expect from the band.  It is hardly the last of the songs included in this record that serves that purpose, too.  The record boasts 10 other songs that could just as easily be used to show why Prong has crafted another solid offering in Zero Days and why it is.  The whole of the album’s 13 songs shows the album to be, again, one of this year’s top new hard rock and metal albums.

Veteran hard rock outfit Prong’s latest album Zero Days is everything that Prong’s fans have come to expect from the band and then some.  The album, Tommy Victor’s 12th album under the Prong moniker, utilizes a solid mix of musical arrangements and hard-hitting lyrical content to make it one of this year’s top new hard rock and metal albums.

That is evidenced early on in the driving composition ‘Divide And Conquer.’  The melodic hard rock arrangement at the song’s center harkens back to some of the best songs included in the band’s 1996 album Rude Awakening and its forebear, Cleansing (1994).  That is evidenced through the song’s straight forward guitar arrangement and Victor’s own vocal delivery style.  Drummer Art Cruz’s own work behind the kit adds to that feel even more as does that of bassist Mike Longworth.  The whole of those parts makes this arrangement one of the album’s best musical compositions.  The songs’ lyrical content builds on the foundation created by the arrangement and strengthens the song even more.

The lyrical content presented in ‘Divide and Conquer’ strengthens the foundation created through the song’s musical arrangement because it hits just as hard as the arrangement with its commentary. Victor sings in the song’s lead verse, “There’s no relief/There’s just regret/Want to forget/Just can’t believe/Really don’t want any part of that/Just another bad experience/For what’s positive or negative/Maybe it’s all just relative.”  He and his band mates go on to sing in the song’s chorus, “You can’t go through life without these conditions/Divide and conquer/You can always rely on opposition/Face the sorrow/You can’t go through life without some division/Divide and conquer…”  This comes across as a message about accepting the good and bad in life rather than just the good.  This is of course only this critic’s own interpretation and should not be taken as gospel.  That interpretation is made just as much as Victor sings in the song’s second verse, “You only see what you gotta get/You cannot get what you cannot see/Always forced into compromise/Always have to make the sacrifice/Things are not what they seem to be/Living in a false reality.”  From here the song returns to its chorus before making its way to its end, reminding listeners that negative will always come with positive, and that people should expect both sides in life; that only seeing one side is close-minded.  Again, this is only this critic’s own interpretation.  Hopefully it is somewhere in the ballpark of being right.  Regardless, it can be agreed by everyone that whatever the message, it definitely is hard-hitting.  When that message is coupled with the song’s driving musical arrangement, the urgency of understanding the message is driven home even more, making this song both musically and lyrically a work that so many people (especially in today’s world) should hear, proving why it is such an important addition to Zero Days.  It is not the album’s only stand out song.  ‘Forced Into Tolerance’ is another of the songs that serves to show why Zero Days is another solid offering from Prong, despite what some critics might have people believe.

‘Divide and Conquer’ is one of the best examples of how much Tommy Victor and company have to offer audiences on its latest album Zero Days.  Its driving musical arrangement and equally hard-hitting lyrical content couple to make the song a work that will entertain audiences while also leaving them thinking quite a bit.  The impact from the song’s musical and lyrical content makes it only one of the album’s best additions.  ‘Forced Into Tolerance’ hits just as hard as ‘Divide and Conquer.’  Just as with the aforementioned work, that is due in part to the song’s musical arrangement, which instantly conjures thoughts of Slayer, Hatebreed and others of that ilk.  That speaks for itself.  Considering that, the next step here is to examine the song’s lyrical content, which at least to this critic seems to be a commentary about the bigotry and racism that has become far too prevalent across the nation ever since the rise to power of the nation’s current “leader.”  That is inferred right off the top as Victor sings, “Forced into tolerance of what we disdain/Being irrational is how we exist/Someone goes around and it makes no sense/They are labeled and then disgraced/Caught in the ignorance and try to explain.”  He goes on to bring out the foolishness of the hateful views that are being expressed by singing, “I don’t care if you exist…Don’t f****** tell me it is what it is.”  He goes on in similar fashion from here with the same musical and lyrical fire, indicting those close-minded masses of the nation (and the world possibly) pointing out the dangers of their views, and the foolishness of those views.  It is a powerful statement both musically and lyrically that will be timely as long as such people and views exist in the world.  Considering this, it is clearly evident why this song is so important to the overall presentation of Prong’s new album. It is not the last of the record’s key compositions either.  ‘Self Righteous Indignation’ is yet another of the album’s most important songs.

‘Divide and Conquer’ and ‘Forced Into Tolerance’ are both key additions to Prong’s 12th full-length studio recording.  That is thanks to the songs’ powerhouse musical arrangements and the equally hard-hitting commentaries contained within each song.  The whole of those elements within each song makes each song a clear example of what makes Zero Days such a strong new effort from Prong.  They are not the album’s only key works, though.  ‘Self Righteous Indignation’ is yet another of the album’s most important works.  As with the previously discussed songs, that is due in part to the song’s musical arrangement, which can easily be compared to works from the likes of Fear Factory, White Chapel and other similar acts with its heavy, crunching, down-tuned guitars, pounding drums and equally heavy bass line.  Keeping this in mind, it is only one part of what makes the song stand out so distinctly from the record’s other tracks.  The song’s lyrical content is just as important to note here as its musical arrangement.

The lyrical content presented in ‘Self Righteous Indignation’ seems to this critic at least as a commentary about those people who think themselves so much better than everyone else.  That is inferred as Victor sings in the song’s lead verse, “A victim/Of the system/Who gives a damn about your needs/Won’t listen/To criticism/Disgust for everyone who cheats/My heart is cold/I cannot pray/I can’t look way/What may unfold/Your dismay/Just total disdain/Self/Righteous/Indignation.”  That seeming commentary continues in the song’s second verse as Victor sings, “No wisdom/So distant/A great sense of psychic grief/existence/Of symptoms/distaste for everything that’s cheap/It’s always known/All the demands/The helping hands/have no control/What you don’t have/Gets way out of hand.”  Once again, this is all just this critic’s own interpretation and should not be taken as the only interpretation.  It only seems to this critic that this song, lyrically, addresses those people who have that unnecessary God complex of sorts.  Sadly, there are far too many people of this sort around the world, and if that is indeed what Victor is addressing here, he does quite the job of addressing the matter.  Keeping that in mind, the song’s musical arrangement expertly couples with the power in the song’s lyrics and Victor’s own powerhouse vocal delivery.  It delivers a message of pure anger aimed at those people in question; a message that, again if that is the intended message, definitely hits home in a big way, showing once more why this song is such a key addition to Zero Days.  It is hardly the last of the songs that could be examined to show what makes Zero Days such a strong new effort from Prong.  Any of the other 10 songs that fill out the rest of the album could be examined just as easily as this work and the previously discussed works.  Considering this, the whole of this record shows Prong at its prime; a work that will definitely impress any of the band’s fans new or old.  They make the record a work that deserves a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new hard rock and metal albums.

Prong’s latest full-length studio recording Zero Days shows Tommy Victor at his prime along with the band that he founded so many years ago.  It is a record that shows despite all of the band’s lineup and label changes, is still as relevant and powerful today as it was in its infancy.  That is exhibited from start to finish through the album’s powerhouse musical arrangements and its equally hard-hitting lyrical content.  The two elements together make the album in whole one of this year’s top new hard rock and metal albums.  It will be available Friday, July 28 via Steamhammer/SPV Records.  More information on Zero Days is available online now along with all of Prong’s latest news and more at:










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Amon Amarth Conquers Phil’s Picks’ 2016 Top 10 New Hard Rock & Metal Albums List

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

The hard rock and metal community have collectively become a rather crowded field this year in terms of new albums.  It has made extremely difficult naming the year’s top new hard rock and metal records.  There have been that many outstanding records.  Metallica’s first album in eight years, HardwiredTo SelfDestruct is just one of the albums that has more than proven deserving of being on that list.  The same can be said of Amon Amarth’s latest offering, Jomsviking.  It is a rarity for the band, being a concept record.  The concept behind the record more than works.  And its musical arrangements work just as well.  On another note Prong, with its latest offering X No Absolutes has proven through its overall content (and sales) that it is another success for the band—and more specifically founder Tommy Victor, the band’s only original member.  So no doubt it belongs on the list of the year’s top new hard rock and metal albums, too as do so many others.  It was not easy for this critic to assemble this year’s list of new hard rock and metal albums considering how many outstanding albums were released in that collective field.  But a decision had to be made.  That decision is presented below.

As a reminder, the list, as with each of Phil’s Picks year-ender lists, presents Phil’s Picks Top 10 picks for the year’s best plus five honorable mention titles for a total of 15 albums.  Honorable mention is not mean in a negative fashion by any means.  They were each deserving of being named to the year’s best.  It was just that tough assembling a list of the year’s best, so the final list ended as presented here.  Without any further ado, here is the Phil’s Picks 2016 Top 10 New Hard Rock and Metal Albums.




  1. Amon AmarthJomsviking


  1. MetallicaHardwiredTo SelfDestruct


  1. All Hail The YetiScreams From A Black Wilderness


  1. NonpointThe Poison Red


  1. SpellcasterNight Hides The World


  1. WovenwarHonor is Dead


  1. ArtilleryPunishment By Perception


  1. ProngXNo Absolutes


  1. AnthraxFor All Kings


  1. DestrageA Means To No End


  1. WhitechapelMark of the Blade


  1. DevildriverTrust No One


  1. Oni – Ironshore


  1. Primal FearRulebreaker


  1. HatebreedThe Concrete Confesional




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Suicidal Tendencies Added To Ozzfest Meets Knotfest Lineup

Courtesy:  Adrenaline PR

Courtesy: Adrenaline PR

Organizers with the 2016 Ozzfest Meets Knotfest have added another band to the mega-festival’s lineup.

Veteran hard rock band Suicidal Tendencies has been added to the lineup for the inaugural Ozzfest Meets Knotfest.  It marks the first time that the band has ever taken the stage at Ozzfest in any capacity.  The band will take the place of Children of Bodom, which was originally scheduled to perform on the first day of the double-header festival. The updated lineup for the festival is noted below. Audiences will note that there is even a stage dedicated to late Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister at this year’s festival.



Saturday, September 24


MAIN STAGE:  Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Megadeth, Opeth, Black Label Society, and Rival Sons.

LEMMY STAGE:  Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed, DevilDriver, Goatwhore, Huntress, and Dead Cross.

NUCLEAR BLAST STAGE: Municipal Waste, Kataklysm, Nails, The Shrine, and Still Rebel.


Sunday, September 25


MAIN STAGE:  Slipknot, Slayer, Amon Amarth, Anthrax, and Trivium.

LEMMY STAGE:  Sabaton, Suicide Silence, Overkill, Emmure, Butcher Babies, and Man with A Mission.

NUCLEAR BLAST STAGE:  Whitechapel, Combichrist, Carnifex, Loathe, SIM, and ONI.


Ozzfest Meets Knotfest is currently scheduled to be held Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th at San Manuel Amphitheater and Festival Grounds in San Bernardino California.  As a special holiday celebration, fans can purchase single 4-day ticket packs for $84.  The limited-time special is going on now and ends July 4th at 11:59pm PT.  Tickets can be purchased online at and  More information on the inaugural Ozzfest Meets Knotfest is available online at:


















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Born Of Osiris, For The Fallen Dreams Added To 2016 Dirt Fest Lineup


Courtesy:  Omega/101 WRIF-FM

Courtesy: Omega/101 WRIF-FM

More names have been added to this year’s edition of the Dirt Fest.

Organizers with the annual festival announced this week that Born of Osiris and For The Fallen Dreams have both been added to this year’s lineup.  They join the likes of: Sea of Treachery, I Set My Friends on Fire, and The Alpha Complex, who were also just recently added to the festival’s lineup.  The Alpha Complex features former Motograte

r front man Michael Woodruff on vocals.  Matt Dalton is one of the festival’s promoters.  He discussed the addition of Born of Osiris and For The Fallen Dreams in a recent interview.  “I’m thrilled to have my friends in Born of Osiris and For The Fallen Dreams join our event,” he said.  This will bee the first time FTFD has played in their home state of Michigan in over two years and their first time back to Dirt Fest since 2006.  With Chad (Ruhlig) back fronting the band the timing couldn’t be better.”

This is not the first time that the annual festival, which is held every year in Michigan, has given bands from “The Great Lakes State” time in the limelight.  In 2012 Chiodos reunited after having taken some time apart previously.  And the band’s first show back was at Dirt Fest.  The performance featured original front man Craig Owens back at the helm.  Dirt Fest has also developed quite the reputation for itself for having launched the careers of other major metal acts such as: Battlecross, Wilson, and See You Next Tuesday.  Dalton discussed the festival’s reputation along with the new additions to this year’s festival in his interview.  “Our priority has always been Michigan bands and this year is no exception,” he said of the festival’s reputation.  “In addition to Walls of Jericho, Wilson, Saint Riley, and of course For The Fallen Dreams, dozens of up-and-coming Michigan bands like It Lies Within and Heartsick will have a chance to perform alongside the big guys.  You never know who the next break out artist will be.”

2016 marks the 19th year for the Dirt Fest.  Along with the bands already noted, this year’s festival lineup also features some of the biggest names in the metal community today including: Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Soil, Asking Alexandria, Attila, Bury Your Dead, and many others.  It will be held at the Crofoot Festival Grounds in downtown Pontiac Michigan on Saturday, August 13th.  Tickets for the festival can be purchased online now here.  More information on Dirt Fest is available online now at:








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Hatebreed Offers Up Another “Rock Solid” Record In Its Latest LP

Courtesy:  Nuclear Blast Records

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

A little more than twenty years ago Hatebreed first made its presence known in the New England metal community.  It is one of the richest and most revered in the metal community.  That is because it has produced a number of the nation’s biggest names in metal for more than thirty years.  Ever since its formation so long ago, Hatebreed has gone on to become just one of those leaders.  That is thanks to its pummeling musical arrangements and inspirational lyrics.  That has been the case with every album that the band has released.  The same can be said of the band’s latest album The Concrete Confessional.  That is clear throughout the thirteen songs that make up the body of the album starting with the album’s socio-politically charged opener ‘A.D.’  ‘Remember When,’ is just as socially charged in its indictment of those who choose to live in the past.  The band hasn’t’ ignored the theme of self-empowerment that has maintained its popularity for so many years.  That is clear early on in the form of ‘Looking Down The Barrel of Today.’  Each noted song is important in its own right to the album’s overall presentation.  When they are set alongside the album’s remaining ten tracks, the whole of that thirty-three minute run time proves to be an experience that will impress audiences just as much as the band’s previous records and in turn a record that is a viable candidate for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new metal and hard rock records.

Hatebreed’s latest full-length studio recording The Concrete Confessional is a viable candidate for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new hard rock and metal records.  That is thanks to thirteen musical arrangements that are just as pummeling as those featured on the band’s previous albums.  The lyrical topics tackled alongside those musical arrangements support that argument just as much.  The combination of those two elements from beginning to end make this record, the band’s eighth studio recording, an album that maintains Hatebreed’s place as one of the leading names in the metal community today.  The album’s simply titled opener ‘A.D.’ is one of the songs that supports this argument.  The song’s musical arrangement offers audiences the same pummeling riffs and drumming for which the band has come to be known ever since the release of its 1997 debut LP Satisfaction is the Death of Desire.  Jasta’s own vocal delivery is just as powerful as he screams about the current state of America.  He notes in the song’s lyrical content, “It’s time to rethink this dream called American/Corrupt beliefs that some will call their heritage/The dream can’t be/What it used to be/Ever again.”  He goes on to note, “Turn on the TV for the murder spree/Get distracted while they take your civil liberty/Thoughts and prayers again/Is that what it’ll take/Which industries profit while lives are at stake.”  He even goes on to indict the very media that broadcasts those stories, screaming, “Now hear the media fools discuss the killer’s mind/Staring at the screen to tell us what they find/Manifesto/Dollar worship/Get on your knees/So they can sell us a cure for the American disease.”  It is a rather damning indictment of the country and those that have led it to its current point.  And it is hardly the only song to ever take such a course.  Any number of other bands has gone this route past and present.  Regardless it still proves to be a statement that is just as impacting in this case as it is from any other band.  Considering this the song, both in regards to its musical arrangement and lyrics, is a clearly solid example of why Hatebreed still stands at the fore of the metal (and especially hardcore) community.   It is just one supporting piece of evidence in the argument, too.  ‘Remember When’ comes later in the album’s run.  It supports that argument just as much.

‘A.D.’ is a solid opener for Hatebreed’s new album.  It proves just as much why Hatebreed is still one of the metal (and more specifically hardcore) community’s leaders.  It is just one of the album’s key compositions, too.  ‘Remember When’ is another of the album’s key songs.  Yet again the musical brutality for which the band has come to be known drives the song.  In regards to its lyrical content, it is just as powerful.  Jasta takes on the issue of people who live in the past in this song, screaming, “The past is like a virus to some it infects/A vestige of thoughts I once had/Now they want to tell m that it’s not the same/Some of us follow a path they can’t see.  He goes on to scream, “Remember when is a saying I reject/What if today is all that we get/It was better than “well I don’t recall”/Will they ever stand or just crawl/I don’t regret/Not one single shred/I let the weak lament/Now I’m eager to forget.”  He is not saying that people should forget the past.  Rather he is saying that people shouldn’t live in the past.  Remember the past and learn from it and move forward but don’t live in the past good or bad.   It’s a powerful statement and once again maintains that theme of self-empowerment that has dominated each of the band’s previous records.  When it is set alongside the song’s equally hard hitting musical arrangement the two join together to show why the song is another of this record’s key moments.  Just as in the case of ‘A.D.’ the lyrical and musical content of ‘Remember When’ also proves once more why Hatebreed atop the metal (and hardcore) community.  It still is not the last remaining song from this album that supports these arguments.  ‘Looking Down The Barrel of Today’ is one more composition supporting both statements.

‘A.D.’ and ‘Remember When’ are both key inclusions in Hatebreed’s new album.  They prove through the combination of their lyrical and musical content why this album is another rock solid release from a band that is one of the metal (and hardcore) community’s leading names.  They are not the only songs that prove both statements.  ‘Looking Down The Barrel of Today’ supports both statements just as much as ‘A.D.’ and ‘Remember When.’  The song’s musical arrangement is just one of the reasons for this.  As with ‘A.D.’ and ‘Remember When,’ this song’s musical arrangement harkens back to the sound established in the band’s previous records just as much as in the case of ‘A.D.’ and ‘Remember When.’  Its lyrical content sits on the foundation established by that pounding musical arrangement, and in turn completes the song.  This is once again the case because of the song’s lyrical message of self-empowerment.  Jasta presents that message as he screams, “Once had a shotgun to my head/They said I wasn’t worth the bullets/Now the world is my trigger/And I’m here to f***ing pull it/Still here, still here/I can’t hesitate/Eyes wide open/Pupils dilate/Still here, right here/Set to detonate/I see the swarm/The scavengers await/No sleep, no rest/If that’s what it takes to be the best/No sleep, no rest/Must stay driven/I can’t relent.”  The message is crystal clear here.  Jasta isn’t advocating literally losing sleep.  Rather he is just saying that he is determined and refuses to let people kick him when he’s down.  He has taken the negative vibes of others and used it as his driving, burning fuel to keep going.  It is a powerful statement, and one that anyone familiar with Hatebreed’s body of work will appreciate.   It shows that the band hasn’t strayed very far from what made it so respected over so many years.  That powerful message, when coupled with the band’s equally familiar pummeling musical sound makes this song just one more example of what makes The Concrete Confessional a rock solid return for the band.  What’s more it shows even more why Hatebreed is still one of the leading names in the metal (and hardcore) community.  It is hardly the last song from this album that could be cited in supporting these statements.  Any of the album’s remaining ten songs could just as easily be used to support them.  That being the case, the album in whole proves in the end to be proof that on one level The Concrete Confessional is one of 2016’s top new hard rock and metal offerings.  It also proves in whole why Hatebreed remains today one of the metal (and hardcore) community’s leading acts.

The Concrete Confessional is one of 2016’s top new hard rock and metal records.  Any critic with a clear mind will agree with that sentiment.  It proves this from the beginning to the end of its thirteen songs and thirty-three minutes.  Over the course of those songs and that time the band used a familiar formula; familiar especially to those that are familiar with the band’s body of work.  That formula includes short, pummeling musical arrangements and lyrics that will both inspire and leave listeners thinking.  The combination of those two elements together makes the whole of this album an experience that audiences new and old alike will enjoy and appreciate.  Again, this will lead those audiences to “confess” themselves that this record deserves a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new hard rock and metal records.  The band is currently touring in support of The Concrete Confessional.  The band will be in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Sunday, June 5th and Toronto, Ontario, Canada Monday, June 6th before heading back to the United States on Tuesday, June 7th.  More information on The Concrete Confessional is available online now along with updates on the band’s tour in support of its new album, and more online now at:








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Hatebreed Announces New Album’s Release Date, Tour Dates

Courtesy:  Nuclear Blast Records

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Hatebreed has a new album on the way.

The Connecticut-based hardcore band announced today that it will release its latest album this summer.  The album, The Concrete Confessional, will be released Friday, May 13th worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records.  The album is the band’s first since 2013’s The Divinity of Purpose and the band’s seventh overall full-length studio recording.  This is not counting the band’s 2009 covers album For The Lions.  The album is available for pre-order online now here.  In a number of special limited edition bundle packs that include: vinyl copies of The Concrete Confessional, t-shirts, posters, a Prayer candle, skull and mace journal, digital download of the new album, and much more.

Hatebreed recorded its new album in Connecticut.  Longtime friend and producer Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel) manned the boards once again for this album.  Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Megadeth) handled mixing duties.  The band’s sound on its upcoming album is just as heavy as its previous offerings.  And its lyrical themes are just as polarizing with topics ranging from police brutality to the seeming slow death of the American dream, the rise of terrorism around the globe, and much more.  Fans and audiences alike can get an early taste of The Concrete Confessional now thanks to a trailer featuring three of the album’s featured songs—‘Looking Down The Barrel of Today,’ ‘A.D.,’ and ‘The Apex Within’—here.


Courtesy:  Nuclear Blast Records

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records


The band has also announced that in anticipation of the album’s release, it will launch an extensive spring/summer tour that launches Saturday, April 23rd.  The first leg of the band’s tour will take the band through select cities across Europe.  It runs through Saturday, May 7th in Munich, Germany.  After taking a week off to rest and recharge the band will launch the North American leg of its tour on Friday, May 13th in Cleveland, Ohio.  The North American leg of the tour currently runs through June 11th and also includes a stop in North Carolina on Wednesday, June 1st.  From there, the band will take some more time off to prep for its return to Europe on June 16th.  The second European leg of the tour currently runs through August 26th in Sulingen, Germany.  There is also a performance at the Chicago Open Air Festival in Chicago, IL mixed in there on July 15th.  More dates are expected to be announced in the days to come.  For now the band’s current tour schedule is listed below.  Ticketing and VIP package information is available online now here.


The confirmed tour dates are as follows:



22   Turbinenhalle, Oberfhausen, Germany*

23   Agra, Leipzig, Germany*

24   Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark^

25   Bla, Oslo, Norway^

26   Sticky Fingers, Goteborg, Sweden^

27   En Arena, Stockholm, Sweden^

29   Groezrock Festival, Meerhout, Belgium



1   Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands*

2   Academy, Manchester, UK*

3   02 Forum Kentish Town, London, UK*

4   Les Docks, Paris, France *

5   X-Tra, Zurich, Switzerland*

6   Arena, Vienna, Austria*

7   Zenith, Munich, Germany*


* Impericon Festival date

^ Hatebreed headline date


(North American headline tour)

13   The Odeon, Cleveland, OH**

14   The Metro, Chicago, IL**

15   Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, NE**

16   The Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO**

17   The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT**

19   Regency Center Grand Ballroom, San Francisco, CA**

20   Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA**

21   The Glass House, Pomona, CA**

22   Echoplex, Los Angeles, CA**

23   The Marquee, Tempe, AZ**

25   Warehouse Live, Houston, TX**

26   Republic New Order, New Orleans, LA**

27   Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, Dallas, TX**

28   Rocklahoma, Pryor, OK

29   River City Rockfest, San Antonio, TX

31   The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA**



1   Hooligans Music Hall, Jacksonville, NC**

2   Baltimore Sound Stage, Baltimore, MD**

3   Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA**

4   Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ**

5   Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre, Montreal, Canada+

6   The Opera House, Toronto, Canada+

7   Mr. Small’s Theatre, Millvale, PA+

8   Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, NY+

9   Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT+

10  Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI+

11  Toad’s Place, New Haven, CT+



16   Den Atelier, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

17   Hellfest, Clisson, France



2   With Full Force Festival, Roitzschjora, Germany

7   Resurrection Fest, Viveiro, Spain

9   Out & Loud Festival, Geiselwind, Germany

15  Chicago Open Air, Chicago, IL



26   Reload Festival, Sulingen, Germany


** Devil You Know supports

+ Act of Defiance supports


More information on Hatebreed’s upcoming album, tour, and more is available online now at:





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