Hear My Train A Comin’ One Of The Most In-Depth Hendrix Documentaries Yet

Courtesy:  Legacy Recordings

Courtesy: Legacy Recordings

November 27th, 1942 is one of the most important dates in the history of modern music.  It is one of the most important dates in modern music history because that is the day that guitar legend Jimi Hendrix was born.  If Hendrix were still alive today, November 27th, 2013 would mark the guitarist’s seventy-first birthday.  In celebration of the anniversary, Legacy Recordings has put out yet another release focusing on his life and legacy in the form of the brand new documentary, Hear My Train a Comin’.  This latest documentary is one of the most in-depth documentaries centered on Hendrix to date.  Whether one is new to the music of Jimi Hendrix or is more knowledgeable of him, this documentary is one more impressive release celebrating Hendrix’s life and music.

Hear My Train a Comin’ is such a wonderful addition to any Hendrix fan’s home collection because of its breadth.  Much of the material included in this release is completely different from any previous concerts and blu-rays released to the masses before.  Audiences get with this roughly two hour documentary more than just a glance into what made Hendrix so legendary (and what continues to make him so legendary even today).  Rather, they get the full *ahem* experience (bad pun fully intended).  This documentary includes classic concert footage that has rarely ever been seen before as well as classic interviews with Hendrix.  There are also interviews with some of the biggest names in the music industry past and present that help to highlight the kind of person that Hendrix was both on and off stage.  These elements along with the documentary’s bonus features make Hear My Train a Comin’ a must see for anyone that has any interest at all in Jimi Hendrix.

One of the key elements that makes Hear My Train a Comin’ such a joy is the inclusion of so much classic live footage.  More classic footage is included in this documentary than any Hendrix documentary or concert film released in recent memory.  On the surface, the footage is such a wonderful addition to the program because it gives viewers more chance than ever to experience his music live on film.  It’s one thing to hear the band’s live performances on vinyl or on CD.  But to actually see just how much concert footage has been preserved is in itself impressive.  It raises hopes that maybe in the not too distant future, even more of that footage will be released so as to help maintain Hendrix’s legacy for another seventy years plus.  What’s most impressive about the footage is its quality.  Both the video and audio mix of every piece of concert footage is just as clear as could be.  This applies both to the black and white footage and the color footage.  Those charged with maintaining the concert footage and restoring it for this presentation are to be highly commended.  It’s just the beginning of what this documentary has to offer audiences.  Audiences will also appreciate the vintage first person commentary from Hendrix as well as his sit down with talk show host Dick Cavett.

The first person commentary from Hendrix and his sit down with Dick Cavett are just as important to the overall presentation that is Hear My Train a Comin’ as the preserved concert footage.  His interview on the Dick Cavett Show is especially enlightening.  That’s because this interview, which has been shown only in segments in other documentaries, shows just how humble Jimi Hendrix was both as an artist and as a person.  It echoes the sentiment shared about him throughout each of Legacy Recordings’ previous Hendrix documentaries.  When asked about his thoughts on getting compliments from audiences, he explains to Dick that compliments aren’t why he performs, and how far too many artists let compliments feed their egos and lose sight of what’s most important.  This sentiment rings true even today.  That sentiment along with Hendrix’s own first person commentary on his writing makes the entire presentation even richer for audiences.  Of course the enjoyment doesn’t end here.  Audiences are also treated to insight on Jimi from some of the biggest names in the music industry from the past and present.  Their own stories make the concert footage, the interview with Dick Cavett, and Hendrix’s own words that much more interesting.  And together with the bonus concert footage from the Miami Pop Festival and a special second concert, viewers are treated to a music documentary unlike any that has been released in recent memory.  It’s one that any fan of Jimi Hendrix will agree is a must see.  It is available now in stores and online and can be ordered direct from the official Jimi Hendrix website at http://www.authentichendrix.com/Dept.aspx?cp=103_62591, along with the new double disc vinyl release of the new Hendrix live release, Miami Pop Festival.  More information on these releases and all things Jimi Hendrix is available online at http://www.facebook.com/JimiHendrix and http://www.jimihendrix.com.  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at https://philspicks.wordpress.com.

New Hendrix LP Is One Of 2013’s Best New Releases

Courtesy:  Legacy Recordings

Courtesy: Legacy Recordings

Legacy Recordings and Experience Hendrix, Inc. have released in the new Jimi Hendrix album, People, Hell & Angels what is one of the best albums of 2013. This latest release from the vaults represents Hendrix in a never before heard manner. Audiences will best understand and appreciate this record by listening to its twelve total tracks for themselves. Whether one is a devotee of Hendrix’s work or not, most people know songs such as ‘Hey Joe’, ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ and his take on Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watchtower.’ But few people have heard Hendrix as they will on this new release; even the most devoted of fans.

People, Hell & Angels represents Hendrix at a pivotal point in his career. Having made music with The Jimi Hendrix Experience for so long, Hendrix wanted to do something outside of his comfort zone. And this compilation of songs is the result. The album opens with a nice up-tempo piece in ‘Earth Blues.’ The fuzz effect that Hendrix uses in his guitar with this song is true retro. And his vocals are just as strong. One can easily close one’s eyes and see people dancing to this, bodies moving in time throughout its near four-minute run time. What’s really interesting about this song is its stripped down sound.  Compared the music that Hendrix had previously written in his career, this is quite a different sound.  It’s more of a funk style work.  And lyrically, one can only be led to believe that Hendrix was writing about a woman here.  And even as old as it is, it sounds like something that could have been included in the repertoire of so many of today’s garage rock bands.  Yet again, it’s proof of how far ahead of his time Hendrix was.

Just as impressive as the album’s opener is the take on this record of his song, ‘Hear My Train a Comin’.’  This song is without a doubt one of the highlights of this new album.  It exhibits not just Jimi’s talents as a guitarist but as a musician.  This song is pure blues at its best.  His musicianship here is equivalent to that of fellow blues great Stevie Ray Vaughan if not greater.  And while the song clocks in at less than six minutes, the guitar breaks throughout the song give Hendrix the opportunity to really shine along with his band mates Billy Cox and Buddy Miles, with whom he would later go on to record the landmark album, Band of Gypsys.  Noting that, it’s just one hint of the greatness that was to come.

Hendrix fans will appreciate the original take of ‘Hear My Train A Comin’ as it’s without a doubt one of the true highpoints of this album.  Though, it isn’t the album’s only high point.  As already noted, People, Hell & Angels shows Hendrix in a way never heard before.  And nowhere is this more evident than in the absolutely funky ‘Let Me Move You.’  Presented in this song is Hendrix playing alongside a saxophonist by the name of Lonnie Youngblood.  The relationship between Hendrix and Youngblood went way back, even before Jimi had been discovered by Chas Chandler in March 1969.  Jimi’s guitar styling here, Youngblood’s musicianship, and the vocals (supposedly by Youngblood, too) combine for a work that will leave any listener breathless and sweaty from dancing to its infectious grooves.  If ‘Hear my Train A Comin’’ is a high point to this new release, then ‘Let me Move You’ is the definitive high point of this LP.

‘Let Me Move You’ is the high point of People, Hell & Angels.  But even after its near seven-minute run ends, the enjoyment doesn’t end.  The second half of this album offers its own share of enjoyment.  A prime example of that is the instrumental ‘Easy Blues.’  This hard to find song was originally recorded for the long out of print 1981 album, Nine to the Universe.  After the raw energy of ‘Let me Move You’ and ‘Izabella’, this song makes for a great way for listeners to catch their breath while still enjoying some outstanding improve musicianship not only on the part of Jimi, but fellow band mates at the time, Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell and then second guitarist Larry Lee.  It’s just one more example of the greatness of this music legend and his band mates throughout his career.  Of course it isn’t the end of things, either.  The album still offers no less than five more tracks for listeners to enjoy and select from as their favorite on an album that is one of the year’s best.  People, Hell & Angels will be available in stores and online Tuesday, March 5th.  Audiences will be able to order it online via Legacy Recordings’ online store at http://www.legacyrecordings.com/a/#/home/

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