Listening To Honey Made’s ‘Brand New’ Will Never Get Old

Courtesy: Honey Made

Independent musical collective Honey Made is scheduled to release its aptly titled album Brand New next Friday, and in celebration, the band is going to host a livestream concert at 9 p.m. ET that night.  The concert and album are not to be missed for anyone who enjoys vintage soul, funk, R&B, and even disco.  That is proven throughout the course of this 10-song record in part through its musical arrangements, which will be addressed shortly.  The record’s lyrical content joins with the musical content to make the album even more appealing.  It will be addressed a little later.  The album’s sequencing works with the record’s overall content to make the album feel new with every listen.

Honey Made’s latest full-length studio recording Brand New is a record that will never feel old (pardon the bad pun).  That is due in part to the record’s collective musical arrangements.  The arrangements leave listeners feeling like they have taken a trip back to a much greater era of music; an era when music was, simply put, so much purer.  From the funky horns and drums of ‘Chicken Sweat’ to the reggae style arrangement of ‘Smoove’ to the groovy R&B sound of ‘Like You’ to the semi-doo wop vibe of ‘Be True,’ audiences get so much to love here.  There are points when the stylistic approaches are along the same lines as one another, but the actual sounds presented through the songs still remain unique from one to the next.  There are hints throughout this record of Marvin Gaye, Sly & the Family Stone, Bob Marley, and The Supremes, just to name a handful of familiar acts.  In relation, none of the songs try to just rip off the noted influences.  Rather, they exhibit their own unique identity all while using the noted influences as starting points.  Simply put, the album’s musical content overall is itself more than enough reason for audiences to take in this record.  Of course as noted, they are but a portion of what makes the record such a success.  The lyrical content that accompanies the record’s musical content adds even more to that noted appeal.

The lyrical content that is featured in Honey Made’s new album covers just as much ground as the record’s musical arrangements.  One of the most notable examples of the importance of the album’s lyrical content comes early in its 49-minute run in the form of ‘Be True.’  The song finds its vocalist essentially reminding audiences that they need to just be themselves.  Additionally, it also encourages listeners to keep their personal lives personal.  Not having liner notes to reference, the identity of the female vocalist is unknown.  The woman in question sings at one point, “to thine own self be true.”  She also make note that continuously putting one’s daily updates out there for everyone to see does no good for a person.  This two-pronged message couples with the song’s infectious groove to make it even more enjoyable.  It is just one example of what makes the record’s lyrical content so important.  The record’s closer, ‘So Good’ is yet another way in which its lyrical content proves its importance. 

This song delivers a reminder to listeners that as difficult as it is, we need to look for that proverbial silver lining in life.  The vocalist even comes right out in the song’s opening moments, stating, “Now I know/Living this life that/Maybe/Easy to focus on/The wrong things at times/I mean there’s so much/That you see everywhere in the media and what not/That it really doesn’t shine that light on all the good things in the world/So we had to/Do a little something about that.”  This spoken word type introductory line sets the stage for the rest of the song, which continues, reminding people that “it’s real easy to get lost in those things that are bad and get you down/But you know/Life ain’t about that y’all/Life is too short/Don’t waste time/There are so many good things like good music/Good people/Your family alive/Your son and daughter/You know/Maybe your team just won the Super Bowl/So many things you can focus on.”  Things continue on this relaxed, positive tone from here.  To that end, this song’s motivational speech of sorts is sure to motivate plenty of listeners.  Together with the equally relaxed musical arrangement, the whole makes that lyrical presentation’s impact that much stronger, showing even more why it is so important and why the album’s lyrical content in whole is so important.  It is again, just one more way in which the record’s lyrical content proves so pivotal to the record’s presentation.  ‘Like You’ is one more way in which the album’s lyrical proves its place.

This song’s lyrical theme is fully accessible.  This one is a straight forward song that features a man declaring that he is head over heels for a woman.  He even tells the woman to “Wrap your arms and legs around me, girl/’Cause I ain’t going nowhere.”  From there he talks about the woman’s smile, and overall beauty and noting “I ain’t met nobody quite like you.”  One need go no further here to know that this is just a classic style love song.  It is one of those lyrical presentations that is sure to set the mood for any romantic moment between a couple.  It is also one more example of the lyrical diversity featured throughout Honey Made’s new album.  When this is considered along with the lyrical content in the other noted songs and the rest of the album’s featured works, no doubt is left as to the importance of Brand New’s lyrical content.  When the importance of the album’s lyrical is considered together with that of the record’s musical arrangements, the album’s content overall paints a picture that ensures listeners’ maintained engagement and entertainment.  The impact of that collective content is still not all that makes the album a successful new offering from Honey Made.  The record’s sequencing puts the finishing touch to its presentation. 

The sequencing of Brand New is important to note because it ensures the album’s energy is balanced from its opener to its finale.  The crests and troughs are maintained throughout right from the album’s outset.  The record starts with a big musical punch in ‘Chicken Sweat’ before pulling back noticeably in its title track.  From there, the energy immediately rises again in the dance-inducing ‘Steppin’ Out’ before pulling back again in ‘Be True.’  The middle ground is found in ‘Smoove,’ which fittingly is the album’s midpoint.  Putting the song here serves well to break up the album and keep listeners engaged.  The ups and downs continue just enough and at the right points from there on out to the album’s end.  The end result is a record that will keep listeners engaged and entertained just as much for its aesthetics as for its content.  This leads the album in whole to be a record that will never get old.

Honey Made’s new album Brand New is a successful new offering from the independent soul/funk/R&B collective.  That is proven throughout the course of the album in part because of its musical arrangements.  Listening to the record’s featured arrangements is like taking a musical trip back to a greater era of music.  The record’s lyrical themes add their own touch, ensuring in their own way, listeners’ engagement and entertaining.  The album’s sequencing puts the final touch to its presentation.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of the album.  All things considered, they make Brand New a record that will never get old.  Brand New is available now.  More information on the album is available along with all of Honey Made’s news at:




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