Set It Off’s Debut LP A Solid First Effort

Courtesy: Equal Vision Records

Set It Off released its new EP, Horrible Kids earlier this year.  Now the Tampa, Florida based band has followed up the success of that EP with an equally successive outing in its debut full length record for Equal Vision Records in the form of Cinematics.Cinematics boasts the same elements that made the band’s previous EP such a success.  Its melodic hard rock vibe carries all the requisite hooks and choruses throughout each song, making for an album that has more than its share of high points.  One of those high points comes in the form of ‘Plastic Promises.’  Sure it’s another song about a breakup.  But the combination of a near ska sound mixed in with the band’s hard rock vibe makes it one of those songs that will grow more and more on listeners with each listen.  Front man Cody Carson sings about a woman who has obviously done him quite a bit of wrong.  He sings, “Tell me/What am I to do with a double dose of you/Her lips are the gun/And her tongue are the bullets/She could save a life/But she took mine away instead.”  Early in the song, he sings about how she tried to lie to him, with her fingers crossed behind her back as he packed his stuff to move out.  So this was obviously not a good relationship.  It’s the kind of situation to which many more people than would like to admit can relate.

Another of the high points that’s equally relatable comes in ‘Freak Show.’  This is one of those songs to which the band’s younger audiences especially can relate.  Every person goes through a time in their life when they feel like an outcast, like a circus side show attraction so to speak.  The title of this song and its lyrics are a fitting combination.  Carson sings about feeling like a circus freak put on display for everyone to gawk at.  Yet despite feeling that way, there’s a definite sense of defiance as he sings, “You’ll never break me/You’ll never change me…I’ve waited 10 long years/To tell you I’m fearless/You don’t understand/I’ve become who I am/You know you can’t break me.”  That’s a sentiment that not only young listeners should harken, but adults, too.  Even in our adult years, there are bullies out there would like to treat others in similar fashion.  So even for adults, this is a good song.

The album’s closer, ‘The Grand Finale’ is in fact a grand finale.  It’s the most brutal of the songs on this LP.  Lyrically, it’s quite interesting.  What Carson is singing about here is left to interpretation.  But it comes across as something similar to an end of days scenario.  It doesn’t come across as the brightest of scenarios.  But musically, any true rocker or metal head will find this track to be one of their favorites, if not their favorite from this the band’s Equal Vision Records debut.   It’s just one more example of what makes the entire album a success from start to finish.  It’s available in stores and online now.  It can be ordered online via the Equal Vision store at or on iTunes at  After picking up the band’s new album, fans can also go online to the band’s Facebook page, and its official website, to find out where they can see the band live as it tours in support of Cinematics.

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