I Prevail’s Latest LP Is A Truly Intriguing Presentation

Courtesy: Fearless Records

Thanksgiving weekend is officially at its end and with it so is the North American leg of I Prevail’s tour in support of its latest album, True Power, which was released Aug. 19 through Fearless Records. The band is scheduled to take the rest of the year off before heading overseas to Europe in March for the tour’s next leg, beginning March 7 in Zurich, Sweden. Tickets for that tour are most assuredly Christmas presents for plenty of fans, while for lots of others, the band’s new album might actually be its own present. The 44-minute presentation is sure to appeal to the band’s established audiences, as well as more casual audiences. That is proven through its musical and lyrical content alike, as is proven in part through the early entry, ‘Body Bag,’ which will be discussed shortly. ‘Judgement Day,’ which comes a little later in the album’s run, is another way in which the record’s musical and lyrical content comes together to make it worth hearing. It will be addressed a little later. ‘The Negative,’ which comes even later in the album’s run, is yet another example of how the album’s overall content comes together to make the record interesting. When it and the other songs noted here are considered along with the rest of the album’s entries, the whole makes the record worth hearing at least once.

True Power, the latest album from up and coming post hardcore band I Prevail, is an intriguing offering from the band. That is due to its combined musical and lyrical arrangements. The record’s musical arrangements bring together influences of Set It Off, Linkin Park, and Ice Nine Kills for a sound that is quite unique to say the least. It is a sound that oddly enough works as much as it would seem that it wouldn’t work. The lyrical themes that accompany that content makes for its own share of interest. ‘Body Bag,’ the record’s lead single, is just one example of how that combination makes an intriguing offering for audiences. The song’s musical arrangement opens with a distinct, heavy approach much in the vein of Slipknot what with its use of electronics alongside the guitar and drums and the screaming vocals. The use of the clean vocals alongside the screams makes for an interesting juxtaposition in itself that oddly enough, actually adds to the arrangement’s impact. The White Chapel-esque down-tuned crunching from the guitar in the break down adds even more to the whole.

The lyrical theme that accompanies that intense musical arrangement makes for its own interest here. That is because it comes across as that familiar message of being fed up with fake people, those ones who would rather live their lives in misery. This is inferred in the song’s lead verse and chorus, which state ,”There’s a million ******* reasons that you got it bad/But everybody’s leaving in a body bag/Go/Save your problems for somebody else who gives a damn/’Cause you won’t find me waiting at your promised land/No/Oh you think you got it bad?/I’m telling you to bite down and face it/You’re never gonna do much or change ****/When all you say is **** that and **** that/Don’t let them save you from yourself/Lights out/Embrace it/Your heart is beating faster/It’s racing/As we go on and on and on and on/Oh my God/Just shut your ******* mouth.” That content right there points to someone just being fed up with that other person being so miserable all the time and expecting others to cow tow to them. The second verse adds to that inference as it states, “Bring it down/Only one of us gets through/Two in/One out/And it’s not you/Run for your life/There’s nothing you can do/Necks snap when I show up/I say one word and it blows up/Run for your life/I’m taking what’s mine/and your time has come.” Now this imagery is somewhat violent, but that is all it is, imagery. This is not a threat of violence against anyone. Rather it is just some bravado meant to say that the subject is all business. It is kind of an over the top way to send such a message, but it is clear enough and is sure to appeal to certain audiences.

‘Judgement Day,’ which comes a little later in the album’s run, is another of those strong, overly direct songs presenting a message of proud defiance. In the case of this song, the arrangement is a stark change of pace. Instead of the odd hybrid collection of influences, this song’s arrangement is a full on metalcore presentation. The screams and the intense energy from the instruments immediately envelopes audiences, not letting up until the song’s end as the song’s familiar theme of defiance is delivered.

This time, that defiance is against not one of those self defeatist types, as discussed in ‘Body Bag,’ but against society in general. This is inferred in the song’s lead verse and chorus, which state, “I walked into the darkness/I set myself on fire/I stared into heartless/And I found out death is a liar/So burn it all to ashes/Drown them all in acid/Say *** pleasing the masses/Don’t blink/I’m going beyond your understanding/Beyond the unimagined/Be honest/Are you ready or not/Let’s find out right now/Oh, destroy yourself/Welcome to the end/I don’t care about what they say/Everybody’s sorry on judgement day/Nothing’s gonna break me/I’ve got ice inside my veins/There’s gotta be a better way/There’s greatness in my DNA/You’ll get yours on judgement day.” There is that pride and confident defiance of society and its standards, clear and present. It continues in the song’s second verse, which states, “I was born on the path to nowhere/Cast out/Not a *** **** thing to prove/No home/No thoughts and no prayers/I’ve got nothing to lose/So **** it/Burn it all to ashes/Drown them all in acid/I’m done pleasing the masses/You’ll see/I’m going beyond your understanding/Beyond the unimagined/Be honest/Are you ready or not?” Again, here is that sense of self determination and simply not caring about what society thinks of the subject. It is a familiar theme that is certain to resonate with audiences both in that familiarity and in the way in which it was delivered.

‘The Negative’ is yet another song that tends to show what makes I Prevail’s new album worth hearing at least once. The song only clocks in at two minutes, 21 seconds, but the energy in the song’s arrangement makes it so interesting here. The more melodic moments that lend themselves to works from Set It Off make for such an interesting juxtaposition to the heavier Motionless in White-esque moments in the verses. Somehow that pairing of influences work as they help to illustrate the emotion in the song’s lyrical theme, which finds the subject battling with himself internally.

The battle is a mental health combat caused by himself and by external forces. This is inferred in the song’s lead verse and chorus, which state, “I’m so sick and tired of the negative/I’m on the edge tonight/Closer to the ledge/You were right/Lost in my head tonight/I’m spinning in circles/And I can’t get out/Running from these thoughts that I can’t say out loud/I’m so sick and tired of the negative/Black and white/You’re right/I’m ******* over it/Patience is paper thin/And something’s gotta give/I’m so sick and tired of the negative.” The inner turmoil is further illustrated in the song’s second verse, which states, “Well, damn/I guess you’re the perfect person/Same day but a different version/Paint the picture/But you don’t deserve it/Color’s fading underneath the surface/So wear black everywhere you go/No take backs at the end of the road/No last chance when the casket’s closed/Your silence is worth more than gold.” This is an illustration of that external force causing that inner battle. There are so many people out there like the one described here. To that end, it makes this part of the theme all the more resonant for listeners. When the whole is considered collectively, that inner battle that the subject fights as a result of it all makes it another fully accessible theme for the band’s target audiences. When it and the other themes examined here are considered along with the rest of the album’s lyrical themes, the whole shows that much more, what makes the record’s lyrical (and musical) content so important. All in all, the overall content examined here makes True Power an intriguing addition to this year’s field of new hard rock and metal albums.

True Power, the latest album from I Prevail, is an interesting new offering from the up-and-coming post hardcore band. That is proven through its collective musical and lyrical themes, as is evidenced through the songs examined here. When they are considered along with the rest of the album’s entries, the whole makes this record a presentation that is worth hearing at least once.

True Power is available now through Fearless Records. More information on the album is available along with all of I Prevail’s latest news at:

Website: https://iprevailband.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IPrevailBand

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iprevailband

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Downfall 2012 Added To 2022 ShipRocked Cruise Lineup

Courtesy: Yvonne’s World PR

Downfall 2012 has been tapped to join this year’s ShipRocked cruise.

The announcement came through a news release distributed Monday. The six-day cruise is scheduled to launch Jan. 22 from Galveston, TX and to make stops in Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico before returning to port Jan. 27. Information on room reservations and tickets is available here.

Lamb of God and I Prevail are scheduled to headline the 2022 cruise. Also featured in this year’s event are bands, such as Nonpoint, From Ashes to New, and Drowning Pool. The cruise’s full band lineup is available here.

In related news, Downfall 2012 premiered the video for its cover of Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing‘ in November. The band premiered its take of Motorhead’s timeless classic, ‘Ace of Spades‘ in July.

More information on Downfall 2012’s stint on the 2022 ShipRocked cruise is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Ice Nine Kills Unleashes ‘Merry Axe-Mas’ Video Game; Band To Continue Tour In 2020

Courtesy: Fearless Records

Ice Nine Kills is celebrating the holidays by giving its fans a very special gift.

The band has made available, the video game from the video for its single ‘Merry Axe-Mas.’  The band debuted the sing’es video Dec. 21, 2018. The single is taken from the band’s 2018 album The Silver Scream and is also featured on the album’s recent re-issue, subtitled The Final Cut.

The video game features three levels — Santa’s Forgiveness, Santa’s Forest and Silence The Sinners — through which Santa Claus wreaks some serious holiday havoc.  The video game and the song and video are all inspired by the controversial 1984 slasher flick Silent Night, Deadly Night, which is a favorite of INK front man Spencer Charnas.

Ice Nine Kills spent much of this year touring in support of its latest release The Silver Scream and its re-issue on the “Silver Scream World Tour” and “The Octane Accelerator Tour,” which was presented by Sirius XM.  The majority of the shows on that latter tour were sold out.

The band will continue its support of The Silver Scream well into the new year with a string of European dates in February and March.  That run will give way to another North American run that is scheduled to launch April 8 in Sunrise, FL and to run through May 20 in St. Paul, MN.  From there, the band will make its way to the United Kingdom for a brief stint there in late May.

Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, I Prevail and Hollywood Undead will join the band on several dates.  The bands’ current tour schedule is noted below.  Tickets are available here.

2/1 – 2/6
New Orleans, LA
Shiprocked Cruise
Barcelona, ES
Razzmatazz *
Milan, IT
Alcatraz *
Zurich, CH
Halle 62 *
Offenbach, DE
Stadhalle *
Munich, DE
Zenith *
Wien, AT
Gasometer *
Thessaloniki, GR
Princpal Club Theatre *
Athens, GR
Piraeus Academy 117 *
Sofia, BG
Universiada Hall *
Bucharest, RO
Arenele Romane *
Budapest, HU
Papp Laszlo Budpaest Sportarena *
Bratislava Iii, SL
Eurovia Arena *
Poznan, PL
MTP2 *
Berlin, DE
Verti Music Hall *
Hannover, DE
Swiss Life Hall *
Leizpig, DE
Haus Auensse *
Paris, FR
La Villette *
Tilburg, NL
013 Poppodium *
Dusseldorf, DE
Mitsubushi Electric Halle *
Hamburg, DE
Barclaycard Arena *
Copenhagen, DK
Vega *
Sunrise, FL
BB&T Center &
Duluth, GA
Infinite Energy Center &
Pelham, AL
Oak Mountain Amphitheater &
San Antonio, TX
AT&T Center &
Ft. Worth, TX
Dickies Arena &
Houston, TX
Toyota Center &
Phoenix, AZ
Talking Stick Resort Arena &
San Diego, CA
Viejas Arena &
Los Angeles, CA
The Forum &
Tacoma, WA
Tacoma Dome &
Portland, OR
Veteran Memorial Coliseum &
Morrison, CO
Red Rocks Amphitheatre &
Kansas City, MO
Sprint Center &
Concord, SC
Epicenter Festival
Baltimore, MD
Royal Farms Arena &
Worcester, MA
DCU Center &
Newark, NJ
Prudential Center &
Cincinnati, OH
Heritage Bank Center &
Detroit, MI
Little Ceasars Arena &
Pittsburgh, PA
PPG Paints Center &
Camden, NJ
BB&T Pavilion &
Columbus, OH
Sonic Temple Festival
Nashville, TN
Bridgestone Arena &
Rosemont, IL
Allstate Arena &
St. Paul, MN
Xcel Energy Center &
Leeds/Hatfield, UK
SlamDunk Festival
Kyiv, UA
Bel etage Concert Club
Sankt-Peterburg, RU
* with Papa Roach and Hollywood Undead
& with Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and I Prevail
Along with ‘Merry Axe-Mas,’ The Silver Scream has also produced the singles ‘Thank God It’s Friday,’ ‘Stabbing in the Dark,’ ‘A Grave Mistake‘ and ‘The American Nightmare,’ ‘Savages,’ and ‘Enjoy Your Slay‘.  The album’s recent re-issue saw the release of an acoustic take of ‘A Grave Mistake,’ ‘Thank God It’s Friday,’ and ‘Stabbing in the Dark‘ as well as a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’

The full track listing for the new re-issue of The Silver Scream is noted below.

THE SILVER SCREAM: FINAL CUT album will include the following track listing:
1. The American Nightmare
2. Thank God It’s Friday
3. Stabbing In The Dark
4. Savages
5. The Jig Is Up (ft. Randy Strohmeyer of Finch)
6. A Grave Mistake
7. Rocking The Boat (ft. Jeremy Schwartz)
8. Enjoy Your Slay (ft. Sam Kubrick)
9. Freak Flag
10. The World in My Hands (ft. Tony Lovato of Mest)
11. Merry Axe-mas
12. Love Bites (ft. Chelsea Talmadge, Stranger Things)
13. IT Is The End (ft. JR Wasilewski & Buddy Schaub of Less Than Jake and Will Salazar of Fenix TX)
14. Your Number’s Up
15. Thriller (Michael Jackson cover)
16. A Grave Mistake (Live from SiriusXM)
17. Stabbing In The Dark (Acoustic ft. Matt Heafy)
18. SAVAGES (Acoustic)
19. Thank God It’s Friday (Acoustic ft. Ari Lehman)

More information on Ice Nine Kills’ new video game, tour dates and more is available online at:


Website: http://iceninekills.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IceNineKills

Twitter: http://twitter.com/iceninekills


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2017 Rock On The Range Festival Lineup Announced

Courtesy: Danny Wimmer Presents/AEG Live

Courtesy: Danny Wimmer Presents/AEG Live

The lineup for the 2017 Rock on the Range Festival has been announced, and once again it has proven to be quite the collection of acts.

The three-day festival will be headlined by Metallica, Soundgarden and Korn.  It will feature more than 50 bands over the course of that time along with some of the country’s top comics at the festival’s Rock on the Range Rolling Rock Comedy Tent.

The lineup for the 2017 Rock on the Range Festival includes: Metallica, Soundgarden, Korn, The Offspring, Volbeat, Primus, Bush, Chevelle, Papa Roach, Seether, Coheed & Cambria, Alter Bridge, The Pretty Reckless, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Amon Amarth, Pierce The Veil, Sum 41, Skillet, Dillinger Escape Plan, In Flames, Gojira, Biffy Clyro, Motionless In White, Nothing More, Beartooth, Starset, Every Time I Die, The Story So Far, Deafheaven, Zakk Sabbath, Rival Sons, The Amity Affliction, Attila, Norma Jean, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, I Prevail, Turnstile, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Red Fang, Dorothy, Kyng, Radkey, As Lions, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Sylar, Fire From The Gods, Badflower, Wage War, Goodbye June, Cover Your Tracks, DED, Bleeker, Royal Republic, Mother Feather, Aeges and One Less Reason.

Rock on the Range—fueled by Monster Energy—is billed as America’s largest and most acclaimed rock festival.  The festival will also feature in 2017 “The Music Experience,” art installations, and unique on-site activities over the course of the festival’s three days.

Tickets for the 2016 festival sold out more than two months in advance of the festival.  It marked the fourth consecutive year the festival has sold out in advance.

Weekend Field, new Weekend Field VIP, Weekend Stadium and a limited number of Weekend Stadium 4-packs are available now for purchase.  A layaway option is also available for concert-goers.  That option allows audiences to split the cost of their ticket/ticket packages into four separate monthly payments.

Fans can get a pre-sale password for Weekend Field VIP, Weekend Field GA, Weekend Stadium GA and Weekend Stadium GA 4-packs on the official Rock on the Range website, Facebook page and Twitter page.  The ticket prices are listed below.


  • Weekend Field VIP: starting at $349.50* + fees
  • Weekend Field GA: starting at $199.50* + fees
  • Weekend Stadium GA: starting at $99.50* + fees
  • Weekend Stadium GA Ticket 4-Pack: $380.00 + fees
  • * Phase One prices listed
  • *** Ticket prices automatically move to the next price level once the allotment sells out ***

General on-sale for tickets is Friday, Dec. 2 at 10 a.m. EST.  Tickets will be available online at the festival’s website, at Ticketmaster locations and the MAPFRE Stadium box office.

Audiences who want an even more special concert experience can purchase the new Uber Ranger Camping Package.  The package includes amenities for four people such as luxury RV on a double campsite at the Ohio Expo North Campground (May 18 – 21), a dedicated concierge with golf cart shuttle, 4 Weekend VIP Field Admission Tickets, a backstage tour, access to the stadium club (with catered lunch and dinner), access to the Side Stage Viewing Platform, access to the VIP Lounge and more.  More information on the new Uber Ranger Camping Package is available here.

Rock on The Range celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016.  More than 120,000 people attended the festival from around the world.  As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, Columbus, OH mayor Andrew J. Ginther and the Columbus, OH city council presented festival organizers with awards of recognition.  A resolution was also announced from the Franklin County Board of Commissioners acknowledging the festival’s economic impact on the city.

The commissioners pointed out in their resolution pointed out the festival brought in more than $140 million for the city over the course of its ten years in the city.

Rock on the Range is produced by Danny Wimmer Presents, AEG Live and MAPFRE Stadium.  It is supported by Monster Energy, Bud Light and Zippo.  They and other partners will feature interactive experiences, meet & greets, and other special fan engagement opportunities throughout the festival.

More information on the 2017 Rock on the Range Festival is available online now at:




Website: http://www.RockontheRange.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rockontherange

Twitter: http://twitter.com/rockontherange




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Pierce The Veil Set To “Destroy” America This Summer And Fall

Courtesy: Fearless Records/Journeys/Herfitz PR

Courtesy: Fearless Records/Journeys/Herfitz PR

Pierce The veil is hitting the road.

The San Diego, California-based rock band announced this week that it will embark on the “Made To Destroy North American Tour” this summer beginning Saturday, September 3rd in San Francisco, California.  The roughly seven-week tour runs through Sunday, October 16th and winds down in Los Angeles, California.  Along with its performances in California, the tour also includes stops in Kansas, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, and many other states.  The tour is in support of the band’s latest album Misadventures.  The eleven-song album was released May 13th, 2016 via Fearless Records.  Neck Deep and I Prevail will share time on stage as support for the tour.  Pre-sales and VIP packages are available for purchase now online here.  The complete schedule for the “Made To Destroy North American Tour” is noted below.



3    The Warfield, San Francisco, CA*

4    Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR*

6    Showbox Sodo, Seattle, WA*

7    Revolution Concert House, Boise, ID*

9    In The Venue, Salt Lake City, UT*

10   High Elevation Festival, Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater, Denver, CO**

12   The Cotillion, Wichita, KS*

13   Myth Live, Minneapolis, MN*

14   7 Flags Event Center, Des Moines, IA*

16   Riot Fest, Chicago, IL**

17   Rochester Main Street Armory, Rochester, NY*

18   Rock Allegiance Festival, PPL Park, Chester, PA**

20   Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH*

21   The Pageant, St. Louis, MO*

23   House of Blues, New Orleans, LA*

24   Texas Mutiny, Texas Motor Speedway, Dallas, TX**

25   Houston Open Air Festival, NRG Park, Houston, TX**

27   Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland, Kansas City, KS*

28   War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville, TN*

30   Chill on the Hill Festival, Detroit, MI**


1    Louder Than Life Festival, Champions Park, Louisville, KY**

2    Sonic Boom Festival, Madison, WI**

4    Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY*

5    The Fillmore Charlotte, Charlotte, NC*

7    The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA*

8    House of Blues, Orlando, FL*

9    Jannus Live, Tampa, FL*

11    Alamo City Music Hall, San Antonio, TX*

12    Lonestar Pavilion, Lubbock, TX*

14    Marquee Theatre, Phoenix, AZ*

15    Rainbow Room, Fresno, CA*

16    Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA*

* – headline dates

** – major music festivals


More information on the “Made To Destroy North American Tour” is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://piercetheveil.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PierceTheVeil

Twitter: http://twitter.com/piercetheveil




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