Breslin’s Latest Just As Enjoyable As Any Big Budget Paranormal Flick

Courtesy:  MPI Home Video/MPI Media Group/IFC Films/IFC Midnight

Courtesy: MPI Home Video/MPI Media Group/IFC Films/IFC Midnight

IFC Midnight (a division of IFC Films) and its partner MPI Media Group will release their latest paranormal thriller next week.  Haunter will be released on Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday, February 11th.  The movie, starring Abigail Breslin (Zombieland, Ender’s Game) is quite a surprise for anyone that is a fan of movies in the paranormal genre.  It’s a surprise first and foremost because as audiences will discover of the movie, it is not so much a horror movie as it is a thriller of sorts.  It could even be argued to be a mystery,too.  By direct connection, the script behind the story makes it the thriller that it is.  That is another element of this piece that makes it well worth the watch.  One more factor to be taken into consideration with Haunter is its pacing.  The story’s pacing is factor that audiences will appreciate about it.  Its run time barely tops the ninety-minute mark.  But even with that relatively short run time, it doesn’t move too fast or too slow at any one given point.  It gets right to the point, instead of wasting unnecessary time building backstory or any unnecessary elements.  That factor is among the most important.  And along with the other mentioned factors, it makes Haunter a movie that any fan of the paranormal genre a must see.

The very first thing that viewers will notice about Haunter is that it is more paranormal thriller than a horror story per se.  One could even argue to a point that it is a paranormal mystery movie because Lisa (Breslin) is left to figure out the mystery of what is happening with her family and what happened to them for that matter.  It leads to an even bigger mystery that will be left for viewers to find out for themselves.  The trail that Lisa follows will have viewers literally on the edge of their seat, trying to figure out the mystery with her.  It’s nice to see that this movie is so easily able to walk that line of paranormal and mystery, all while keeping the blood and gore to a minimum.  This is just the first aspect of Haunter that makes it so enjoyable for any fan of the paranormal genre.  By direct connection, script writer Brian King’s script for this movie is just as impressive.

Writer Brian King’s script for Haunter is an important piece of the whole that makes the indie-paranormal thriller so enjoyable.  King’s script combines elements of The Lovely Bones and The Others to bring this story to life.  On the surface, the fact that he has combined those movies’ elements seems like a bad thing.  But in combining them, he was able to craft a wholly new story that turns the paranormal genre on its ear.  It is essentially a battle of good and bad that takes place in the spirit realm.  He throws in just enough twists and turns throughout the script to keep audiences engaged, but not confused.  The catch is that in order to not be confused, audiences must be completely engaged in the movie, and not otherwise distracted by anything.  Anyone that allows themselves to become distracted will become distracted and in turn, confused.  This will lead to less appreciation for King’s script.  It goes to show how well King balanced all of his script’s elements and eventually developed this impressive final product.

King’s script is definitely impressive, even having used elements of at least two other paranormal thrillers.  He was able to craft a balanced script that keeps viewers engaged straight to its end.  The script’s balance of elements is just part of what makes it a success.  Along with that balance, King is to be applauded for his script’s pacing.  He wastes no time getting right to the story.  It launches right from its outset.  There’s no overloaded backstory slowing things down.  And the twists and turns peppered throughout the story are placed at just the right points so as to not overwhelm viewers.  The same can be said of Lisa’s transitions between the spirit world and the human world as she tries to solve the mystery that she uncovers.  He sets the pacing so well that as with the writing, it requires audiences to engage themselves entirely in the story, and not let themselves be distracted by anything else.  THAT is the truest sign of this story’s success.  It requires audiences to pay attention.  Few movies do that today, either indie or mainstream.  And those that do pay full attention will agree that it is a paranormal thriller that is just as enjoyable–if not more so–than any major mainstream movie in the paranormal genre.  It will be available in stores and online next Tuesday, February 11th.

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MPI, IFC Announce Details For New Paranormal Thriller

Courtesy:  MPI Home Video/IFM Midnight/IFC Films/MPI Media Group

Courtesy: MPI Home Video/IFM Midnight/IFC Films/MPI Media Group

Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine, Signs, Rango) returns this Winter with her latest film.  She stars in IFC Midnight’s new horror story, Haunter in which she plays the part of a spirit of a girl named Lisa.  The film co-stars veteran actor and director Stephen McHattie (300, Watchmen, The Fountain) Eleanor Zichy (Skins), Peter Outerbridge (Silent Hill: Revelation), Michelle Nolden (RED) and David Hewlett (Rise of the Planet of the Apes).

In this new “reverse ghost story”, Breslin plays the spirit of a teen girl named Lisa whose family was killed by a mysterious figure in 1986.  Now over three decades after Lisa and her family were killed, Lisa must convince her family that they are no longer among the living.  Making things even more interesting, a new family has moved into the house that was once home to Lisa and her family.  Now this new family faces the same danger that led to the death of Lisa and her family.  So Lisa must do whatever she can to protect the new family living in the house.  Directed by Vincenzo Natali (Splice, The ABCs of Death 2, Cube)  and co-written by Brian King and Matthew Brian King, this movie is sure to impress fans of movies the likes of: The Lovely Bones, The Others, and Insidious).

Haunter will be available on DVD and Blu-ray via MPI Media Group and IFC Midnight on Tuesday February 11th.  The DVD will be available for SRP of $$29.98.  The Blu-ray presentation will be available for SRP of $24.98.  The trailer for the movie can be viewed online at  The DVD and Blu-ray can be ordered online via Amazon at  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

My Amityville Horror Is A Gripping Paranormal Documentary

Courtesy:  IFC Films

Courtesy: IFC Films

The Amityville Horror is the stuff of legends.  The things that have gone on in the infamous house have been the topic of debate and movies ever since the murderous spree embarked upon by Ronald DeFeo, Jr.  Now thanks to IFC Films Midnight, audiences get an entirely new view on what happened from one member of the Lutz family over the course of the family’s twenty-eight day stay in the house on 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, NY in the new documentary, My Amityville Horror.

My Amityville Horror is unlike most documentaries out there today.  It’s not one of those Blair Witch guerilla style films.  It features an adult Daniel Lutz talking one on one with director Eric Walter for a very candid and gripping story of what happened in that house when he was a child.  There are no re-enactments here.  So it’s not like Bio Channel’s Celebrity Ghost Stories or My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera.  Lutz’s calm yet almost determined mindset leads one to believe that he experienced something.  And whatever it was, it was something not good.  His reaction late in the documentary to being asked if he would take a lie detector is hard hitting.  It makes one want to really believe his story, even if one has never experienced paranormal activity for themselves.  Speaking of his demeanor, that demeanor and Lutz’s facial gestures make him come across almost like veteran actor Michael Chiklis.  But that’s beside the point.  What is important is that he is convincing. 

Lutz is very convincing through his interviews.  There are however, those that didn’t believe his story.  This is actually another part of what makes My Amityville Horror worth watching.  It is unbiased.  It shows the opinions of both the believers and of the skeptics.  It leaves viewers to decide for themselves if in fact the events described by so many movies and books (and Daniel Lutz himself) did indeed happen.  Only Daniel really knows; he and renowned demonologist Lorraine Warren.  Audiences familiar with A&E’s former hot paranormal show, Paranormal State will remember her.  Ironically enough, Mrs. Warren was also featured in an article on Yahoo! News discussing how the Amityville House was the one place that she would never step foot in again.  When someone as well-known as she would make such a comment, one has to stop and take notice, regardless of whether or not they believe in the paranormal.

Because it is a documentary, there are those that would potentially discount it for their Halloween parties, or just in general.  But anyone that has any interest whatsoever in the paranormal will want to watch this near ninety-minute documentary.  Even among the skeptics interviewed for this feature, there were some skeptics that agreed that there are some things in this world that we cannot understand.  And as Lutz notes in his own way, only those that have experienced events such as what he experienced, will ever fully appreciate the gravity of what allegedly happened over those twenty-eight days.  It’s just as good that Lutz notes the reason he hadn’t come forward is the stigma attached to those who have experienced those unexplainable events.  His reason for not coming forward before is the stigma attached to having experienced those events that are labeled as “unexplainable” by even the skeptics in this documentary.   Those that even begin to public discuss the paranormal every day are labeled with any number of names.  But maybe seeing Lutz come forward finally, viewers will take their cue from him and be less afraid to step up to skeptics.  To that extent, it could be argued that this is one more positive to a surprisingly gripping paranormal documentary that stands out loud against so many other paranormal movies and documentaries.  It is available now in stores and online.  Audiences can get more information on My Amityville Horror and other releases from IFC Films on its official Facebook page at

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