“Nox Aeris” a solid sophomore effort from Janus

“Nox Aeris” is a solid second effort from Chicago, IL based rockers, Janus.  The band’s new album is a fitting companion to its debut effort Red Right Return (2009).  This record is more proof that while it may be an indi band, Janus could easily go toe to toe with the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Taproot, Deftones, and tour mates Chevelle.

“Nox Aeris” opens with the Euro-metal-esque ‘In Flames’ and ‘Stains.’  Lyrically, ‘Nox Aeris” is a very dark record.  As with the mythological character of the two faced Janus, this record is the darker side of the band.  It’s been noted that Nox Aeris (meaning Night Air in Latin) references the plague and the darkness that consumed the people affected by it, saying that the subject matter of this record reflects a similar sense of darkness in the band members as they faced the struggles moving from a little known band to the fame that they’ve gained.

“Nox Aeris” is also a much darker and heavier record, musically than “Red Right Return.”  Songs such as ‘Promise to No One’, ‘Waive’, and ‘Stray’ are the types of pieces that will get any mosh pit moving full steam.  As heavy as songs such as these are, it’s no surprise that fellow Chicagoans, Chevelle, took the band out on tour with them.  This is the type of dark metal-tinged music that any younger rock fan would enjoy, thus making it a perfect fit for any true rock radio station.  And now, the band’s fans have even more reason to be excited.  The band has teamed up with Guitar World magazine to offer fans a chance to perform ‘Stains’ live with the band.  All fans have to do is submit a video of themselves playing the song.  the band will choose one lucky person to perform the song live with them later this year.  Fans can go to http://bit.ly/HbN2FI to get more information about this contest.

The band is currently out on tour.  It’s touring mostly the midwest and Southwest, save for a pair of dates in Little Rock, Arkansas May 2nd and 3rd.  It will also be performing at the famed Rocklahoma Festival in Pryor, OK May 25th.  Fans can keep up with any new tour dates and more online at http://www.janusmusic.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/janusband, and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/janus.