Jason Charles Miller Debuts ‘Running’ Video

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Jason Charles Miller debuted the video for his latest single this week.

Miller debuted the video for the song ‘Running‘ on Friday.  The song is taken from Miller’s latest album Into The Wasteland (2018).  Directed by outlaw country musician Bob Wayne, the video stars Alexander Ward (WestworldAmerican Horror Story ApocalypseSleepy Hollow) and professional Cosplayer Vivid Vivka as a pair of vampires in what proves to be a rather funny story.

Miller talked about the song’s creation and its tie to the video in a recent interview.

“When I wrote the song with Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria) and Blue Foley, we came up with the concept of a fallen angel who chose the devil’s side, but then changed his mind,” Miller said.  “He realizes it’s too late to go back, but still tries anyway.  A real heavy subject matter over a riff that’s almost surf rock in nature.  There’s really no other song on the album like this, but the album would feel incomplete without it.”

In talking about the song’s video, Miller said a lot of thought went into the video’s creation.

“Bob and I were brainstorming one day about making a music video,” Miller said.  “I played him ‘Running’ and we knew this was the one he should direct.  I love Bob’s creativity and fearlessness when he makes videos.  Rather than re-tell the story of the song, we thought putting vampires in a haunted house would make the whole thing a lot more interesting to watch.  I mean, vampires!  Lore behind vampires says some of them are fallen angels anyway, so it still worked with the concept.  Getting Vivka and Alexander to play our vampires was the best part.  They did such an amazing job.”

He added, “Finding the right house was key, and luckily I found out about the Historic Harris House through my friend Robert Coshland (who happens to own it), and it turned out to be the perfect place!  We didn’t have to do a thing.  It looks like that all the time!  I consider the house one of the stars of the video as well.  I couldn’t be happier with how it came out and I can’t wait to share it.”

‘Running’ is just the latest single from ‘Into The Wasteland’ to get the video treatment.  The video for ‘Hundred Pound Hammer‘ debuted in November. The video for the album’s title track debuted in June.

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Willie Nelson Is First Place This Year With “Last Man Standing”

Courtesy: Sony Legacy

Country music is big business nowadays.  One need only look at shows like The Voice and America’s Got Talent to see that.  Also, look at the ratings for the Country Music awards shows that air on television every year, as well as the overall record sales and the glut of country music stations airing the past, present and future of the genre nationwide.

Keeping in mind the popularity (and ongoing success) of said genre, it is only fitting for the genre to get its own list of the year’s top new albums.  Phil’s Picks has compiled its own list of those albums, and it — like the noted radio stations — features a who’s who of country music’s past, present and future.

Topping this year’s list is Willie Nelson’s new album Last Man Standing.  The “Red-Headed Stranger” is in fine form in this latest offering, contemplating mortality, friends lost along life’s long road and some other, deeper topics.  Musically speaking, Last Man Standing is just good, old-fashioned country; everything that country music purists enjoy.

Second on this year’s list is fellow country musician John Prine and his new album The Tree of Forgiveness.  The soul in his lyrical themes and his performance make this song so powerful.  It is an album that every country music purist needs to hear.

Taking the third spot in this year’s list is Shooter Jennings, Waylon’s boy.  Shooter is everything that audiences have come to expect from him over the course of his career.  Yet again, listeners get more growth both musically and lyrically from the outlaw country musician that continues to place Jennings in his very own place separate from his contemporaries.  Again, this is another must for those who want to avoid all of the pop country that currently pollutes the country music scene today.

Moving on, the rest of this year’s list features some unexpected names and some more familiar names mixed in for good measure.  As always, the list features 15 total names and titles.  The top 10 are the best, and the next five are honorable mention titles.

Without any further ado, here is the Phil’s PIcks 2018 top 10 New Country Music Albums list.


  1. Willie Nelson — Last Man Standing
  2. John Prine — The Tree of Forgiveness
  3. Shooter Jennings — Shooter
  4. Old Crow Medicine Show — Volunteer
  5. Jason Charles Miller — In The Wasteland
  6. David Michael George — 1,000 Yard Stare
  7. Eric Church — Desperate Man
  8. Pistol Annies — Interstate Gospel
  9. Kenny Chesney — Songs for the Saints
  10. Brothers Osborne — Port Saint Joe
  11. DeVotchka — This Night Falls Forever
  12. Dierks Bentley — The Mountain
  13. Devin Dawson — Dark Horse
  14. Patricia Vonne — Top of the Mountain
  15. Sugarland — Bigger

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‘In The Wasteland’ Proves To Be Another Enjoyable Outlaw Country Offering From Jason Charles Miller

Courtesy: Red Music/Century Media

Seventeen years ago, southern rock artist Jason Charles Miller rose to fame as the front man of the goth outfit Godhead.  Signed to Marilyn Manson’s Posthuman Records. While Miller is most well-known for his time as the voice of Godhead, he has also released three solo albums between 2009 and 2012.  Early this month, Miller released his fourth full-length solo album In The Wasteland.  The 11-song album, released June 15 via Red Music/Century Media, is a work that is certain to appeal to any fans of the genre.  More specifically, it will appeal easily to fans of Shooter Jennings, Zac Brown Band, Blues Saraceno and other similar acts.  Keeping that in mind, it is an album that fans of said genre will agree is worth at least one listen.  This is proven early on in the album’s run in the form of ‘No Bridge Left Unburned.’  It will be discussed shortly.  ‘The Line,’ which comes later in the album’s run, is another example of what makes this record appealing to southern rock (and even country) music fans.  It will be discussed later.  ‘Running,’ is yet another example of what makes ITW work as well as it does.  It will be addressed later, too.  All three songs noted here are key in their own way in showing why this record will appeal to southern rock and country fans.  They are hardly the only songs that could be cited in supporting that statement, too.  The bluesy gospel style ‘Get Thee Behind Me,’ ‘Trunk Full of Bibles’ and ‘Riverbank’ all serve to support the noted statement, too.  The same could be said of the album’s opener/title track, ‘No More Reasons’ ‘Old Scarecrow’ and ‘Finding My Way in the Dark.’  That pretty much covers the whole of ITW.  Keeping that in mind, this album offers plenty for country and southern rock fans to appreciate from start to end, meaning it’s anything but a musical wasteland.

Jason Charles Miller’s new solo album In The Wasteland is a work that is anything but a wasteland.  Rather, it is a 41-minute musical experience that will appeal to any southern rock fan just as much as any country music fan.  From Shooter Jennings to Zac Brown Band and others, the album’s 11-song body will certainly appeal to a wide range of listeners.  This is proven early on in the form of ‘No Bridge Left Unburned.’  This driving southern rock/outlaw country-style work shows clearly the impact of Jennings on his work through its guitar-driven arrangement.  The certain twang in the guitar and the tone of the instruments sounds so much like something that Jennings would craft.  The song’s lyrical side is shows that outlaw country element just as much.  That is proven as Miller sings in the song’s lead verse, “You and me/We got our share of problems/We’ve been known/To go a round or two/I was down and out before you took the first swing/Then you left me there with nothing left to lose/When the time is right, I’ll throw you under the bus/Then you’ll know those tables have turned/You crossed over the line/Violated my trust/Now I’ll leave no bridge left unburned.”  That defiant stance continues in the song’s second verse as Miller sings about how the song’s subjects got to where they are, singing, “I remember when/We were on the same side/now I’m staring down the barrel of your gun/You’re just another victim of your own pride//And when you stabbed me in the back/I knew I had to run/When the time is right/I’ll throw you under the bus/Then you’ll know the tables have turned/You crossed over the line, violated my trust/Now I’ll leave no bridge left unburned.”  This is someone who means business.  The song’s third and final verse proves that just as much as it talks about the antagonist looking into the protagonist’s soul to see the impact that the antagonist has had.  It’s a strong statement, and one that solidifies even more, the song’s lyrical message of someone standing up for himself proudly.  Needless to say, when this collectively proud statement is coupled with the song’s equally driving musical arrangement, the whole becomes a work that stands as one of the album’s highest points.  It isn’t the only song that so sharply shows what makes In The Wasteland worth hearing.  ‘The Line,’ which comes later in the album’s run, is another strong addition to the album.

‘The Line’ is the polar opposite of ‘No Bridge Left Unburned’ both musically and lyrically.  In regards to its musical arrangement, this song is quite reserved in comparison to so much more of ITW.  It is a gentle, flowing and emotional piece that will appeal to fans of Zac Brown Band and other similar acts.  That emotional impact is strengthened even more as Miller seems to be addressing through the song’s lyrical side, about people not wanting to take responsibility for things in life and not wanting to get involved so that they won’t have to take any responsibility.  The is inferred as Miller sings in the song’s lead verse, “Mind your own/He said, mind your own/There’s some things you don’t want to know/Just move along/Keep your head down/We keep our eyes closed in this town/Lock the door/And turn away/So you can’t hear a word they say/Shut yourself in/Turn your head off/It’s not your job to count the cost/Hold the line/Cause I can’t see/Wear the cross/Or who you think I should be/Wave your signs/Shout your hate/I’ll just push you all away.”  He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “Darker days/Have turned to black…don’t hold back/Just help yourself…take everything and be my guest/Just hold the line/Cause I can’t see/Wear the cross/Who you think I should be/Wave your signs/Shout your hate/I’ll just push you all away/And you float just like the wind/’Cause that’s all you do/When the moment pleases you/You just choose your time/Change your mind…”  It seems like he’s saying here that someone does things on a whim when one wants, again seeming to point at that theme of someone not wanting to get involved and take responsibility regardless of the situation.  Keeping that in mind, it makes that emotional musical arrangement that accompanies these words even more impacting.  It almost becomes mournful to a point, like the song’s subject is sad that the person/people in question refuses/refuse to take a stand.  If indeed that is the case, then this is definitely a different angle to take for any artist.  That’s because usually when one thinks of a statement urging people to take a stand on something, such songs are more fiery.  This one is more like a disappointed parent.  To that end, such an apparent approach makes this song stand out even more in examining the album in whole.  Even as important as it proves to be in the bigger picture of the album, it is still not the last of the album’s most notable entries.  ‘Running’ is one more song included in the album that shows the record’s strengths

‘Running’ is another good, driving composition that stands out in part because of its musical arrangement.  This work clearly will appeal to fans of Blues Saraceno.  The driving guitar line at the song’s center couples with the subtle fiddle to make the song sort of a throw back to the old country western pieces of days gone by while also offering its own modern sound at the same time.  It makes for a great sound overall that is instantly infectious.  That driving, throwback vibe works well with a song that seems, lyrically, to focus on someone who is torn on whether to change his ways and go back in life or to keep making the choices that he’s been making. That seeming message comes as Miller sings, “I’ve been running from the sun/Chasing diamonds for way too long/Hiding in the shadows/Holding on to night/I’ve been running/All my life/You can say what you will about my decisions/But I stuck to my guns/And stayed true to my words/Lately, I’ve been feeling the weight of my actions/Wondering if all this right’s/Been wrong.”  Even with those doubts, the song’s subject sings about “moving on through the dark” and asks “is it too late to be forgiven/Is it too late to turn back time/Not a day goes by/That I don’t question/If the road I’m on will take me home.”  These thoughts, coupled with the urgency in the song’s musical arrangement, makes the song in whole stand out as another of the album’s high points, showing even more why In The Wasteland is a strong new solo effort from Jason Charles Miller.  Of course, it is hardly the last of the songs included in this record that exemplifies the album’s strength.  There are eight other songs featured throughout the album that, in their own way, show just as much what makes ITW such a strong effort.  Keeping that in mind, this latest effort from Jason Charles Miller, while it may be titled In The Wasteland proves to be anything but a wasteland.  Rather, it proves to be a record that southern rock and outlaw country fans alike will appreciate.

Veteran singer-songwriter Jason Charles Miller’s latest full-length solo album In The Wasteland is a record that will appeal easily to country and southern rock fans alike.  This is proven true from the start to finish of the 11-song, 41-minute record.  From showing comparisons to the likes of Shooter Jennings, Blues Saraceno, Zac Brown Band and others in its arrangements to presenting lyrical themes that will both entertain and engage listeners, it offers plenty for listeners to appreciate.  That has been pointed out here through just a few of the album’s entries.  Those songs not discussed at length here do just as much to show the album’s strengths.  When those songs are considered along with the songs discussed here, they make the album in whole a work that is anything but a wasteland.  It is available now.  More information on In The Wasteland is available online now along with all of Jason Charles Miller’s latest news at:




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