Siler Mixes Silliness, Serious Lessons To Make His New Record Fun For Parents And Children Alike

Courtesy: Waldmania PR

Courtesy: Waldmania PR

Unsigned children’s entertainer Jefrey Siler has released in his new album Jefrey-Au-Go-Go an album that is one of this year’s most intriguing and original works in the realm of children’s music.  The Aussie-American singer/songwriter’s eleven-track album is loaded with songs that are perfect for young listeners ages 4 – 5.  The songs that make up Siler’s new album are fun, goofy songs that run the gamut.  There are silly songs about animals in ‘Ippo the Hippo’ and ‘Cheeky Alligator.’  There are fun, random pieces about a milk moustache in the aptly titled song and having fun in one’s pajamas in ‘Pajama Parade’ and even a couple of important pieces that each lessons about manners and staying calm in the album’s opener ‘Peter The Pushy Puppy’ and its midpoint ‘Shake It Off.’  These songs are just some examples of what makes Jefrey Au-Go-Go stand out among all of the children’s albums that have been released so far this year.  Whether it be the songs noted here or those not noted, audiences will find something to like about this album in every one of its songs.  Collectively, they make Jefrey Au-Go-Go one more example of why the world of children’s music is just as entertaining as that of grown up music if not more so.

Jefrey Au-Go-Go offers so much for young audiences to like.  Whether it be the songs that teach young listeners some rather important life lessons or the sillier, random songs that counter said opuses, there is plenty here to have young listeners smiling and dancing along.  One piece that is sure to grab young listeners’ ears is the silly ‘Ippo The Hippo’ in which Siler and his friend Luigi take a trip to the zoo.  The pair sees all sorts of animals including a cockatoo, a baboon, giraffes and so much more.  But as Siler sings, he wanted to go to see the Hippopotamus.  Luigi’s reaction to seeing a hippo will have children laughing and dancing as they sing along with Siler and Luigi about seeing it.  It’s just one of the fun, totally random pieces that will entertain children.  ‘Cheeky Alligator’ is just as random and silly.  Siler sings about the alligator, “the poor guy was so sluggish that we didn’t bother running.”  For all of those teeth, one can’t help but laugh at how slow the alligator moved.   The song’s laid back, almost beachy vibe compliments that line quite well.  Anyone that has ever seen an alligator, when it isn’t holding its prey in its death roll will agree that this is a pretty spot on description of an alligator’s daily life.  It is pretty laid back for the most part.  Knowing that, that combination of music and lyrics is sure to put a smile on the face of listeners of any age.

The fun, totally random pieces about animals are good additions to the album’s makeup in their own right.  They are just part of the whole that makes this album so fun for listeners of all ages, however.  Just as random and fun are Siler’s silly song about getting a milk moustache and the equally silly song ‘Pajama Parade.’  This song is one that parents will especially appreciate.  They will appreciate it because of their ability to relate to Siler’s lyrics about a child who would rather stay up and have fun in his/her pajamas than go to bed.  This critic can even relate to that situation, being the parent of a two-year old.  Both songs add their own share of enjoyment to this family friendly record in their own way.  And along with Siler’s songs about a hippo and an alligator, they make Jefrey Au-Go-Go  a record that is even more worth at least one lesson whether in the classroom, the living room or otherwise.  Siler’s simply titled Parents will enjoy ‘Milk Moustache’ as it is sure to transport them back to their own childhoods as they imagine the days when they played with their milk and got milk moustaches.  Children themselves will enjoy it for almost the same reason.  What child even today doesn’t like to play with their milk and end up with their own milk moustache?  The song’s playful musical backing completes the composition with what sounds like a washboard, old school keyboard and all sorts of other pieces.

‘Milk Moustache’ is sure to put a smile on the face of any child or grown-up thanks to lyrics to which both audiences will be able to relate.  On the other side of the coin, ‘Pajama Parade’ is one of those songs that parents will especially appreciate.  The song centers on a child that doesn’t want to go to bed.  He/she just wants to stay up and party in his/her pajamas, but finally succumbs to sleep.  Parents will laugh as Siler sings “Negotiations failed/No way out to be found/I call out to my dad/But he’s asleep on the love/Spilled his drink on the left/Mom’s kinda cranky/Cause nothing can be found.”  What parent hasn’t been in at least a similar situation?  This critic and parent most certainly has more than once.  Again, that ability to relate will have parents laughing along, glad someone understands their plight.  It’s one more example of what makes Jefrey Au-Go-Go such a surprisingly fun record.

The random, silly songs that make up so much of Jefrey Au-Go-Go are themselves plenty of reason that toddler and pre-school teachers want to pick up this record just as much as parents with young children.  They aren’t the only reason that parents and teachers will want to add it to their children’s CD collections.  Siler also includes a couple of equally fun songs that also teach some rather valuable life lessons in the form of the album’s opener ‘Peter The Pushy Puppy’ and ‘Shake It Off.’  ‘Peter The Pushy Puppy’ teaches a very important lesson about manners while ‘Shake It Off’ teaches listeners to not let certain types of people and situations get to them.  He sings in ‘Peter The Pushy Puppy,’ “Peter was possessive/Paula a pushover/But things got out of hand one day/At the garden park oval…Silly selfish Peter/Pushed pretty Paula over/He said if I can’t get my way/I’ll take my bone and go right home.”  This is a perfect starting point for any parent or teacher in terms of discussing what is proper behavior towards others and what isn’t.  Siler goes on to sing about Peter not learning his lesson and pushing his other doggie friends.  That didn’t lead to a very good outcome for Peter just like such behavior would result in not so nice outcomes for children that act the same way.

The lesson taught in ‘Peter The Pushy Puppy’ is invaluable for every young ear.  It teaches said audiences just why being mean to others is not a good thing, whether it be pushing them or something else.  In the same vein, ‘Shake It Off’s’ lesson about staying calm in difficult situations is just as important.  Siler sings in this piece, “Fair, unfair/to care or not to care/Life’s too short to worry about who said what or where/Cause things can go wrong/And not like you wish/But if you learn to shake it off/You’ll be a happy kid.”  This is a lesson from which even grown-ups can take something important.  Even adults find themselves in such situations.  So they, too can be reminded that the best way to handle said situations is to just shake it off.  The fact that Siler has once again crafted a work that will entertain both children and adults alike is yet another example of why JefreyAu-Go-Go works as well as it does both in the classroom and the home.  Together with all of the other songs noted here, it helps to make clear why Jeffrey Au-Go-Go is well worth at least one listen by children and parents alike.

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