New Blu-Ray Shows Hendrix In A Whole New Light

Courtesy: Sony Legacy

It goes without saying that Jimi Hendrix us one of the most influential musicians of the 20th Century.  Countless guitarists have tried to emulate his style ever since he came to fame in the late 1960’s.  And they still try to do just that to this day.  The irony of his influence is that Jimi Hendrix apparently was not fond of having such a label placed on him.

The brand new documentary, “West Coast Seattle Boy:  Jimi Hendrix:  Voodoo Child” presents a man who was actually a rather reluctant star.  Audiences see through Jimi’s personal documents and an interview with Dick Cavett, a man who was more about being a great musician than being a rock star.  That modesty and love of music first is ironically what makes him so worthy of respect.

Learning of Jimi’s modesty is just one part of what makes this documentary so impressive.  While it’s called a documentary on the box, the reality is that this presentation is actually a ninety-minute video bio.  Audiences are taken on a journey through Hendrix’s life from his childhood to his untimely death in 1970.  Instead of being just another documentary loaded with sound bites from various celebrities, his story is told through his own documents and words.  The visual timeline used to illustrate each phase of his life is an excellent visual aid that any viewer will love.

Through the course of the timeline, viewers learn interesting facts of Jimi’s journey to fame.  They’ll be left in awe to learn that this legend came up through the ranks, playing with legends such as Little Richard and The Isley Brothers just to name a couple.  And that Paul McCartney was one of the first individuals to give Jimi a major break is just as incredible to learn.  It’s amazing to learn that these legends would be the catalysts to Jimi himself one day becoming a legend in his own right.

“West Coast Seattle Boy:  Jimi Hendrix:  Voodoo Child” offers so much more history that viewers will enjoy discovering.  To try and cover it all would be to prattle on endlessly.  And that would defeat the purpose of this review.  Suffice to say that this new video bio of Jimi Hendrix is now available on blu-ray both in stores and online.  It can be ordered online, along with all four formats of the companion concert piece, “Jimi Plays Berkeley” at

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