Adult Contemporary, Pop Rock Fans Will Find Plenty To Like In The Workday Release’s Debut Album

Courtesy: ENCI Records

More than a month after premiering the debut single from its forthcoming album, Like the Light of Stars, independent music act The Workday Release is scheduled to release that album.  Scheduled for release Friday through ENCI Records, the 11-song presentation is a work that makes the act, the brainchild of singer-songwriter David Ottestad, poised to be one of the next big names in the adult contemporary and pop music.  That is proven through the album’s musical and lyrical content.  ‘Going Up in Flames’ is just one way in which the collective content makes the album entertaining and engaging.  It will be discussed shortly.  ‘I Do,’ the record’s latest single, is another example of what makes the album appealing.  It will be discussed a little later.  ‘Keep Out The Wolves’ is yet another example of how Like the Light of Stars prove itself so enjoyable.  When it is considered along with the other songs noted here and the rest of the album’s works, the whole becomes a work that any adult contemporary and pop fan will find enjoyable.

The Workday Release’s debut album Like the Light of Stars is a shining new offering within the adult contemporary and pop communities.  That is proven through its musical and lyrical content.  ‘Going Up in Flames’ is just one of the songs featured in the approximately 40-minute record whose musical and lyrical content pairs to support the noted statements.  The song’s musical arrangement forms its foundation with its gentle percussion, guitar, and piano.  The minimalist approach to the arrangement is a clear illustration of the old adage that less is more.  The simple, gentle melody crated by the guitar and piano is so enriching while what sounds like a brush on the snare, echoing, adds its own touch.  The whole of the arrangement makes the song’s impact so hard hitting.  The impact of the arrangement through its simple stylistic approach and sound, pairs with the song’s contemplative lyrical content to make the song overall even deeper.

The lyrical content featured in ‘Going Up in Flames’ seems to come from the vantage point of someone who is at one of the many crossroads that everyone reaches in life.  One can argue that it presents something of an existential discussion.  That is inferred as Ottestad sings in the song’s lead verse, “It’s swelling up again in my heart/And I can’t face it/Send me back out in the dark/Like I have before/So I raise my voice to God/ ‘Tell me what’s your problem?’/And I brace for/Only thunder/Down on my knees/But  still there’s nothing/So father/I am up/Waiting for your favor/While the hills here/Are going up/Going up in flames.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “I can’t find you in the clouds/Like when I was younger/And the air that I’m now breathing/Is mostly smoke/And it fills my mind with doubt/Did you ever love me?/And I wait for/You to come and help me breathe/But still there’s nothing.”  Again, this is someone who clearly is at a difficult point in life.  Now whether the “father” reference is religious or referring specifically to an actual father figure is unknown.  It would seem this is somewhat religious, especially considering the declaration from the subject that he wonders, “Did you ever love me?”  That note of the hills going up in flames is metaphorical language that the subject is using to point out the feeling that the subject feels like the world is…well…burning around him and he is getting no answers from a higher power.  If in fact that is the case, then the manner in which this familiar topic is broached here is unique.  It will certainly resonate with listeners.  That is because most people, if not all, have been at the point at which the song’s subject has reached.  When that accessibility is paired with the depth of the song’s musical arrangement, the song’s overall impact deepens and makes the song an even clearer example of what makes Like the Light of Stars so successful.

In contrast to the moving, seemingly existential nature of ‘Going Up in Flames,’ ‘I Do’ – another of the record’s most notable entries – is a much happier song, showing the variety in the album’s musical and lyrical content.  ‘I Do’ is the most recent of the singles spawned from Like the Light of Stars.  Premiered April 3, the song’s musical arrangement is a simple, upbeat composition. The use of the guitar, vocals and minimal percussion collectively lends itself to comparisons to works from the likes of John Mayer and The Nomadic to name just a couple of acts whose work is so similar.  

The lyrical theme featured alongside the song’s upbeat musical arrangement was made clear in comments made recently by Ottestad about the song.  He essentially pointed out through his comments that couples far too often take the term “I Do” for granted as something they only say at a wedding.  He said of this topic, “‘I do’ isn’t just something you say on your wedding day.  It’s something you say every day.”  No lyrics need examining in this case.  Ottestad hits the nail on the proverbial head with that statement.  Men and women alike are guilty of taking those words for granted, and both need to make more effort to say them more often.  The joy that comes for couples in saying those words daily is echoed through the energy in the song’s musical arrangement.  All things considered here, the song proves to be yet another key example of what makes Like the Light of Stars engaging and entertaining.  It is just one more example of what makes the album worth hearing.  ‘Keep Out The Wolves’ is one more example of the album’s strength.

‘Keep Out The Wolves’ is yet another simple work in regards to its musical arrangement.  Ottestad’s simple vocal delivery and guitar performance here alongside some slight added production elements make the song’s arrangement a work that will appeal to fans, again, of John Mayer.  In the case of this song, it will also appeal to fans of Owl City.  Even with those influences in mind, the song’s arrangement still boasts its own identity.  To that end, it makes the song appealing in part.  The song’s lyrical content pairs with the musical content to make the song even more engaging and entertaining.

The lyrical content featured in this song comes across as being another existential commentary, but unlike that of ‘Going Up in Flames.’  The seeming existential commentary is presented right from the song’s outset as Ottestad sings, “You’re feeling second rate and far behind/Overlooked by God/Event the devil walks past/Without a second glance/And you can’t make a sound/Leaving home to find your missing voice/Unsure of where you left it/Worried all your sins have come to light/And what else can you do?/Your silence paints them true/Bring the fire/Burn yourself to the ground.”  Ottestad continues in the song’s second verse, “When you get back up/You feel brand new/Now that you’re facing forward/It might be some time until you can speak/But when you feel first sound/Be sure to make it count/the ones who linger/Nail themselves to  the  floor/There’s only so much you can do/To keep the wolves out/And I will hold the door  shut/Sooner or later/They’ll  swallow you whole/They’re starving for your secrets…You can’t escape it/They’ve come with torches/To burn down your home.”  Ottestad adds to the discussion in the song’s third verse, “Kill all  the lights and lock the doors/Get down before they see you/How you’ve come to miss  the days before/Overlooked and free/And now you’re on your knees.”  He concludes in the song’s fourth (yes, fourth) verse, “There’s no room for monsters here/Not in this quiet town/They can’t force you out/Turn you to ash/To keep themselves safe.”  Looking back through all of this, what it all seems to say through its metaphorical language is that no matter what one does in life, the wolves will be there.  The wolves are those people who only wish you harm and want to kick you when you are down.  Even with the wolves being there, one cannot let them win.  Rather, one must just live one’s life regardless because the wolves will always be there.  It is a familiar lyrical topic, and is presented in its own unique fashion here.  When the serious message is considered alongside the song’s moving musical arrangement, the whole makes this song yet another important addition to the album.  When it is considered along with the other songs examined here and the rest of the album’s songs, the whole of that content leaves no question about the album’s overall success.  It all comes together to make the album among the most notable of this year’s new independent albums.

The Workday Release’s debut album, Like the Light of Stars, is a record that given the right support, could help the act become one of the next big names in the realms of adult contemporary and pop.  That is proven through all three of the songs examined here.  The songs show a similar stylistic approach to the songs’ musical arrangements but an ability, regardless, to adapt to the album’s various lyrical themes, making each song engaging and entertaining.  The noted songs in whole are clear examples of how the album’s musical and lyrical content make it worth hearing.  When they are considered along with the rest of the album’s works, the whole of the record’s body makes it well worth hearing at least once among any adult contemporary and pop rock fan.  Like the Light of Stars is scheduled for release Friday through ENCI Records.

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Allen’s Success Continues In His Fourth Full-Length Studio Recording

Courtesy: Six Degrees Records

Independent singer-songwriter Jake Allen is scheduled to release his new album Friday. Allen’s fourth full-length studio recording, Affirmation Day is a 56-minute presentation that is full of deeply emotional compositions that will appeal easily to fans of John Mayer just as much as they will to fans of the emo world.  This sounds like an odd juxtaposition, but it truly is the case here.  The fruition of Allen’s recent global travels, the 12-song record will have its own longevity, as it will take many listens for audiences to get to the point in which they start picking their favorite songs.  One of the most notable of the album’s songs is its most recent single, ‘On The Run.’  It will be examined shortly.  ‘Things We’ll Never Find,’ which comes later in the record’s run, is another example of how much the album has to offer audiences.  It will be discussed a little later.  ‘Clear,’ which comes just past the album’s midpoint, is another notable entry in this latest offering from Allen.  It will also be discussed later.  When these three songs are considered with the rest of Affirmation Day’s entries, the record in whole becomes a presentation that audiences are sure to find quite endearing.

Jake Allen’s fourth full-length studio recording, Affirmation Day, is a presentation that will move audiences from beginning to end.  That is proven through its musical and lyrical contents throughout, not the least point of which being the album’s latest single, ‘On The Run.’  The song’s musical arrangement takes a minimalist approach while also using Allen’s signature finger picking style.  The subdued vibe of the overall arrangement serves to illustrate the seeming theme of a romantic relationship that is presented in the song’s lyrical side.

The noted seeming theme is inferred right from the song’s lead verse as Allen sings, “It’s been keeping me awake/All the heart that you put into the smiles that you fake/It’s been weighing on my soul/All the strength that I’ve lost/To find a way to gain control/through the lens of an untrained eye/if the life I’m searching for/is the life that I want to find.”  It is inferred just as much in the song’s second verse, which finds Allen singing, “So how can I erase/That mirage in your eyes/On an unreachable place/’Cause when I give myself to you/there’s so much you don’t take/Even when you say you do/So how can I be sure/Under reign of a fallen star/If who you say you are/is who you really are.”  The song’s chorus puts the final touch to the nod argument.  That is because Allen sings, “So I’ll always be on the run/’Til the world shows me who to become/But if only I’d ever need a friend/I would run to be with you/Until I run away again.”  This leaves no doubt as to the song’s lyrical theme.  The way in which Allen presents the topic is familiar, but not overly so.  It is still is a somewhat original, poetic presentation that will move listeners, especially when it is considered along with the song’s musical arrangement.  Keeping both sides of the song in mind, they make the song just one example of what makes Affirmation Day worth hearing.  ‘Things We’ll Never Find’ is another of the album’s positive points.

‘Things We’ll Never Find’ presents a musical arrangement that once again presents the noted John Mayer influence, but also features a touch of emo influence.  Speaking more specifically, the song presents a sound similar to that of works from early Jimmy Eat World.  That is the case both in its softer moments and in its more energetic chorus.  It sounds like an odd combination in itself, but it works here in its own way.  What is interesting about this catchy pop-rock presentation is that it is an interesting counter to the song’s seeming lyrical theme.

The lyrical theme that ‘Things We’ll Never Find’ comes across as being one of those familiar metaphorical works that addresses the issue of love found and lost.  It hints at the old adage that ‘‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’  That is most clearly inferred in the song’s chorus, which finds Allen singing, “You took my hand in such a radiant scene/With a face that only manifests in dreams/You slipped right through my fingers/Now your voice is gone/But the song plays on for good.”  As Allen transitions into the song’s second verse, he adds, “So can we let go of these gifts we’ve left behind/And find understanding in the things we have/And the things we’ll never find.”  The song that he mentions playing on for good is addressed in the song’s lead verse, in which Allen sings, “Late at night/A melody came/But in the morning/It just didn’t sound the same/It slipped through my fingers.”  Here again is that seeming statement about love found, but lost, but the addition of the song’s musical arrangement to the presentation gives the song a unique touch.  It does not take the standard oh-woe-is-me route thanks to that wording and musical presentation.  Rather, it takes a more positive outlook.  This is something that plenty of audiences will appreciate.  Keeping this in mind along with the appeal of ‘On The Run,’ the two songs collectively even more what makes Allen’s new album appealing.  They are just a portion of what makes the record worth hearing, too.  ‘Clear,’ which comes just past the album’s midpoint, is one more of the album’s positive points.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Clear’ shows even more of an emo influence than that of ‘Things We’ll Never Find.’  Adding to that is that unlike the noted song, the Jimmy Eat World influence is replaced here with something more along the lines of Yellowcard and Simple Plan in an acoustic vein.  To that end, this expands the album’s appeal even more.  When this is considered along with the song’s lyrical content, that appeal and interest grows that much more.

The lyrical content that accompanies this song’s upbeat musical arrangement is so interesting because it seems to present the theme of learning to let go.  This does not have to necessarily relate to the topic of a breakup.  It could also connect to the issue of letting go of a loved one who has died.  This is inferred as Allen sings, “So vivid I remember/the day you said goodbye/Your fading eyes saw through me/And gazed up to the skies/And I though of stories/Allegories to find some higher view/But between the thoughts was/Where I lost the fiction and found the truth.”  The seeming message becomes clearer in the song’s second verse, as Allen sings, “So I hold on to that image/The last of you I saw/The final look you gave me/The ending to it all/An incarnation’s set duration is so ambiguous/Do we shy and falter/Or try to alter the frame of what this is.”  The song’s third and final verse hints even more at the noted theme, as Allen sings, “So I’m pushing my heart into/A disillusioned place/And freeing myself from all these/Fragile thoughts of holding on/So to see your transformation through unconditioned eyes/It’s funny to believe that/You could ever say goodbye.”  That final statement about a person having to come to terms with someone “saying goodbye” either in person or metaphorically (when they die), the noted message gains even more ground.  Again, the semi-upbeat musical arrangement that accompanies the song’s lyrical content makes for its own interesting listen.  When the two sides are coupled, they make song even more powerful, as it seems to present a sense of accepting the noted loss, regardless of the situation.  It reminds listeners that loss does not have to be entirely bad.  It’s yet another way in which the album shows its strength.  When the song is considered with the other songs examined here and the rest of the album’s entries, the whole of the album becomes a unique presentation that is another success from Allen.

Jake Allen’s fourth new album Affirmation Day is a positive new offering that audiences will themselves affirm is worth hearing.  That is thanks to its musical and lyrical content alike.  Each of the songs examined in this review support the noted statements.  When they are considered along with the rest of the album’s entries, the album in whole becomes a work that continues Allen’s ongoing success yet again. 

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Jake Allen Debuts New Single, ‘On The Run’

Courtesy: Six Degrees Records

Independent singer-songwriter Jake Allen debuted his latest single over the weekend.

Allen debuted his new single ‘On The Run‘ Friday.  The song is the second single from Allen’s forthcoming album Affirmation Day — his fourth album — which is scheduled for release Oct. 16 through Six Degrees Records.  The single’s release comes a month after Allen debuted the album’s lead single, ‘Rising Tide.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘On The Run’ will appeal to fans of John Mayer.  That is due to Allen’s finger picking style and his vocal delivery style.  The song’s lyrical theme comes across as an introspective piece that centers on the all-too-familiar topic of a romantic relationship.

As with the album’s other songs, this song was inspired by Allen’s experiences in his most recent tours of Europe, Russia, China and Japan.  He noted of ‘Rising Tide’ for example, the song “is about the encounters I’ve had throughout my world travels that have shined a light on certain human conditions, and even more so, the American condition. This deeply embedded idea of progress by any means necessary kept bothering me. It’s disappointing to see people out there bulldozing their way to success without thinking about who and what they’re hurting along the way. This song just acknowledges that tendency and tries to be a reminder of its imminent consequences. Everybody has their own rising tides in their lives. Can we catch them before they drown us is real challenge we face.”

Pre-orders are open for Affirmation Day.  Allen is donating 20 percent of proceeds from pre-order sales and online merchandise sales to the Live Blue Foundation. The agency focuses on the impact of water on a person’s mental health.

The track listing for Affirmation Day is noted below.

Track Listing

  1. Affirmation Day
  2. More Than Meets The Eye
  3. Only You
  4. On The Run
  5. Living Ghost
  6. Prague 6
  7. Clear
  8. Rising Tide
  9. Indigo Son
  10. Things We’ll Never Find
  11. Two Faced
  12. I’ll See You On The Other Side

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Keegan Calmes Debuts New Single, ‘Broken Heart’

Courtesy: N43 Records

Independent singer-songwriter Keegan Calmes premiered his latest single this week.

Calmes debuted his new single ‘Broken Heart‘ Friday.  The song, from the ex Vinyl Theatre singer, features a gentle, piano-driven arrangement that will appeal to fans of acts, such as John Mayer, Peter Cincotti and Ben Folds.

The song’s lyrical theme is centered on the familiar topic of a broken relationship, according to a statement from Calmes in a recent interview.

“‘Broken Heart’ is a culmination of a year of soul searching; Trying to pinpoint who I am and what is most important to me intrinsically,” he said.  “This is that ‘aha’ moment for me in trying to both define my sound and work through past emotions. It’s a song about loving someone after your love as ‘one’ has expired. And in that lingering love, you decide to always wish them the best. And when you see them again, to smile with love although your love together will never be again.”

Calmes co-wrote ‘Broken Heart’ with Steven Pitzl and Timothy Wolf.  The song was produced by Four Giants.

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Love For Levon Could Be The Year’s Best Live Recording

Courtesy:  Time Life Entertainment/StarVista

Courtesy: Time Life Entertainment/StarVista

Drummer Levon Helm was no ordinary drummer.  He was a musician.  He was a musician among musicians and a musician of the people.  When he finally lost his battle with throat cancer in 2012, the world knew that it had lost not just a man but a legend.  It was Helm that made Midnight Rambles so famous.  And it was those concerts and Helms’ own music that made him the beloved figure that he is today even though he remains only in spirit.  Now thanks to Time Life and StarVista, fans of Helm and his music get to experience one of the greatest tributes to his legacy in the newly released concert, Love For Levon: A Benefit To Save The Barn.

Love For Levon: A Benefit To Save The Barn was released this past March.  It was released in five different formats: Double-Disc CD, Double-Disc CD/Double-Disc DVD, Double-Disc CD/Double-Disc Blu-ray, Double-Disc DVD, and Double Disc Blu-ray.  Regardless of whether audiences pick up the solo DVD or Blu-ray sets or the deluxe sets including both the CD and DVD or CD and Blu-ray, they will be getting in this concert what is among the year’s best live recordings.  It is more than deserving of that honor first and foremost because of the variety of options from which audiences can choose in experiencing this concert.  It is also more than deserving of the honor of being on the list of the year’s top live recordings thanks to its production values.  The all-star line-up and equally extensive set list adds even more reason to praise the performance.  The packaging for the deluxe sets is another interesting addition to the overall presentation that is worthy of note, too.  All assembled together, it makes this recording one that any fan of Americana and music lover in general will find entertaining each time they turn it on.

The very first thing to note about Love for Levon: A Benefit to Save The Barn is the variety of platforms on which it is available.  It is available in two deluxe packages that include both a double-disc CD portion and double-disc video portion.  Those that have HDTVs and Blu-ray players are offered the set with a double-Blu-ray video portion.  Those with DVD players are offered the deluxe package that includes the video recording on DVD along with the double-disc CD accompaniment.  There are also the stand alone DVD and Blu-ray sets as well as a stand-alone double-disc CD set from which audiences can choose.  This vast amount of options may not seem like much to some.  But the reality is that it plays a much bigger role in the overall presentation of this set than some might believe.  Depending on one’s budget or perhaps access to one format or another, Time Life Entertainment has given audiences as many possibilities as possible to be able to enjoy this performance.  Generally when it comes to live recordings, it seems the standard is to present the recording either on one format or another and leave it at that.  Time Life Entertainment has done the exact opposite.  It has offered this iconic performance in every format possible, save for digital.  Though, that will likely come.  For this alone, the people at Time Life Entertainment are to be highly commended.

The multi-format packaging for Love For Levon (as it will be simply known from here on out) is a major positive to the overall positive outlook on this concert.  Moving forward, one must also take into account its production values in determining its success or failure.  Obviously, the good people at Time Life Entertainment maintained the mantra that failure is not an option even with the recording’s production values.  The audio and video were expertly mixed.  Audiences will notice this both on the DVD and Blu-ray presentations as well as on the CD presentation.  This is a factor that is just as important as the number of formats from which audiences to have choose in experiencing the concert.  It is just as important because without proper mixing, there is no reason to buy the recording on any platform.  There are live recordings out there that leave audiences wondering what those behind the boards and cameras were thinking and were they awake at their posts.  Obviously, those behind the board s and cameras were well awake at this concert.  It looks and sounds excellent all the way around.  Even the lighting on stage itself was just right.  When blues great Mavis Staples takes the stage to sing ‘Move Along Train’ every note from Ms. Staples and the backing musicians is crystal clear. This expert mixing is handled throughout the near three-hour long concert.

Having taken into account the production values of Love for Levon, the next logical step is to take a slightly broader examination in looking at the show’s set list and its equally vast array of performers.  These too, are boons to this recording.  Mavis Staples is just one of the many superstars that made appearances for the benefit.  Also on hand were the likes of: Jakob Dylan, John Mayer, Roger Waters, Eric Church, My Morning Jacket, Dierks Bentley, Ray LaMontagne, and a whole who’s who of music past and present.  That so many artists from so many different corners of the music world came together for this performance shows the impact that Levon Helm had in his life and still has even though he remains only in spirit.  While the conglomeration of artists was in itself quite impressive, one must agree that the performance’s set list was just as incredible.  The bluesy feel of ‘Trouble in Mind’ and ‘Move Along Train’ is just a pair of the highlights from the performance.  ‘Little Birds’ and ‘Listening to Levon’ are just impressive in their more subdued, emotional tones.  These are just a handful of the songs that audiences will enjoy throughout the course of what is one of the year’s must have live recordings.  During the concert, the performers and their songs will send audiences on an emotional and musical journey that they will not forget.  It is a journey that after it’s over, audiences know they will want to take again.

So much work went into bringing Love for Levon to the masses.  The performances in this recording are outstanding, as are the performers and the songs.  The show’s production values are well above par.  And that Time Life Entertainment and StarVista have given audiences so many options from which to choose in deciding on how to best take in the concert sweetens the deal even more.  There is one final piece to the puzzle that makes this recording one of the year’s best live recordings, if not the best of the year.  That piece of the puzzle is the packaging.  This critic had the honor of receiving a screener of the deluxe double-disc CD/double-disc DVD set for review.  The packaging for this deluxe is impressive in its own right.  All four discs in the set are placed into their own mini-sleeve so to speak within the larger package that also includes a bonus booklet.  The bonus booklet includes very moving tributes written by Charles McCardell and Keith Wortman.  Wortman writes so eloquently of Helm in his addition to the included booklet, “In this age of artificially constructed music, Levon was the genuine article…in how he played, sang, and carried himself.”  He goes on to include a quote by Bruce Springsteen about Helm that is just as touching.  McCardell adds his own touch, expressing the joyous air that filled the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ, where the tribute concert was held.  His writing that, “From the energy generated in the building, it’s hard to tell who was more excited—the audience or the performers.”  Home audiences will see exactly what McCardell means when they watch this concert.  That single note echoes everything that has already been noted here.  And it can all be experienced now.  The concert is available now.  It can be ordered direct online via the Time Life Entertainment website at or via Amazon.

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Rochelle Diamante’s New Single Causing A Lot Of “Buzz”

Teen singer/instrumentalist Rochelle Diamante is quickly making quite the name for herself.  The seventeen-year old Seattle, WA native now lives in Los Angeles, where she is a straight-A students and captain of her high school dance team.  Diamond is also an instrumentalist.  She plays ukulele, piano and guitar.  Since joining YouTube last year, the young artist has earned herself nearly ten million views in under a year.  Over the course of that time, she also recorded a number of songs with a variety of producers including:  David Ryan Harris (John Mayer), Blake English (Kelly Rowland, Brandy) and Mike Mac (Beluga Heights).  She already has over twenty songs completed with plenty more still in the works.

Diamante has quite the resume already about her.  It includes singing credits with Richard Marx, serving as a model for a recent fashion video produced by Michelle Phan and Vivienne Tam and even being the focus of a short story written by award winning playwright Josefina Lopez (Real Women have Curves).  Now she can add music video star to her resume as she has released not only a new single but the video for her single as well.  The single is titled, ‘Queen Bee.’  And the video tries to harness the somewhat old school swing style sound mixed with her pop styling.  The video sees the young starlet dancing through her house in a dream sequence, surrounded by a number of young men as she sings, “I’m a queen bee/You can call me honey/But I just might sting…You gotta be sweet if you want my honey/Gotta beware if you want my heart.”  Anyone who is a fan of Beyonce or J-Lo will like Miss Diamante’s sound in this song.  Audiences can check out her video now on YouTube at   After checking out her new video, fans can follow her on her official Facebook page,

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