Saxon Debuts ‘Thunderbolt’ Video

Courtesy: Militia Guard (Silver Lining Music)

Saxon is giving audiences their first taste of its new album.

The band unveiled Friday the video for the title song from its forthcoming album Thunderbolt. The video for the Judas Priest-esque arrangement mixes live footage of the band with the song for an experience certain to get audiences excited about the band’s upcoming live dates (interestingly enough) with Judas Priest. That tour launches March 13 in Wilkes Barre, PA and is currently scheduled to run through May 1 in San Antonio, TX.

Before the band spans America with Judas Priest, it will tour alongside Diamond Head and Rock Goddess for a short European tour set to launch Feb. 23 and run through March 3. Both tours’ schedules are noted below.

SAXON Thunderbolt 2018 European Tour – Part 1
Feb. 23 – UK, Cardiff University
Feb. 24 – UK, Cambridge Corn Exchange
Feb.25 – UK, Hull City Hall
Feb. 27- Holland, Tilburg 013
Feb. 28 – Germany, Saarbruecken Garage
Mar. 1 – Germany,  Hannover Capitol
Mar. 2 – Germany,  Frankfurt Batschkapp
Mar. 3 – Germany, Dresden Schlachthof   
SAXON North American tour dates with Judas Priest and Black Star Riders
Mar. 13 – Wilkes Barre, PA – Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza
Mar. 15 – Youngstown, OH – Covelli Centre
Mar. 17 – Uniondale, NY – Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Mar. 18 – Washington, DC – The Anthem
Mar. 20 – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center
Mar. 22 – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena
Mar. 23 – Worcester – Palladium
Mar. 25 – Ottawa, ON – The Arena at TD Place
Mar. 27 – London, ON – Budweiser Gardens
Mar. 28 – Oshawa, ON – Tribute Communities Centre
Mar. 31 – Detroit, MI – Detroit Masonic Temple
Apr. 02 – Minneapolis – The Amorey
Apr. 03 – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater
Apr. 05 – Green Bay, WI – Resch Center
Apr 06 – Hammond, IN – Venue at Horseshoe Casino (no Black Star Riders)
Apr. 08 – Bloomington, IL – Grossinger Motors Aren
Apr. 10 – Casper, WY – Casper Events Center
Apr. 11 – Loveland, CO – Budweiser Events Center
Apr. 15 – Kent, WA – ShoWare Center
Apr. 17 – Portland, OR – Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Apr. 19 – San Francisco, CA – The Warfield
Apr. 22 – Los Angeles, CA – Microsoft Theater
Apr. 21 – Las Vegas, NV – Las Rageous Rock Festival
Apr. 24 – Phoenix, AZ – Comerica Theatre
Apr. 26 – Tulsa, OK – BOK Center
Apr. 28 – Dallas, TX – The Bomb Factory
Apr. 29 – Sugarland, TX – Smart Financial Centre
May 01 – San Antonio, TX – Freeman Coliseum

Pre-orders for Thunderbolt are open now. It will be available on CD, vinyl, cassette and limited edition box set as well as digital platforms.  the album’s track listing is noted below.

Thunderbolt Track Listing
  1. Olympus Rising
  2. Thunderbolt
  3. The Secret of Flight
  4. Nosferatu (The Vampires Waltz)
  5. They Played Rock and Roll
  6. Predator
  7. Sons of Odin
  8. Sniper
  9. A Wizard’s Tale
  10. Speed Merchants
  11. Roadie’s Song
  12. Nosferatu (Raw Version)*
*not available on vinyl

More information on Thunderbolt is available online along with the band’s latest tour dates and more at:




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Saxon Announces New Retrospective, Live Recording; Joining Judas Priest Live

Courtesy: Chipster PR

Saxon will release an extensive new hits collection this fall.

BMG will release the band’s new anthology Decade of the Eagle on Friday, Dec. 1.  The compilation will feature 34 tracks taken from the band’s first nine albums and liner notes from front man Biff Byford outlining that period of the band’s career.  It will also feature rare and classic pictures of the band from that period.

Byford said of the albums represented in this latest compilation that they represented a key moment in the band’s life, adding they are still as important today as they were in their original release.

“These are the albums from a time in the eighties that moved a generation of rock fans from around the world, when British rock was once again at the front,” Byford said.  “Great times – never to be forgotten and still reverberating to this day.”

Along with its standard CD  and LP release, Decade of the Eagle will also be released on a deluxe limited edition 4 LP and deluxe 2 CD platform.  Pre-orders are open now here.  The compilation’s full track listing is noted below.

1 Stallions Of The Highway
2  Big Teaser
3  Backs To The Wall
4  Militia Guard
5  Wheels Of Steel
6  747 (Strangers In The Night)
7  Suzie Hold On
8  Motorcycle Man (live)
9  Strong Arm Of The Law
10  Heavy Metal Thunder
11  20,000ft (live)
12  Dallas 1PM
13  And The Bands Played On
14  Never Surrender
15  Denim And Leather
16  Fire In the Sky (live)
17  Princess Of The Night
18  Power & The Glory
19  This Town Rocks
20  The Eagle Has Landed
21  Midas Touch
22  Sailing To America
23  Crusader
24  Devil Rides Out
25  Back On The Streets
26  Rockin’ Again
27  Rock N’ Roll Gypsy
28  Broken Heroes
29  Waiting For The Night
30  Rock The Nations
31  Northern Lady
32  Battle Cry
33  Ride Like The Wind
34 Red Alert
1LP & 1CD Tracklist:
1 Backs To The Wall
2 Wheels Of Steel
3 747 (Strangers In The Night)
4 Strong Arm Of The Law
5 Denim And Leather
6 Power And The Glory
7 Sailing To America
8 Rock N’Roll Gypsy
9 Waiting For The Night
10 Ride Like The Wind

Courtesy: Saxon

Along with the new retrospective, the band will also soon release its latest live recording 10 Years of Denim and Leather on CD/DVD combo pack. Pre-orders for that recording are also open now.  The band’s most recent live recording Let Me Feel Your Power was released Oct. 28, 2016.

Courtesy: Judas Priest

The band will give audiences the chance to experience its live show in person next spring when it hits the road for the Firepower 2018 tour, headlined by Judas Priest. The tour, which will be in support of the band’s forthcoming album Firepower, launches March 13 in Wilkes-Barr, PA.  Black Star Riders will serve as support alongside Saxon.

The tour’s current schedule is noted below.

Confirmed tour dates:
3/13/2018 Wilkes Barre, PA  Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza
3/15/2018 Youngstown, OH  Covelli Centre
3/17/2018 Uniondale, NY  Nassau Coliseum
3/18/2018 Washington, DC  The Anthem
3/20/2018 Newark, NJ  Prudential Center
3/22/2018 Uncasville, CT  Mohegan Sun Arena
3/25/2018 Ottawa, ON  The Arena at TD Place
3/27/2018 London, ON  Budweiser Gardens
3/28/0208 Oshawa, ON  Tribute Communities Centre
3/30/2018 Orillia, ON  Casino Rama
3/31/2018 Detroit, MI  Detroit Masonic Temple
  4/3/2018 Milwaukee, WI  Riverside Theater
  4/5/2018 Green Bay, WI  Resch Center
  4/8/2018 Bloomington, IL  Grossinger Motors Arena
4/10/2018 Casper, WY  Casper Events Center
4/11/2018 Loveland, CO  Budweiser Events Center
4/15/2018 Kent, WA  ShoWare Center
4/17/2018 Portland, OR  Veterans Memorial Coliseum
4/19/2018 San Francisco  The Warfield
4/22/2018 Los Angeles, CA  Microsoft Theater
4/24/2018 Phoenix, AZ  Comerica Theatre
4/26/2018 Tulsa, OK  BOK Center
4/28/2018 Dallas, TX  The Bomb Factory
4/29/2018 Sugarland, TX  Smart Financial Centre
  5/1/2018 San Antonio, TX  Freeman Coliseum

More information on Decade of the Eagle is available online now along with all of Saxon’s latest news and more at:










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‘Under Cover’ Will Appeal To Motorhead, Rock Fans Alike

Courtesy: Motorhead Music

Almost two years ago, the rock world lost one of its great icons when Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister died from cancer.  When he died, that effectively put an end to one of the musical universe’s greatest acts.  That meant no more new Motorhead music.  Earlier this month though, Motorhead Music–the band’s own label–released a new collection of covers from the band to satiate audiences in the form of Under Cover. The 11-song record presents a rarely heard side of Motorhead that itself is certain to entertain listeners.  This is just one of the compilation’s key elements and will be discussed later.  The acts whose songs are featured here are collectively just as important to discuss as the songs themselves and will be discussed later.  The album’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements.  Each element is important in its own right to this compilation’s overall presentation.  All things considered, Under Cover proves to be a record that is an entertaining new offering for Motorhead’s most devout fans.

Motorhead, with the passing of front man Lemmy Kilmister almost two years ago, may not be actively recording new music anymore.  With the release earlier this month of the band’s new covers compilation Under Cover, the band’s most devout fans were given an entertaining new release from Motorhead even if it is not a collection of new Motorhead music.  That statement is supported in part through the songs that make up the collection.  Considering that Motorhead, throughout the course of its life, was known for up-tempo blues-based rock that was tinged with some punk elements, the songs featured in this compilation show that the band was just as talented handling other styles of rock as its own brand.  That is proven clearly in the band’s cover of David Bowie’s hit song ‘Heroes,’ which comes early in the record’s run. Bowie’s original work bears more similarity to works from perhaps Paul McCartmey than Motorhead.  Yet, even in its slightly amped up take on the classic tune, Motorhead does Bowie’s classic justice while adding its own rock touch that is certain to get praise even from Bowie’s most devout fans.  The band’s take on The Rolling Stones’ ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ is yet another song featured in this record that shows the real reach of the band’s abilities.  Once again, the band largely stays true to its source material, while also adding its own respectable hard rock elements.  The expert balance of those two elements here will put a smile on any longtime Rolling Stones fan just as much as any Motorhead fan.  Much the same can also be said in examining the band’s take of another Rolling Stones standard, ‘Sympathy For The Devil.’  Those three songs alone show clearly the band’s reach.  Of course that is not to discount the band’s covers of Ted Nugent’s ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ Rainbow’s ‘Starstruck,’ and The Ramones’ ‘Rockaway Beach’ as well as the album’s other songs.  Those covers show in their own way the band’s reach, though they are much closer to Motorhead’s style than the previously noted works.  Keeping this in mind, the bands whose works are featured here are just as important to note as the songs themselves.

Listeners will note that of the album’s 11 total songs, seven were crafted by British acts—Judas Priest, The Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Rainbow and Ozzy Osbourne.  The other four songs come from American acts—Ted Nugent, Metallica, Twisted Sister and The Ramones.  That in itself is certain to create its own share of discussion.  Obviously Motorhead was itself a British outfit, but it could easily be argued that such an emphasis on its counterparts presents its own history lesson to listeners.  It shows the reach of the British hard rock scene between the 1960s and 1990s versus that of the American hard rock scene.  To that end, the acts featured here in themselves serve as a starting point on rock’s history on both sides of the Atlantic.  That might not have been the manifest intent with such a lineup, but it definitely will create those discussions.  On another level, it shows the band’s interest in so many different parts of the rock community at the time. Judas Priest was hard rock while the Sex Pistols were more punk (again, showing Motorhead’s roots). Rainbow was more of a progressive style hard rock while The Rolling Stones were that blues-based influence that Motorhead always added to its own music, too.  In the same breath, Metallica’s Whiplash shows where Motorhead perhaps got its harder almost thrash elements.  When this is all taken into account along with the influences from the other featured bands, Motorhead’s roots become even more evident.  In other words, the bands and songs featured in this compilation form a solid foundation for the record.  They collectively serve as a starting point for discussions about music history and about Motorhead’s history.  Both by themselves and together, they do plenty to make this record enjoyable and are not the record’s only key elements.  The album’s sequencing adds its own enjoyment to its presentation.

Under Cover’s sequencing is an important to note in examining this record because of its ability to maintain the album’s energy from beginning to end.  The album starts out full throttle with the band’s cover of Judas Priest’s ‘Breakin’ The Law’ and keeps the energy flowing just as highly as it launches into its cover of The Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Queen.’  Even as the album progresses into the band’s cover of ‘Heroes,’ the energy still maintains itself even here.  Given, it isn’t as high as in the album’s first two entries, but still keeps moving.  The energy picks right back up as the album takes listeners through the band’s covers of Rainbow’s Starstruck’ and Ted Nugent’s ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ before pulling back again with two straight Rolling Stones covers.  From there on out, the energy picks right back and stays stable right to the album’s end even with the change in the songs’ styles.  Keeping this in mind, it is clear that plenty of time and thought was put into the record’s sequencing.  That time and thought ensures listeners’ engagement from beginning to end here.  That is because the record’s energy never lets up too much at any one point or even gets too high.  When this is taken into account along with the collective value of the record’s songs and their associated bands, it adds that much more depth to the collection.  That being the case, the whole of those elements make Under Cover a collection that will appeal not only to Motorhead’s fans from start to finish but to rock fans in general.

Motrhead’s recently released compilation record Under Cover is a collection of songs that will appeal both to Motorhead’s fans and to rock fans in general.  This is the case even though being a compilation record, it does not necessarily break any new ground in the way of compilation records.  The songs and bands featured on this record serve collectively as a solid starting point for plenty of discussions both on Motorhead’s history and on rock history.  They also do plenty to ensure listeners’ maintained engagement and entertainment.  The record’s sequencing does much the same.  All things considered, these elements make Under Cover a collection that while not exactly new to the compilation realm, is still entertaining in its own right.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Under Cover is available online now along with all of the latest Motorhead news at:










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Judas Priest Album Re-Issue Is A “Turbo”-Charged Release

Courtesy: Sony Music

It might be hard for some to believe, but 30 years have passed since veteran hard rock band Judas Priest released its landmark album Turbo.  In celebration of the anniversary, Columbia Records and Legacy Records partnered to re-issue the album last month with some added bonuses.  Those bonuses—a pair of live recordings–will be discussed later, as they are key pieces of the re-issue’s overall presentation.  The original record is the key piece that should be noted in examining this latest re-issue of the classic album and will be discussed shortly. The set’s companion booklet is just as important to the package’s overall presentation as the album and the package’s bonus live discs, and will be discussed later, too. Each element obviously plays its own important part to the album’s presentation.  All things considered, Columbia/Legacy’s recent re-issue of Turbo proves in the end to be one of this year’s top new CD re-issues.

Columbia/Legacy’s recent 30th Anniversary re-issue of Judas Priest’s landmark album Turbo is one of 2017’s top new CD re-issues.  That is due in part to the presentation of the original album in this re-issue.  The work put in to re-master the album’s original masters paid off soundly (bad pun fully intended here).  The guitars, drums and vocals are just as clear and crisp here as in the album’s original release, if not more so.  The album’s sequencing is also the same as in its original release, adding even more to its enjoyment.  The improved audio quality of each track and the mirroring of the original album’s sequencing does plenty to entertain listeners in the album’s re-issue.  It is, collectively, just one part of what makes this re-issue so impressive.  Its companion booklet is just as important to note in examining its presentation as the album.

Turbo’s updated sound quality and the mirroring of its original sequencing here does plenty to impress listeners with this re-issue.  It is just one of the elements that makes this re-issue stand out.  The set’s companion booklet does its own share to enhance the listening experience.  That is because of the material presented within the booklet.  The booklet opens with a brief but concise history lesson on the album’s creation, explaining that Judas Priest was not the only band that was changing its sound at the time that this record was being crafted.  The lesson notes, “heavy metal was kicking into various new gears as we began writing sessions for Turbo as it opens.  From there, it points out the extensive process that followed the original writing, taking the band across two continents.  It even offers an explanation of one of the album’s songs—‘Parental Guidance’—noting that the song tackled the issue of censorship in America at the time.  Between that explanation and the history presented inside the record’s booklet, it all offers plenty for fans and listeners to appreciate.  That is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, too.  The booklet also includes lyrics for each of the album’s nine songs.  On the surface this doesn’t seem very important.  But considering how hit and miss albums have always been in terms of including lyrics, having those lyrics here is another positive.  They serve as a starting point on renewed discussions on the songs’ topics.  In the same breath, having the lyrics printed out also means no chance of misinterpreting the lyrics.  To that end, having the albums lyrics included in its new re-issue is just as important to its presentation as the short but concise history lesson that opens the booklet.  When both elements are coupled, they show clearly why the album’s booklet is just as important to the record’s presentation in its re-issue as the album itself.  It is still not the last of the re-issue’s most important elements.  The live recordings included with the record are just as important to the re-issue’s presentation as its booklet and original album’s presentation.

The presentation of Turbo’s original album and its companion booklet are both key pieces of the album’s re-issue.  They are only two of the record’s key elements.  The live recordings included in the record’s re-issue are just as important to its presentation as the album’s presentation and its booklet.  They are spread across two bonus discs and feature five of the songs included in Turbo’s sequencing.  The other songs included in the recordings take listeners all the way back to the band’s 1976 sophomore record Sad Wings of Destiny.  They include ‘Victim of Changes,’ ‘Hell Bent For Leather,’ ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’ and so much more.  The whole of those songs makes for a 20-song set list spread across two discs that is in itself a history lesson for new fans.  The band’s performance also serves as a comparison point for the band’s on-stage presence then and its on-stage presence now.  Needless to say the band’s stage presence in these performances shows the band at the top of its game.  The only negative to the whole thing is that a DVD or Blu-ray wasn’t included.  Hopefully Columbia and Legacy will eventually release the performances on one platform, the other or both so as to complete the experience.  Even without a full audio/video experience, the performances, with their rich set lists and equally entertaining performances, do plenty to entertain audiences.  When the insured entertainment from the live recordings is set alongside the positives of the re-issue’s companion booklet and the positives of the original album’s re-mastering, the whole of those elements makes this package in whole one that proves to be one of this year’s top new CD re-issues.

Judas Priest’s 30th anniversary re-issue of its landmark album Turbo is one of this year’s top new CD re-issues.  That is due to the impressive work done to re-master the album’s masters.  The companion booklet that is included with the album plays its own important part in the presentation of the record’s re-issue.  The live recordings included in the set put the finishing touch on the presentation of the album’s re-issue.  Each element is clearly important in its own right, as has already been discussed.  All things considered, they make Turbo’s 30th anniversary re-issue one of 2017’s top new CD re-issues.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on this re-issue is available online now along with all of Judas Priest’s news and more at:










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Judas Priest To Re-Issue Another Classic Album Next Year

Courtesy: Sony Music

Courtesy: Sony Music

Judas Priest will re-issue another of its classic albums next year.

The veteran hard rock band announced this week it will re-issue its 1986 album Turbo on Feb. 3, 2017 via Sony Music.  The band’s 10th full-length studio recording, it was a major change of pace for the band stylistically and lyrically.

The album will be re-issued on a 3-CD set that includes the original album along with two bonus discs featuring live performances of songs included in Turbo and other classic Judas Priest songs.  The live performances are all previously unreleased recordings.  The track listing for the 3-disc set is noted below.


Track listing:

DISC ONE – TURBO: REMASTERED                    
Turbo Lover
Locked In
Private Property
Parental Guidance
Rock You All Around The World
Out In The Cold
Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
Hot For Love

Out In the Cold
Locked In
Heading Out To The Highway
Metal Gods
Breaking The Law
Love Bites
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
The Sentinel
Private Property
Desert Plains
Rock You All Around The World

The Hellion
Electric Eye
Turbo Lover
Freewheel Burning
Victim Of Changes
The Green Manalishi (With The Two -Pronged Crown)
Living After Midnight
You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
Hell Bent For Leather


Along with its triple-disc re-issue, Turbo album will also be re-issued on a single-disc 150-gram vinyl pressing. The album can be pre-ordered online now via Judas Priest’s webstore.

More information on the band’s upcoming re-issue of Turbo is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:










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Santana Shines Again In Phil’s Picks’ 2016 Top 10 New Live DVDs/BDs List

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

The weather outside is definitely looking frightful this time of year.  That means rather than going outside to get out and about, people are going to be looking more for ways to have fun while they stay indoors and stay warm.  That is just one of so many reasons that record labels churn out so many live recordings each year.  The problem with all of those recordings is that while some are truly standout offerings, others are otherwise forgettable space fillers used to fulfill contractual obligations for the given acts.  Presented today are some of the best of this year’s new live recordings.

Whereas Phil’s Picks already presented the year’s top new live CD recordings, this time Phil’s Picks is presenting the year’s top new live DVDs and Blu-rays.  A lot of thought and consideration went into this list.  The concerts’ set lists, the bands’ performances, the cinematography and audio mix all went into consideration for this list as did the recordings’ companion booklets or lack thereof.  So it goes without saying that it wasn’t an easy list to assemble.  But this critic tried.
As always, the list presented here includes not just this critic’s list of the year’s top new live DVDs and BDs but five honorable mention titles for a total of 15 recordings.  Without any further ado, here for you, is Phil’s Picks 2016 Top 10 New Live DVDs/BDs.
1. SantanaSantana IV Live at the House of Blues Las Vegas
2. KISSKISS Rocks Vegas
3. Joe BonamassaLive at the Greek Theatre
4. Judas PriestBattle Cry
5. Motley CrueThe End Live in Los Angeles
6. The Rolling StonesHavana Moon
7. Deep PurpleLive at the NEC
8. Melody GardotLive in Paris
9. Gregory PorterLive in Berlin
10. ScorpionsLive in Munich
11. Alan JacksonLive at Red Rocks
12. Michael Schenker’s Temple of RockRock on a MissionLive in Madrid
13. SaxonFeel Your Power
14. Imagine DragonsSmoke + Mirrors Live
15. Fall Out BoyThe Boys of Zummer TourLive in Chicago
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Santana Shows The Way In The Phil’s Picks 2016 Top 10 New Live CDs List

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Experiencing a live performance of one’s favorite act(s) is a very special event.  That is because it serves to help fans and their favorite acts connect in a way that taking in said acts’ studio releases just can’t.  What’s more attending live concerts isn’t always easy or inexpensive.  Between the cost of tickets, food, souvenirs, gas, and lodging, attending concerts can cost almost as much as a used car sometimes, depending on the act.  In other cases, one’s favorite acts might never even come near one’s town.  So what is a person to do to experience one’s favorite acts?  The answer is simple: the live recording.  That brings us to the topic of today’s “Best Of” list.

Today, Phil’s Picks presents its list of the year’s Top 10 New Live CDs.  Everyone should understand this is distinguished from the year’s top new live DVDs and BDs.  That’s because some recordings come only on CD while others are only presented on the latter format.  Others are also presented in both formats both separate of one another and collectively.  The recordings included in this list include both standalone CDs and CDs included in complete DVD/BD/CD sets.  One of the standalone live CDs included in this list is ZZ Top’s new live recording Greatest Hits Live.  The Outlaws’ Legacy Live is another of those standalone CD recordings.  Joe Bonamassa also has a new live recording in the form of Live at the Greek Theatre that is available on separate CD, DVD, and BD platforms.  It’s on this list, too.  Suffice it to say, there’s a healthy mix of new live titles here both in terms of genre and platform.  So, enough rambling.  Presented here for you is Phil’s Picks 2016 Top 10 New Live CDs.

It should be noted here again that the list includes the Phil’s Picks Top 10 new Live CDs as well as five additional honorable mention titles for a total of 15 recordings.




  1. Santana IV Live at the House of Blues Las Vegas
  1. ZZ TopGreatest Hits Live
  1. Judas PriestBattle Cry
  1. KISSKISS Rocks Vegas
  1. Joe Bonamassa Live at the Greek Theatre
  1. The OutlawsLegacy Live

  2. The Rolling StonesHavana Moon

  3. Motley Crue – The End: Live in Los Angeles

  4. SaxonFeel Your Power

  5. Imagine DragonsSmoke + Mirrors Live

  6. Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression

  7. Ayreon – The Theater Equation
  8. Pete Townshend’s Deep EndFace The Face

  9. Wacken 201526 Years Louder Than Hell

  10. LeprousLive at Rockefeller Center


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