Nine For IX’s Penultimate Production Airs Tuesday

Courtesy:  ESPN/espnW

Courtesy: ESPN/espnW

The Nine for IX series winds down next Tuesday, August 20th with the penultimate film in the Summer-long film series from ESPN Films and espnW.  The 99ers premieres Tuesday night at 8pm ET on ESPN.  It focuses on the 1999 U.S. women’s national soccer team.  On July 10, 1999, the U.S. women’s national soccer team turned the women’s sports world on its ear when the Women’s national soccer team defeated China’s women’s national soccer team at the famed Rose Bowl to take the Women’s World Cup.  The victory came in front of more than 90,000 fans in attendance and an estimated 40 million fans watching on television.

The story of the iconic victory is told by longtime U.S. Women’s national soccer team captain Julie Foudy.   It’s through Foudy’s own words that audiences gain an understanding of the mentality that led the U.S. women’s national soccer team to victory over China.  It uses not just interviews with Foudy, but behind-the-scenes footage shot by members of the team that have never before been seen.  It reunites key players from the 1999 U.S. women’s national team for the story, directed by Erin Leyden and produced by Foudy. 

The 99ers is the second to last film in the Nine for IX series this Summer.  The series’ final film, Branded airs August 27th at 8pm ET on ESPN.  Each film will be available for download via iTunes the day after its broadcast.  A collectible gift set containing each film will be available on October 15th, 2013. 

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espnW Website Debuts Brand New Look In Re-Launch

Courtesy:  ESPN/espnW

Courtesy: ESPN/espnW

ESPN and espnW have released a full beta version of its redesigned website.  The redesigned website debuted Tuesday.  The new site incorporates responsive design and time-based feed that makes the full website much more user friendly across its screens.  The main focuses of the redesigned website are on social media and visual integration.  It will be divided into three main content sections:  News & Commentary, Athlete’s Life, and W in Action

The first of the sections, News & Commentary, will focus on the top stories of the day.  They will be featured from an espnW perspective.  That perspective includes features, columns, videos and photos.  Athletes Life will offer insight into the lives of athletes through essays, training information, videos, and photos.  Together, they will give audiences insight into “the woman behind the competitor.”  W in Action is meant to highlight how espnW and female athletes are impacting the world and their communities through sports.  This is done via essays, columns, features, and photos.

Laura Gentile, espnW Vice President, discussed the updates to the website, explaining the purpose for the changes.  “ has become the digital home for a growing community of women who love sports, and nothing is more important than continuing to enhance the way we serve those fans,” she said.  “The editorial focus and design sensibility of the new are a direct result of our interaction and connection with fans over the last two years.” 

Along with the site re-launch, espnW has launched a new initiative called The Summer of W.  It will be made up of two main platforms.  The first of the platforms is known as 98 Days to Shine.  This platform is a social photo challenge.  The challenge is meant to inspire women and get them active.  Rewards will be given out daily and weekly for photos submitted to espnW for responses to the challenges that are presented each week.  It all culminates with one grand prize handed out at the end of the summer.  Photos submitted throughout Summer will be posted to espnW.  They will be part of the finale event that celebrates fans’ photos and creativity.  Fans can submit photos on Twitter and Instagram using Hashtag #98DaystoShine.

The second of the platforms included in The Summer of W is comprised mainly of editorial content.  That content includes the features: 10 Faces of Summer, Heart of Summer, and Hot Shots10 Faces of Summer focuses on the brightest female athletes across ten different sports.  The athletes in question will take fans into their Summer training regimes and will give fans an inside look at their lives both at home and in competition.  Among the already confirmed athletes for this addition to the revamped site are: Skylar Diggins, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Lakey Peterson, Julie Foudy, Jessica Hardy, Sarah Groff, and Aga Radwanska.  The Heart of Summer features correspondent Summer Sanders.  The column will see her travelling the nation to sporting events of all sizes from a Color Run and a Spartan Race to the MLB All-Star Game and X-games.  Hot Shots features profiles and photo essays of athletes from some of the sports world’s lesser discussed sports.  Those sports include the likes of: paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, and mountain biking.

As a final bonus to the revamped website, espnW will be the online destination for the film series, Nine for IX.  The film series focuses primarily on some of the most interesting stories of women in sports told through the lens of female filmmakers.      

To keep up with all of the latest updates to the espnW website, audiences can go online to and

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