Just Like Vinyl Bridges Old School And New School Metal

Courtesy: Superball Music

The story behind the naming of Just Like Vinyl is quite the interesting one.  The band, which formed from the ashes of other bands, states in its bio that it got its name courtesy of a homeless man.  According to the band’s bio on its Facebook page, the man in question overheard members Thomas Erak and Jake Carden talking about what to name the band.  He suggested the name, Just Like Vinyl, because music on vinyl was better than so much of today’s music.  So the name stuck.  In listening to the band’s new album, Black Mass, audiences can hear hints of music from the vinyl era.

Those hints of rock’s old days really start in on ‘Walk You Home,’  The guitar riffs on this song are throwbacks to the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.  That old school musical style mixed in with the more modern vocal styling make this song one of the album’s standout moments.  Lyrically, the song carries a familiar topic as it touches on relationship issues.  There’s more hint of it when the band launches into ‘First Born.’  It’s almost an old school Metallica style.  And the vocals on this piece have a slight Rob Halford tinge, too.  There’s even more of that mix of classic and new school metal in ‘’Pressure/Release.’  There’s even a touch of pop punk on the album’s penultimate track, ‘Lucky Stars.’  Whether for these tracks or the others on this disc, Just Like Vinyl offers something for fans of both old school and new school metal.  The album is available now in stores and online. 

The band will be performing a pair of dates in Seattle, Washington in November and December.  It will follow them up with a show in Mill Creek, Washington on January 18th, 2013.  To get all the latest tour dates and news about Just Like Vinyl, fans can go online to http://www.facebook.com/justlikevinylwa

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