Animal Tales Is An Invaluable, Enjoyable Album For The Whole Family

Courtesy:  Worm Hole Productions

Courtesy: Worm Hole Productions

Children’s entertainers Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke will release their latest album Animal Tales next Tuesday, October 21st.  The new album is the fifth for the British duo.  And it is a wonderful companion piece to The Whizpops’ latest full length studio effort Sea Blue Sea.  Whereas The Whizpops take audiences below the waves in Sea Blue Sea, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke bring audiences back to the land for a journey around the world that teaches audiences about all the different animals that populate Earth’s different regions.  Along the way, they also teach a valuable lesson about ecological conservation that it very subtly mixed in.  So it doesn’t come across as being preachy.  The end result is an album that adults will find just as entertaining and valuable as children.

Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke have crafted an album in Animal Tales that adults will value just as much as children.  One of the main reasons for this is its accessibility in terms of its writing.  The elementary biology lessons prove to be just as enlightening for children as for adults believe it or not.  One prime example of that accessibility comes in the form of ‘Bear Song.’  The song introduces audiences of all ages to just some of the different species of bears that live around the world.  The duo introduces audiences to polar bears, black bears, and koalas, pandas, and even the different species of brown bears including the kodiac and the standard brown bear. Along the way, the duo makes note of pandas being endangered but keeps the mood light by making a light hearted joke about pandas not wanting to have babies in captivity.  It’s a light hearted joke.  But there is also a certain element of seriousness to this statement.  It shows the importance of trying to breed pandas especially in zoos as a means to hopefully one day take them off of the endangered species list.  The song’s semi country-folk sound adds to its enjoyment.  It’s just one of so many different musical styles presented throughout the album.  That variety of musical elements is another aspect of Animal Tales that makes this album such a joy for audiences.

The musical trip on which Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke take listeners on the duo’s new album is the central point of this record’s enjoyment.  Speaking of the album’s music, its musical side is another reason that audiences of all ages will enjoy the album.  Wilde and Clarke present each of the record’s songs in a different musical style from the others.  ‘Armando Armadillo’ is presented accordingly against a decidedly Tex-Mex sound.  ‘The Buck Stops Here’, clocks in at just under two minutes.  But in that short time, its semi-bluegrass feel proves to be just as perfect a fit.  By direct contrast, ‘Platypus’ is presented against a playful Dixieland style musical backing.  The song’s lyrical content makes that sound even more fun for audiences.  And the laid back, bluesy sound of ‘Alligator Get-Together’ fits this song just as well as alligators are so commonly seen mostly just relaxing on the banks of rivers or swimming easily up and down said bodies of water.  It’s one more example of how the musical variety presented throughout this record makes it even more enjoyable for audiences.  What’s more, the variety of musical styles presented on this record also serves as a great starting point in terms of introducing young audiences to different musical styles.  So not only does this album serve as a great elementary level lesson on biology and conservation, but it also serves as a solid introduction for music classes, too.  Once again, audiences are presented with another reason that this record is so enjoyable.

Animal Tales offers so much enjoyment for audiences.  As noted, it is an entertaining and easily accessible musical lesson on biology and conservation.  It also serves as an equally enjoyable elementary level introduction to a number of different genres of music.  Simply put, Animal Tales is more than just a bunch of songs about animals.  It is a multi-purpose teaching tool that can be used in both an elementary level science class and a music class at the same level.  That is actually a much wider expanse of uses than some might think.  Young audiences could even use it as a learning tool at home as it does offer a number of pneumonic devices throughout each song.  That multi-purpose educational use is just as important as the record’s general entertainment value.  When both of those factors are examined in depth as has been done here, they prove once more why this record is just as entertaining and valuable in the classroom as the living room.  It is an album that adults will find just as valuable and entertaining and children.

Animal Tales will be available in stores and online next Tuesday, October 21st.  It can be ordered online direct from Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke’s website.  More information on this album, all of the latest news from Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke, and all of the duo’s latest tour updates is available online at:




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Parents And Kids Will Be “Pleased To Meet” Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke

Courtesy:  Worm Hole Productions

Courtesy: Worm Hole Productions

The duo of Key Wilde and MR. Clarke has picked up on its new album, Pleased to Meet You, where it left off with its 2010 debut, Rise & Shine. The duo’s fifteen-song sophomore effort is more fun for the whole family.  The very first thing that audiences will note that makes this new release so enjoyable is its mix of musical styles.  It boasts songs with pop influences.  It also has some bluegrass style songs and even some punk and semi-hard rock style songs that are just enough for younger listeners.  The album’s musical mash-up mixed with its lyrical side makes it even more enjoyable for all ages.  Lyrically, it runs the gamut.  The duo offers a whole new take on the classic ‘Alphabet Song’ in ‘Animal Alphabet.’  ‘Raised by Trolls’ is one song out of which even adults will get a kick.  And the duo’s take on the classic railroad song, ‘Down By The Station’ in ‘Railroad Medley.’  There’s so much more that the duo has to offer on this new record, which hit stores this week.  But listeners can find out all that it has to offer for themselves when they pick it up.

As noted, the very first factor in the success of this new release from Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke is its musical mix.  It has elements of pop, bluegrass, reggae, punk rock, and even some semi-hard rock among other styles throughout the course of its fifteen tracks.  So whatever a child’s musical taste, there’s something for every child.  Some of the songs might even get some parents jamming along, too with their sound.  For instance, the rockabilly style of the album’s opener and title track and the more punk rock style of ‘Bigga Bagga’ may entertain parents just as much as their kids.  This is something else that should be noted about the album’s musical side.  While there is such musical diversity, none of the songs are too loud or too raucous for younger listeners.  Kindergartners especially will enjoy the songs’ musical side.  

Having examined the album’s musical side, one need look no further than the album’s lyrical side to see what else makes this album so successful among its listeners.  One of the album’s best songs, lyrically speaking is its second song, ‘Animal Alphabet.’  Everybody knows the classic ‘Alphabet Song’ that is taught in elementary schools the nation over today.  Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke have taken that classic and turned it on its ear with a song that instead of having children recite letters, teaches them through song and example.  They do this by singing a song about how different animals from A – Z interact.  The musical backing added in, it proves to be a song that could one day take the place of the old classic and be the new standard for teachers and parents.

‘Raised By Trolls’ is another song that lyrically is a great example of what makes this new album so fun.  Every parent remembers growing up, hearing their own parents get upset with them and tell them that they weren’t raised by animals.  This song makes a little joke of that old line.  It is sung from the vantage point of a young child playfully rebutting the line.  The child responds to his or her parents, saying, “It’s not my fault, so don’t blame me.  I was born in the forest and raised by trolls.”  If this line doesn’t get parents and kids alike laughing, then nothing will.  Again, this single line (along with the rest of the song’s verses) combine with its almost James Bond style guitar part to make for yet another highlight to Pleased to Meet You.  It’s one that when today’s children grow up might even enjoy sharing with their own kids one day.

Listeners have so much music on Pleased to Meet You have so much from which to choose on this new album from Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke.  One more example of what makes the album enjoyable is the duo’s modern take on two classic childhood favorites in ‘Railroad Medley.’  The duo takes on ‘Down by the Station’ and ‘I’ve Been Working on the Railroad’ in this piece.  Lyrically speaking, it stays true to both of the originals for the most part.  So there are no worries about any of that being changed.  What parents and kids will enjoy is the updated bluegrass style used in the duo’s rendition of the songs.  The shuffle on the snare drum with what sounds like a pair of brushes actually sounds like a train chugging down the tracks.  There’s also something that sounds like either a brake drum or an anvil used to sound like railroad workers pounding railroad spikes into the ties.  At one point, it’s even used to sound like a railroad bell at a station in which a trail pulls.  This helps make visualizing the song even easier.  It’s just one of so many aspects that listeners will enjoy with every listen after picking up this new album.  It can be purchased online at  Fans can also go to the duo’s official Facebook page, or its official website, http://www.keywildeandmrclarke to get the latest news, tour info, and more from the guys.

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