Treasure Gnomes Debuts New Single, ‘Messages’

Courtesy: Independent Music Promotions

EDM artist Treasure Gnomes has a new single.

The artist recently partnered with singer-songwriter Lachi to craft the song ‘Messages.’ The duo premiered the new composition Oct. 8. The song couples Treasure Gnomes’ EMD influence with Lachi’s hip-hop/R&B style vocal delivery to make the song a unique presentation that will appeal to any club music fan.

According to information provided about the song, the song’s lyrical theme centers on the topic of a broken relationship. The information notes that the song started out “as a love letter to an ex” and eventually evolved into the song.

Treasure Gomes expanded on the information in a prepared statement, in which the collaboration with Lachi is also discussed.

“We really enjoyed working on this track together,” said Treasure Gnomes. “Everyone’s experienced that moment where they still hit ‘Send’ despite all the advice in the world. I know I have, and so has Lachi. I’m just a really messy bitch…”

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