Phil’s Picks Celebrates The Holidays Again With Annual Holiday Giveaway

It’s time once again, everybody.  The holiday season is officially upon us.  And that means that it is time once again for the annual Phil’s Picks holiday giveaway.  Each Friday in December I will be giving away a prize to one lucky reader from the list below.  Here’s the catch:  YOU the reader get to choose the prize instead of me.  I’m going to sweeten the deal for you, the loyal Phil’s Picks fans this year, too.  I am going to bundle together the standalone season sets of Hey Dude, and The Wild Thornberrys.  This is just the current list.  There’s a chance I could throw in even more prizes as the month goes on.  So if you want a chance to win a prize for yourself or someone you know, make sure that you get your name in now!  Good luck and spread the word!


1. The Aviator (Blu-ray + DVD)

2. Believe Me (Blu-ray)

3. Blancanieves (DVD)

4. Born Yesterday (Blu-ray)

5. The Duellists (DVD)

6. Dying of the Light (Blu-ray + Digital HD)

7. Grizzly Adams (DVD)

8. Jimmy P. (DVD)

9. Liberal Arts (Blu-ray)

10. Life’s A Breeze (Blu-ray)

11. Match (DVD)

12. May in the Summer (Blu-ray)

13. Perfect Understanding (Blu-ray)

14. Premature (DVD)

15. Robot Jox (Blu-ray)

16. Ships (DVD)

17. Shout At The Devil (Blu-ray)

18. Speak No Evil (DVD + Digital)

19. Spike Island (DVD)

20. The Sweeney (DVD)

21. Tooken (DVD)

22. The Voices (Blu-ray + Digital HD)

23. While We’re Young (Blu-ray + Digital HD)


1. Beetleborgs Metallix: Season Two Volume Two (DVD)

2. Broadchurch: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

3. The Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes (DVD)

4. CPO Sharkey: Season 1 (DVD)

5. CPO Sharkey: Season 2 (DVD)

6. Cook’s Country: Season Five (PBS DVD)

7. Fireball XL5: The Complete Series (DVD)

8. Halt and Catch Fire: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray + Digital HD)

9. The Hee-Haw Collection (DVD)

10. Hey Dude: Season 3 (DVD)

11. Hey Dude: Season 4 (DVD)

12. Hey Dude: The FInal Season (DVD)

13. I Spy: The Complete Series (DVD)

14. Joe 90: The Complete Series (DVD)

15. Mister Ed: The Final Season (DVD)

16. Mr. Warmth: Don Rickles–The Ultimate Collection (DVD)

17. The Red Skelton Show: The Lost Episodes (DVD)

18. The Red Skelton Show: The Early Years: 1951 – 1955 (DVD)

19. Sapphire And Steel: The Complete Series (DVD)

20. Secret Agent (AKA Danger Man): The Complete Series (DVD)

21. Stingray: The Complete Series (DVD)

22. The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series (DVD)

23. The Wild Thornberrys: Season 2 Part 2 (DVD)

24. The Wild thornberrys: Season 2 Part 3 (DVD)

25. The Wild Thornberrys: Season 3 (DVD)


Black Veil Brides (Blu-ray)

Ceelo Green: Loberace–Live in Vegas (Blu-ray)

Concert For Ronnie Montrose (DVD)

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer: Live at Montreux 1997 (2 CD)

Jeff Lynne’s ELO: Live in Hyde Park (DVD)

Jon Lord: Concerto For Group and Orchestra (Blu-ray)

Lord of the Dance (DVD)

Marillion: A Sunday Night Above The Rain (2 CD)

Ministry: Enjoy The Quiet–Live at Wacken 2012 (DVD/2 CD)

Ministry: Last Tangle In Paris–Live 2012 (DVD/2 CD)

Neil Sedaka: The Show Goes On–Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Blu-ray)

Peter Gabriel: Live Blood (2 CD)

The Richard Thompson Band: Live at Celtic Connections (Blu-ray)

Saga: Spin It Again!–Live in Munich (2 CD)

Shania Twain: Still The One–Live in Las Vegas (Blu-ray)

Simply Red: Live at Montreux 2003 (Blu-ray)

1. After Newtown: Guns in America (PBS DVD)

2. The Booker (DVD)

3. Heaven Adores You: A Documentary Film About The Life & Music Of Elliott Smith (Blu-ray)

4. How To Survive A Plague (DVD)

5. Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued (Blu-ray)

6. Produced By George Martin (DVD)

7. Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis? (DVD)


1. Don Rickles: TV Specials Volume 1

2. Highlights of the 2012 Masters Tournament (DVD)

3. Power Rangers: Trickster Treat (DVD)

4. Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show (DVD)

5. Transformers Prime: Ultimte Decepticons (DVD)


1. All Time Low–“Dirty Work”

2. Anders & Kendall–“Wild Chorus”

3. Beatallica–“Abbey Load”

4. The Blues Magoos–“Psychedelic Resurrection”

5. Bob Schneider–“A Perfect Day”

6. Breathe Carolina–“Hell Is What You Make It”

7. Buzz Cason–“Troubadour Heart”

8. Buzz Cason–“Record Machine”

9. The Dangerous Summer–“War Paint”

10. Daniel Guaqueta–“Saying Is Only Saying So Much” (EP)

11. Darkest Hour–“The Human Romance”

12. Derek Sherinian–“Black Utopia”

13. Device–“Device” (Clean)

14. Divided By Friday–“Prove It”

15. Empresarios–“The Vibes”

16. Eternal Voyager–“The Battle of Eternity”

17. Francesca Blanchard–“Deux Visions”

18. Glasscloud–“The Royal Thousand”

19. High on Fire–“Snakes for the Divine”

20. James Durbin–“Memories of a Beautiful Disaster”

21. Janus–“Nox Aeris”

22. Jefferson Grizzard–Learning How To Lie (X4)

23. Joe Gruschecky–“Somewhere East of Eden”

24. Kittie–“I’ve Failed You”

25. Laura Wilde–“Sold My Woul”

26. Limp Bizkit–“Three Dollar Bill Y’all”

27. Marillion–“Sounds That Can’t Be Made”

28. Marillion–“Sounds That Can’t Be Made (Special Edition)

29. Matt Skiba and the Sekrets–“Babylon”

30. Permanent Ability–“Bring It On”

31. Rebelution–“Count Me In”

32. Red Hot Chili Peppers–“Blood Sugar Sex Magik”

33. Roy Orbison–“Greatest Hits”

34. Saving Abel–“Bringing Down The Giant”

35. Shahidah Omar–“Freedom”

36. Something Unto Nothing–“Something Unto Nothing”

37. Tempt–“Under My Skin” (EP)

38. There For Tomorrow–“The Verge”

39. Throwdown–“Deathless”

40. Throwdown–“Intolerance”

41. Tim Chaisson–“The Other Side”

42. Uh Huh Her–“Future Souls”

43. Unbreakable–“Knock Out”

44. The Wild Beyond–“The Wild Beyond”

45. The Winery Dogs–The Winery Dogs (Special Edition)

46. Yellowcard–“When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes”


Level 33 Entertainment’s Latest Release Is A Moving, Powerful Story

Courtesy:  Level 33 Entertainment

Courtesy: Level 33 Entertainment 

Every year, Hollywood’s major studios use the annual summer movie season to bring audiences its biggest cinematic offerings. However, if reactions to many of the prequels, sequels, reboots, and spinoffs being churned out in recent years is any indication, those studios do not and have not had much to offer audiences in the way of anything original. Thankfully the independent studios out there have clearly picked up the slack from their more well-known counterparts. They have done so in quite impressive fashion, too. Movies such as Butter (2011—The Weinstein Company), The Decoy Bride (2011—IFC Films), Shanghai Calling (2012—Anchor Bay Entertainment), My Uncle Rafael (2012—World Entertainment Connections), Life’s A Breeze (2013—Magnolia Pictures), The Voices (2014—Lionsgate), A Bet’s A Bet (2014—Cinedigm), and so many others have proven time and again in recent years just how much the independent movie industry has to offer audiences. Now independent studio Level 33 Entertainment has strengthened that argument even more with the U.S. release of Spike Island this past May. Spike Island is a powerful coming of age story that centers on a group of five young men trying to get their band’s demo tape to their favorite band, The Stone Roses. The display of the boys’ personal growth throughout the movie will at times move viewers to smile and laugh, and at other times cry. That ability to so easily keep audiences engaged and in turn move them so much says plenty of the writing behind this movie. It in turn makes the writing the key element to note of the movie’s success. Writer Chris Coghill’s script makes for plenty of reason for audiences to check out Spike Island. It is not, however, the only reason that audiences will appreciate this movie. The movie’s casting plays a dual role in its success. That dual role includes the very fact that the movie’s cast is in fact made up of actual teens instead of older actors trying unsuccessfully to portray teens, and the its members’ collective talents. Last but hardly least of note that makes the home release of Spike Island surprisingly interesting is its bonus material. The standard behind-the-scenes/Making of featurette is there. The standard cast interviews are interesting. That’s given. But most interesting to note of the bonus material are the “Shadowcaster Studio Session” and “Zippy Drumming” footage. Both of these elements show that the movie’s young cast members did in fact perform rather than pretend as if they were playing in a music video. This is a rarity when it comes to movies involving actors performing to that extent. So, it is nice to see and hear this approach used here. It is through this element as well as through the movie’s script, and casting that Spike Island proves in the end to more proof of the importance and value of the independent movie industry especially considering the current state of the mainstream movie industry.

Level 33 Entertainment’s new drama Spike Island is one of the best movies that the independent studio has released to date. It is another example of the increasing validity of the independent movie industry and its equally growing importance when compared to that of Hollywood’s major studios today. It proves this primarily through its script, which was crafted by screenwriter Chris Coghill. The script presents a story that centers on a group of young musicians living in Manchester, England that have dreams of being superstars. And their way of trying to hit it big is by going to see their favorite band, The Stone Roses, at an upcoming performance at Spike Island. Now it goes without saying that this is not the first time that any writer has ever used such a plot for a movie or even episode of a television program. However, Coghill did more than just make what would have otherwise been another stale, trite comedy. Rather he incorporated a much more dramatic element into the story to make it a work that will move audiences just as much as it will entertain them. The element in question is a balance of the boys’ sense of self-importance and the reality of their naivety. At no point does Coghill try to go over the top with this balance. Instead he makes certain to make them one hundred percent relatable to his viewers. This includes the attention paid to the boys’ having to balance the trials and tribulations of their personal lives with the happenings of their own intersecting lives as a “band.” Such a realistic plot and equally realistic portrayal of the story’s characters through the movie’s script make Spike Island’s script quite the impressive work and a solid foundation on which the rest of the movie’s elements rest. The second of those elements in question is its casting, speaking of the story’s characters.

Chris Coghill’s work on the script for Spike Island is exceptionally impressive to say the very least. Thanks to his creativity he has taken in his script a rather standard coming of age story and made it into a work that stands out from so many other works within that genre. For all that the script does for Spike Island it is just one of the movie’s positives worth noting. The movie’s casting does just as much for its success as its script. Its casting actually proves in not but two ways why it is so important to the movie. The central way in which it proves so important to the movie is the very fact that the cast is actually a group of teens. Casting director Jane Ripley is to be commended for paying attention to Coghill’s script and making sure to make the cast not only the proper age for the story but was talented, too. It would have been so easy for Ripley to take the easy road and bring in a group of older actors and have them play younger characters as far too many studios do. Thankfully she opted to not take that route. Being that she took the high road and actually brought in a group of teens to fill out the story’s roles, it made the story that much more believable. The collective talents of the cast in their roles took that believability and stepped it up even more. It is clear in watching this movie just how seriously the cast took its roles. Just as it would have been so easy for Ripley to take the easy road in casting the roles, it would have been just as easy for the cast to take the easy road and play up the teen stereotypes. But not one member of the cast did that. The result of that serious approach is a group of performances that is entirely believable and that audiences will in turn want to watch. It is yet another reason that audiences will agree that Spike Island is one of this year’s best new independent movies.

The work of writer Chris Coghill and that of Spike Island’s cast (and of casting director Jane Ripley in having chosen the movie’s cast) are both equally important to the success of this surprisingly entertaining and deeply touching story. While both elements play their own important part in the movie’s success and enjoyment, there is still one more element to note in that success and enjoyment. That final element is the movie’s bonus material. The standard “making of” featurette is there. And it goes without saying that getting to hear from the movie’s cast and crew adds its own extra insight into the movie. But most interesting to note of the bonus material are the “Shadowcaster Studio Session” and “Zippy Drumming” footage. Both of these bonuses go to show that the movie’s young cast actually was performing in the given segments. They weren’t just performing to some pre-recorded work as if they were in a music video. That is made especially clear as audiences get to see Zippy (Jordan Murphy) handling drumming duties. Murphy really holds his own, too as he performs. This is so important to note because so few movies that include musical numbers actually feature their casts performing the music. Being that this movie’s cast did in fact perform its given parts makes suspension of disbelief that much easier. It also serves to once again prove the importance of bonus materials in a movie. It shows that bonus material can make an otherwise forgettable movie into something worth the occasional watch, a good movie into an even better movie and a great movie into something even greater. In the case of this movie, these two bonuses come together with the work of the movie’s script and that of its cast (and casting director) to make it one of this year’s great independent movies. And in all honesty, they make it potentially one of this year’s best movies considering the lackluster offerings by Hollywood’s major studios so far this year.

Spike Island may not be one of the biggest movies to be released this year, being an indie flick. But in comparison to the offerings from Hollywood’s “Power Five” studios, it can be said that it is both one of this year’s best new independent movies and even one of the year’s best and most original movies overall. Its script takes a relatively oft-used plot element and expands on it to make a story that will keep audiences engaged from beginning to end, moving them quite deeply along the way. Thanks to casting director Jane Ripley and that of the movie’s cast, suspension of disbelief becomes quite easy. The bonus material included in the movie’s home release makes that suspension of disbelief all the easier as audiences see that the cast isn’t just performing to a pre-recorded track in the performance scenes. Rather the cast is proven to actually be performing itself. That is rare both in the mainstream movie world and that of independent releases. All three elements combined, they prove wholly why Spike Island is one of this year’s best new independent movies and potentially one of the best new domestic releases overall. Spike Island is available now in stores and online. More information on this and other titles from Level 33 Entertainment is available online now at:




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Worst Friends Is One Of This Year’s Best New Indie Flicks

Courtesy:  Level 33 Entertainment

Courtesy: Level 33 Entertainment

Level 33 Entertainment’s new dramedy Worst Friends is one of this year’s best new indie flicks. This movie is a surprisingly entertaining work. It is more proof that when the dust settles from Hollywood’s downfall (thanks to its insatiable desire for prequels, sequels, and remakes), the indie movie industry will still be standing strong. The main way in which it proves that is through its original script. The story behind this movie isn’t just another buddy comedy. It’s a story that is just as entertaining as it is moving. What’s more, in comparison to other buddy comedies released by other indie flicks and even other major studios, this story stands well apart from those works as its own creation. And that’s just part of what makes it work as well as it does. The story’s overall simplicity makes it even more enjoyable. There are no big sets, no unnecessary sexually driven jokes, and not even an annoying poppy song to be heard at least until the story’s final scene. The movie’s cast is one more reason that it works as well as it does. Save for actresses Kathryn Erbe and Sara Chase, most of the movie’s cast is made up of unknown actors and actresses. Even as little experience as they might have, they come across just as professional as any more seasoned actors, Erbe and Chase included. Together with the story’s overall simplicity and its largely original script, all three factors show in full once again why Worst Friends is one of this years best indie flicks and a work that anyone thirsting for a real story should see at least once.

Level 33 Entertainment has released in recent years some of the best movies that most audiences have never seen. The Wedding Video, The Formula, and The Moleman of Belmont Avenue are each examples of what makes this studio one of the best in the world of indie flicks. Every one of those movies stands out from the other in its own special way. Now with Worst Friends, Level 33 has proven once more why it is deserving of that honor. One would think in looking at the movie’s synopsis that it is something of a buddy comedy, especially in partner with the movie’s box art. But the reality of the movie is that it is more drama than comedy. The movie’s original script is one that stands out not only from other movies released by Level 33 but from so many movies released by Hollywood’s “Power 5” studios–Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and Disney. It is a deep, thoughtful story that reminds us that BFF is not always the case for friends. We live, we grow, and sometimes we grow apart. Audiences will especially appreciate that writer/director Ralph Arend and his writing partners Noah Barrow and Richard Tanne don’t waste any time waxing poetic about this message. They don’t waste any time trying to set up a back story, explaining what caused the original fallout between Jake (Richard Tanne) and Sam (Noah Barrow). The trio keeps the story simple but still manages to send the story’s central message in an original manner, but not so much that it goes over the heads of its audiences. It alone makes for plenty of reason to see this movie, even if only once. It’s not the only reason to check out this movie, either. Another audiences should give this surprisingly entertaining drama is its overall simplicity.

The script behind Worst Friends is the central point of the movie’s success and enjoyment. It presents a very deep story and some very deep themes in a fashion that avoids any stereotypical artsy indie indulgences. At the same time it isn’t presented in such fashion as to feel over simplified, either. It balances that serious approach with a delivery that is just simple enough to be taken seriously without feeling overly done. In other words, it isn’t so serious or simple as to make it seem stereotypically sappy or hammy. Speaking of that simplicity, the general simplicity of the movie’s other elements help to make it even more enjoyable. The sets are simple. The camera work is just as simple. There are no unnecessary sexually driven jokes. And unlike so many other movies of its ilk, this piece doesn’t torture audiences with a constant barrage of annoying pop and emo songs throughout the course of the movie. The movie’s final scene won’t be given away here. But that scene is the only one in which audiences are exposed to said musical backing. It is all kept to such a minimum that it keeps the story at the center of the movie. Arend, Tanne, and Barrow (as well as the rest of those behind the cameras) are to be highly commended for this. It makes the movie in whole that much more enjoyable for audiences. It still isn’t all that is worth considering in the movie’s success, either. One more aspect worth noting in the movie’s success is its cast.

The actors and actresses that make up Worst Friends’ cast are largely unknowns. Perhaps the most well-known of the movie’s cast are actresses Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order: CI, The Mighty Ducks, What About Bob) and Sara Chase (The Other Guys, Arthur, The Little Black Book). Fellow cast mate Larry Fessenden is known for his work in the world of horror movies. But by and large the movie’s cast is made up of unknown actors and actresses. Even while most of the cast might not be known for major TV series or movies, the cast is collectively just as convincing any more well-known actors and actresses. They come across as being just as seasoned as said individuals. Audiences will see this when they watch Worst Friends for themselves.   Together with the movie’s overall simplicity and the script’s originality, this last aspect shows in full once more why Worst Friends is one of this year’s best new indie flicks. It shows why it is a good watch for anyone that is tired of the seemingly endless Stream of prequels, sequels, and remakes being churned out year after year by Hollywood’s “Power 5” studios.

The aspects noted here each play an important role in their own right in the success and enjoyment of Worst Friends. Given, they are important in their own right. That is not to take away from the importance of the movie’s run time. The movie runs roughly an hour and fifteen minutes. That is far below the norm of most of the big name movies churned out by Hollywood’s “Power 5” each year. Yet with such a short run time, the movie still accomplishes so much. It plays its own important role in the movie’s success and enjoyment, too. That aspect taken into account with everything else previously noted pushes Worst Friends over the top and makes this movie not just one of the year’s best new indie flicks, but potentially one of this year’s best new movies overall, too.

Worst Friends is available now in stores and online. More information on this and other releases from Level 33 Entertainment is available online at:




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The Wedding Video Is A Perfect Fit For Any Wedding Season

Courtesy:  Level 33 Entertainment

Courtesy: Level 33 Entertainment

Level 33 Entertainment’s new rom-com The Wedding Video is one of the best new independent movies of 2014. This British import made its American theatrical debut Friday May 9th. And its release could not have been more well-timed. That’s because at least in the United States, the annual “wedding season” is here. Brides and grooms everywhere are making all the final plans for their annual June weddings. And this movie makes for a wonderful escape from all of those stresses. The first reason for that is the script, written by Tim Firth (Confessions of a Shopaholic, Calendar Girls, Kinky Boots). The script pokes fun at the absurdly over the top levels to which so many people go in order to plan the “perfect wedding.” This includes the annual competition among women to see who has the best and worst wedding. Another reason that this movie works is the acting on the part of the cast. The cast does such an impressive job interpreting Firth’s script that audiences will believe they are really seeing something from everyday life. Last but not least, audiences will appreciate the movie’s pacing. The pacing, the acting and the writing itself all come together to make The Wedding Video a wedding video that any rom-com fan will want to watch again and again.

The very first and most important aspect of The Wedding Video that audiences will appreciate is the movie’s script, written by Tim Firth. Firth’s script is so funny because of its realism. It pokes fun at the absurdly over the top lengths to which so many brides and grooms (and their families) will go in order to put on the “perfect” wedding. In some cases those lengths are even part of a covert competition among women to outdo the other because they think weddings are that big of a deal. Don’t believe that? One need only turn on TLC and one will see that there is quite a bit of reality to Firth’s comedy. If one looks close enough, he even pokes fun at the people that would make wedding videos and documentarians in general through his very approach in this movie. As with the wedding shows that permeate television, anyone that has ever seen a documentary of any sort or even a wedding video being made will find the comedy in Firth having Raif (Rufus Hound) documenting every little thing that goes on in the days leading up to the wedding. When one takes into consideration just how much comedy and commentary Firth included throughout the script, one must applaud him for being able to balance it all without allowing any part of his story to step on the other and bog the whole thing down.

Firth did a job well worthy of applause in crafting the script for The Wedding Video. Just as worthy of applause is the case chosen for the story. The cast, led by Hound, Robert Webb, and Lucy Punch, expertly interprets Firth’s script and effortlessly pulls viewers into the story. Viewers forget that they are watching movie thanks to their acting. Hound and Punch are especially worthy of applause. That’s because of the bond that eventually forms between Raif and Saskia as he films her. Her progression from snobbish valley girl type to a more open, laid back person feels natural. Punch doesn’t force her character’s transition. It just happens. The way she handles it makes it all the more believable.

The movie’s main cast does its own share to make The Wedding Video a nonstop laugh riot. The supporting cast adds its own share of laughs, too. Harriet Walter plays Saskia’s mother Alex. She is spot on as the overpowering mother figure. From the moment that she originally meets Raif and is told he’s documenting everything, Alex tries to make the video more about her than her daughter. One of her best scenes comes as she announces to her friends at a horse race that there had been a change of venue for the wedding. She goes to Raif as they are opening the invitations and asks if he had captured the moment because the reactions wouldn’t seem as real in a second take. Raif later captures the real reactions of Alex’s friends, making the moment all the funnier. The reaction in question won’t be given away here. But it points back to the realism in Firth’s script. The reaction is a mirror image of what is seen on all the wedding shows currently on television. Even cast that plays more minor roles such as The Wedding Planner (Michelle Gomez) and Konstantin (Olegar Fedoro) add their own laughs. Gomez and Fedoro make the best of their parts, too making the movie all the funnier.

The Wedding Video’s cast and its script are two of the most important factors in the overall enjoyment of this movie. And both factors go a long way towards making this movie just as enjoyable as any major name rom-com ever churned out by Hollywood. There is one more factor to take into consideration in the success of the movie. That factor is the movie’s pacing. Firth manages in the course of roughly ninety minutes, to tell so many jokes and keep the story moving without losing anything along way. He doesn’t try to cram too much into any one given scene, thus making the whole story much easier to follow. The end result is that audiences aren’t left feeling like they need to watch the movie again to figure out what happens at any one point. That solid pacing comes together with the cast’s acting and Firth’s script to make The Wedding Video one of the best indie films of 2014 and one of the funniest rom-coms of this year’s annual wedding season.

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Level 33 Entertainment To Release New Rom-Com This Spring

Courtesy:  Level 33 Entertainment

Courtesy: Level 33 Entertainment

Level 33 Entertainment will bring audiences a new wild romantic comedy next month.

Just in time for the annual wedding season, Level 33 Productions will release the new independent rom-com, The Wedding Video May 9th. The movie will make its American debut at The Crest Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The comedy was written by Tim Firth (Confessions of a Shopaholic, Calendar Girls) and directed by Nigel Cole (Calendar Girls). Cole will hold a special Q&A session before the movie runs. It stars Lucy Punch (Bad Teacher, Dinner for Schmucks, Into The Woods), Robert Webb (Peep Show), Rufus Hound (Celebrity Juice), Angus Barnett (Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy), and Miriam Margolyes (The Guilt Trip, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Romeo + Juliet).

The Wedding Video is a farce about every couple’s big day. Raif (Rufus Hound) is asked by his brother Tim (Robert Webb) to document the days leading up to Tim’s wedding. Raif agrees and decides to make a true documentary, leaving out nothing. He is going to give the video to Tim and his bride-to-be (Lucy Punch) as a gift. But things don’t exactly go as planned as the big day nears. Miriam Margolyes co-stars as Patricia. She is joined by fellow co-stars Harriet Walter (A Royal Affair, Young Victoria) as Alex and Angus Barnett as Reverend Dobbs.

Andreas Olavarria, president of Level 33 Entertainment, discussed his pleasure at having the movie finally make its U.S. premiere in a recent interview. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to finally bring THE WEDDING VIDEO across the pond, so that audiences all over the United States can enjoy this truly hilarious and entertaining film,” he said. Since its debut in the UK, The Wedding Video grossed the equivalent of $1.7 million USD.

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