Otherwise hit the jackpot on major label debut

Good morning, everyone.  As promised earlier this morning, I’ve got an extra edition of Reel Reviews this morning.  The Reel Reviews Music department is loaded with lots and lots of new music.  So along with all the new dvd and blu-ray releases, I’ve got lots of music to present.  This morning, I’ve got the major label debut from a band right out of Las vegas, Nevada.  If you haven’t heard these guys yet, you likely will very soon.  I’ll spare the rambling and present to you, dear readers, the major label debut from Las vegas Nevada’s own, Otherwise, “True Love Never Dies.”

Las Vegas, Nevada based Otherwise is one of the top up and coming acts in mainstream rock.  If the shout out from WWE Superstar and HUGE ROCK STAR (Fozzy fans’ll get that reference) isn’t enough, then the melodic hard rock sounds of the band’s Century Media debut, “True Love Never Dies” will get rockers everywhere putting their horns in the air.  This band has rolled the dice on its major label debut and come up with a lucky seven.  And yes, that was a band pun on the band’s home town.

“True Love Never Dies” is a fitting title for the band’s new album.  That’s because the majority of the songs on this album deal with the ups and downs of personal relationships.  The album opens with the pounding, ‘Die For You.’  This song comes across in the vein of someone who’s going through some rather mixed emotions.  Vocalist Adrian Patrick sings on the song, “There’s nothing left to hide/Want you to see inside/For me there is no doubt/My heart is yours, so rip it out!/I don’t expect you to understand this/I’ll take what you give/But I won’t take it for granted/So alive I’d die for you.”  From there, he drives into a moment, screaming, “Take my heart/Just ri it out! Rip it out!/I’d die for you/Take my heart!/Just rip it out! Rip it out!”.  The emotional mix is only heightened by the guitars that crunch and drive from beginning to end.

Everyone has experienced the moments in life that bring about such emotions that create ‘Die For You.’  It’s one of those pieces to which every listener can relate, both male and female.  Speaking of which, for all the darker more emotional moments on this album, it also has one song that’s rather uplifting both musically and lyrically in ‘I Don’t Apologize (1,000 Pictures).’  The song presents the mood of someone who has overcome the more difficult emotional moments in life, and come out on top.  Patrick sings in this song, ‘No, I’m not gonna hurt anymore/I’ve already walked through that door/All of this time/Could’ve moved on/Should’ve known better than this/And I hope it hits you right between the eyes/I don’t apologize”.  Just as with the album’s opener, there is no gender identification.  It’s a song to which both the band’s male and female audiences can relate.  After the up and down nature of the previous songs, this song proves that through all the negativity and difficulty in relationships, there is still hope of breaking free and being happy.  The positive musical backing to the vocals makes the song that much more of a positive on this opus.

While the album is largely centered on personal relationships, the band includes a tribute the America’s men and women in uniform on the song, ‘Soldiers.’  Given, Otherwise isn’t the first band to ever write a tribute to America’s armed forces.  That aside, it’s still a powerful hard hitting tribute that will have arenas nation wide resounding with the chorus of  “We are the ones who will never be broken/With our final breath/We’ll fight to the death/We are soldiers, We are soldiers.”

“True Love Never Dies” isn’t the first album from Otherwise.  It is however, the band’s first major label release.  And for a major label debut, it is a solid work.  There’s no doubt that after just one listen through this record, Otherwise could easily hold its own against other mainstream heavyweights such as:  Breaking Benjamin, Cold, and Five Finger Death Punch just to name a few.  It would be no surprise if audiences across the country start hearing more of this band very soon.

Fans who want to hear more from Otherwise, and keep up with all the latest from the band can follow it online at http://www.weareotherwise.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/otherwiseofficial, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/weareotherwise, and via its official Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/otherwisetube.

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