Smith, McCalla Headline Special Thursday Edition Of FNF

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes will air a special edition of ESPN Friday Night Fights presented by Corona Extra and Noche de Combates presentado por Corona Extra this week.

ESPN Friday Night Fights presented by Corona Extra and Noche de Combates presentado por Corona Extra will air a day early on Thursday, April 30th instead of Friday, May 1st. The special edition ESPN’s weekly boxing broadcast comes only days ahead of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s hugely anticipated match. Thursday night’s broadcast of ESPN Friday Night Fights presented by Corona Extra and Noche de Combates presentado por Corona Extra will be headlined by a 10-round junior middleweight bout between former world title holder Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith (26 – 7, 12 KOs) and Cecil McCalla (20 – 1, 7 KOs). The fight will be broadcast live from the Pearl Theatre at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fans will take special note that this week’s card is promoted by Mayweather Promotions. Smith looks to rebound this week after suffering a tough 12-round unanimous decision loss to defending junior middleweight titlist Erislandy Lara in his last match. “I’m training in Las Vegas for this fight, right at home at the Mayweather Gym,” Smith said. “I’ve been sparring with some pretty good guys…I don’t know much about McCalla. After being in the game as long as I have, you just treat everybody the same – you don’t take anybody lightly. You just make sure you’re prepared.” McCalla will also be hungry for a win coming into this week’s main event having taken a split-decision loss to Chrs Van Heerden in his last match. McCalla was focused on this week’s fight and confident about his chances against Smith in an interview saying, “Ishe is a rough fighter, but nothing I haven’t seen before. I’m ready for this fight.” He added, “I’m definitely looking forward to it. It’s a good fight for me. I’m really determined to get this win. I want to shine this fight.”

Ahead of Thursday night’s main event, veteran junior welterweight fighters Ashley”Treasure” Theopane” (37 – 6 – 1, 11 KOs) and Mahonri “”Rusito” Montes (29 – 4- 1, 20 KOs) will face off in a ten-round co-event. Theopane will have the home advantage in Thursday night’s fight, hailing from Las Vegas. He won his most recent match–a ten-round fight–with a unanimous decision over Hector Zuniga. Montes also comes into this week’s fight on the heels of a win in his most recent fight–an eight-round bout–that resulted in a unanimous decision over previously undefeated Diego Cruz.

Joe Tessitore will have the call for Thursday’s fight on ESPN2. He will be joined by his long-time broadcast co-host Teddy Atlas at ringside. Todd Grisham will be on hand as well for this weekend’s huge fight. Pablo Viruega will have the call from ringside for Noche de Combates on ESPN Deportes. He will be joined at ringside by Delvin Rodriguez. Leopoldo Gonzalez and Claudia Trejos will be on site with all of the latest updates and news on the night’s card and this weekend’s fight. They will be joined by Hall of Fame boxing referee and analyst Joe Cortez for additional insight. Bernardo Osuna will have live interviews and reports for the night’s broadcast both on ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes.

Fans not near a TV for Thursday night’s broadcast of ESPN Friday Night Fights presented by Corona Extra and Noche de Combates presentado por Corona Extra can also catch all the action online via WatchESPN. Fans can score the matches themselves right from the comfort of their home via the “Live Friday Night Fights Voting App.” It can be obtained online via the ESPN Friday Night Fights Facebook page at English-speaking and Spanish-speaking fans can also get all the latest FNF news via ESPN’s official website and via Twitter at



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Bruce Lee Documentary Worth The Watch For Fans

Courtesy:  Shout! Factory

Courtesy: Shout! Factory

Shout! Factory released a little more than a year ago, a new documentary centered on martial arts legend Bruce Lee titled I Am Bruce Lee.  Lee’s career was not the longest of any star foreign or American.  But as audiences will see in this latest documentary, the short time that he spent on screen was only part of the reason that he was so revered.  He remains today one of the most influential figures in martial arts whether it be on television, in movies or in general.  That information shared through the course of the documentary’s ninety-four minute run time is one part of what makes the documentary well worth the watch for anyone that is a fan of martial arts in all of its avenues.  Also to be taken into consideration in this documentary is the editing.  Editor Tony Kent expertly assembled the different bits and pieces of the documentary in such fashion as to keep viewers completely engaged throughout the program.  The editing and information shared throughout the program are accompanied by additional footage that didn’t make the primary program.  That bonus footage of Lee’s “Backyard Training” and deeper discussions on Lee’s continued influence on the world make I Am Bruce Lee complete.  That bonus material partners with the primary program and its editing to once again make this documentary one that any of Bruce Lee’s legions of fans will appreciate.

I Am Bruce Lee is not the first documentary to focus on the legendary star of film and television.  Warner Home Video released Bruce LeeA Warrior’s Journey in 2001.  That documentary was followed up in 2009 with History Channel’s How Bruce Lee Changed The World in 2009.  The amount of time that has passed since each documentary was released means that chances are great that both are going to be very difficult to find.  That being the case, I Am Bruce Lee becomes an even more valuable piece for any martial arts enthusiast and fan of Bruce Lee.  That’s because so little time has passed since this documentary was released early last year.  The information shared throughout the course of the program is quite similar to that of both of the aforementioned documentaries. Audiences will appreciate learning that as much of a star as Lee became in his life, he apparently wasn’t always fond of his stardom.  His wife notes in her interview that he actually got to the point that he hated going out because he was followed so much.  On another note, audiences not so familiar with Lee’s life will find just as interesting how little stigma Lee and his wife experienced despite the views on inter-racial marriage at the time that they were wed.  Even more interesting to learn, is the contrast of Lee’s own view of his success versus its reality.  The comparison to Jimi Hendrix having to go to London to become famous is an excellent illustrator of what Lee ended up having to face, despite his early beliefs of how successful he would become in America.  This and so much more shared throughout the program makes for a solid foundation on which the documentary rests.

The information shared throughout the course of I Am Bruce Lee is the foundation for the success of this latest Bruce lee documentary.  Just as important to the program’s success is the editing.  Editor Tony Kent expertly and seamlessly assembled the entire feature.  The skill that Kent exhibited in this piece keeps viewers fully engaged from start to finish.  Most notable of his editing is his ability to use vintage clips from Lee’s movies to semi-playfully add to certain discussions. Such technique is not necessarily anything new for any documentary. But Kent uses the technique sparingly whereas other editors might have taken it over the top and overdone it. So for that, Kent is more than deserving of his due credit. Kent is also to be applauded for his seamless editing in terms of the discussions by the features celebrity guests on how Lee influenced them. The guests, which include some of the biggest names in MMA, acting, and even sports discuss what makes Lee so influential to this very day. They use very specific examples of what continues to make him the iconic figure that he remains today. Kent cuts directly to the vintage footage of Lee both from his film career and from personal interviews that he conducted to illustrate those discussions. His editing makes the discussion perfectly clear. Audiences will see that for themselves and more when they purchase the documentary for themselves.

The editing and overall content that collectively make up I Am Bruce Lee are both important factors in the overall success of the feature. The finishing touch to the whole thing is the additional material included as bonus features. The vintage footage of Lee’s “Backyard Training” is the best of the bonus features. It is the best of the bonus material because it completes the material shown in the main feature. Audiences get a glimpse into Lee’s own home training setup in the main feature. This bonus material expands on the glimpse given into that training. It is essentially material that likely ended up on the cutting room floor as it might have made the main feature too long in the eyes of those at the film’s helm.

The second feature, “Inspiration – Bruce Lee’s Global Impact,” is a bonus in that it expands on the snippets of the interviews used in the presentation’s main feature. As with the bonus “Backyard Training” featurette, odds are that these snippets were material that ended up on the cutting room floor for time’s sake. As audiences will see and hear for themselves in the expanded interview footage, Lee’s influence on the world today is as strong as it has ever been. It will be even stronger when audiences take in this material and everything else presented in I Am Brice Lee for themselves. Audiences will agree in watching everything included in this documentary that I Am Bruce Lee is a welcome addition to the home library of any martial arts enthusiast and Bruce Lee devotee.

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ESPN2, ESPN Deportes Re-Airing Pacquiao/Marquez Fight

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

ESPN Deportes and ESPN2 are going to re-air one of the biggest matches ever in the career of boxers Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez IV.  The six-round fight originally aired on HBO on December    8th.  It ended with Marquez defeating Pacquiao by KO in the bout’s sixth round.  Audiences that have ESPN Deportes will get a bonus with the match’s re-airing as Marquez will discuss the fight round by round with Jorge Eduardo Sanchez.  The discussions will take place between each round.  The fight, which was the third of three showdowns between the pair, was recently nominated by the Boxing Writers Association of America among its contenders for “Fight of the Year.”  The duo’s first match in 2008 was a split decision.  The second meeting ended with Pacquiao winning in 2011 by majority decision.

The third of the matches will be re-aired on ESPN Deportes tonight at 9pm and then again next Saturday night at 10pm.  The third re-airing will run on ESPN2 Friday, February 8th at 8pm.

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