Mark C. Daniel Debuts New Single, ‘Sign Za Life’

Courtesy: CowgirlZen Entertainment

Independent singer-songwriter-musician Mark C. Daniel kicked off the weekend by debuting his latest single.

Daniel debuted his new single, ‘Sign Za Life‘ (pronounced like ‘Signs of Life’) Friday. The song features an up-tempo percussion-driven arrangement. The steady time keeping and drums’ rich sound pairs with the guitar line, vocals, and bass to give the song a vintage rock and roll style and sound a la Jerry Lee Lewis. At the same time, there is also a sort of modern rock touch that exhibits influence of bands, such as The Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin.

The Led Zeppelin comparison is not accidental, either, as Daniel noted in comments about the song’s arrangement.

“This was the last song we recorded in this session and the first take of it,” said Daniel. “Mickey Curry – Drums(the Cult, Bryan Adams, Alice Cooper) felt like adding a few John Bonham-‘esque punches in the Verses. It created an interesting dynamic and added a “Zeppelin Feel.” We are all huge classic rock fans so it felt great. I let the electric energy of the live room take over which is interesting in that I actually wrote this song on an acoustic as a slow-burning Blues song. It felt like we were going to go off the rails a few times but that’s exactly what gives the song its honesty and true to form edgy feel.”

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the song’s premiere. Listening to the song, the lyrics come across as a sort of social commentary. That is of course just this critic’s interpretation.

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