Day Balances Education, Entertainment On Marsh Mud Madness

Courtesy:  Sea Grant Georgia/Sugar Mountain PR/Savannah Music Festival

Courtesy: Sea Grant Georgia/Sugar Mountain PR/Savannah Music Festival

Kids want to learn.  Adults just have to find a way to make learning enjoyable for them.  Enter children’s entertainer Roger Day.  Day found a way to make learning fun earlier this year with the release of his new live recording, Marsh Mud Madness on DVD.  Now, a CD companion to that DVD has been released.  The new CD companion to Day’s DVD is just as enjoyable for families first and foremost as it contains all of the songs that were included in the DVD.  The only difference between the CD and DVD is the sequencing.  The CD half of Day’s new live recording is just as enjoyable as the DVD especially for those parents that might not have managed to get a copy of his DVD because it could potentially be the first time said audiences are being introduced to Day’s material.  Day’s material is so interesting because it makes learning science fun through song for its intended audiences.  To be more specific, he makes learning about marine biology fun and accessible for his intended audiences.  This is something that few if any other children’s artists are currently doing.  And because so few other artists are doing what Day does—if any—it makes his material even more worth the listen by young ears.

Whether or not parents or teachers have already picked up Roger Day’s new DVD, Marsh Mud Madness, the new CD companion to that DVD is just as valuable an addition to their personal libraries.  That is first and foremost because the songs included on this new companion to Day’s CD are the same as those on the DVD.  The only difference between the two releases is that the sequencing has been altered between the release of the DVD and the CD.  Other than that, everything that was presented in the DVD recording of Day’s is present in this new CD companion to that recording.  This means that anyone that has yet to pick up or order Day’s new live DVD could be moved to do so in order to see just what they might be missing.

The songs themselves are enjoyable for young audiences because of its ability to entertain children and teach them at the same time.  Even more interesting is the fact that somehow, Mr. Day has managed to balance his songs’ educational and entertainment content.  And he did so unapologetically, too.  Right from the compilation’s opener, “Vulture Vomit”, young listeners will find themselves both laughing and singing along.  The concept of a vulture vomiting doesn’t exactly sound appetizing.  But through the song’s silly delivery, it makes more sense.  It’s also funny to sing along to the song.  Audiences will enjoy just as much, “Alligator in my Refrigerator.”  Day sings in this song about an alligator coming into a house and rummaging through a person’s fridge.  Many younger listeners might not catch it.  But there’s a certain reality to this song.  The reality of the song is it’s the starting point of a much deeper discussion on urban sprawl and its impact on wildlife.  This might not have been Day’s direct intention with this song.  But it can be argued.  If that’s a little too heavy for some, there is still plenty of more light hearted material for listeners.  Case in point: “Ghost Crab”, “The Fiddler Groove”, and “I Love To Study Mud!”  The first two songs are about two different kinds of crabs.  The title of the latter of the trio exactly explains the song’s subject matter.  And after all, what kid doesn’t enjoy playing in the mud?  It’s another example of Day entertaining and teaching all at the same time.  And it’s one more example of what makes Roger Day’s new CD so fun whether in the classroom or in the car.  It is available now and can be ordered along with its companion DVD online at  Audiences can find out more about these releases and all of Roger’s live dates at his official website.  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Roger Day’s New DVD Will Entertain Kids For Days

Courtesy:  Savannah Music Festival/Roger Day/Sea Grant Georgia

Courtesy: Savannah Music Festival/Roger Day/Sea Grant Georgia

Roger Day’s new DVD Marsh Mud Madness is a nice tool for teachers to use with their young students when teaching about biology and science classes.  The DVD is a live performance of Day and his band mates at the Savannah Music Festival at the Trustees Theater in Savanna, Georgia.  The live performance is mixed with footage of Day’s trip down to the University of Georgia’s Marine Institute on Sapelo Island.  While it is a live recording, young audiences can still learn from Day’s performance via the DVD.  Teachers are given additional resources thanks to links to study guides provided online at

The study guides provided as additional tools are a useful addition for teachers, to this recording.  The recording itself is quite successful.  Those behind the DVD’s creation did an impressive job separating the songs through the footage of Day’s time out with the University of Georgia’s Marine Institute.  Separating the songs in this fashion makes the program easy to follow.  The extra footage serves a secondary purpose here, too.  That secondary purpose is to promote conservation of the country’s marine habitats.  The thing of it is that this is not done as blatantly as it might be done by certain other performers.  It’s not as preachy in that fashion.  Of course there is a little bit of a fun moment as Day sings about the infamous scourge of the seas that was Blackbeard A.K.A. Edward Teach.

Having noted one positive aspect of this live recording, one has only one other direction to go.  That direction is in noting the performance itself.  Younger audiences will enjoy watching it and even dancing around with the audience in attendance.  Parents and teachers alike will enjoy Day’s ‘YMCA’ style sing-along in the concert’s opener, ‘I Love to Study Mud.’  It’s not the only song that gets his audiences moving, either.  Whether in the classroom or in the living room, young audiences will love to sing and dance along with the kids in attendance.  And with any luck, watching this performance will even get those same young audiences interested in learning more about the animals in our country’s marine habitats and why it’s important to protect them.

Marsh Mud Madness will be available soon.  Audiences can get more information on it and all the latest news and tour dates from Roger Day on his official website, and on his official Facebook page,

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