MLB Superstars A Good “Lead Off” For The 2013 MLB Season

Courtesy:  A&E Home Video/MLB Productions

Courtesy: A&E Home Video/MLB Productions

MLB Productions’ latest home release is a good way to start off the New Year and a new season of baseball.  MLB Superstars: Impact Players is an hour plus profile of some of Major League Baseball’s best up-and-coming players.  It’s an easy to follow feature that takes audiences around the diamond focusing on the top players from both the American and National League without the unnecessary add-ons that one might see on a television take of the program.  Though it was produced and edited much in the same vein of something one might see in the course of a pre-game show on MLB network or any network currently airing big league baseball.

Over the course of its near ninety-minute run time, audiences get profiles of young stars the likes of Prince Fielder, Joey Votto, Aroldis Champman, Stephen Strasburg, and many more.  Their pedigrees are expertly illustrated through the eyes of those closest to them and to the game, including broadcasters, fellow and former teammates, and even managers and owners.  It’s all set largely against the backdrop of the 2012 MLB All-Star Game.  The video quality is top notch as each player’s profile is highlighted by footage of both their performance at the All-Star Game and through games that each has played.  The footage was recorded and edited by Major League Baseball.  So viewers naturally get professional quality footage.  Viewers even get some more lighthearted moments as they get to hear audio of the players both before and during their games.  That coupled with the profiles of fellow players, managers, and broadcasters will entertain and enlighten baseball fans, thus keeping them engaged throughout the program’s run-time.

This new DVD’s main feature makes for a great introduction to Major League Baseball’s 2013 season.  It serves as a way to introduce viewers to baseball’s next generation of star athletes.  As an added bonus, viewers also get a brief history of the players’ walk-offs.  Also, Troy Tulowitzki, who is one of those up-and-comers, gets his own feature as does San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain.  Cain’s pitching performance in the Giants’ first ever perfect game closes out the disc’s bonus features.  That game and the footage from the disc’s other bonus features was also produced and edited by Major League Baseball.  So audiences even get in these bonuses professional quality game footage and one more way to get hyped for a new season.  Together with the disc’s main feature the bonuses and the main feature mix to make another release that is everything baseball fans have come to expect from MLB Productions.  MLB Superstars: Impact Players is available now and can be ordered online at

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New MLB DVD Is A “Perfect” Bonus For Giants, Baseball Fans In 2012

Courtesy: MLB Productions/A&E Home Video/New Video

The San Francisco Giants are headed back to the playoffs again this year.  It’s the third straight year for the Giants, who last won the MLB title in 2010.  The Giants won the MLB title against the Texas Rangers in 2010, which also will be back in the playoffs this year.  The Giants’ return trip to the playoffs isn’t the only accomplishment of which the team has to be proud this year.  Regardless of what happens with the Giants, fans and the team can look back this year and smile knowing the team also earned its first ever perfect game this year.

The Giants’ first ever perfect game came this year on June 13th at the team’s home stadium, AT&T Park.  For once, the number thirteen proved to be good luck, as the Giants would dominate the Astros 10-0 over the course of nine innings.  Both teams would end up going scoreless in the last half of the game.  But thanks to the pitching of Matt Cain and the team’s impressive fielding work, all the Giants would need would be the first five innings.  Melky Cabrera would strike first in the bottom of the first inning with a home run that would bring in both himself and team mate Ryan Theriot.  Theriot had just gotten on base after a ground ball single to left field.  Cabrera’s homer sealed the inning for the Giants.

Things only got better for the Giants in the bottom of the second inning as Brandon Belt would also score a two run homer.  Belt’s homer also brought in Pablo Sandoval after Sandoval led the bottom of the inning with a fly ball single to Right Field.  Joaquin Arias came up to bat next, knocking out a fly ball deep to center field for a double.  Ground outs by Cain and fellow team mate Gregor Blanco would allow Arias to bring in run number three for the Bay area boys.

The Giants would be relentless as they headed into the bottom of the third with two more runs.  One Melky Cabrera would score one of the runs after a line drive single to Center Field by Sandoval off of Astros pitcher J.A. Happ.  Sandoval’s hit also sent catcher Buster Posey to third. Posey had originally hit a double on a deep line drive down the Left Field line.  Posey went on to score after a ground ball single to Right Field by Belt.  Both Belt and Sandoval were left stranded after both Cain and Blanco struck out. 

While Cain struck out, he kept showing his skills on the mound, keeping the Astros at bay for yet another inning in the fourth.  That would allow the Giants to open the team’s already seven run lead again with one more run by Ryan Theriot.  Theriot got on base with a line drive single to Center Field off of the Astros’ J.A. Happ.  Buster Posey’s line drive single to Center Field sent Theriot to third.  That, followed by Angel Pagan taking a walk to first, and a hit by Sandoval allowed Theriot to score and open the Giants’ lead to 8-0. 

The Giants followed up that run with what would be the last two of the game in the fifth off the pitching of the Astros’ Rhiner Cruz.  Matt Cain finally got on base with a ground ball single to Left Field.  Gregor Blanco followed Cain’s hit with a two-run home run to seal the inning.  Those two runs would be the only ones for the Giants.  But they would be enough to seal the game for the Giants.  The Astros’ defensive unit finally came to life in the sixth, holding the Giants scoreless from there on.  But after having scored ten runs in five innings, that defense proved to be too little too late.  The Giants went on to win on both its batting lineup and Cain’s pitching.  The team hit a total of fifteen hits and ten runs.  Now whether one is a Giants fan or a fan of the country’s greatest game in general, fans can re-live this greatest game any time as it’s now available on DVD.  It can be ordered direct via MLB Productions’ website,

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