Jared James Nichols Talks Touring, Making Music, More In New Interview With Phil’s Picks

Courtesy: Black Hill Records

Up-and-coming guitarist Jared James Nichols headed out on the road last week with fellow guitarist John 5 as part of John 5’s new headlining tour. Nichols’ dates in support of John 5 are in support of his new, forthcoming EP, Shadow Dancer, which is scheduled for release Sept. 17 through Black Hill Records. Nichols was nice enough to take some time out of his already busy schedule to talk with Phil’s Picks about that record, his future music plans, touring, and being recently named a Gibson Brand Ambassador. Nichols’ interview with Phil’s Picks is featured below to enjoy.

PP: This year has proven to be pretty busy for you.  You’ve been named a Gibson brand ambassador, you’ve got a new EP on the way, which has already produced two singles and companion videos, and you’re touring with a guitarist in John 5 who is very well-known to say the very least.  How are you handling it all?  It’s got to be pretty overwhelming.

JJN: Absolutely! I feel so grateful and honored to be having such a monumental year. These are serious dreams come true, to be honest, I never dreamed this far! Earning a title as a Gibson brand ambassador is easily one of the coolest things that I have ever accomplished. And to be back on the road? Amazing! The fact that I’m releasing new music as well is the complete icing on the cake! We still have quite a bit of time left in the year to keep on making moves.

PP: Touching on your forthcoming EP, Shadow Dancer, which is scheduled for release Sept. 17 through Black Hill Records, it is your third EP, if my recollection is right.  You released Old Glory and the Wild Revival in 2013 (which I had the honor of reviewing), Highwayman in, I believe 2016, and now you have this one coming out next month.  What specifically to you sets your new EP apart from its predecessors in terms of its musical and lyrical content?  Where do you think it stands overall in comparison to those records?

JJN: I know that it is very cliché to say this upcoming release is so much more than anything else. But, this record encapsulates everything I have been striving to achieve in my recorded music! This EP is set apart not only by the prowess which it was recorded but also the thought and motivation that went behind it. We recorded live in a room together! We recorded to tape! No computers, no editing, just real music. We wanted these recordings to serve as a menu for our upcoming live shows. What you hear recorded, is what you get live! In terms of lyrical context, I dug deep. I tried to expose the feelings and thoughts that I have been having the past 17 months of being off the road. Simply put, this EP encapsulates who I am and where I am going to musically.

PP: Changing gears to your live schedule, you, again, are set to tour alongside John 5 this summer.  Knowing Mr. Lowery’s pedigree, what was the first thing that went through your mind when you learned that you had been tapped to join him for his latest tour?

JJN: I better practice! John is such an amazing guitarist, musician, and songwriter. I feel honored to be on the bill with John. When we met, I realized aside from being an incredible artist, John is a sweetheart of a guy. I’m so lucky to be able to travel playing music with so many heroes and flat out legends, including John!

PP: What are your thoughts on getting out in front of audiences again, now that live music is back?  Additionally, there have been a lot of reports of the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading.  Are there any concerns by you, John 5, or anyone else as to the possibility of live music getting shut down again as a result of this?  If that happened (god forbid), what kind of impact do you think it would have on live music and the economy in whole?

JJN: I can express from everyone on this tour that we want to be as safe as possible! With that being said, we are all so excited to be back out playing music in front of live audiences again. To be honest, this has been the biggest thing missing in my life, playing live shows. We can only do as much as we can when it comes to seeing the future. Every day we wake up and assess the reality of our current situation. Day by day, we will do our best to rock ‘n’ roll. If we end up getting sent back home due to health concerns, then that is what it is. Health and safety first over everything!

PP: Along with touring with John 5, you are also scheduled to perform at Metal in the Mountains this year.  For audiences who might not already know, the festival was canceled last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  What was your initial reaction at learning that you had been tapped for the festival this year?

JJN: Thrilled! We can’t wait to go and rock at the festival. It’s always super fun being on the road and being able to experience all different types of gigs. Whether that’s clubs, theaters, festivals, or anything in between! I think that we will bring our own unique Brand of bluespower to the bill.

PP: The MITM festival is going to have a wide array of act on the bill this year.  From the hard rock of Soulfly, to your bluesy southern rock-tinged sounds, to the nu-metal of hed (p.e.) and others, there is a lot for audiences to enjoy.  What does it mean to you to be among that extensive range of bands scheduled for the festival?

JJN: It’s so awesome. It’s honestly what I love about music, being surrounded by all different genres and we all complement each other. I’m so grateful that the style that we play can fit in with so many different acts. It’s always really fun for an audience to get so much variation at a festival, so I truly believe this will be a special one!

PP: Which band(s) are you most looking forward to see at Metal in the Mountains this year?  Are there any that, again looking at the scheduled, that you would really like to tour and/or record with?

JJN: All of them! A ton of bands that I love and respect. Also a ton of bands I’ve never seen live, it’s going to be awesome! There are so many bands I would love to tour or record with. Rival Sons, blackberry smoke, gov’t Mule, the list goes on and on! I’m truly looking forward to the future and sharing the bill and recording with a ton of different influences that I have.

PP: Staying on the topic of playing live, what has been the response among audiences to your music?  Have you been able to gauge maybe “x” or “y” song is getting more response than “a,” “b” or “c”?  

JJN: Totally! I always try and read the room. Every show it’s a little different, sometimes we really want to hit the audience over the head right away and not let up until the end. Other times we want to slow it down or maybe get funky. I can say with absolute certain tea that our new songs are really connecting with audiences. Whether it is Bad Roots or Skin ‘N Bone, they are connecting.

PP: Looking at your social media channels, your established audiences are offering a lot of support for your upcoming live dates, all included.  What does that support mean to you as an artist who is technically still considered up and coming?

JJN: It means everything. My biggest goal is to play for as many people as possible and to share my music across the world. The true reality is the engagement and interaction with fans. Especially online, it means so much! Also, when I see all of the connection happening, it gets me pumped up! I feel very grateful and honored to have people excited about what I do. I’m just so excited to be able to be out and play in person for them.

PP: Changing gears a little bit, what exactly does being a “brand ambassador” entail?  You obviously are playing Gibson guitars, but what else if anything does that entail if anything?

JJN: If anything, it signifies and solidifies my relationship with Gibson. It means there will be more guitars coming, more development and partnership with the brand. For me, it’s home. It signifies that my relationship with Gibson is more than just a name on the headstock, it embodies a massive piece of who I am as a guitarist.

PP: One last question to round everything out.  Thank you again, by the way, for your time.  We’ve already pointed out here that your coming EP has produced two singles.  What are your personal favorite songs from Shadow Dancer and why?  Additionally, do you think audiences will see a full-length album from you in the near future, considering you will have released three EPs as of next month.  

JJN: Absolutely, expect an album. I have a lot of things up my sleeve for the near upcoming future. Get ready for that. As far as my favorite songs of the EP, it’s hard to pick! There are special elements in each song that make me love them. Different emotions, energy, soulful intensity in each track. That might be the hardest question!

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CO-OP Talks Touring, Music, Future Plans In New Interview With Phil’s Picks

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group
CO-OP band members Dash Cooper and Jeremy Tabor took some time recently to talk with Phil’s Picks about its current tour and singles, as well as its musical future.

Independent hard rock band CO-OP is out on the road in the middle of a very busy tour schedule. That schedule includes joining Sunflower Dead, The Lonely Ones, and others on their tours. It also includes a performance, coming up at this year’s Metal in the Mountains festival. Amid everything that the band is doing, guitarist Jeremy Tabor and front man Dash Cooper (yes, the son of the legendary front man Alice Cooper) took some time to talk with Phil’s Picks about its tour. The guys also took on topics, such as the band’s new music and its coming material, as well as balancing everything that it has going on right now. The guys’ talk with Phil’s Picks is featured here.

PP: CO-OP has been really busy this year.  Between new singles and new tour dates, you all are keeping active to say the least.  Between live dates with Smile Empty Soul, Sunflower Dead and The Lonely Ones, and a number of festival shows, including the hugely anticipated Metal in the Mountains, you guys really have and have had a lot on your plates this year.  You’ve even released two new singles and videos.  So how have you managed to balance everything?  It can’t begin to be easy, especially on the live side of things.

 CO: It’s all about the balancing act isn’t it? We’ve all learned that staying flexible is so important, things can (and usually do) change in an instant and how you react to that change has such an impact on your success. Like everyone else, we had a bunch of shows cancel over the past 18 months, so we utilized that time to write and record some new material and tinker with the live show. We’re just trying to roll with the punches and keep busy! 

PP: Speaking of the tour with The Lonely Ones and Sunflower Dead, I recently had the honor to interview The Lonely Ones front man Marty McCoy, and he spoke highly of CO-OP (and Sunflower Dead), noting that between word of mouth and research by the band, he felt you all (both bands) are “the type of bands we want to tour with.”  Receiving such praise, what goes through your mind?

CO: Oh wow, that’s so kind of him! Those guys are so awesome, and we’re so grateful to get a chance to do some shows together. Playing with bands like Sunflower Dead and The Lonely Ones and other bands of that high caliber, we just do our best to step it up and give everyone a great show. 

PP: Staying on that topic, when did you first learn that you had been tapped to join The Lonely Ones for its upcoming tour?  What was the first thing that went through your head when you were notified that you had been tapped to join the tour?

CO: We’re legitimate fans of those guys so we’ve been hounding our booking agent for months to get us together with them for some shows, and then when we were putting together this tour run the stars finally aligned and we were able to make it work.

PP: One of the stops on The Lonely Ones’ tour is close to me at Hooligans in Jacksonville, NC.  Have you all ever performed at Hooligans or other venues in North Carolina?  Which venue(s) are you really looking forward to playing on the tour with The Lonely Ones and Sunflower Dead?

CO: We played in North Carolina a couple of years ago, on a tour with our good friends Smile Empty Soul, I can’t remember for the life of me what the name of the venue was but I do remember the incredible BBQ we had! Hooligans is well known among touring musicians as an awesome venue so we’re excited to check it out! There are so many good shows on that tour it’s hard to pick one! I know the Newport in Columbus will be a packed show. 

PP: There have been lots of reports in recent weeks about the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant.  What with COVID shutting down live music for such a long time through most of last year and even part of this year (and even forcing many shows to push back to 2022), are there any concerns among you all about the potential of your tours getting delayed or even worse?

CO: It’s such an unprecedented and unpredictable time we’re in, we’ve been trying to just focus on the immediate and tackle everything else as it comes. We’re excited to be back out here now playing shows again, but if that changes for some reason in the future we know we can adapt in whatever way we need to. 

PP: Switching gears for a moment, as already noted, CO-OP has released two new singles this year.  Each song is really enjoyable.  Lets start with your cover of Buffalo Springfield’s timeless song, ‘For What It’s Worth.’  The band’s take on the song is unique to say the least.  I like the contrast in energy in the verses and choruses.  I think it does well to help translate the song’s emotion.  How did you come to the decision on that arrangement and how long did it take to settle on that arrangement?

CO: We thought that it seemed like a very relevant song to try and bring into a modern context. It seemed like the anxiety and uncertainty that was expressed in the original was still as powerful today. Building from that, we thought that intensifying the tension between the verses and choruses would highlight those feelings. When we went into the studio we had a general roadmap of what we wanted, but it was definitely a process that went through a lot of revision before we found what we were looking for. 

PP: Staying on that cover, what was the inspiration to take on that song?  It’s one that has been covered so many times by other acts.

CO: I think it was Cory’s (our drummer) idea actually to try it. He did some investigating and realized even though so many people had covered it they always stayed pretty true to the original. He always comes to us with these crazy cool cover ideas, but with a twist, so this one just felt like it was something we could run with and make a lot of fun.

PP: Moving on to your other recent song, ‘Lie To Me,’ it really is a good modern rock type work.  Talk to me if you will about that song.  What is the inspiration behind that one?  The guitars, drums, and bass are so heavy and rich in this song.  I’m going to sound dumb here, I know, but I’ll say it.  The choruses….those gritty vocals, I can’t help but think of Chad Gray (Hellyeah, Mudvayne).  Was that an intentional approach?  Just talk to me about the song in general.

CO: ‘Lie to Me’ was the first song we started working on after the last album release, and we really wanted to build off that energy. We had been talking about early 2000s rock bands, and the awesome grooves those songs had and wanted something that was a little but of a callback to that. Dash gets a lot of comparisons to Chad actually, he takes it as a huge compliment! They have a really similar range and Dash’s voice naturally just has that rasp and grit to it. 

PP:  Getting back on the matter of CO-OP playing live, you all are scheduled to perform at Metal in the Mountains this year.  Now we all know it was cancelled last year due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  So when did you find out that you had been tapped to play the festival and what went through your mind when you found out, because you’re going to be in some pretty well-known company at the festival (E.g. Soulfly, A Killer’s Confession, Butcher Babies, and The Lonely Ones just to name a handful).  What does it mean to you all to be among so many established and up-and-coming acts at such a respected festival?

CO: I think we booked Metal in the Mountains pretty early on actually, we wanted to hit as many festivals as we could this summer after all the cancellations last year. We’re always honored anytime we get to play with such incredible bands, and especially so many bands we’re huge fans of! We work really hard to get our music out to people so it means everything to us to have opportunities like this to do just that.

PP: Now you all are scheduled to perform on the last day of Metal in the Mountains.  That means that you’ll have time to check out other bands in the meantime.  That time provided, what bands are you looking forward to seeing perform?

CO: Unfortunately Metal in the Mountains falls right in the middle of a back to back schedule for us, so we won’t be able to check out the other days, but I know we’re getting there early on the day we play and plan on watching all the bands! We’ll be at the merch table all day hanging out and enjoying some awesome music! 

PP:  Just one more question for you guys.  Unless I’m missing anything, the last album that CO-OP released was its self-titled album in 2018.  So can you offer my readers and your fans any update on a new album?  As noted, you guys have two singles out already.  I imagine you’ve had time between all your live shows to write even more.  So what can audiences expect from you all in that avenue? 

CO: We have a 5 song EP coming in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that, and we have about 25 more songs to put the final touches on. But we’re always writing more. The idea is to release a new batch of 5 songs every 3 or 4 months and then maybe a full length. So expect lots and lots of new music coming! 

More information on CO-OP’s tour and music is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:

Website: https://co-op.band

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/co-opband

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Sunflower Dead Premieres New Single, Video

Courtesy: New Ocean Media

Sunflower Dead debuted its latest single and the song’s companion video this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘The Underneath‘ and its “visualizer” Friday. The song is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming album, March of the Leper, which is scheduled for release in early 2022. An exact release date is under consideration. Pre-orders are open.

March of the Leper will release through a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below.

1. Signed CD

2. Signed Vinyl

3. Signed Limited Edition Cassette

4. Signed CD/T-Shirt Bundle

5. Signed Vinyl/T-shirt Bundle

6. Signed Cassette/T-Shirt Bundle

7. Everything Bundle

The musical arrangement featured in ‘The Underneath’ is a heavy, aggro-metal type composition. The thick crunch of the guitars and the richness of the bass and drums pairs with the gritty vocal delivery to give the song in whole a sound and stylistic approach that will appeal widely to hard rock and metal fans.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the debut of the new song and its visualizer. However, the visualizer’s imagery — a cloaked zombie type figure caught in the middle of a group of screaming, “normal” individuals and a close listen to the song infers that this is one of those familiar songs that addresses feelings of being a social outcast because of society’s norms. That is just this critic’s interpretation and should not be taken as the only inference.

In other news, Sunflower Dead has planned an extensive summer tour run, including a run alongside CO-OP as support for The Lonely Ones on its upcoming tour, and even a performance at this year’s Metal in the Mountains festival. The band’s tour schedule is noted below.

August/September Tour Dates:

8/13 Salt Lake City, UT – The Royal *

8/14 CO Springs, CO – Sunshine Studios* 

8/15 Denver, CO – Herman’s Hideaway *

8/17 St. Joseph, MO – Cafe Acoustic *

8/19 Indianapolis, IN – Hi-Fi +

8/20 Battle Creek, MI – Music Factory +

8/21 Keokuk, IA – L-Treyns +

8/22 Mishawaka, IN – Smokestack Brew +

8/25 Columbia, MO – Rose Music Hall ^

8/26 Joliet, IL – The Forge ^

8/27 Marietta, OH – The Adelphia +

8/28 Columbus, OH – Newport Music +

8/29 Pipestem, WV – MITM Festival

8/31 Louisville, KY – Diamond Pub +

9/1 Charleston, WV – Sam’s Uptown ~

9/3 Huntington, WV – V Club + 

9/4 Akron, OH – Empire +

9/7 Iowa City, IA – Wildwood Saloon +

9/8 Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s +

9/9 Sioux Falls, SD – Bigs Bar +

9/10 Janesville, WI – Back Bar +

9/11 Chippewa Falls, WI – Joels 4Corners +

9/12 Braidwood, IL – Top Fuel Saloon +

9/14 Omaha, NE – Reverb Lounge *

9/16 Lubbock, TX – Jake’s Backroom =

9/17 OKC, OK – Whiskey Nights =

9/18 Katy, TX – Wildcatter Saloon =

9/19 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey =

   * SFD Only

   + The Lonely Ones & SFD

   ^ Sons Of Texas & SFD

   ~ SFD & Co-Op

   = Otherwise & SFD

More information on Sunflower Dead’s new single, video, album and tour is available online now along with the band’s latest news at:




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Dereak Messer Talks Touring, Making Music, The State Of Rock In New Interview

Courtesy: Messer

Independent rock band Messer is out on tour now. The band’s tour comes on the heels of its latest album, Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix. The band’s tour includes a performance later this month at one of the year’s biggest hard rock festivals, Metal in the Mountains. Front man Dereak Messer took some time to talk with Phil’s Picks about the band’s tour and his view on making music, build fan bases and more. Maddox’s whole interview is featured here.

PP: I know you’ve probably been asked this a lot, but right off the bat, how does it feel to know you’re going to be getting back out in front of audiences again, after such a long time away from the stage? 

DM: It feels amazing! We love performing for our fans and that long break made us appreciate those moments with our fans even more. 

PP: There are a lot of reports about the spread of COVID-19’s Delta variant.  There were even reports this week about concerns about Lollapalooza being a “superspreader” event.  So considering that are there any concerns in the backs of your minds about the possibility of live music being shut down again?

DM: Unfortunately yes. It’s scary as a touring band to even think it could happen again with so many venues being closed permanently after the first lockdown and the amount of people who lost their jobs. 

PP: The last record that you all released was, for all intents and purposes, more one big re-mix record more than an album in the traditional sense.  It was still very impressive in its own right.  So what can you tell your fans about work on the band’s next record.  I know you’re already out on tour.  So is there any writing going on between shows?  

DM: Yes. We actually have a new single already recorded. We are looking at an early October release for it, as well as a music video. As far as a full length album, I’m not sure we will do one of those for a while. With the life span of an album in the radio world you can only get maybe 3 singles before that album is considered old and they want something new. So then you are left with 7+ songs that could potentially never see the light of day.

PP: Speaking of touring, you are scheduled to perform at Metal in the Mountains this year.  What was your first thought when you received word that you had been booked for the festival?  It is going to put you all among some well-known company and plenty of other up-and-coming acts.  What does it mean to you all to be featured alongside such a conglomerate?  

DM: We were very excited to be chosen for this one! We played up there in West Virginia before for Octoberfest and met a ton of cool people and gained a lot of fans that still keep up with us. So to get the opportunity to go back up for this monstrous festival is a huge honor and we are stoked to share the stage with all these killer bands! 

PP: Speaking of the festival’s lineup, which band(s) are you looking forward to seeing when you’re not on the stage?  I know you guys recently played alongside Pop Evil at another date.  They are one of my favorite bands, personally.  Given they aren’t on the bill for MITM, but again, who would you really like to see? 

DM: I’m really looking forward to seeing “A Killer’s Confession”. We toured with them before with Nonpoint. Also, Sunflower Dead. We toured with them when we were main support for Scott Stapp. But we are all super pumped for John 5 and Attila! And possibly finding a new favorite band out of all the other ones playing that we’ve never heard of.  We have toured with Pop Evil a bunch. We just hung out with them in Dallas at show. We always have a lot of fun with them. Leigh always gets me up on stage with him to sing and has always been so down to earth and willing to pass on his experience. So definitely one of our favorite bands as well! 

PP: Staying on that topic, looking again at the acts at this year’s Metal in the Mountains schedule, are there any that you would personally like to tour with that you haven’t yet? 

DM: Well we haven’t toured with Soulfly or Sons of Texas. I think those could be some fun tours. We just like to tour with bands that don’t have big egos and who do their best to make it a fun tour. 

PP: Knowing that Metal in the Mountains is going to be one of the biggest shows that Messer has played to date, does it add any pressure to the band?  It leads at least me to feel like people are really starting to take notice of the band, which means you all really are getting the exposure that you deserve and will likely keep seeing that upward trend continue. 

DM: Actually I think we are all pretty comfortable on those bigger shows. Sometimes the smaller shows seem to add a bit more pressure because they are real intimate and you tend to feed off the energy of those large crowds. But our motto has always been, “5 or 5000 they are still getting the same show.” But we do feel that upward momentum and will always promise to give everything we have at every show. Large or small! 

PP: Have you started finalizing your set list for Metal in the Mountains?  Which songs have you found generally get the best response from audiences in a live settings?  Are there any songs that you haven’t tested out yet that you might test at the festival? 

DM: We have been looking at the set. We try to start hard and build from there with our style of passion and music. Each one of our songs has its own emotion behind it and that keeps our set growing until the end. We typically start with our current single “Everything Beautiful” which wastes no time getting you moving from the beginning riff. “Throw it Away” and “ Simple Man “ always get the crowd moving too. But to be honest our “softer” song Lay Down Your Heart always pulls on the heart strings of the crowd if I’ve done my job right. We also  get the crowd jumping with Fight of My Life. So you don’t want to miss a song lol We may add our new upcoming single. So you’ll have to wait and see that night. 

PP: Changing gears some for a moment, independent bands like Messer have relied a lot on word of mouth, live shows, and of course online attention.  To that end, what is your thought on the growing trend of digital streaming as a means of music distribution versus getting physical media in people’s hands.  Have you seen more coverage through digital or physical means? 

DM: Well we definitely have a lot of loyal fans that stream and come to live shows and buy our physical vinyl album. But cd’s are a thing of the past so you really have to rely on streams and we have been blessed that our fans have done that for us. But physical merch sales are extremely important for touring bands. So we have to constantly be reinventing our merch and trying to come up with fresh ideas and find the next great thing to put our name on. 

PP: Getting back on topic and closing things up, (thank you again for the time), you guys are, again, among some good company at Metal in the Mountains.  There are those out there who have said for years that rock is dead.  I continue to disagree with that statement from so many naysayers.  Looking at all the talented bands that you will be among at Metal in the Mountains, what do you think is the state of rock (and even hard rock and metal) today?

DM: Well for those who say Rock is Dead, haven’t been to a rock show lately. Rock music fans are some of the most loyal and down to earth fans. They aren’t buying into the corporate pop world where they are force fed the song of the week that had 15 producer and writers. I believe rock music still brings out the everyday man and woman that work hard and appreciate great music still and enjoy going to shows and experiencing it with other metal heads. Long live Rock n Roll! 

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Ra Announces New Live Dates

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Ra announced a new string of live dates this week.

The band announced Wednesday it will launch “The Intercorrupted Tour” Aug. 20 in Madison, WI. The tour, which is scheduled to run through Aug. 29 in Louisville, KY, is in support of the band’s latest album, Intercorrupted, which was released March 19 through Wake Up! Music. The label is also home to A Killer’s Confession.

Awake At Last, who recently premiered its new single, ‘Armageddon‘ and its lyric video,’ will serve as support alongside Reddstar for the majority of the tour. The Lonely Ones, September Mourning, and Sunflower Dead will share time on stage at Ra’s Aug. 27 show in Marietta, GA, while September Mourning will serve as support on the Aug. 29 show. The band’s Aug. 28 concert is at the Metal in the Mountains concert festival in Pipestem, WV.

More information on Ra’s new tour is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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