Rock Super Group The Lucid Announces New Album Details; Premieres Album’s Lead Single

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Members of Sponge, Fear Factory, and an ex-member of Megadeth have joined to make a new super group.

Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge), Mike Heller (Fear Factory) and David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) have joined with guitarist Drew Fortier (Bango Tango, David Ellefson, Zen From Mars) to form the new rock super group, The Lucid. The group is scheduled to release its self-titled debut album Oct. 15 through SpoilerHead Records.

Ellefson said in a prepared statement, he was looking forward to the album’s release.

“It’s been a real blast making a record with these guys and I must say that it’s refreshing to explore some new musical avenues….to step out a bit from what each of us have done stylistically in our own careers,” he said. “There was an effortless synergy that came with creating these songs together which is always amazing when working with new people. I’m looking forward to everyone checking it out!”

Pre-orders are open now. The album’s track listing is noted below.

The Lucid will feature the following track listing:

1.Maggot Wind
2.Deaths of Despair
3.Spoiler Head
7.Breech Boy
8.Pigs and Sons
9.Parade of Spit

In anticipation of the album’s release, the band premiered the record’s lead single, ‘Maggot Wind’ Wednesday. The song’s title conjures thoughts of something heavy and intense, but ironically, the song’s musical arrangement is anything but. Rather, it lends itself more to comparison to works from the likes of Alter Bridge. Just as interesting is that even with that in mind, the sound of Dombroski’s voice as he sings is comparable to that of the late great Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver front man Scott Weiland.

No information was provided about the lyrical theme featured in ‘Maggot Wind’ in the press release announcing the band’s formation, album details, and single debut. However, in looking at the lyrics provided with the song, it would seem that the song’s lyrical theme is a commentary of sorts about the state of the world. That is just this critic’s own interpretation.

In other news, Ellefson and Fortier are scheduled to appear together at a trio of dates this fall to support their new horror film, Dwellers. The movie is scheduled for release on Blu-ray and digital streaming services Oct. 12. It is available to pre-order through various limited edition bundles here.

Ellefson and Fortier’s scheduled appearances are noted below.

Crypticon, Minneapolis, MN – Sept. 10-12
Dead Conventions, Fort Wayne, IN – Oct 15-17
Chiller Theater, Parsippany, NJ – Oct 29-31

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Fear Factory adds one more to the list of 2012’s best metal albums

Static-X, Rammstein, and Spineshank are all some of the bigger names in today’s world of industrial metal.  But if not for Fear Factory, none of those bands–or any other for that matter–likely would have become as famous as they are.  Fear Factory broke industrial metal through as an acceptable standard with the release of its 1992 debut album, “Soul of a New Machine.”  The band built a worldwide fan base from there on, with albums centered on stories of man versus machine.  Now two decades later, Fear Factory continues to pave the way as a leader in both the industrial metal community and the metal community as a whole despite both changes in labels and band members.  Fans will hear that loud and clear on June 5th with the release of the band’s eighth album, “The Industrialist.”

“The Industrialist” is one of Fear Factory’s best album’s to date.  Just as the band’s previous release, “Mechanize” has been compared to “Soul of a New Machine”, “The Industrialist” is easily compared to another of the band’s mega hit albums, “Demanufacture.”  The two albums are very similar both musically and lyrically.  While it doesn’t go the exact same route of man vs. machine, “The Industrialist” does take the route of man using machine to destroy himself and wipe himself off the face of the Earth.  Fans who pick up the special expanded edition of the album will get the full story written by frontman Burton C. Bell in a companion booklet.  The band’s website, also offers a trailer that explains the premise behind the album’s story.  It’s all the more motivation to pick up the expanded edition and get the entire story behind the album.

Musically, the album is just as crushing not only as “Demanufacture”, but as anything that Fear Factory has written.  The album’s opener sets the tone for what’s to come with its title track.  It’s clearly old school Fear Factory.  From the guitars to the bullet sharp work of new drummer Mike Heller, this track alone will bring out fond feelings of nostalgia among all Fear Factory fans.  As precise as his drumming is here–and throughout the album–one wouldn’t even know that Raymond Herrera wasn’t the man behind the kit.  Another of those moments comes in ‘Depraved Mind Murder.’  Heller’s work on the drums is just as tight on this song.  Of course, he isn’t the only one who impresses.  Vocalist Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares have seemingly mended their fences.  And the pair are a force to be reckoned with.  Bells vocals are as strong as ever on ‘Recharger’ and ‘Depraved Mind Murder.’ 

“The Industrialist” is a top notch album from Fear Factory.  The entire band works like…well…a well oiled machine (yes that’s a bad pun).  However, as great as the band works together, the people behind the glass played a hand in the album’s creation, too.  Back on board again is long time producer Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly).  Fulber has had his hand on nearly every one of Fear Factory’s records.  That familiarity with the band obviously played a major role in how impressive “The Industrialist” turned out.  Greg Reely (Paradise Lost, Machine Head) mixed the album.  The combination of two such accomplished individuals made for quite the expectations from this album.  And the album more than lived up to said expectations.  Add in the album artwork of Anthony Clarkson (Devin Townsend), and long time fans of Fear Factory will have on June 5th, what is some of Fear factory’s best work to date.

The band is currently on tour in support of its upcoming tour, alongside Shadows Fall on the “Noise in The Machine” tour.  It will be in Winston-Salem tonight at Ziggy’s.  Fans can keep up with the band’s full tour itinerary and more on the band’s website,, its Facebook page,, and on its Twitter page,