Liorti’s New LP “Real” good For Pop Punk, Emo Fans

Courtesy:  Drive Records

Courtesy: Drive Records

Canadian rocker Mike Liorti (A.K.A. ROSEDALE) is beginning to make quite the name for himself.  Anyone who has seen Disney’s recent tween special, Radio Rebel, might recognize him.  Liorti has also been getting his name out there via time on the Vans Warped Tour and others.  And there has been coverage from outlets such as, MTV2, XM Radio and many other outlets.  Now Liorti’s star may be rising even more with the release of his new album, Real.

Real is an eleven track piece of pop rock and emo that will easily appeal to its target audiences.  It has all of the requisite hooks and choruses along with relatable lyrical content to keep its listeners’ attention.  The first real noticeable song from Real is the album’s third track, ‘Past Times.’  In this song, Liorti sings, “Do what you must/But I must confess/I won’t stand to give up on this/Though it’s got so bad.”  Much like many of the other songs on this LP, ‘Past Times’ is a song centered on relationship issues.  Earlier in the song, he writes, “And these words are weapons/And I’m pulling the pin now/So just say the word/And it’s all over.”  Keeping that line in mind along with the latter of the two lines, ‘Past Times’ comes across as a song about someone having relationship issues.  Yet as the prior of the lines hints, Liorti’s figure in this song isn’t about to simply give up.  He says, “I won’t give up on this.”  His figure here wants to try and make things work.  That alongside the musical backing helps to illustrate that emotion of someone trying to get through one of the difficult times in any relationship.  It’s one of those pieces that Liorti’s audiences will enjoy and appreciate for its overall effect.

While ‘Past Times’ will catch audiences with its upbeat sound and relatable lyrics, Liorti offers a song that is the exact antithesis of said song in the form of ‘Eldorado Park’ later on in the song list of his new album.  The gentle piano backing Liorti’s story of two people coming back together after being apart for so long.  Again, it’s hinted that the separation in question is the result of a relationship issue.  But the combination of the music and lyrics surprisingly makes it come across as something that could easily find its way onto the soundtrack of a rom-com or even romantic drama.

By direct contrast from the relationship based songs throughout this record, Liorti does offer listeners something with a little more meat to it in the form of ‘Be All & End All.’  He directly names an individual named Steve in this song.  Apparently the individual in question had to have had quite the impression on him as he sings, “Hey two faced/You can talk the talk/But you’re running too soon/Before you can walk a little slower/Cause you’re one day short/One long day short of living.”  He goes on in similar fashion throughout the song with equally strong musical backing that helps to illustrate once more, the emotion of the lyrics.  It’s one more piece that again, Liorti’s intended audiences will appreciate given its intensity.  Of course there are other songs on this record that his audiences will appreciate just as much. 

Audiences can check out more music and get all the latest news and tour dates from Liorti’s ROSEDALE project online at,, and  Liorti’s North Carolina fans will get more chances this month to hear his music live as he will be making a stop in Greenville, North Carolina on Monday, December 17th at the Tipsy Teapot.  He will follow that up the following week with a performance at Glenwood Coffee and Books in Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday, December 22nd

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