Band Lineup Announced For Bamboozle Festival

Courtesy: Adrenaline PR

The Bamboozle Festival will return again this year and the annual festival will see the likes of Limp Bizkit, Motionless in White, and Papa Roach among the many acts on the bill.

This year’s festival is scheduled to take place May 5-7 at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ. Tickets are available now here. Along with the already noted bands, a multitude of others, such as Cane Hill, Say Anything, and Mayday Parade are scheduled as part of the festival’s lineup.

More information on the 20th annual Bamboozle Festival is available at:




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Black Veil Brides’ New EP Will Leave Audiences Anything But “Mourning”

Courtesy: Sumerian Records

Late last month, Black Veil Brides released its new EP, The Mourning through Sumerian Records.  The four-song record’s release came Oct. 21, roughly a year after the release of the band’s then latest album, The Phantom Tomorrow, which was a musical and stylistic turning point for the band.  The band continued that change with this, its ninth studio recording and third EP.  The band is currently on the road with Ice Nine Kills and Motionless in White as part of the Trinity of Terror tour in support of the record, whose musical and lyrical content clearly shows that continued change of sound and style.  ‘Better Angels,’ which closes the EP, is one of the most notable of the record’s entries.  It will be discussed shortly.  On the exact other end of the record is its opener, ‘Devil,’ which will be examined a little later.  ‘Saviour II’ is yet another standout addition to the EP and will also be examined later.  When it is considered alongside the other songs noted here and with the EP’s one remaining song, ‘The Revival,’ the whole makes The Mourning easily one of the year’s top new EPs.

The Mourning, the third new EP from Black Veil Brides (and the band’s ninth new studio recording), is a strong new offering from the band. That is proven through its musical and lyrical content alike.  The record’s finale, ‘Better Angels’ is just one of the songs that makes that clear.  The melodic hard rock approach that the band takes in the song’s musical arrangement makes the song just as accessible as works from so many other similar bands, mainstream and independent.  Comparisons can be made to works from the likes of Awake At Last, Saint Asonia, and Bullet for my Valentine.  This is not to say that BVB has not composed some melodic hard rock songs throughout its history, but comparing much of its early catalog to a work, such as this song, the difference is clear, and it makes the song here just as accessible as works from the noted bands and so many others.

The arrangement featured here actually works well with the song’s lyrical theme.  That is because the song’s theme seems to come from the vantage overcoming one’s mental health struggles, to a point.  This is inferred in the song’s lead verse and chorus, which state collectively, “I feel the hope turn into comfort/Like the death of my nerves/Your heart is stinging from the hatred/As humanity burns/So let me find the words just to say it/Your mind is a villain/Go back to hell with all your demons/Leave me alone/To find the pieces inside my mind/They came in to control my life/And all the devils devour/Your better angels devour.  The song’s second verse adds even more to that thought pattern as it states, “Our fear is all we have to suffer/In the violent new world/These scars and vanity can’t save us/Now it’s time for the storm.”  This seeming theme is certain to resonate with audiences, especially being that it seems to present a message of overcoming those negative thoughts and feelings that would otherwise control a person, not just thoughts of depression and self-hatred, either.  When this seeming message pairs with the song’s powerful musical arrangement, the whole makes ‘Better Angels’ a clear example of what makes The Mourning worth hearing.

‘Better Angels’ is just one of the most notable additions to The Mourning.  The EP’s opener, ‘Devil’ is notable in its own right.  That is due in part because of its musical arrangement.  Instead of the pure melodic hard rock approach used in ‘Better Angels,’ the band opts for a more metalcore style composition in this song’s verses while incorporating the melodic hard rock approach in the choruses.  The cutting guitars, and machine-gun style rapidity of the metalcore style verses make the song immediately comparable to works from the likes of Killswitch Engage, The Black Dahlia Murder, and to a lesser extent, early As I Lay Dying.  The vocals especially add to that comparison to works from KsE, as they are so comparable to that band’s former front man Howard Jones.  The melodic hard rock side of the song is more comparable to works from the likes of Sevendust.  The juxtaposition of those comparisons makes the overall arrangement so interesting and well worth hearing in its own right.

The energy and richness in the song’s arrangement does just as well to pair with its lyrical theme.  That is because of the clear frustration exhibited in what comes across quite as a social commentary.  The commentary opens with front man Andy Biersack sings in the song’s lead verse and chorus, “How the f*** is one so evil left to just proceed/All the luck and how deceitful that idle minds can be/Farewell to vanished fraud/So here comes the fall/Your blood has all been washed away/You left with a crawl/The end was worth the wasted days/The devil lies alone.”  The commentary continues in the song’s second verse, “Come sell me useless greed/And swindle, lie and cheat/’Cause nothing matters when only truth is obsolete.”  That last line about truth being obsolete leads to an inference that maybe the commentary centers on what has happened in the world with truth taking a back seat to people’s false realities.  This is just this critic’s interpretation. The early note of wondering how one so evil could just progress, to that end, would seemingly be a commentary wondering how people like Donald Trump and his cult members could be left to go on doing what they do.  Again, this is just this critic’s interpretation.  Hopefully it is somewhere close to being right.  Either way, the seeming message and the way in which it is delivered certainly makes for plenty of thought and discussion.  To that end, the song shows even more why it stands out in The Mourning.

‘Saviour II,’ the EP’s second track and lead single, is yet another notable addition to the record.  The song’s musical arrangement is continues the melodic hard rock approach taken by the band in the EP.  The different here is that in this case, it is actually more of a throwback to some of the melodic hard rock compositions that the band had produced in its past records while also being just as radio ready as any of the other songs featured in this record.  From Breaking Benjamin to Default to so many others, the arrangement here is just as accessible as their works and so many other of the band’s fellow mainstream bands.

The lyrical theme that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement makes for even more interest.  The theme here comes across as something as a contemplative piece focusing on moving past experiences in life.  This is inferred as Biersack sings in the song’s lead verse and chorus, “I never knew how to live alone/Holding my fear in the unknown/And if we only speak in tongues/How can we be heard/Are there songs to guard your heart/Let this be the one you use to start your own/And every word that came from you/Has carried me/So I’m trying my hardest to be what you made/Like a court jester/My smile won’t fade/Giving it all/Rising to fall to my grave/Answer the call/Living in thrall/You’re the one born to save.”  That mention of trying to be what someone made, keeping the smile, it seems like the song’s subject is addressing having to live a lie, hiding so many thoughts and emotions behind that smile.  It would certainly seem to point at the noted inferred theme.  The inference continues in the song’s second verse, which states, “I grew this heart in a motor car/I wear a mask to be a star/All of the heat and anxiety that still lines the road/It is all I ever thought I’d live for/Now I know I’m more than all of my scars.”  That mention of being more than one’s scars points to the song’s subject overcoming the emotional and mental damage caused by the past, moving on with life.  It is a powerful seeming statement that even further hints at the noted theme.  Keeping such a seeming theme (and one that is all too familiar with any rock fan) in mind, the contemplative nature of the theme and the equally contemplative nature of the song’s arrangement makes the song in whole all the more interesting.  When the whole is considered overall, it makes ‘Saviour II’ clearly another important part of The Mourning.  When the song is considered alongside the other two songs examined here and with the EP’s one remaining song, the whole makes The Mourning a complete success.

The Mourning, the latest studio recording from Black Veil Brides, is an impressive new offering from the veteran hard rock act.  That is proven through its musical and lyrical content alike.  The songs examined here make that clear.  When the songs examined are considered along with the record’s one remaining track, the whole makes The Mourning a welcome addition to this year’s field of new EPs.

The Mourning is available now through Sumerian Records.  More information on the EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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ShipRocked 2023 Cruise Band Lineup Announced

Courtesy: Ashton-Magnuson Media

The lineup for the 2023 ShipRocked cruise was announced this week.

Falling in Reverse will headline next year’s hard rock cruise, which is scheduled to leave port Jan. 22 from Port Canaveral, FL and return Jan. 28. The cruise, which will take place aboard the Carnival Magic, will make stops along its route at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, Grand Turk in Turks & Caicos Islands, and Dominican Republic’s Amber Cove. A limited number of staterooms is still available here.

Along with Falling in Reverse, the lineup for the 2023 Ship Rocked cruise also features the likes of Nonpoint, Nothing More, Ayron Jones, and Motionless in Air. Also included in the lineup are the likes of Wage War, Skillet, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Nonpoint also took part in the 2022 ShipRocked cruise alongside the likes of Ayron Jones, P.O.D., Lamb of God, Corey Taylor, Drowning Pool, and Avatar among others.

More information on next year’s ShipRocked cruise is available along with all of the cruise’s latest news at:




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Knotfest Chile, Brazil Details Announced

Courtesy: Cosa Nostra PR

Slipknot has announced the details for its 2022 Knotfest events in Chile and Brazil.

The announcement was made through a news release distributed Tuesday. The document states the festivals will take place only days apart from one another next December. Knotfest Chile is scheduled to take place Dec. 11, 2022 at the Estadio Monumental in Santiago Chile. Knotfest Brazil will follow Dec. 18, 2022 at the Sambodromo Do Anhembi in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Slipknot will headline each concert. Bring Me The Horizon, Mr. Bungle, Trivium, Sepultura, and Vended are scheduled to take part in Knotfest Chile. They will be joined by Motionless in White, Project 46, and Armored Dawn for Knotfest Brazil. Organizers will announce additional acts in the coming days.

Tickets and VIP packages will go on sale for the events at 10 a.m. local time Aug. 19 at and respectively.

The announcement of the details for Knotfest Chile and Knotfest Brazil comes less than a month after details were announced for Knotfest Los Angeles. The concert festival is scheduled to take place Nov. 5 at Bank of America Stadium in Los Angeles, CA.

Slipknot will headline that festival, too. Also scheduled for that event are: Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Fever 333, Vended, and Cherry Bombs. A trailer for the festival is streaming here. Tickets for the event are available now.

More information on Slipknot’s upcoming Knotfest L.A. event is available along with all of Slipknot’s latest news at:




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2 Shadows Reminds Audiences To Never Judge A Book By Its Cover With New Single, Video

Courtesy: Rock Shop Records

Metal band 2 Shadows debuted the video for its latest video over the weekend.

The band debuted the video for its single ‘Scratching at the Surface’ Saturday through The video for the melodic metal arrangement features the band in a studio setting dressed to resemble an eerie forested setting. Along with that is footage of front man Glen Bridden in a coffin, singing some of the song’s lines.

As noted, the song’s musical arrangement is a heavy, melodic metal style composition. Its crunching guitars, heavy drums, and clean vocals lend it to comparisons to works from the likes of Motionless in White and the band’s Rock Shop Records label mates The Veer Union. Speaking of The Veer Union, the band makes a guest appearance in the song.

The Veer Union front man Crispin Earl co-wrote the song with 2 Shadows’ members. Additionally, he produced the song.

The heaviness and fire in the song’s musical arrangement partners with the song’s lyrical theme to add to the song’s overall impact, which the band addressed in a prepared statement.

“Scratching At The Surface is about people making you out to be something you’re not,” the statement reads. “The song describes the pressure of defining yourself in an environment where people tend to take one look at you and assume they know who you are; and they’re often wrong”.

‘Scratching at the Surface’ is available to stream and download here.

More information on 2 Shadows’ new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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2017 Rock On The Range Festival Lineup Announced

Courtesy: Danny Wimmer Presents/AEG Live

Courtesy: Danny Wimmer Presents/AEG Live

The lineup for the 2017 Rock on the Range Festival has been announced, and once again it has proven to be quite the collection of acts.

The three-day festival will be headlined by Metallica, Soundgarden and Korn.  It will feature more than 50 bands over the course of that time along with some of the country’s top comics at the festival’s Rock on the Range Rolling Rock Comedy Tent.

The lineup for the 2017 Rock on the Range Festival includes: Metallica, Soundgarden, Korn, The Offspring, Volbeat, Primus, Bush, Chevelle, Papa Roach, Seether, Coheed & Cambria, Alter Bridge, The Pretty Reckless, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Amon Amarth, Pierce The Veil, Sum 41, Skillet, Dillinger Escape Plan, In Flames, Gojira, Biffy Clyro, Motionless In White, Nothing More, Beartooth, Starset, Every Time I Die, The Story So Far, Deafheaven, Zakk Sabbath, Rival Sons, The Amity Affliction, Attila, Norma Jean, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, I Prevail, Turnstile, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Red Fang, Dorothy, Kyng, Radkey, As Lions, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Sylar, Fire From The Gods, Badflower, Wage War, Goodbye June, Cover Your Tracks, DED, Bleeker, Royal Republic, Mother Feather, Aeges and One Less Reason.

Rock on the Range—fueled by Monster Energy—is billed as America’s largest and most acclaimed rock festival.  The festival will also feature in 2017 “The Music Experience,” art installations, and unique on-site activities over the course of the festival’s three days.

Tickets for the 2016 festival sold out more than two months in advance of the festival.  It marked the fourth consecutive year the festival has sold out in advance.

Weekend Field, new Weekend Field VIP, Weekend Stadium and a limited number of Weekend Stadium 4-packs are available now for purchase.  A layaway option is also available for concert-goers.  That option allows audiences to split the cost of their ticket/ticket packages into four separate monthly payments.

Fans can get a pre-sale password for Weekend Field VIP, Weekend Field GA, Weekend Stadium GA and Weekend Stadium GA 4-packs on the official Rock on the Range website, Facebook page and Twitter page.  The ticket prices are listed below.


  • Weekend Field VIP: starting at $349.50* + fees
  • Weekend Field GA: starting at $199.50* + fees
  • Weekend Stadium GA: starting at $99.50* + fees
  • Weekend Stadium GA Ticket 4-Pack: $380.00 + fees
  • * Phase One prices listed
  • *** Ticket prices automatically move to the next price level once the allotment sells out ***

General on-sale for tickets is Friday, Dec. 2 at 10 a.m. EST.  Tickets will be available online at the festival’s website, at Ticketmaster locations and the MAPFRE Stadium box office.

Audiences who want an even more special concert experience can purchase the new Uber Ranger Camping Package.  The package includes amenities for four people such as luxury RV on a double campsite at the Ohio Expo North Campground (May 18 – 21), a dedicated concierge with golf cart shuttle, 4 Weekend VIP Field Admission Tickets, a backstage tour, access to the stadium club (with catered lunch and dinner), access to the Side Stage Viewing Platform, access to the VIP Lounge and more.  More information on the new Uber Ranger Camping Package is available here.

Rock on The Range celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016.  More than 120,000 people attended the festival from around the world.  As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, Columbus, OH mayor Andrew J. Ginther and the Columbus, OH city council presented festival organizers with awards of recognition.  A resolution was also announced from the Franklin County Board of Commissioners acknowledging the festival’s economic impact on the city.

The commissioners pointed out in their resolution pointed out the festival brought in more than $140 million for the city over the course of its ten years in the city.

Rock on the Range is produced by Danny Wimmer Presents, AEG Live and MAPFRE Stadium.  It is supported by Monster Energy, Bud Light and Zippo.  They and other partners will feature interactive experiences, meet & greets, and other special fan engagement opportunities throughout the festival.

More information on the 2017 Rock on the Range Festival is available online now at:










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The Devil Wears Prada Announces Title, Release Date For New Album

Courtesy: Rise Records

Courtesy: Rise Records

The Devil Wears Prada has announced the details for its next album.

The band has announced that it will release its new album Transit Blues on Friday, October 7th in stores and online.  The record, the band’s sixth full-length studio recording, will be released via Rise Records.  It will come a little more than a year after the release of the band’s latest recording, its 2015 EP Space.  That record was released August 21st, 2015.

The process of creating Transit Blues marks the first time that the band has ever lived and recorded together in order to create any of its  records.  Producer Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, Motionless in White) returned to man the boards for the eleven-song record.  He also produced Space.  Vocalist Mike Hranica explained the idea behind the record and its title noting that it has a lot to do with life and certain topics related therein.  “It’s like zooming out on a commute,” he said.  “It’s the notion of getting from one place to another.  Most people go from their homes to work while we go from date to date on tour.  Either way, it’s the inevitable process of growth and change.  There are moments of anger, but the pervading theme is separation.  Drawing the full circle, it is separation that is inherent in moving from one place to another.”

In anticipation of Transit Blues’ release the band debuted last week the video for the album’s lead single ‘Daughter’ online.  The video has already received nearly 280,000 views since its debut.  In discussing the concept behind the song Hranica explained that it actually rose from literature; more specifically author Simone de Beauvor’s novel The Mandarins.  “It’s strange,” he said.  “I will write EPs based on subjects that aren’t super close to my heart like ‘Zombie’ or ‘Space’ because it opens the door for me to make my own stories based off the topics.  When we did ‘Transit Blues,’ it was only natural to incorporate fiction.  ‘Daughter’ is the most forthright example.”

Transit Blues is currently scheduled to be released in stores and online on Friday, October 7th via Rise Records.  More information on Transit Blues is available online now along with all of the latest news and more from The Devil Wears Prada at:










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Korn Unveils New Video; Announces New Tour Schedule

KORN pictured l to r is Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, Jonathan Davis, Brian "Head" Welch, Ray Luzier and James "Munky" Shaffer

Photo Credit: Dean Karr

Korn will release its new album this fall.

The band announced this week that it will release The Serenity of Suffering on Friday, October 21st via Roadrunner Records.  The record is the album’s twelfth full-length studio recording and features a guest appearance by Slipknot front man Corey Taylor.  The record is the band’s third for Roadrunner Records.  The band also released 2010’s Korn III Remember Who You Are and 2011’s The Path of Totality via Roadrunner Records.  Pre-orders for the album are open now here.

In anticipation of the album’s release the band has unveiled the video for the album’s lead single ‘Rotting in Vain’ this week via  It features Son of Anarchy star Tommy Flanagan and can be viewed online now here.  Front man Jonathan Davis explained the concept behind the song in a recent interview noting that it is “about being in that black place, being in situations that I don’t like in life–be it relationships, or feeling when you’re stuck and you’re just being abused or you don’t like where you’re at, and you just sit there and rot.”  He went on to explain that the song came from the years that it takes to figure a way out while still battling those feelings.  “It takes you years and years to figure out how to claw your way out. That’s where ‘Rotting in Vain’ came from. I’m just sitting there, fucking dying and letting it happen for years and years and not helping myself to get out of that place. That’s the vibe that inspired the song,” he said.

Korn is currently touring in support of its upcoming album.  It launched a co-headlining tour this week alongside Rob Zombie.  In This Moment is joining the bands as a special guest on the tour, which currently runs through September 3rd.  After that the band will take some time to rest before heading back out on the road again on September 24th alongside Breaking Benjamin for another co-headlining tour dubbed the “Nocturnal Underground Tour.”  Motionless in White and Silver Snakes will join the bands as special guests on the tour.  Korn also has performances at the Louder Than Life Festival and Aftershock Festival scheduled for October.  Those dates and Korn’s complete tour schedule are noted below.


KORN’s complete U.S. tour routing for 2016 is:


Co-headlining with Rob Zombie
Fri 7/22 Albuquerque, NM Isleta Amphitheater
Sat 7/23 Phoenix, AZ Ak-Chin Pavilion
Sun 7/24 Irvine, CA Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre
Tue 7/26 Nampa (Boise), ID Idaho Center Amphitheater
Wed 7/27 Auburn, WA White River Amphitheatre
Fri 7/29 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre
Sat 7/30 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Tue 8/2 Austin, TX Austin 360 Amphitheater
Wed 8/3 The Woodlands, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Thu 8/4 Dallas, TX Gexa Energy Pavilion
Sat 8/6 Noblesville, IN Klipsch Music Center
Sun 8/7 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center
Tue 8/9 Maryland Heights, MO Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
Wed 8/10 Kansas City, MO Cricket Wireless Amphitheater
Sat 8/20 Mt. Pleasant, MI Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort (without Rob Zombie)
Sun 8/21 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
Tue 8/23 Toronto, ON Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Wed 8/24 Cuyahoga Falls, OH Blossom Music Center
Thu 8/25 Burgettstown, PA First Niagara Pavilion
Sat 8/27 Syracuse, NY Lakeview Amphitheater
Sun 8/28 Boston, MA Xfinity Center
Tue 8/30 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
Thu 9/1 Hartford, CT Xfinity Theatre
Fri 9/2 Camden, NJ BB&T Pavilion
Sat 9/3 Bristow, VA Jiffy Lube Live
Co-headlining with Breaking Benjamin
Sat 9/24 Fargo, ND Scheels Arena
Sun 9/25 Omaha, NE Baxter Arena
Tue 9/27 Cedar Rapids, IA US Cellular Center
Wed 9/28 Peoria, IL Peoria Civic Center
Festival Appearances
Sat 10/1 Madison, WI JJO Sonic Boom
Sun 10/2 Louisville, KY Louder Than Life
Co-headlining with Breaking Benjamin
Wed 10/5 Charlotte, NC PNC Music Pavilion
Fri 10/7 Pelham, AL Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
Sat 10/8 Southaven, MS Landers Center
Sun 10/9 Biloxi, MS Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Tue 10/11 Tampa, FL MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre at the FL State Fairgrounds
Wed 10/12 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Thu 10/13 Alpharetta, GA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Sat 10/15 Rogers, AR Walmart AMP
Sun 10/16 Tulsa, OK BOK Center
Tue 10/18 Topeka, KS Landon Arena
Wed 10/19 Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs World Arena
Festival Appearance
Sat 10/22 Sacramento, CA Aftershock Festival



More information on Korn’s new album, tour schedule and more is available online now at:










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Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival Returning For Its Second Year

Courtesy:  Danny Wimmer Presents/Ashton-Magnuson Media

Courtesy: Danny Wimmer Presents/Ashton-Magnuson Media

There’s big concert news coming out of Pennsylvania  today.

The Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival is returning to Pennsylvania this summer.  It will take place Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th at Talen Energy Stadium (formerly PPL Park), home of Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union, in Chester, PA, which is just outside of Philadelphia.  It will feature a lineup of more than 35 bands.  That lineup includes but is not limited to: Avenged Sevenfold, Alice In Chains, Slayer, The Offspring, Breaking Benjamin, Volbeat, Chevelle, The Cult, The Pretty Reckless, Pierce The Veil, Of Mice & Men, Ghost, Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, Chevy Metal, Baroness, Hellyeah, Sevendust, Motionless In White, Buckcherry, Trivium, Avatar, Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots, Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy, Sick Puppies, The Amity Affliction, letlive., Neck Deep, Skindred, KYNG, Young Guns, Crobot, Devour The Day, Twelve Foot Ninja, Dinosaur Pile Up, Death Angel and Hundredth.

A rolling discounted Early Bird on-sale for weekend General Admission tickets and VIP passes starts this Tuesday, May 10th at 12pm EDT and runs through Friday, May 13th at 10am EDT.  Early Bird tickets and VIP passes will be available in a very limited quantity.  The prices for each is noted below.


Early Bird #1: $79 GA Weekend Stands, $99 GA Weekend Floor, $219 VIP Weekend

Early Bird #2: $89 GA Weekend Stands, $109 GA Weekend Floor, $239 VIP Weekend

Early Bird #3: $99 GA Weekend Stands, $129 GA Weekend Floor, $259 VIP Weekend


Zippo 2-packs will also be available at a price of $550.  They include 2-VIP weekend passes and 2 commemorative Zippos.  Single-day admission and general weekend packages will go on full sale along with VIP packages beginning May 13th at 10am EDT.  Prices will increase in the weeks leading up to the festival.  Current prices are listed below.


GA Weekend: $129 floor, $99 stands

GA 4-Packs: $308

VIP Weekend: $219

VIP 2-Packs: $550

Single Day GA (stands): $44.50

Single Day VIP: $119.50


VIP packages for the festival include: Stadium-level VIP main stage viewing, floor-level VIP viewing area for the west main stage, dedicated entrance lanes into the festival, VIP area with shade and picnic tables, VIP restrooms, special food and beverage offerings (for additional purchase), and a commemorative VIP laminate.

The music is just one part of the experience that audiences will be able to enjoy at this year’s festival.  Along with lots of great music there will also be loads of great food and drink, too.  There will loads of dishes offered by some of Philadelphia’s eateries in the Gourmet Man Food experience.  There will also be plenty of brews offered by breweries from across America.  The culinary lineup for the Gourmet Man Food Experience currently features: Braz-B-Q, Chickie & Pete’s, The Cow & The Curd, Dos Hermanos, Dump ’n’ Roll, M.A.T.T.’s Gourmet Sliders, Mama’s Meatballs, Seoulfull Philly, Sum Pig and The Tot Cart.  The breweries that will be at the festival include: Evolution Craft Brewing Co (Salisbury, MD), Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company (Dover, DE), New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, CO), Starr Hill Brewery (Crozet, VA), Tröegs Independent Brewing (Hershey, PA) and Victory Brewing Company (Downington, PA).

Danny Wimmer, head of Danny Wimmer Presents, recently discussed the festival’s return with the media.  He discussed not only the festival’s return but its expansion to two days this year and expectations in general for this year’s event.  “When we came to Philadelphia last year, we knew there was a demand for this kind of festival in the market, but the response exceeded our expectations,” he said.  Growing to two days in our second year was an obvious decision, and we’re looking forward to giving fans an even better experience in 2016.”

Geoff Gordon is President of Live Nation Philadelphia.  He echoed Wimmer’s sentiments in his thoughts on the festival’s return.  “Last year’s Monster Energy Rock Allegiance was a huge success on so many levels,” he said.  “We were proud to bring this venue their first ever concert; a record-setting, sold out smash hit. The audience had such a great time enjoying a unique experience of music and lifestyle — we knew in 2016 we could turn it up a notch!”

The Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival is presented by Danny Wimmer Presents, Live Nation, and Spectra at Talen Energy Stadium.  It is sponsored by: Jack Daniel’s, Zippo Encore, The Music Experience, Take Me Home, and Fxck Cancer/Dyin2Live, with more to be announced.  More information on the 2016 Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival is available online now at:






More information on all of the latest events at Talen Energy Stadium is available online now at:






Audiences can also get advance notice about all of the latest events at Talen Energy Stadium by joining the free Talen Energy Stadium CyberClub here.

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Carolina Rebellion Organizers Announce Details For 5th Annual Festival

Courtesy:  Ashton-Magnuson Media

Courtesy: Ashton-Magnuson Media

The Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion Festival is one of North Carolina’s biggest annual music festivals if not the biggest. And this year, the festival will celebrate an important anniversary when it returns to the Rock City Campgrounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 2nd and 3rd.

This year, the Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary with one of its biggest lineups to date. The fifth annual festival will feature no fewer than thirty-six acts over two days. The acts tapped to perform this year include some of the biggest names in rock’s past, present, and future. Those names include the likes of: Slayer, Slipknot, Queensryche, Hatebreed, Cheap Trick, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Rise Against, Jackyl, In Flames, Periphery, and many other major names. The current lineup for this year’s festival is listed below.

Saturday, May 2

Korn, Marilyn Manson, Rise Against, Sammy Hagar & The Circle, Chevelle, Cheap Trick, Papa Roach, Bush, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, Jackyl, Of Mice & Men, Live, Motionless In White, Periphery, Beartooth, Young Guns, Marmozets, Islander and more.


Sunday, May 3

Slipknot, Godsmack, Slayer, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, Breaking Benjamin, Halestorm, Queensrÿche, The Pretty Reckless, In This Moment, In Flames, Tremonti, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, Hatebreed, Starset, Butcher Babies, We Are Harlot, Exodus, and more.

Slipknot front man Corey Taylor discussed the band’s addition to the bill and playing alongside other great names in rock in a recent interview saying, “We are very excited to be headlining Rebellion this year! We’re honored to be playing in the company of Cheap Trick, one of my all-time favorites, as well as playing with such good friends like Korn, Halestorm and Slayer!” Korn front man Jonathan Davis explained that the Carolina Rebellion festival plays a very important part in that band’s history as it served as the point of reunion for the band with guitarist Brian “Head” Welch in 2012. “Three years ago, we reunited with our brother Head on stage at Carolina Rebellion. Since then, we made a new album and toured the world together,” he said. He went on to note that the reunion means even more as the band plans on playing its debut album in its entirety at this year’s festival. And now we’re back to perform our first album in its entirety.  Rebellion is going to be a really special show for us,” he said.

Carolina Rebellion Festival Co-Executive Producer Gary Spivack of RockHouse discussed the importance of this year’s installment of what is the biggest of the Mid-Atlantic region’s rock festivals and of making it a special, memorable anniversary for audiences. “Rebellion is truly the Carolinas ’ biggest music party of the year,” he said. “For the 5th annual Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion, we wanted to acknowledge not only the best in current rock with the likes of Slipknot, Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin and more, but also celebrate some great iconic rock bands like Sammy Hagar & The Circle, Cheap Trick, Slayer and others to give the Rebels the widest range of Rock N’ Roll possible.”

A ticket pre-sale is currently underway for the festival. It runs until Friday, January 16th at 11:59am ET. The pre-sale offers a limited amount of tickets at early bird pre-sale prices (plus fees). Those prices are:

Weekend General Admission Ticket: $99

Weekend General Admission Ticket 4-Pack: $299

Single Day General Admission Ticket: $59.50

Those that purchase weekend general admission tickets during both the current pre-sale and the upcoming general on-sale period can purchase a VIP Lounge Upgrade for $110. Even bigger news for audiences, the Carolina Rebellion Festival is offering layaway packages for purchase through January 31st. This is the first year that this is being made available for audiences. A limited number of discount tickets for active military members via GovX.

Along with the general admission, weekend general admission, and VIP packages, hotel and camping packages are also currently available. Prices will remain the same through both pre-sale and general on-sale periods. All hotel packages are for three nights. They are available for couples and for groups of up to four. The packages include access to the Friday Night Campground Party in the campgrounds. Camping opens at noon on Friday, May 1st and closes at noon on Monday, May 4th. Camping upgrades include access to the Friday Night Campground Party. The Camping packages include a $25 merchandise voucher, access to VIP Lounge, a festival poster, and access to the Friday Night Campground Party.

The annual Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion Festival is sponsored by Monster Energy, Bud Light, Jack Daniels, Jagermeister, Crazy Dave’s Music Experience, Zippo Encore and others. It is produced by AEG Live, Danny Wimmer Presents, and RockHouse Presents. It is part of the World’s Loudest Month festival series. More information on the Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion Festival is available online at:



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