Antisaint Gives Audiences A Double Dose Of Music From Its New Album

Courtesy: Head First Entertainment

Independent hard rock band Antisaint premiered not one but two songs from its forthcoming album this week.

The band premiered the songs ‘Incomplete‘ and ‘Feed The Crows‘ Tuesday. The songs are featured in the band’s forthcoming album, Vaticinate, which is scheduled for release Aug. 20. Pre-orders are open now.

The songs are two completely different works in regards to their musical arrangements. ‘Incomplete’ boasts a heavy song that is similar to works from the likes of Seether, Three Days Grace, and others of that ilk in regards to its stylistic approach and sound. On the other hand, ‘Feed The Crows’ presents a sound and stylistic approach that is more akin to works from the likes of Deftones and Korn.

The songs are unique not only in regard to their musical arrangements, but also their lyrical content. As front man Matt Whiteman points out, the lyrical theme featured in ‘Incomplete’ delivers a message of proud defiance.

“’Incomplete’ is about being looked down upon and judged by others for pursuing a purpose in life that they do not understand themselves,” said Whiteman. “It is a common occurrence to have when pursuing a creative lifestyle. People constantly criticize and belittle artists’ creations without even thinking about what it takes to have the courage to make something original and put it out into the world. The end of the song is a rally to other people in our position to not give into the doubt and pressure, take the half that they can’t see and make it whole. 

As to the lyrical theme featured in ‘Feed The Crows,’ Whiteman stressed this song is more of a statement of anger and frustration.

“‘Feed The Crows’ was written during a low point of making the album,” he said. “The song is pure frustration and the message behind it is to say f*** it, and compromise morals to match those who have none. It’s less meaningful compared to the other songs on the album. Having said that it serves a major purpose in the TO DIGEST part of the album in which it represents the pure chaos and emotion of not being able to achieve what you wanted.”

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