The Original Misfits, Rocket From The Crypt, Others To Perform Full Album Sets At Annual Riotfest Festival

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Riotfest festival organizers announced this week, full album sets from a number of the bands on the event’s bill.

The original lineup of The Misfits will have a full album set of its debut album, Walk Among Us at the festival in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the album’s release. Yellowcard will take on its album, Ocean Avenue, while The Menzingers will perform its album, On The Impossible Past, celebrating the 10th anniversary of its release.

Rocket From The Crypt will perform its album, Group Sounds in whole while The Get Up Kids will perform its album, 4 Minute Mile in celebration of its 25th anniversary. Fear will perform its album The Record in celebration of that record’s 40th anniversary.

Riotfest is scheduled to take place Sept. 16-18 at Douglass Park in Chicago, IL. Tickets are available here.

My Chemical Romance is the festival’s scheduled headliner. Nine Inch Nails, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sunny Day Real Estate and others are scheduled to perform at the festival. Among the others on this year’s festival bill are the likes of Ice Cube, Descendants, and Jimmy Eat World.

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My Chemical Romance Announces New Dates For Its North American Tour

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My Chemical Romance has expanded its upcoming North American tour.

The band made the announcement Wednesday. Its new dates are in cities, such as Brooklyn, NY; Toronto, ON and Boston, MA. Bands, such as Taking Back Sunday, The Bouncing Souls, and Badflower will share time as support on the tour, whose schedule is noted below. Tickets are available here.


Aug 20th – Oklahoma City, OK – Paycom Center

Aug 21st – San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center

Aug 23rd – Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena

Aug 24th – Cincinnati, OH – Heritage Bank Center

Aug 26th – Raleigh, NC – PNC Arena

Aug 27th – Belmont Park, NY – UBS Arena

Aug 29th – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center

Aug 30th – Albany, NY – MVP Arena

Sept 1st – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena

Sept 2nd – Montreal, QC – Centre Bell

Sept 4th – Toronto, ON – Scotiabank Arena

Sept 5th – Toronto, ON – Scotiabank Arena 

Sept 7th – Boston, MA – TD Garden 

Sept 8th – Boston, MA – TD Garden

Sept 10th – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center

Sept 11th – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center 

Sept 13th – Detroit, MI – Little Caesars Arena 

Sept 15th – St. Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center 

Sept 16th – Chicago, IL – Riot Fest 

Sept 20th – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center 

Sept 21st – Newark, NJ – Prudential Center 

Sept 23rd – Dover, DE – Firefly Music Festival 

Sept 24th – Sunrise, FL – FLA Live Arena

Sept 27th – Houston, TX – Toyota Center 

Sept 28th – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center 

Sept 30th – Denver, CO – Ball Arena 

Oct 2nd – Portland, OR – MODA Center

Oct 3rd – Tacoma, WA – Tacoma Dome

Oct 5th – Oakland, CA – Oakland Arena 

Oct 7th – Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena 

Oct 8th – Sacramento, CA – Aftershock Festival 

Oct 11th – Los Angeles, CA – The Forum 

Oct 12th – Los Angeles, CA – The Forum

Oct 14th – Los Angeles, CA – The Forum

Oct 15th – Los Angeles, CA – The Forum

Oct 17th – Los Angeles, CA – The Forum

Oct 22nd – Las Vegas, NV – When We Were Young 

Oct 23rd – Las Vegas, NV – When We Were Young 

Oct 29th – Las Vegas, NV – When We Were Young

*New show dates are bolded above.

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A Better Hand Debuts ‘Wrong One’ Video

Courtesy: Mutant League Records

Independent rock band A Better Hand is giving audiences their first preview of its forthcoming album.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Wrong One‘ Friday. The song and its video are the first from the band’s forthcoming EP Cheap Smokes and Champagne. The EP is scheduled for release Feb. 26 through Mutant League Records.

The video for ‘Wrong One’ features the band in what looks like a live club setting as it performs its new single. The use of the lighting adds its own unique touch to the visualization.

The musical arrangement that is featured in the band’s new single is an emo-pop style composition that will appeal to fans of bands, such as Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance. That is made clear through the combination of the vocal delivery style and the instrumentation.

The lyrical content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement will reach listeners in its own right.

Cheap Smokes and Champagne was produced by Seth Henderson (State Champs, Knucle Puck). The EP’s track listing is noted below.

Track List:

1. Silhouettes

2. Sleep With The Lights On

3. Wrong One

4. Autumn Leigh

5. Get it Right

More information on A Better Hand’s new single, video, and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:



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Boys Of Fall Debuts New Single, ‘Worth It’

Courtesy: InVogue Records/Earshot Media

Boys of Fall debuted the latest single from its forthcoming album this week.

The band debuted its new single ‘Worth It‘ Friday. The song is the fourth and final single from the band’s forthcoming album Distance, which is scheduled for release Nov. 20 through InVogue Records. Its premiere follows the debut of the album’s other three singles, ‘Distance,’ ‘Overthinking,’ and ‘Midnight.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Worth It’ is a familiar style presentation that will appeal to fans of bands, such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and My Chemical Romance. The song’s lyrical content meanwhile, presents a message that will connect with just as many listeners.

 Pre-orders are open for Distance.  the album’s track listing is noted below.

Track Listing

1. Distance

2. Midnight

3. Worth It

4. Mad Sad

5. Little Disaster

6. Rain

7. Heavy Hearts

8. False Love

9. Overthinking

10. Closure

More information on Distance is available along with all of Boys of Fall’s latest news at:




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Heartist A Solid Mix of Metalcore And Emo

Courtesy: Roadrunner Records

Southern California based Heartist is a good fit on Roadrunner Records’ current artist roster.  And it’s an equally good fit for fans of bands the likes of As I Lay Dying, My Chemical Romance, and Set It Off.  The way that the band melds together its guitars and screaming vocals with the more melodic keyboard parts and actual singing makes the band’s debut EP, Nothing You Didn’t Deserve a record that metalcore and emo fans will appreciate.

Nothing You Didn’t Deserve opens with its lead single, ‘Disconnected.’  Front man Bryce Beckley writes in this song, “Can you remember/What brought us here/Or are you just as/Lost as I am?”  He goes on in the chorus, writing, “I’m disconnected from the ones above/I’m disconnected from the ones/Who fell in between/And I stray from this pathway/Though there’s still nothing/Left of me.”  The introspective nature of these lines will get any listener thinking.  It comes across as giving the vibe of someone feeling emotionally alone and lost in the world.  It’s the sort of lyrical topic to which younger audiences will easily relate.

On a different note, the band takes a different road on ‘Rhinestone.’  This time, the band seems to take the more traveled road with what comes across as a song based on a broken relationship.  Again, front man Beckley’s vocals capture the emotion of a person having finally gotten to the point after a breakup of realizing what was really wrong in the relationship.  In an odd sense, it’s almost sort of a self-empowerment moment.  Beckley sings on this track, “I should have learned/From the things that/I told myself/I’d never do/All along/The liar was you/Show your true colors/Let them see.”  This could easily be used from the angle of either a male or female, as there’s no gender assigned to the song.  Again, as young listeners are just finding themselves, this is a very good song for them.  It will serve as a big help for them as they navigate the rough waters that are personal relationships.

Both ‘Rhinestone’ and ‘Disconnected’ offer their own takes on the trials and tribulations of life.  The topics served up in this record mixed with the music make it easily accessible to the band’s key audience.  And it gives those same audiences something to build the hype over the eventual release of the band’s Roadrunner debut.  In the mean time, audiences will get the chance to see the band live this Fall and Winter as it hits the road on the “It’s Now or Winter” tour alongside a handful of other acts.  The band will kick off its tour in San Bernardino, CA on November 24th before making its way down the West Coast and to Texas.  From there, the band will make stops in Georgia and Tennessee before making its way through the Midwest and Northeast.  Fans can get a full tour itinerary along with all the latest news on the band online at and

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Matt Skiba and the Sekrets a secret no more to audiences

Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba has spent the past fifteen years fronting the well known Chicago based emo band.  Now, Skiba has struck out on his own, so to speak with what could actually be argued to be an emo supergroup in Matt Skiba and The Sekrets.  Skiba was joined on this debut release by AFI bassist Hunter Burgan and My Chemical Romance drummer Jarrod Alexander for this project.  The resulting sound makes for an album that fans of The Killers and Jimmy Eat World will enjoy, along with long time fans of Alkaline Trio.  It also carries themes similar to that of work from Alkaline Trio.

“Babylon” has all the sounds that fans of Jimmy Eat World and The Killers will enjoy.  And fans who have followed Alkaline Trio over the years will find “Babylon” to be familiar territory, lyrically and musically speaking.  One of the prime examples of this is in ‘All Fall Down.’  Skiba sings in the song, “You’re searching for the answers\Out in the deep blue sea\You’re spreading like a cancer\Across my memory\Give me some radiation\Give me some sense of relief.”  This is just one of the handful of songs on the album that delve into the myriad of emotions in the ups and downs of relationships. 

Of course, songs centered on personal relationships aren’t all that Skiba and his bandmates cover on “Babylon.”  There are also songs of personal struggles.  One of the more prominent of those is the album’s opener, ‘Voices.’  Skiba sings in the song’s chorus, “All alone with the voice in your head\SKin and bones\Hell knows\all the poison  that you’ve been fed\All alone with the voices in your head\In the dark\As you walk hand in hand\with the living dead\The living dead.”  The song comes across as someone fighting his or her own inner conflict.  Again, fans who have followed Skiba’s other band, Alkaline Trio, for some time, will find this and the rest of the songs on this album familiar territory.

The familiar sounds aren’t all that make “Babylon” an interesting album.  The album’s packaging may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things.  But in reality, it helps to give the album its own identity.  The packaging for the album isn’t the standard plastic case.  Nor is it the standard soft case, either.  Rather than simply being an open and close case, audiences have to slide out the sleeve on which the disc sits.  The disc is protected by light backing.  The lyric booklet sits behind that backing.  All said, it makes for easy access without the worry of breaking the case.  And the backing for the disc is soft enough that there is no worry about the disc being scratched up when it is removed and replaced. 

“Babylon” is obviously a niche album.  Fans who have been with Alkaline Trio since the beginning with likely enjoy this album.  And it’s just as enjoyable for younger audiences.  Those listeners will be able to relate to much of the material on the record.  Musically though, it’s an album that could easily find its way onto the mainstream charts, given the right support from program directors  at radio stations nation wide.

Fans who want to catch Matt Skiba and The Sekrets live will get their chance this Thursday.  The band will be performing in Chicago.  The band will finish off the East coast half of its tour next Wednesday, June 13th before heading to California for a handful of dates in the second half of the month.  Fans can keep up with all of the band’s latest news and tour dates on Facebook at

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Set it Off sets it off with new EP

Florida 5-piece, Set It Off, started making a name for itself about three years ago.  In that time, the band has built a quite a name for itself.  Boasting obvious influences from the likes of Fall Out Boy, 36 Crazyfists, My Chemical Romance, and AFI, this young band has yet to release its first full length album.  But one listen to its new EP, “Horrible Kids”, and one would think Set It Off was a veteran act, with years of experience under its belt.  That could be thanks in part to the production work done by Brandon “B-Real” Ham and John Harrell at Wilson, NC’s own Red Sparrow Studios.    

“Horrible Kids” is a streamlined, hard rocking album that touches on every issue facing its equally young audiences today.  From the major problem of bullying in the EP’s title track, to the dangers of underage drinking in ‘End in Tragedy’, to the album’s opener about depression in ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’, Set It Off does what few bands of its genre do today.  Rather than allow itself to be pigeonholed as just another “oh-woe-is-me” emo band, Set It Off tackles the issues that its audiences face every day head on. 

Musically and lyrically, Set it Off offers fans plenty to be proud of on “Horrible Kids”.  But the musical and lyrical content isn’t the only bonus to the band’s new release.  The EP, which was released back in August, also boasts a pair of music videos for its two best tracks, ‘@Reply’, and ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’.  The video for the latter of the two puts vocalist Cody Carson in the position that so many younger audiences go through in dealing with their feelings of depression.  It’s a good representation of the lyrics in the song. 

Set It Off isn’t the first band of its type, musically speaking.  But in comparison to so many other bands of its ilk, this Florida based 5-piece is one of the rare bands that may still be standing when the dust has settled, and so many others in its genre have faded away.  And if “Horrible Kids” is any indication, not only does Set It Off have a very good chance of sticking around long term, this band has a very good chance of being one of the most important bands in its genre.