Psycle Debuts ‘Changing Tide’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Rock band Psycle debuted the video for its new single this week.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘Changing Tide‘ Tuesday. the song is the second single from the band’s forthcoming album Kill The Machine, which is scheduled for release June 12.  The band debuted the lyric video for the album’s title track — also the album’s lead single — March 24.

The musical arrangement at the center of ‘Changing Tide’ immediately lends itself to comparisons to works from Creed and Alter Bridge with its guitar work and front man Seth Salois’ vocal delivery.  Salois’ vocal talents are right up there with Alter Bridge front man Myles Kennedy.  His band mates’ — Jay Spyne (drums, vocals), Mike Kaz (bass, vocals) and Joe Nicolazzo (guitar) — talents are equal to those of Kennedy’s band mates here, too.

In discussing the song’s musical arrangement, the band said in a collective statement that the decision to follow up ‘Kill The Machine’ with ‘Changing Tide’ was mad with a specific intent in mind.

“For our second single ‘Changing Tide,’ we wanted to show the diversity within the album and offer a glimpse into the journey we hope the album creates,” the statement reads.  “‘Kill The Machine’ is raw, unforgiving and pointed, where ‘Changing Tide’ is sweeping, emotional and accepting.”

The lyrical them at the heart of the song delivers a theme of optimism, according to the noted statement.

“‘Changing Tide’ is about believing in your individuality, accepting the hand that you are dealt and persevering through whatever stands in your way,” the statement reads.

‘Changing Tide’ is available to stream and download here.

More information on Psycle’s new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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‘Living The Dream Tour’ Is A “Dream” Come True For All Rock Fans

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Slash and his fellow musicians Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators made quite the impact on the music community last year when they released their latest album Living The Dream.  The tour in support of the album – Slash’s third solo record with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators and his fourth overall solo record – proved just as successful selling out venue after venue.  That tour proved so successful, that the group partnered with Eagle Rock Entertainment to release one performance from that hit tour last week in the form of Living The Dream Tour.  Originally recorded Feb. 20, 2019 at the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre in London, the 22-song, two-and-a-half-hour set is a performance that the group’s longtime fans will enjoy just as much as its newer audiences.  That is due in part to the noted expansive set list, which will be discussed shortly.  The band’s performance of said set plays into the recording’s performance just as much as its actual set.  It will be addressed a little later.  The bonus content featured with the recording rounds out the recording’s most notable elements.  It will also be addressed later.  When it is considered along with the recording’s set list and the band’s performance thereof, the whole of the elements makes Living The Dream Tour a dream come true for all rock fans.

Living The Dream Tour, the latest live recording from Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, is another positive new live offering from the rock collective that rock aficionados everywhere will enjoy.  That is due in part to the recording’s expansive set list.  The 22-song, two-and-a-half-hour set pulls tracks from all four of Slash’s solo albums.  It should be noted in advance that while some of the songs featured in this recording are also featured in the band’s 2015 live recording – also from Eagle Rock Entertainment – Live At The Roxy 9.25.14, (seven songs to be exact), that leaves exactly 15 songs not featured in said recording.  The band’s 2018 album Living The Dream appropriately makes up the majority of this recording’s set list, with seven total nods.  Slash’s 2010 self-titled solo debut is represented with six songs while Apocalyptic Love and World on Fire each receive four nods.  In other words, the group reaches liberally into its overall catalog to give listeners a wide range of material.  This is important to note because as most people know, there are acts that might tour in support of one album, but their set lists are more focused on anything but.  It has and does happen to this day.  To that end, this set list proves to be entertaining for all of the band’s fans.

The set list stands out not just because of the fact that it reaches into all of the group’s albums, but also because of its sequencing.  The set list opens with one of the seven noted songs from Living The Dream, but wastes no time switching things up, with the next two songs coming from the group’s 2012 album Apocalyptic Love.  The group reaches even farther back from there, with the next two songs taking listeners back to Slash’s 2010 self-titled debut album.  The band turns the attention back to Living The Dream again briefly from here before going back to 2014’s World on Fire.  The variations continue from there to the show’s end, with an homage to Guns N’ Roses in the band’s performance of ‘Nighttrain.’  That song is the only GNR song featured in this set list, whereas the band’s aforementioned 2015 recording featured two GNR songs.  Simply put, the band keeps things original from start to end for listeners in this set list, ensuring audiences’ engagement and entertainment.  That is helped even more through the energy in the set’s sequencing.  The only time in which the set slows down at all comes late in the concert’s run.  The “slower” songs that are featured at other points in the set are still heavy in their own right.  Keeping that in mind, the sequencing of the set proves that much more important to the whole of this recording.  It is just one part of what makes the recording stand out.  The band’s performance of the set list adds its own value to the recording.

The band’s performance of the concert’s set list is important to discuss because it plays into the concert’s noted overall energy.  As noted, the set’s sequencing ensures that the show’s energy remains high from beginning to end.  The “slower” songs are slow, but are still heavy blues-based compositions that will keep audiences entertained and engaged.  Only one in the show do things really pull back all the way around.  The band helps maintain the energy by wasting little to no time doing any audience interaction at any point.  That is not to say that the group doesn’t interact with the audience.  It is to say that the interactions are rare.  The band, instead, uses the most of the concert to give audiences as much music and entertainment as possible.  Even the standard band introductions are reserved for a point closer to the show’s end, and are brief at best.  As each song ends, the down time between each song’s performance is minimal at best.  That ensures even more, audiences’ engagement and entertainment.  The energy that each of the band’s members puts into his respective performance adds even more to that general effect.  All things considered, the band’s performance adds to much to the recording that coupled with the set list itself, the two together make for more than enough for audiences to enjoy.

The set list featured in Living The Dream Tour and the band’s performance thereof are both key to the recording’s whole presentation.  They are not, however, its only key elements.  The brief bonus behind-the-scenes featurette that comes with the recording adds its own slight touch to the recording’s presentation.  Audience get to hear from Slash and from Myles Kennedy in the roughly 10 minute featurette as they sit back stage pre-concert.  The performers talk, in separate interviews, about topics, such as the band members’ connection as a unit, the band’s routine and also making music in general.  Kennedy talks frankly about how the group’s pre- and post-concert routines might be surprising, noting that the band doesn’t party and do all the things one might think a band does.  That in itself is a surprise.  He and Slash echo one another’s statements about the friendships between the band members and how that helps make the performances so fun.  They even discuss performing at the Hammersmith, noting their love for the venue.  Again, the overall presentation here is brief, but even with that brevity, the discussions are still in-depth in their own right, offering audiences that much more entertainment and engagement.  When this is considered along with the concert’s set list and the band’s performance thereof, all three elements make the recording’s overall presentation one that rock fans across the board will enjoy and a welcome new live offering from Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators’ new live recording Living The Dream Tour is only the second live recording that the rock collective has released since the group released its first studio recording roughly seven years ago.  Considering it is only the group’s second live recording, it is an impressive new offering that serves to show the group’s strength.  The recording offers audiences plenty to appreciate, beginning with its expansive set list.  The set list pulls from each of the group’s studio recordings and Slash’s self-titled 2010 album.  The band’s performance of the show’s set list adds even more for audiences to enjoy.  The bonus behind-the-scenes featurette is brief, but still offers its own share of entertainment and engagement.  Each item is important in its own right to the whole of Living The Dream Tour’s whole in its own way.  All things considered, they make the recording a “dream” come true for every rock fan.  More information on the recording is available online now along with all of the group’s latest news at:










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Mark Morton’s Solo Debut LP Will Leave Listeners Anything But Numb

Courtesy: Spinefarm Records

It’s hard to do the same thing over and over for years at a time.  Everybody knows that.  It’s why people change jobs.  It is also why members of musical acts across the musical universe decide at one point or another to branch out and try their hands at something new (I.E. solo albums). Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton joined those ranks in March with his debut solo album Anasthetic.  The 10-song, 42 minute record shows Morton as not just a metal guitarist, but rather a multi-talented musician who has the capability to succeed in any musical genre.  This is proven in part late in the album’s run in the form of ‘Reveal.’  It will be addressed shortly.  The surprisingly subdued ‘Axis,’ which comes early in the album’s run, is another way in which Morton’s wide range of talent is exhibited in this record.  ‘Save Defiance,’ the album’s mid-point is yet another way in which Morton’s full talents are put on display and will also be addressed later.  Each song noted here is important in its own way in proving Mark Morton is more than just another metal shredder.  When they are examined along with the rest of the record’s entries, the whole of the album creates a new and deserved respect for Morton and his abilities.

Mark Morton’s debut self-titled album Anasthetic is a strong first solo outing for the Lamb of God guitarist.  That is because it allowed Morton to fully put on display, his talents as a guitarist.  It allowed him to show he is talented at doing more than just churning out heavy, shredding riffs.  Rather, it shows he can handle his own in almost any genre of music.  ‘Reveal,’ which comes late in the album’s run is just one of the album’s entries that supports those statements.  The song, recorded with singer/songwriter Naeemah Maddox, is the polar opposite of anything that Morton has ever done as a member of LoG.  The work presented by Morton here, is gentle and bluesy.  It expertly compliments the Philadelphia-born vocalist’s delivery and the work of their fellow musicians.  His bluesy guitar solo lends itself so easily to comparisons to the best work of Derek Trucks and Carlos Santana.  It is a true, full departure from everything that fans of Morton’s work have ever known, and it is so in the best way possible.

The song’s musical arrangement is just one part of what makes it stand out.  Its positive lyrical content couples with its musical to make the song in whole even more interesting.  Maddox sings in the song’s lead verse, “Could be all for sale/Or could be smoke and mirrors/The end is growing near/Or could be smoke and mirrors/Say who you are/Go set your truth/Don’t be the rude in another’s fair/See how you feel/And the nreveal/You may not be who you are/Right at this moment in time.”  She continues in the song’s second verse, “Go and dig a well/And hide as you abide/See, I’m fragile as a shell/And echo like a bell.”  She adds in the song’s third and final verse, “Willing, you have your own mind/You can think for yourself.”  She is saying here that things aren’t always just black and white.  There are shades of grey, so be you and be the best you can be.  That is at least this critic’s own town on this.  It is just one interpretation.  Hopefully it is somewhere close to being right as it certainly seems to send a rather positive message to listeners.  That, taken into consideration with the song’s musical arrangement, makes the song just one of Anasthetic’s most notable tracks and just one of the most notable examples of Morton’s wide range of talent.  ‘Axis,’ which comes much earlier in the album’s run, is another key example of Morton’s abilities and, in turn, most notable additions.

‘Axis’ is another key example of Morton’s talents and by connection another of this record’s most notable entries.  Crafted with vocalist Mark Lanegan (ex-Screaming Trees), the song’s subdued arrangement lends itself to comparisons to works from the likes of Tom Waitts and Bruce Springsteen.  That is most evident in Lanegan’s vocals and Morton’s guitar work.  Again, this is a stark departure for Morton from the intensity of the work that he has done over the years with Lamb of God.  It shows he can do so much more than jus play fast and loud, but rather also slower and with great dynamic control.  It makes for that much more respect for Morton and his abilities.  The song’s musical arrangement does a lot to make this work stand out, and is just one part of what makes it stand out.  The song’s lyrical content adds its own share of interest to the song’s whole.

Lanegan sings seemingly in this song, about someone who has been through quite a bit of adversity in life and is struggling to get through it.  What’s interesting here is that for all the adversity, the song doesn’t come across as some sort of emo type song.  Rather, it harkens back to the great blues songs of days long ago through its lyrical delivery.  He sings in the song’s lead verse, “I came down with a fever/The catacombs, they were filled/Lucifer within my larynx/Clothing a sarcophagus/Baby, set my head on fire/Every man is born to die/The Captain called me out on a carpet, boys/You know I got a tear in my eye/”  he continues in the song’s second verse, “I have been lost and wandering/A wanderer I remain/Met Judas in West Texas/Tried to take my name/Now I am lost and wandering/And wandering, I am blind/Will the moon come off its axis/Before I lose my mind/I came down with a sickness/Pouring down just like rain/Red, red sun in the evening/Red, red heart full of pain.”  He adds a touch more in the song’s third and final verse, but the song in whole is pretty clear.  Again, this is someone who has gone through so much.  It is just a classic, retro style country blues type work even in its lyrical presentation.  That content, coupled with the song’s musical arrangement, makes it a piece that is sure to appeal to plenty of listeners.  It will appeal so widely because of that aspect and because, again, it shows that Morton is not just a one-trick pony.  It shows he can do quite a bit more than just metal, and can do so quite well at that.  It still is not the last of the songs featured in this record that serves to exhibit that talent and interest.  ‘Save Defiance,’ the record’s mid-point, is one more example of Morton’s broad range of talent.

‘Save Defiance’ was recorded with Alter Bridge front man Myles Kennedy.  Fittingly, this song’s arrangement presents Morton as an able mainstream hard rock driver just as much as a metal guitarist.  What is truly interesting here is that the grouping of Morton, Kennedy and the rest of the song’s featured musicians immediately leads to comparisons to some of Alter Bridge’s best works.  Again, this is a good thing because it shows how much more Morton can do than just shred really fast and hard.  It shows here that he can create some really heavy, melodic riffs, too.  Morton’s ability to so easily liken himself to Mark Tremonti shows yet again just why he is such an important figure not just in the rock community, but in the music community in whole.  As much as Morton’s abilities do for himself and for the song, they are just one part of what makes the song stand out.  The song’s lyrical content plays its own important part to the whole of the song.

Kennedy sings in the song’s lead verse, “Into the last refrain/As your empire falls/World in decay/Our backs against the wall/Tell me, now/Is it too late/Tell me, now/Who’ll pay the cost/For all the times you’ve disengaged/Tomorrow could be lost/Stop what you started/Open your eyes/The truth is the hardest thing to deny.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Save defiance/And hope you’ve got one last shot/Blood of tyrants running cold/They will never stop/Save defiance/You alone will resist in time/Break alliance to behold shifting paradigms/There is no time to waste/This you can’t deny/The truth you embrace was only just a lie/Now do you see you’re betrayed/now you must keep your resolved/Or everything you sacrifice to keep/Will forever be dissolved/Stop what they started/Open your eyes/They’re reaping a harvest/And bleeding you dry.”  He reminds listeners in the song’s third verse, “This is your season/Take it and rise/The battle’s drawing/Fight for your lives.”  This is a call to action, point blank.  This is a socio-political commentary that is urging people everywhere to not sit idly by and allow those who do bad in the world to continue their heinous acts.  He is telling listeners to stand up and do something and make a difference.  That is at least this critic’s own take on this content.  The power and urgency in the song’s musical arrangement works to make this seem the case, so hopefully it is at least somewhere in the proverbial ballpark.  Thinking about the power of the song’s combined musical and lyrical content along with that of the power of the other discussed songs’ power and variety, they show clearly together just how talented Mark Morton really is.  When the variety and power in the songs discussed here is considered along with that of the rest of the album’s songs, the whole of the record becomes a strong solo debut for Morton.  It serves to show regardless of where his future takes him, Morton can and will be successful.

Mark Morton’s debut solo album Anesthetic is a strong first effort from the Lamb of God guitarist.  That is because while it does continue to display his metal chops throughout, it does more than that.  It also shows his abilities in other regions of the musical universe.  That, combined with lyrical content that is just as certain as the record’s musical content to keep listeners engaged, makes the record a positive offering from Morton and all involved.  All things considered, the album proves to be a presentation that will leave listeners anything but numb.  More information on Anasthetic is available online now along with all of Mark Morton’s latest news and more at:










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Eagle Rock Entertainment To Release New Live Recording From Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators have a new live recording on the way.

The group will release its new recording Living The Dream Tour Sept. 20.  The concert, recorded at the band’s performance at the Hammersmith Apollo (London) during its 2019 “Living The Dream Tour,” it is scheduled for release on DVD/2CD; Blu-ray/2CD; 3LP Black vinyl; limited edition 3LP Red vinyl digital video and digital audio.

The concert featured in the recording is a two-hour set.  It features songs from  Slash’s solo records and from his work with Kennedy and The Conspirators.  A full clip of the band performing the song ‘Anastasia‘ is streaming now.  The trailer for the recording is streaming here.

The full track listing for Living The Dream Tour is noted below. Pre-orders are open now.


The Call Of The Wild
Standing In The Sun
Back From Cali
My Antidote
Serve You Right
Boulevard Of Broken Hearts
Shadow Life
We’re All Gonna Die
Doctor Alibi
Lost Inside The Girl
Wicked Stone
Mind Your Manners
Driving Rain
By The Sword
You’re A Lie
World On Fire

Slash and company are in the midst of the latest leg of its “Living The Dream Tour.”  The group’s current tour schedule is noted below.

Sun-Jul-21-19 Calgary, AB Grey Eagle Entertainment Centre
Tue-Jul-23-19 Winnipeg, MB Burton Cummings Theatre for the Performing Arts
Thu-Jul-25-19 Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theatre
Fri-Jul-26-19 Windsor, ON The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor
Sun-Jul-28-19 Montreal, QC Heavy Montreal
Mon-Jul-29-19 Toronto, ON Rebel Complex
Wed-Jul-31-19 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre
Thu-Aug-01-19 Northfield, OH Hard Rock Rocksino
Sat-Aug-03-19 Prior Lake, MN Mystic Lake Casino
Sun-Aug-4-19 Chicago, IL LOLLAPALOOZA
Tue-Aug-06-19 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
Wed-Aug-07-19 Fort Wayne, IN Sweetwater Performance Pavilion
Fri-Aug-09-19 Council Bluffs, IA Harrah’s Council Bluffs – Stir Cove
Sat-Aug-10-19 Maryland Heights, MO KSHE Pig Roast
Mon-Aug-12-19 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
Tue-Aug-13-19 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live

More information on Living The Dream Tour is available online now along with all of Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators’ latest news at:






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Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators Debuts Second Single From Forthcoming Album, ‘Living The Dream’

Courtesy: Snakepit/Roadrunner Records

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators is giving audiences another preview of its upcoming album Living The Dream.

The band debuted the album’s second single ‘Mind Your Manners’ on Friday.  The song is streaming online at Spotify and Apple Music, and available as an instant grat track at other outlets.  Each outlet can be accessed here.

Slash discussed ‘Mind Your Manners’ in a recent interview, saying that the song’s genesis happened somewhat spontaneously.

“I wrote this song on the spot to help the band get up and running once we got back in the studio this past January,” Slash said.  “It’s just a go-for-it type of song.  Pretty straightforward rock and fun to play.”

Kennedy expanded on Slash’s thoughts, explaining the song’s lyrical content.

“‘Mind Your Manners’ was something I didn’t hear until the guys had started jamming together,” Kennedy said.  “It’s a cool up-tempo sort of thing and I knew immediately it would have its own place on this record.  Lyrically, it’s about how when things are going well, there always tends to be someone who tries to rain on your parade and knock you down.  You have to keep people like that in check and not let them get to you.”

The debut of ‘Mind Your Manners’ comes only weeks after the group debuted the forthcoming album’s lead single ‘Driving Rain‘ late last month.  Pre-orders for the album, which is due out October 21 via Snakepit/Roadrunner Records, are open now.  The album’s track listing is noted below.

Following is the tracklisting for LIVING THE DREAM:
1. The Call of the Wild
2. Serve You Right
3. My Antidote
4. Mind Your Manners
5. Lost Inside the Girl
6. Read Between the Lines
7. Slow Grind
8. The One You Loved Is Gone
9. Driving Rain
10. Sugar Cane
11. The Great Pretender
12. Boulevard of Broken Hearts

A tour in support of Living The Dream is scheduled to launch September 13  in Los Angeles, California. It is currently scheduled to run through October 18, bringing the band full circle back to Los Angeles with stops in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Louisville, KY; Silver Spring Maryland and other cities along the way.  The tour’s current schedule is noted below.


More information on ‘Mind Your Manners,’ Living The Dream and all of the latest news and more from Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators is available online now at:






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Remark Hoping To Get Positive Remarks Across America With Its Music

Russia has been in the news quite a bit lately thanks to everything going on in Washington, D.C. – but for all of the negativity coming out of the news concerning the former Communist nation, some good musical news has been coming out of Russia lately.

Russian rock outfit Remark released its debut, self-titled album last year, and has been making waves overseas with the record.  Now the band has its eyes set on the U.S. with its latest single ‘Falling.’

The released its lead single in its home county last year, and is now spreading the song across America with the song’s companion video.  The video is streaming online now via the band’s official YouTube channel.

Courtesy: High Road Publicity

It is just one of the latest songs to be released from the band’s debut record.  Also out now are the videos for the band’s singles ‘Vesna’ and ‘Wild Run.’

Remark’s name has been building over the years as it has shared the stage with major American acts such as Slash and Myles Kennedy, Tom Keifer, W.A.S.P., Dope and others.


More information on Remark is available online now at:








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Like A Storm Unveils New Single

New Zealand hard rock outfit Like A Storm released its latest single this week.

The band released the song ‘Pure Evil’ this week.  The song is a brand new offering from the band.  Guitarist Matt Brooks explained the religious and political commentary contained within the song in a recent interview.  He said it takes on the contrary nature of so many of the world’s political and religious leaders.

“Those members of our society who are supposed to be a shining example of morality are so often revealed to be corrupt, immoral and even dangerous,” Brooks said.  “The cover-ups, scandals and exploitation that pervade the highest levels of church and government are just sickening.  So ‘Pure Evil’ seemed like the perfect way to sum up this absolute hypocrisy – these people appear so righteous, but at their core they are the worst of the worst.”

Courtesy: Century Media/Century Media Records

Courtesy: Century Media/Century Media Records

Brooks said the inspiration for the hard-edged approach to the song’s arrangement came from the band’s time on the road.

“After playing festivals to crowds like Download and Graspop, we started approaching music in terms of what we could envision seas of people rocking out to in unison,” he said.

He added the band’s current tour of Europe played a part in its new approach to songwriting, too.

“From all of our touring here we got turned onto a lot of heavier music coming out of Europe/Scandanavia like Dimmu Borgir and Gojira.  We’ve always loved writing music that’s layered and epic, and wanted to keep pushing that.”

Brooks said the band was especially excited to perform live in Europe.

“From the very first time we came over, we knew that this was a special part of the world to come and play,” he said.  “Rock and metal are definitely not dead here!  People wear their hearts on their sleeves.  We’ve never had a bad show here, so we’re very stoked to be back.”

Like A Storm’s new sound has not gone unnoticed.  Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti, who recently shared time on stage with Like A Storm, had high praise for the band and its new single.

“‘Pure Evil’ is totally killer!,” said Tremonti.  “This song will be so badass live!”

Tremonti’s band mate, Myles Kennedy, praised the band’s work ethic.  He said the band has earned its success.

“They’re hardcore,” he said.  “I see them show up on stage every night and give it 10,000 percent.  They definitely have proved that they deserve every bit of success that they have coming to them.”

The band recently filmed a video to accompany its new song.  The video will be unveiled later this month.  The video, filmed in an abandoned church, required the band to hire armed security for the shoot, said Brooks.  He said the security was necessary because of the reputation of the unnamed city where the video was shot.

“We actually filmed in a place considered to be one of America’s most dangerous cities,” Brooks said.  “We had to hire armed police officers as security – that was a different experience, coming from New Zealand!”

Like A Storm’s current European tour schedule is noted below.


LIKE A STORM – Europe/UK Tour with Alter Bridge & Special Guests

Nov. 8th – Paris, FRANCE @ Zenith
Nov. 9th – Brussels, BELGIUM @ AB
Nov. 10th – Amsterdam, HOLLAND @ HMH
Nov. 13th – Berlin, GERMANY @ Columbiahalle
Nov. 14th – Vienna, AUSTRIA @ Gasometer
Nov. 16th – Katowice, POLAND @ Spodek
Nov. 18th – Stockholm, SWEDEN @ Annexet
Nov. 20th – Oslo, NORWAY @ Sentrum Scene
Nov. 21st – Copenhagen, DENMARK @Falconer Theatre
Nov. 23rd – Manchester, ENGLAND @ Manchester Arena
Nov. 24th – London, ENGLAND @ O2 Arena
Nov. 26th – Nottingham, ENGLAND @ Motorpoint Arena
Nov. 27th – Birmingham, ENGLAND @ Genting Arena
Nov. 28th – Cardiff, WALES @ Motorpoint Arena
Dec. 1st – Glasgow, SCOTLAND @ Hydro
Dec. 2nd – Leeds, ENGLAND @ First Direct Arena
Dec. 4th – Frankfurt, GERMANY @ Jahrhunderthalle
Dec. 5th – Cologne, GERMANY @ Palladium
Dec. 6th – Hamburg, GERMANY @ Mehrl Theater
Dec. 9th – Bologna, ITALY @ Unipol Arena
Dec. 10th – Munich, GERMANY @  Zenith
Dec. 11th – Basel, SWITZERLAND @ St Jakobshalle


More information on Like A Storm’s new single is available online along with all of the band’s latest tour updates, news and more at:










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