Fire From The Gods Unveils ‘Voiceless’ Video

Courtesy: Rise Records

Fire From The Gods is giving its fans their first taste of its “new” album.

The band released the video for its latest single ‘Voiceless’ this week.  The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album Narrative Retold, which is scheduled to be released May 19 via Rise Records.

Narrative Retold is a re-issue of the band’s 2016 album Narrative, and features the newly added single along with ‘The Taste’ and an acoustic take of ‘Excuse Me.’  It can be pre-ordered online now here. The album is Fire From The Gods’ second full-length studio recording and its first for Rise Records.

Directed by Ramon Boutviseth and produced by Korn front man Jonathan Davis, the video for ‘Voiceless’ crosses footage of the band performing its song in a small studio setting with footage of fans gagged used to illustrate the song’s message.

Courtesy: Rise Records

Front man AJ Channer explained the message presented in the album’s lead single centers on the desensitization of society.  He added while he knows the message is nothing new, there is always a need to remind people they need to pull themselves out of that sense.

“‘The Voiceless’ is referring to the callousness of society,” Channer said.  “This generation is exposed to so many shocking and graphic events.  No one seems to bat an eye.  There is no compassion or care for one’s fellow man.  Violence toward each other is a normal occurrence factored into our lives these days.  Speaking up about it is nothing new, but it needs to be said.  Yes, the world will keep spinning, and life does go on, but we need to slow down and smell the roses once in a while.”

The message presented in ‘Voiceless’ runs throughout the album just in different ways with one common theme in each message as Channer explained.

“This album is the personal narrative of a minority man living in major cities and being American,” Channer said.  “There’s a socio-economic theme throughout the whole record that carries from each song to song.  It’s all about the underdog.  We’ve all had to fight for everything we have in this band.  The political climate in our country is quite racially and socially charged.  There are a lot of issues and energy people are expressing along with misguided hate and anger.  I want to channel this in music that can resonate.  This is where we come from and who we are as a band.  I want people to feel empowered by this record.  Come out of the experience knowing somebody thinks like you.”

Fire From The Gods is currently touring in support of its upcoming record.  It will be in Wichita, KS April 23, Springfield, MO on April 26 and Nashville, TN on April 27 to round out the month.  The band will open May with a show in Birmingham, AL on May 2.  Two performances in North Carolina are also included in the band’s current tour schedule on July 4 and 6 in Wilmington and Charlotte respectively.

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