The Jimi Hendrix Park Finally Becoming A Reality

Courtesy:  Merlis For Hire

Courtesy: Merlis For Hire

It has taken four years of planning and fundraising. But it looks like the long-awaited Jimi Hendrix Park will finally become a reality at least in part very soon.

Officials with the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation announced this week that after much negotiation, The City Of Seattle is now pursuing a contract with construction company ERGG, Inc. to start work on the park, honoring one of the city’s favorite sons. ERGG, Inc. was chosen from a pool of five bidding companies to build the 2.5 acre park in the city’s Central District. The park will be located adjacent to the city’s Northwest African-American Museum. Construction on Phase I is expected to begin in April with opening of the park’s new features expected for this fall. Phase I of the park’s growth, designated “Little Wing,” will include a new stairway and grand entrance at the southeast corner of the park at the intersection of 25th and Massachusetts. It will also feature a chronological timeline of Jimi’s life and career, paved pathways, new landscaping that will feature new trees and native plantings, seat wall benches, improved fencing, ADA accessible walkways, rain infiltration gardens, a butterfly garden, and central plaza for community gatherings and performances.

Jimi Hendrix’s sister Janie Hendrix is Founder and Director of the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation. She shared her thoughts on this week’s major announcement noting her hopes that the park will be more than just another tourist trap. Rather, she hoped that it would become a site that would pay homage to Jimi’s life and legacy, noting, “It is our hope that for generations, it will exist as more than an attraction or point of interest, but a place of homage to one of Seattle’s own. The landscaping, the artistic design, and the ambience all mimic the vibe of the persona of Jimi, whom this park honors.”

Rosanna Sharpe is Executive Director of the Northwest African-American Museum. She shared Jamie’s high hopes for the park, especially being that the park will be located so close to the museum. “The Northwest African-American Museum looks forward to the opening of the new Jimi Hendrix Park,” she said. “Together we form a premier cultural destination that celebrates African-American art, history and culture, and the living legacy of an iconic musician who helped the world expand its definition of “black music” and continues to influence musicians today.”

Fundraising by the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation started in 2012. It raised a total of $1.4 million for the first of the park’s two phases. Fundraising for the second phase of the park’s development is ongoing. The second phase of the park’s development includes: additional pathways, pedestrian lighting, improved fencing, construction of a central shelter and centerpiece feature, and a “shadow wave wall” that depicts iconic silhouette images of Jimi Hendrix. Anyone that would like to donate to the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation’s work on the park’s second phase can do so online via the Foundation’s website at The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation is a 501(c)3 registered public charity (EIN 27-3599916). A schematic design of the park in its completed state is noted below.

Courtesy:  Merlis For Hire

Courtesy: Merlis For Hire

Major financial assistance for development of Phase I came from: Hard Rock International, Parks and Green Spaces Opportunity Fund, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Janie L. Hendrix, King Conservation District, Seattle Parks Foundation, KISW 99.9 FM, Northwest African-American Museum, Nisqually Indian Tribe, and Fender Musical Instruments Co.

More information on The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation is available online along with information on how to donate to the second phase of the park’s construction, and all of the latest developments on its construction at:




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Safina’s New Series Is A Splash

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBSForget

The first season of PBS’ documentary series, Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina is a fitting release for anyone that has any interest in maritime sciences, conservation, and all things nautical.  Host Carl Safina takes viewers across the world’s oceans and rivers through the course of ten episodes showing the effect that mankind has had on the world’s sea-swelling animals.  The material contained within these ten episodes is hardly anything new.  Viewers are reminded once again through each one the damage that mankind has wrought on the world’s bodies of water.  But through it all, Safina and company do remind audiences that there is still hope thanks to devoted individuals leading the charge to protect the world’s oceans and its inhabitants.

The show’s first season takes viewers from the dry Baja desert to the turtle refuge of Trinidad and Tobago and points in between showing the impact that humans have had on the world’s waters.  Those impacts are both good and bad, as evidenced in episodes such as the two-part episode, ‘River of Kings’ and in ‘Trinidad’s Turtle Giants.’  The prior of the pair is a two-part episode showing how descendants of the Nisqually Indian Tribe are trying to help protect the salmon population and help it flourish in the Nisqually River. The episode explains how measures taken by the descendants of the tribe have re-opened marshland that was once dry and thus allowed the salmon population return to the region once more and spawn.  This has, in turn, had a positive impact on both the local Pacific Northwest region as well as the overall population of the different salmon species.  The latter of the episodes noted here shows how efforts by one woman in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobego helped to save the Leatherback Turtle population in her nation.  It was through her efforts that Leatherbacks became a protected species and as a result brought in far more money via tourism than hunting them ever had.  Some of the footage in this episode is not easy for some viewers.  This includes younger viewers.  So viewer discretion should be used here.  Kudos to Safina for even noting this within the episode, too.

While the episodes included in Season One of Saving The Ocean with Carl Safina could be argued to be beating the proverbial dead horse, that’s not a bad thing.  The world needs to be reminded of the dangers of mankind’s impact on what he should be protecting.  None of the episodes included in this double-disc set is overly preachy in its delivery of this message, either.  Rather, viewers are gently nudged and reminded that overfishing the world’s waters and general neglect can have a massively negative impact.  But there are still people providing hope without vigilante style methods.  Rather, Safina interviews academics and those most closely linked to the issues raised in each episode.  The lack of drama that certain other shows bring (I.E. Whale Wars) makes it all the more interesting to watch, believe it or not.

The lack of drama in each episode and the more real world look at the problems facing the world’s oceans and waterways makes each episode in the show’s first season all the more watchable and believable, too.  There is another factor that works into the show’s ability to reach its viewers.  That factor is the episode lengths.  Each episode contained on this two-disc set comes in at just under half an hour. To be more precise, each episode comes in at roughly twenty-five minutes.  Typically, such a short time is fitting for young audiences.  But adults have just as short an attention span in general.  So this makes for another positive to this set, especially considering the combination of the episodes’ lengths and the writing.  The two partner quite well along with the equally brilliant footage to complete the season’s positives and make each episode more worth viewing at least once.

Saving the Ocean Season One is available now and can be ordered online via PBS’ online shop at  After ordering the double-disc set, audiences can also go to the official PBS Facebook page to keep up with all of the latest news and more from PBS at or the official PBS website at

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