Anely Debuts ‘Up In Smoke’ Video

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Independent metalcore band Aenlydebuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its latest single ‘Up In Smoke’ Tuesday through BraveWords. The video’s debut comes more than three months after the band debuted the song’s lyric video.

The video features the band performing its new single against a plain background.

The song’s musical arrangement presents a djent sound through its heavy, crunching guitars and equally heavy drums and cutting vocals. It will appeal to fans of Nothingface. Its lyrical theme will connect with a wide range of listeners, as the band pointed out in its interview with BraveWords.

“‘Up In Smoke’ is a depiction of one’s internal anger, frustration and feeling of suffocating in the midst of a chaotic world filled with tension and uncertainty,” the band said. “The song touches on a lack of control in our current situation and the ability to renew our selves, bounce back and settle with our past.”

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Rig Time! Takes On Dry Kill Logic’s ‘Pain’

Independent hard rock band Rig Time! is paying tribute to Dry Kill Logic.

Rig Time! debuted its cover of DKL’s classic song ‘Pain‘ Sept. 17.  The cover stays largely true to its source material from beginning to end.  For those less familiar with Dry Kill Logic, the song’s musical arrangement will appeal to fans of bands, such as Nothingface and Machine Head.

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Rig Time! drummer/vocalist Bryan W. Fleming talked about the act’s cover in a recent interview.

“Our cover of ‘Pain’ originated from being approached about contributing a nu metal cover song for an upcoming compilation,” he said. “We tossed around a few ideas and decided on Dry Kill Logic. When I think of bands from the early “Nu metal days”, DKL always comes to mind with the utmost admiration. They were a band that had that killer “nu” groove but always felt like a more of a hardcore & 90’s metalcore vibe. We’ve always been known for being groove oriented and very heavy, so this song fit well. We stuck to the original formula but still made it ours. A little more dirty, grimy and noisy. Since we’re all in a moment where touring isn’t an option, this was a fun way to stay active as we prepare for our next original release to come out.”

Rig Time!’s cover of ‘Pain’ is available to stream and download here.

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“Band of Brothers” officially takes the top in 2012’s best metal list

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Hellyeah has officially returned.  And the fire hasn’t burned out even in the slightest for this hard rock supergroup.  The band–Vinnie Paul, Chad Gray, Greg Tribbett, Tom Maxwell, and Bob Zilla–picks up with the same intensity shown on its 2010 sophomore release, “Stampede.”  

“Band of Brothers”, whcih hits stores July 17th, opens with ‘War in Me.’  ‘War in Me’ is an automatic headbanger that has enough energy to leave listeners breathless after that one track alone.  From there, the band kicks into something of a Pantera-esque tribute in the album’s title track.  It doesn’t let up in the least from ‘War in Me.’  Frontman Chad Gray even seems to channel Phil Anselmo in some of his delivery all while maintaining the sound that he has honed with his other band, Mudvayne.  Listeners are given just enough time to catch their breaths at the end of ‘Band of Brothers’ so as to get ready to take in the next piece of sharp as a knife metal in ‘Rage_Burn.’

“Band of Brothers” barely lets off after its first trio of tracks.  The softest that the album gets is on the contemplative ballad, ‘Between You and Now.’  After that, the band kicks the adrenaline right back into high gear with ‘Call It.’  The band barely lets off from here on out to the end of what can only be described as a full on musical metal assault.  When it’s all said and done, “Band of Brothers” will leave its fans satisfied, yet hoping for even more reason to be yelling, “HellYeah” many more times in the future.

Hellyeah is currently touring in support of its upcoming album.  The band will be in Spokane, WA this Thursday.  And it will follow that show with performances in Boise, Idaho, Reno, Nevada and San Francisco to close out the week.  Fans can get all the latest tour dates and news from HellYeah online at, on Facebook at, on Myspace at, and on Twitter at

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