Count On Count Me In! To Be One Of 2014’s Best Children’s Albums

Courtesy:  Waldmania PR/Little Rockers Music

Courtesy: Waldmania PR/Little Rockers Music

The Little Rockers Band is back with yet another fun, family friendly record in Count Me In!, the band’s latest release.  The new album, the band’s second, is certain to have young listeners on their feet in no time flat and keep them dancing right to the end of the album’s closer.  The album’s musical and lyrical mix is one more that proves that more often than not, children’s albums actually bear more originality and creativity than even any album for grown-ups.  Not convinced?  The band’s twist on Old McDonald puts Mick Jagger in the place of the beloved elderly farmer in ‘Old Mick Jagger.’  And the Country-Western feel of ‘Wild Wild West’ will take young listeners back to the days of cowboys traversing the open plains.  If that’s still not enough to convince listeners, ‘Morning Train’ will do just the trick.  Just like ‘Wild Wild West’ it will entertain young listeners both for its musical and lyrical content.  There are plenty of other songs from which parents, teachers, and students can choose on this album as proof of what makes it so enjoyable.  They will be able to do so when the album is released nationwide on April 15th.

Most young listeners likely don’t have the slightest clue as to the identity of The Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger.  That being the case, one can’t help but applaud the husband and wife duo of Chris and Jessie Apple for including the song, ‘Old Mick Jagger’ on this latest release.  It is just one example of the duo’s continued originality on its sophomore release.  Chris and Jessie—and their band mates Liam Moroney (lead guitar) and Billy Papenberg (drums)—replace everybody’s favorite elderly farmer with ever y rock purist’s favorite front man.  Jessie sings in the song, set to the tune of ‘Old McDonald’, Old Mick Jagger had a band/yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah/And in his band he had a guitar/yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah/With a strum strum here/And a strum strum there/yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.  Of course the song continues on in this fashion until each member of the band is covered.  Kids will love it because it is all set to the classic children’s tune.  Parents will love the inclusion of the guitar riff from the Stones’ hit song, ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ and the kid friendly lyrics.  It’s a wonderful way to get young listeners started early on as fans of the single greatest band in the modern history of rock.  No other children’s act out there today has done what The Little Rockers Band has done here.   And it serves to prove even more just how original this record stands.

If ‘Old Mick Jagger’ doesn’t convince listeners as to the originality and creativity of The Little Rockers Band on its new record, maybe ‘Wild Wild West’ will win over some listeners.  This song will take listeners of any age back to a better time.  It will take them back to a time of cowboys and cowgirls riding the open plains, blue skies and stars over their heads instead of massive skyscrapers.  Chris Apple perfectly paints the picture of that age along with this band mates, singing, “If I could be whatever I choose/I think I’d like to be/A cowboy from the wild wild west/Nothing to lose/My trusty steed and me/No fences/No match upon my vest/I’d like to find a happy home that’s right for me.”  Jessie follows singing about the joys of being a cowgirl in the Wild Wild West.  The whole time, the band offers listeners an old school almost Gene Autry style country western musical vibe.  The two together make this song another wonderful addition to The Little Rockers Band’s new album.

Both ‘Wild Wild West’ and ‘Old Mick Jagger’ exhibit the creativity and originality of The Little Rockers Band on its new album.  There is at least one more example of that originality and creativity that listeners will love on this album.  That song is ‘Morning Train.’  The song’s semi-rockabilly feel and lyrics make the song a complete joy.  Mr. and Mrs. Apple sing about the sights and sounds of a train station early in the morning.  From the sound of the trains’ whistles to the trains clickety-clacking in and out of the station to the hustle and bustle on the platform, it’s all there.  The duo paints a vivid picture of a single day at a train station with its words alone. The Apples’ band mates add their own touch to the song, too.  The rhythm of guitarist Liam Moroney makes the musical picture even more vivid.  His driving energy helps to make seeing the trains coming and going even easier.  Drummer Billy Papenberg works with Moroney to make the visual even clearer.  Altogether, The Little Rockers Band show once more in this song just how creative and original it is once more.  There are many more songs throughout this record that exhibit the band’s creativity and originality.  Listeners will get to hear them for themselves when the band releases its new album April 15th.  It can be ordered online via Amazon, iTunes, and the band’s official website,  Listeners can also go to the band’s official website to check out all the latest news from the band, as well as sign up for classes and more.

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