‘Arthur’ Leads 2019’s Top New Family DVDs/BDs With Its New Celebration Of Diversity

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Entertaining children and keeping them  entertained is not an easy task.  Every parent out there can attest to this statement, including this critic.  Thankfully, new DVDs and Blu-rays are released annually that go a long way toward keeping children entertained while also bringing families together.  This year saw its own share of strong new DVDs and Blu-rays for families, too.  That was thanks to PBS Distribution, Shout! Factory  and even — believe it or not — Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.  From Sesame Street to Wild Kratts to even Scooby Doo and more, this year’s family-friendly DVD and BD releases offered hours of entertainment.

As with every list presented so far, this year’s list features the Top 10 titles of the year, plus five honorable mention titles for a total of 15 new releases.  Without further ado, here for your consideration is Phil’s Picks 2019 Top 10 New Family DVDs and BDs.



  1. ArthurArthur Celebrates Community
  2. Ready Jet Go!One Small Step
  3. Ready Jet Go!Space Rocks
  4. Nature CatNature Cat & Mr. Hide
  5. The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales
  6. Mister Rogers’ NeighborhoodMister Rogers & Making Mistakes
  7. Ready Jet Go!Chasing The Sun
  8. Sesame StreetAwesome Alphabet Collection
  9. Sesame StreetCelebrate Family
  10. Scooby Doo & The Curse of the 13th Ghost
  11. Wild KrattsCreepy Creatures
  12. Wild KrattsBriny Blue Sea
  13. Splash & BubblesPole To Pole
  14. Dinosaur TrainDinosaurs Big & Small
  15. Oddsockeaters


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‘Oddsockeaters’ Is Worth An Occasional Watch For Some Members Of The Family

Courtesy: Omnibus Entertainment/Film Movement

Early last month, independent movie studio Omnibus Entertainment brought the CG-animated import Oddsockeaters to American audiences through a partnership with Film Movement.  The movie was marketed as a family-friendly flick thanks to its silly premise, and to a point, it meets that marketing with its story.  This will be discussed shortly.  While it is okay for some members of the family, the reality of the movie is that it is not friendly for the whole family, even despite its silly story.  That is due to its content.  This will be discussed later.  While there are some concerns with the movie’s overall content, those concerns are not enough to completely ruin the movie.  Its average price point makes the purchase one that is money well-spent.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of Oddsockeaters.  All things considered, they make Oddsockeaters more proof that there is a place and need for foreign cinematic offerings in today’s American cinematic universe.

Americans in general know that anytime a sock disappears in the laundry, it’s typically the work of the infamous sock gnomes.  However, as the Czech import Oddsockeaters reveals, the gnomes are either not the ones responsible for our socks’ disappearance, or they are not the only ones responsible for said disappearance.  According to this movie, which was originally released in its home nation of the Czech Republic in 2016 – and imported to America this year – some magical creatures known as the Oddsockeaters play their own role in our socks’ disappearances.  That premise in itself makes this movie worth at least one watch by most family members.  Making it even more interesting is the dual plot presented within the story.  One of the plots presented within the movie is that of two competing “criminal” Oddsockeater organizations, one of which is far more corrupt than the other, as it takes every sock possible.  The other group still takes socks, but still shares with their human counterparts.  The head of the more evil group, called “the blades” is a former henchman of the other group.  Simply put, it’s a largely family friendly gangster flick for all intents and purposes.  The other plot, which follows Hugo as he tries to find his place in the world, is a coming-of-age story of sorts that also features a central theme of the importance of family.  Considering all of this, the movie’s overall story proves itself as one that will appeal to most members of the family.  The one problem with the story is that there is an issue of suspension of disbelief.  The Oddsockeaters are only visible to what they call “Oddies” (people who live alone and are “crazy”).  So everyone else is not able to see them.  Herein lies the movie’s most prominent problem.  It is made clear that while only certain types of people can see the Oddsockeaters, they (the Oddsockeaters) do not know which humans are “Oddies” and which ones are not.  To that end, how can they in fact be running around the city without being completely unseen?  It would have to be completely by chance of luck.  That very issue severely impacts the movie’s believability.  Even with that in mind, suspension of disbelief is not entirely impossible, but it is not as easy as one might think, either.  Considering everything noted here, the story at the center of Oddsockeaters makes the movie worth at least one watch, but not much more.

The story at the center of Oddsockeaters makes the movie worth at least one watch, even despite the glaring plot hole involving who can and cannot see the magical creatures, who are themselves made of sock material.  Therein is another problem.  They are basically living, breathing socks that eat socks.  While the story makes the movie worth at least one watch, there is some content presented throughout the story that proves the movie is not entirely as family friendly as Omnibus Entertainment and Film Movement would have audiences believe it to be.  Featured within some of the dialogue are words that are clearly used to replace what would have otherwise been some very foul language in the movie’s adult counterparts.  The writers pull no punches in making it clear as to what that foul language would be.  At one point, one of the characters tells another – for instance – that he doesn’t “give a fluff” about something.  At another, Big Boss makes mention of ripping another character from the inside out.  His statement includes another word that was obviously put in place of a foul word.  As if this is not enough, there are moments showing “the blades” character Bladette pulls a straight razor on other characters, putting it right to their necks.  That is pretty violent imagery.  At others, “The Blades’” leader pulls a knife on both his own gang members and on others.  This collective imagery is an element that parents will agree is not entirely suitable for every younger viewer.  To that end, while the movie might be family friendly in general, it is family friendly for certain members of the family, but not the whole family.  Taking this into consideration along with the movie’s story (complete with its plot holes), it becomes even more clear why the movie is worth at least one watch, but not much more.  Keeping in mind the movie’s story and the content therein, they are not the only items worth noting in examining the movie’s overall presentation.  The movie’s average price point in its recent home release is important to examine, too.

The average price point of Oddsockeaters is $19.84.  That price point is obtained by averaging prices from Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Books-A-Million and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  The most expensive listing (at the time of this posting) is Book-A-Million’s listing of $24.95, while the least expensive listing — $16.59 – is at Amazon and Target.  $16.59 and $19.99 are the most commonly listed prices, in comparing the retailers’ listings.  Considering that the most expensive listing reaches $25 and the least expensive is right at $17, that average price point of $19.84 is not too expensive.  It is actually a mid-point range.  In other words, audiences will not break the bank should they choose to purchase this DVD.  Keeping in mind the noted elements of the movie’s story and its related content, it makes the movie’s pricing money that is well spent to a point, too.  All things considered here, Oddsockeaters proves to be a movie that while maybe not friendly for the whole family, is still worth an occasional watch for some members of the family.

Omnibus Entertainment and  Film Movement’s recently imported CG-animated movie Oddsockeaters is a work that is worth an occasional watch by some, but not all, members of the family.  That is proven in part by the movie’s story, which spoofs so many gangster flicks.  The plot holes revealed throughout the movie are problematic, but are not enough to make the movie completely unwatchable.  The movie’s content does have some material that parents will agree is not entirely suitable for every younger viewer.  The DVD’s average price point shows that it is not unaffordable.  What’s more, considering the movie’s collective story and content, the price point is not that bad, either.  To that end, it is a movie that is worth the purchase and worth at least an occasional watch.  It is available now.  More information on Oddsockeaters and other titles from Film Movement is available online now at:




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