Pale Lady Debuts New Single, ‘Lost And Found,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Independent Music Promotions

Independent pop rock band Pale Lady released its new single and companion video over the weekend.

The band debuted its new single ‘Lost and Found‘ Friday along with the song’s companion video. The video features the band in what is supposed to be the setting of a quaint little restaurant. Front man Conall D. Ryan meets a variety of people as the band performs its new single, as red and green flags fly, trying to give him signals about each encounter.

It is not until the story’s end that Ryan’s character is finally able to clearly see the red and green flags, illustrating even more the message in the song’s lyrical theme.

The band addressed the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“‘Lost and Found’ is about being with someone when they don’t really care about how you feel,” the statement reads. “They treat you affectionately and lead you into thinking they are interested, but then will coldly push you away without any explanation. Yet, even knowing this, you decide to stay with them anyway, to your own detriment.

The musical theme featured in Pale Lady’s new single offers a sort of emo-pop vibe combined with a straight forward rock influence. The balance of the two styles makes for an interesting overall approach and sound that will fit on any mainstream rock radio programmer’s play list.

The band addressed the song’s musical content, too.

“A big part of our music is the combination of classic rock elements mixed with modern music production,” the band said. “We saw our new single ‘Lost and Found’ as an opportunity to try and make the most out of a top-class recording studio. We recorded the track at Roundhead Studios in Auckland New Zealand which provided us with numerous musical toys to play with. Before hitting the studio, ‘Lost and Found’ as a song was fairly complete but we left lots of room for creative ideas to take place as part of the recording process. What we ended up with was a song fueled by an emotional message and the fun creative energy we had while recording it.”

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