Vyces Premieres New Single, ‘Paralyzed’

Courtesy: Imagen/Warner ADA

Vyces debuted its new single this week.

The band debuted its new single ‘Paralyzed’ Tuesday.  The song was released through Imagen Records/Warner ADA.  The song comes more than a year after the band debuted the video for its last single ‘Thin Luck,’ which was released May 9, 2018.

‘Paralyzed’ is streaming online now via Apple Music and Spotify.  Musically, the song’s choruses boast a very aggro-rock vibe while the choruses are the exact opposite, tense, but still lighter than the feel of the song’s choruses.

Vyces front man Dave Naruszewicz talked about the song in a recent interview.

“I’m extremely excited to share ‘Paralyzed’ with everyone,” he said.  “It’s a song we’ve been playing live over the past two years and has definitely made its mark as a core song in our set. Producer Augustus Cryn’s vision for the song caught my attention the first time I heard the riffs.  Infectious and undeniable, this one is a head banger from start to finish.”

More information on Vyces’ new single, tour schedule and more is available online now at:






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