The Midnight Devils Back In The Studio; Planning New Live Dates

Courtesy: The Midnight Devils/Pavement Music

Things are looking up for The Midnight Devils.

The band is working on its sophomore album. The as-yet-untitled album will release through Pavement Music. Its official release date is under consideration as the band works on the record. Famed rocker Chip Znuff is producing the album.

The glam/sleaze rock band most recently completed a brief tour that ran from July 1-24. It featured performances in cities nationwide, such as Grand Island NE; Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Clearwater, FL. The dates in Florida saw the band serve as support for guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen.

In related news, the band is scheduled to perform live with Japanese rock act Loudness for its North American tour in 2022.

The Midnight Devils released its debut album, Something Bigger in 2018. It produced the singles, ‘Pink Halo‘ and ‘Generation Durt.’

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Tantric Proves It Still Has Plenty Of Life On New Album

Courtesy:  Pavement Music

Courtesy: Pavement Music

Louisville, Kentucky based rock band Tantric has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows throughout its life. The band, which rose from the remnants of Days of the New, has seen its records go platinum. It has toured and played to thousands. It has also seen band members leave and label changes. At one point, it seemed like the members of Tantric were ready to call it quits because of everything that it had endured. But this Summer, the band showed that it hasn’t gone anywhere with the release of its fifth full length record. 37 Channels was released this year via indie record label Pavement Entertainment.  It’s an interesting return for the band.  That’s first and foremost because of its sequencing.  There is an obvious split as the album progresses between a harder mainstream rock sound and a softer side.  Audiences will also take note on this album its general lyrical themes.  The themes of the songs on this record range from the standard fodder of relationship issues to fighting inner and external struggles.  Both of these factors together make 37 Channels one more album that the band’s longtime fans will appreciate, and may even bring back fans that had forgotten about the band.

The very first thing that listeners will notice about 37 Channels is a blatant separation between harder edged and softer style songs over the course of the album’s thirteen songs.  The album’s first four songs could easily be used for any mainstream rock radio station.  The first of those songs, ‘Again’ is a solid re-introduction for the band.  After those first four songs, the band starts to slowly pull back as the album progresses.  The album’s remaining nine songs are just as interesting a mix as the album’s first four tracks.  That’s because while they may not have the same intensity as those songs, some of those other tracks have an intensity all their own.  That is evidenced through songs such as ‘Loss For Words’, ‘Rise’, and the piano driven ballad, ‘Fault.’  These are interesting examples because they do such an impressive job of presenting how songs can be intense thanks to the contradiction of their musical and lyrical content.

The distinct separation of musical styles on this record makes it an interesting listen for certain.  The music alone doesn’t make the record, though.  The lyrics play their own role, too.  Case in point: the album’s opener, ‘Again.’  Musically speaking, one wouldn’t recognize it.  But this is one of the album’s song rooted in the standard theme of personal relationships.  That’s because of the song’s heaviness. Front man Hugo Ferreira sings in this song, “In the end I despise everything/I realize/Never ever had to compromise/The shifty eyes/I see in you/Again/I should have known better/Than to let you in again/again/AGAIN!!!”  A lesser songwriter would have taken such lyrics and potentially written another typical tearjerker.  That wasn’t the case for Ferreira.  He instead opted instead for something with more of a sense of determination.  That is noted as he sings, “I’ve shown you all I can/It’s time for you/To want to understand.”  The energy of the song’s music set alongside these words again makes this song just one of so many examples of what makes this album stand out.

Another example of how the combination of music and lyrics drives 37 Channels comes late in the album in the form of the piano-driven ballad ‘Fault.’  The gentility of the song will make fans of the band’s counterparts in Nickelback, Saliva, and other similar bands smile.  It’s another song that lyrically is based in personal relationships.  But Ferreira’s voice exhibits such pain when he sings, “I just want you/Like you were before” will pull at the heartstrings of even the strongest listener.  It’s one more song that will help keep listeners engaged right to the album’s closer not just once but many more times after that.

Tantric’s fans still have plenty of chances to hear music from the band’s album in person as it tours in support of 37 Channels this Fall.  One of its dates will be in North Carolina on Saturday, November 16th.  The band will perform that afternoon at the Greensboro Chili Wing Fling 2013 presented by 100.3 The Buzz.  Pop Evil will join Tantric at the show.  More information on the band’s new album, Fall tour dates and more is available online at and  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

KingShifter’s Debut LP Takes The Top Spot As 2013’s Top New Hard Rock Record

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment/Pavement Music

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment/Pavement Music

2013 has been a good year for hard rock and metal.  New releases from the likes of Holy Grail, Black Sabbath, and Sevendust have made this a great year for the metal masses the world over.  Now with the release of its debut full length LP via Pavement Entertainment, Wichita, Kansas based KingShifter has just made the hard rock landscape that much more interesting.

KingShifter’s debut full length release, 26 Tons is an aptly titled record.  This eleven-track record is a heavy-hitting wrecking ball of hard rock.  From start to finish the album’s energy lets up only once.  That one time is in the near minute and a half acoustic piece, ‘.00125 lbs. (The Year of the Rat).  Other than that single moment, every other song on this record makes it one of the best debut records from a rock band (either mainstream or indie) in a very long time.  Its combination of hard hitting guitar licks, drums, and equally scathing lyrics make it a record that any purist metal head will appreciate.  And it all starts early on in the form of, ‘Revolution Generation.’  Front man Sprout sings about what’s happening to the country today.  From the epidemic of companies and doctors working together to sell their drugs, to the issue of school violence, Sprout runs the gamut.  Along the way he and his band mates wave a defiant musical flag declaring, “If we don’t do anything now/We’re soon to be doomed/We’ve got to stand strong/We shall not be moved/We are Americans/And we have proof/That we survived/The taxes, fiscal cliffs, and all of the wars/We’re here to tell you now/We won’t take it anymore!”  The song’s declaration of pride and self-empowerment is a call to arms and an anthem for a whole new generation.  And given the right support, could very well be the opening salvo in what breaks this band into the mainstream.

If ‘Revolution Generation’ isn’t enough example of what makes this a solid debut from KingShifter, then perhaps the equally hard rocking and defiant (yet far shorter) ‘STFU (& Die Already)’ will.  This punk styled piece comes in at just under two minutes long.  In that short time, this song hits just as hard as ‘Revolution Generation’ and any of the album’s other songs.  It is an intense song that goes after the news media—Sprout sings, “Television/I wanna burn it down”—and all of the negativity that clots television today.  In connection, he notes in no uncertain terms the effect that television has on people and his displeasure on the matter.

KingShifter’s debut record has plenty of social commentary and hard rock.  For all the commentary that it offers, there is some lighter material on this record, too.  Case in point, ‘Downin’ Booze – Raisin’ Hell.’  This song is a party song.  It’s an anthem for the blue collar workers across the country.  The influence from hard rock supergroup HellYeah is quite obvious both lyrically and musically in this song.  This is clear in the song’s second verse as Sprout sings, “I’ve been inside/Of this dirty cage/Locked inside for five whole days/I’ve gotta ease my mind/And leave that bulls*** behind/This ******’s gonna go on a rage!”  With such high energy lyrics and equally high energy music, this song is more than certain to become just one of so many fan favorites and fan anthems both on KingShifter’s record and at its live shows. 

The songs noted here are just a few examples of what listeners can expect from Kingshifter’s upcoming debut record.  There is much more that audiences will appreciate throughout the album.  So much more could be written of 26 Tons.  But to do so would require more time and space than is available.  Simply put, given the chance by radio programmers and by Pavement Entertainment, 26 Tons could make Kingshifter one of the next big names in hard rock.  The album will be available in stores and online Tuesday, September 3rd.  Fans can hear just some of the band’s music now online at the band’s official Reverb Nation page,  There’s even a music video from the band on its page, too.  Audiences can also check out the band’s music on its official MySpace page,  And to keep up with all of the latest news from the band, fans can follow the band on Facebook at and on its official website,

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Adema’s New EP A Solid Re-Introduction For The Band

Courtesy: Pavement Music

Courtesy: Pavement Music

Bakersfield, CA based band Adema has been on quite the ride ever since the release of its self-titled debut record in 2001.  Since that time, the band has seen numerous changes in its lineup on each subsequent record.  The last time that anyone heard anything from the band was nearly six years ago on its fourth full length record, Kill The Headlights.  Now, the band is back with a rather aptly titled new EP titled, Topple the Giants

Topple the Giants sees Adema return as a trio rather than a multi-piece act as before.  Considering how long the band has been away, this record is a relatively nice re-introduction.  Adema could easily make a name for itself once again and rise to fame once again with this EP given enough support.  The slow boil of sorts that opens the EP on ‘Resolution’ was a good way to open the record.  Rather than just coming right at listeners, it builds up into a hard rocking piece that wastes no time getting the mosh pits moving and fists in the air.  The record only improves from here in the record’s title track.  Vocalist Tim Fluckey and his band mates, Dave DeRoo (bass) and Kris Kohls (drums) show that they haven’t gotten any rust since being away for so many years on this song.  It is easily one of the record’s best songs, alongside the EP’s best song, ‘Unstable.’  

‘Unstable’ has such intensity about it, even from the opening seconds, that it might have been better served as the record’s opener, rather than being pushed further down into the mix.  There is a definite Korn influence about this song, musically speaking.  Lyrically speaking, it’s one more song based in a relationship issue.  Fluckey sings in the song’s chorus, “Undoubt/And we can’t get along/I thought I was strong/We are so unstable.”  Here is a song about two individuals that simply didn’t click from early on.  He sings about the emotional toll that a specific individual has had on him; most likely a former romantic interest.  He sings, “You bring me down/Like a bottle of pills/I hate the way you’re making me feel/I keep coming back/I never get here.”  That verse alone says plenty.  Add in the chorus, and it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.  So the question remains what is it about this song that’s just another piece about a broken relationship that makes it such a hit?  The answer is the combination of its lyrics and music together.  Rather than come across as just another oh-woe-is-me style song, it comes across as someone looking back on a broken relationship and realizing how much better he/she is without said individual, almost growling out the lyrics.  That’s what makes this such a standout song on this record.  It’s what makes it just one of so many songs that fans will enjoy throughout the course of the record’s near half hour run time.  And it gives hope to the band’s older fans that with the possibility of a supporting tour and support from radio programmers, the band will have even more music to come in the not too distant future.

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Dark New Day Announces Release Date For Long Lost Album

Courtesy: Pavement Music

Good news for all the fans of Dark New Day.  Earlier this year, the band released its new long-awaited album, New Tradition.  Years had passed between the release of that album, and the band’s previous release.  There was even a much talked about long lost album that never did see the light of day for a variety of reasons.  Now thanks to a deal with Pavement Music, Dark New Day’s album, Hail Mary will finally see the light of day.

Drummer Will Hunt commented on this new development.  He said of the announcement, “We in Dark New Day are excited that our “lost” album is finally going to get proper release and treatment it deserves.  We’re excited for fans to hear what two years of writing, struggle, and growth did for us.  You’ll hear a band that wasn’t afraid to embrace experimentation and forge new sonic territory.  You’ll also hear a band at times grind out some of the darkest, heaviest, lyrically intense music of its career.  This record is sonically amazing, and we’re very proud of it.  We hope that this is just a stepping stone to another record in the very near future. Enjoy!”

Pavement A&R Director Tim King also commented on this new deal between Dark New Day and Pavement Music.  He said, “I’ve been a fan of Dark New Day ever since I bought the debut at Best Buy back in 2005 (yes I supported my friends and bought the album!!).  As their A&R guy I’m thrilled to be able to work Hail Mary but as a fan, I’m even more excited to let everyone finally hear this amazing album!”

Hail Mary will be released via Pavement Music and MRI/Red on February 19th in the United States.  It will be released via SPV in Europe. 

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