Permanent Ability On The Brink Of The Mainstream On New EP

Courtesy: Permanent Ability

Permanent Ability’s new EP, Bring it on! is a good listen for anyone that is a fan of fellow Los Angeles rockers, Red Hot Chili Peppers.  If a person didn’t know it was Permanent Ability, they would almost swear that this band was the latter.  Even front man Brian Lanese sounds like RHCP front man Anthony Kiedis.  This is especially the case on the EP’s title track.  Lanese sounds eerily like Kiedis here as he sings, “Once you crossed my line/There ain’t no stepping back/I’m a pacifist/But I’ll pass my fist/Right to your face/If I get pissed/Well here’s your big chance Big Shot/Don’t blow it.”  He leaves no guesses about this song.  It’s one of those pieces that will get any listener’s blood flowing.

The band has another adrenaline fueled hit on its hands in its EP’s penultimate song, ‘In Waterbury.’  It comes across as almost a tribute song in the way it was written.  Lanese sings about his brother protecting the peace and about some of the places he remembers such as the country club, the mall, and some of his favorite places to eat and of course one other memory that listeners can find out for themselves when they listen to the EP.  The way that Lanese sings here makes the memories he shares come across as being very fond memories.  And that emotion exuded from both his vocals and the lyrics will easily make this song a fan favorite.

These two tracks are just a small sampling of what Permanent Ability has to offer on its new EP.  There are still four other tracks for audiences to enjoy.  ‘Girls’ and ‘Sex Junkie’ are perfect for any college frat boy.  And ‘Shades of Grey’ is just as much a personal declaration as the EP’s title track.  It makes for a solid opener to this release.  There’s even a slower, more introspective style piece in ‘Last To Know’ in which Lanese sings about a lost love.  It all comes together for a release that will earn more appreciation from its audiences with each listen.  Bring it on! is available now via iTunes at!/id374859523.  

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