Frampton Live In Detroit Another Solid Live Release From Eagle Rock

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Eagle Rock Entertainment continues another impressive year with the release of its second live release from veteran musician Peter Frampton in as many years.  The new live DVD and Blu-ray, Frampton: Live in Detroit, is one more feather in the cap of Eagle Rock.  This live performance was originally recorded nearly fourteen years ago.  While it may be nearly fourteen years old, the music is still as fresh and impressive today as it was then.  It is of course, not the only impressive portion of this latest release.  As this recording shows, both the footage and Frampton have both stood the test of time, and quite well at that.

The show opens and closes with equal amounts of energy.  The first two songs, ‘Something’s Happening’ and ‘Lying’ got audiences in attendance that day up on their feet.  The pair is sure to do the same for at-home audiences, too.  After the high energy openers, the band slows things down somewhat with a series of more mellow pieces, including the hit, ‘Show Me The Way.’  Frampton and his band mates don’t keep things slower too long.  Frampton’s solo instrumental, ‘Penny For Your Thoughts’ allows him the chance to show off his more technical abilities.  Seeing someone of Frampton’s age able to move his fingers the way in which he does is impressive to say the least.  As short as this piece is, his abilities and accuracy make this moment one of the show’s most memorable. 

The remaining portion of this concert is just as well balanced as the show’s first half.  ‘(I’ll Give You) Money’ is a solid blues infused piece that is sure to impress any viewer.  ‘Nassau’, and Frampton’s other major hit, ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ help ease the audience back along with ‘Can’t Take That Away’ just long enough to let them catch their breath before moving things up-tempo once more, beginning with ‘Do You Feel Like We Do.’  This fan favorite is just the start of a musical slow boil of sorts that eventually reaches its peak with the hard driving ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor.’  The band uses this song as the show’s closer.  And it’s a fitting way to close the show, too.  Whether it was intended or not, one could kind of infer that Frampton was using this song as a joke of sorts, considering his age.  It’s almost as if he was saying with the song and its up-tempo music, “I don’t need a doctor.  Look at the condition I’m in!”  And he walks that walk, too, getting the audience worked into a frenzy along with his band mates on this top notch closing number.

Whether one is a long-time fan of Peter Frampton or new to this veteran artist, this latest live release from Eagle Rock Entertainment is sure to entertain everyone.  More experienced fans will be taken back to their youth once again as they enjoy the band’s set.  For younger fans, it will be especially entertaining because it helps to dispel the belief that Frampton only plays slower, sappier music.  This performance (along with last year’s FCA!35) shows that this old dog still has plenty of tricks for audiences regardless of his age, the age of his audiences, or simply how many years have passed.

The set list chosen for this recording is impressive in itself.  But one would be remiss in ignoring the show’s production values.  Those responsible for bringing this near fourteen year old performance back to life did an impressive job in doing so.  The recording’s video and audio quality are both above par.  And when played back on a Blu-ray player and HDTV, one can really see how much the footage was cleaned up.  The clarity is outstanding.  It’s a testament to how far video editing and management in general has come through the years.  The video quality and the companion audio come together with the show’s set list to prove once more here that a show can be a fun experience even without pyrotechnics and other special effects.  Audiences can experience all of the show’s enjoyment for themselves now as it is available now on DVD and Blu-ray in stores and online.  It can be ordered online direct via the Eagle Rock Entertainment website at  And those who want the chance to see Frampton live for themselves will get to see just how solid his shows still are to this day.  He will have a pair of performances in Cincinnati, OH on April 26th and 27th, followed by dates in Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas, among many more.  Fans can get a full rundown of tour dates and all the latest news from Peter online on the official Peter Frampton Facebook page, and the official Peter Frampton website,

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Frampton Not Just Alive But Rocking On New Live BD

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Music legend Peter Frampton created what is one of the most talked about live albums in modern music history in Frampton Comes Alive in 1976.  Thirty-six years after the release of that landmark live release, the guitarist has shown that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks.  For that matter, he also shows that he’s got plenty of new tricks to teach his audiences on the new live release, FCA!35 Tour: An Evening With Peter Frampton.

FCA!35 Tour: An Evening With Peter Frampton was filmed during the band’s 2011/2012 tour celebrating the thirty-fifth anniversary of the album’s release.  It was filmed at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee and at New York’s iconic Beacon Theater.  The two shows come together for a performance that’s just as enjoyable and impressive as Frampton’s original live release.  The first half of the show features Peter and company performing that album in its entirety and in order.  Audiences will be amazed at how strong classic standards such as ‘Doobie Wah’, ‘Baby I Love Your Way’ and ‘Do You Feel Like We Do.’  And just as impressive is the band’s cover of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash.’  Being that the Stones are now celebrating their 50th anniversary together, it was likely just coincidence that Frampton decided on this cover.  But the timing of having this cover is pretty interesting.  It goes without saying that Peter and company paid proper honor both to the song and the Stones with his take on the song.

The band’s cover of ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ isn’t the only cover included in this standout collection of performances.  There’s also an incredible cover of Ida Cox’s blues standard, ‘Four Day Creep.’  Frampton shares vocal duties here with band mates Rob Arthur (keyboards) and Adam Lester (guitars).  All three do an impressive job in their turn, too, sounding like seasoned blues vocalists.  Peter even shows that while he has definitely gotten older over the years, he can still smoke the strings.  That is for certain.  Viewers’ jaws will drop seeing the control he has over his instrument. 

Just as interesting as the cover of ‘Four Day Creep’ is the band’s cover of Soundgarden’s (yes that Soundgarden) ‘Black Hole Sun.’ This cover is a full on instrumental cover.  There are no vocals here, although the original has vocals.  Frampton’s take on this grunge classic is original to say the least.  His band mates show they’re just as praiseworthy as Frampton on this cover.  That’s especially the case with drummer Dan Wojciechowski.  His performance would make Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron proud.   Add in some rather interesting visuals on the video screens behind the band, and audiences get what is definitely one of the standout performances in this new release.  Yes it seems minor, but even the visuals play a role in the performance.  The visual here is a large mass of what is perhaps a sun like object exploding.  As it explodes, it changes color and shape throughout the song.  It’s a rather subliminal visual.  But it works to help add that extra something to the song.

The band’s covers of ‘Black Hole Sun’ and ‘Four Day Creep’ mixed with the performances of its own original works goes a long way toward showing the band’s versatility.  It proves that not just Frampton himself, but the entire band still has some new tricks.  So much more could be noted of the songs included in this collection.  But that would take far too long as one should also note the video and audio quality of the performances included here.  The picture and sound are both crystal clear.  And those with Blu-ray players and HD TV’s will especially see just how clear the picture is.  Combine that with expert camera work and the equally expert performance from the band, and home viewers get yet another outstanding live release from Eagle Rock Entertainment.

FCA!35 Tour: An Evening With Peter Frampton is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered direct via Eagle Rock’s website at  And for all the latest from Peter Frampton, fans can check out his website, or “Like” him on Facebook at  Fans can also get the latest news and more from Peter on his Myspace page,

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