Phill Rocker Releases New Single, ‘Keep On Riding’

Independent rock artist Phill Rocker released his first new music of the year earlier this month.

Rocker released his new single ‘Keep on Riding‘ Apr. 13.  The song presents a musical arrangement that will appeal to fans of that rock sound that bridged the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Courtesy: Phill Rocker

Rocker’s vocal delivery couples with the guitar work of Richard Fortus and keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio to give the song a sound that is comparable to works from the likes of Deep Purple.  Drummer Brian Tichy’s solid time keeping and bassist James LoMenzo’s low-end add even more depth to the song.

The lyrical theme presented in Rocker’s new single adds its own interest to its presentation.  Rocker sings in the song’s lead verse, “If you look inside yourself/You might find someone else/It’s bittersweet in me/It’s my worst enemy/I don’t know where else to go/There’s nothing more to show/Skipping time to play/If no one else can stay/Time has come for you and me/Time has come to choose a side/Time has come to draw the line/Time has come to stay behind/Keep on riding baby/I keep on riding ’till I die/I keep on riding, baby/I keep on riding/I keep on riding ’till I die.”  The opening to the song’s second verse is slightly difficult to decipher without a lyric sheet, but gets slightly easier to understand as Rocker continues, singing, “The magic fades away/It all disappears before the dawn/It hurts to see you this way/Tragedy’s fond of you/Just let the sun come in/To wipe away your sad/Time has come for you and me/Time has come to choose a side/Time has come to draw the line/Time has come to stay behind.”  From there he returns to the song’s chorus, singing, I’ll keep on riding ’till I die.”  This overall message comes across as the song’s subject saying to another person that he/she is going to live his/her life no matter what that other person does, no matter that other person’s life decision.  The mention in the song’s second verse of tragedy seemingly being fond of the second person adds to the possible message about the proverbial fork in the road for the two people.  This is, of course, just this critic’s own interpretation of these lyrics, and should not be taken as gospel.  However, the urgency and the slight melancholy in the song’s musical arrangement would seem to hint at that seeming message even more.  Regardless of right or wrong, the song’s lyrical content, coupled with its lyrical content will make the song an interesting new offering from Rocker.

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Phill Rocker Debuts ‘How Can I Try’ Lyric Video

Independent singer/songwriter Phill Rocker recently debuted the video for his latest single.

Rocker debuted the lyric video, June 7, for his single ‘How Can I Try,’  The video crosses the lyrics to his new song alongside shots of him singing with various other shots while the hard-driving song progresses.

Rocker explained in an interview that the song’s lyrical theme centers simply on being not understood or appreciated by others.

“The song is about trying to do all you can and give your best, but it’s not enough,” Rocker said.  “People always want more and more from you.  Sometimes you do your best, but who cares?  You or only a few around you.”

Courtesy: Phill Rocker

‘How Can I Try’ was written and composed by Rocker.  He also handled lead and backing vocals on the song.  Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, The Dead Daisies, Operation: Mindcrime) handles drumming duties on this song while Richard Earl “Reb” Beach (Winger, Whitesnake) tackles lead guitar on the track.

Devon Pangle plays rhythm guitars on this composition while James Lomenzo (White Lion, Megadeth, Slash’s Snakepit) is on bass and backing vocals.  Rui Rocha handled keyboards for the song.

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Hannah Williams’ Second LP Takes First On Phil’s Picks’ 2016 Top 10 New Independent Albums List

Courtesy: Record Kicks

Courtesy: Record Kicks

The countdown to the year’s end continue today with yet another addition to Phil’s Picks’ 2016 “Best Of” lists.  This time, Phil’s Picks offers its list of the year’s top new independent albums.  This list was just as difficult as any assembled.  Readers should understand independent doesn’t necessarily mean unsigned.  Rather it encompasses unsigned bands and bands signed to independent labels, thus the title “Independent Albums.”  Included in this year’s list are new releases from Cage9, All Hail The Yeti, Hannah Williams and the Affirmations among many others.  As always, the list includes the year’s Top 10 new albums on the list as well as five honorable mention titles, bringing the total album count to 15.  So, without further ado, here are Phil’s Picks 2016 Top 10 New Independent Albums.


2016 Top 10 New Independent Albums


1) Hannah Williams and the Affirmations – Late Nights and Heartbreak


2) All Hail the Yeti – Screams From A Black Wilderness


3) Love and a .38 – Nomad


4) Buffalo Summer – Second Sun


5) Cage9 – Illuminator


6) Apollo Under Fire – Apollo Under Fire


7) The Heavy – Hurt and the Merciless


8) Celeb Car Crash – People Are The Best Show


9) Radio Exile – Soulfire


10) Ray Rocket – Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana


11) Another Lost Year – Alien Architect


12) Alexis Taylor – Piano


13) Garrett Klahn – Garrett Klahn


14) Pareidolia – Denied Truths


15) Phill Rocker – Hard To Bleed




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Rocker’s Debut LP “Hard To Bleed” Is Hard To Hate

Courtesy:  Phill Rocker

Courtesy: Phill Rocker

Late last month Phill Rocker (yes, that’s really his name) released his debut album Hard To Bleed. The independently released album boasts fifteen tracks all of which are a good fit for any fan of big riffs and even bigger hair. From start to finish Rocker exhibits influences from the likes of Judas Priest, Poison, Ozzy Osbourne, and so many others from that bygone era of rock. There are even some old school style power ballads thrown in for good measure to round out the record. The combination of those ballads and the album’s more up-tempo pieces makes Hard To Bleed a record that is hard to hate.

Phill Rocker’s debut album Hard To Bleed is a record that is hard to hate. Yes, that bad pun was fully intended. The fifteen-song record (there is also a deluxe edition that includes two bonus songs) is so hard to hate because over the course of its roughly sixty-seven minute run time it offers rock purists plenty to appreciate what with its classic rock sound and equally interesting lyrical content. The album is anchored by the album’s up-tempo, near mid-point ‘Burning in the Fire.’ It has already been noted that the songs featured in this record boast a noticeably old school rock sound. The sound in question takes listeners back to the days of big riffs and even bigger hair. That is no different in the case of ‘Burning in the Fire.’ Rocker and company waste no time getting things moving in this song. They jump into it right from its opening measures. Drummer Brian Tichy (Something Unto Nothing, Velvet Revolver, Ozzy Osbourne) is on point in his time keeping here. The dual guitar attack of Ricardo Fernandes and Miguel Aguiar adds even more impact to the song. That is because it instantly conjures thoughts of classic Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, and even Judas Priest. Rocker’s own vocal delivery here boasts just as much power as those that have come before. The song’s musical side is just one part of what makes the song a solid anchor for Rocker’s new album. Rocker wrote the song’s lyrics as well as handling vocal duties. Rocker’s lyrics come across as a commentary of sorts as he sings in the song’s lead verse, “Can somebody hear this scream of mine/Is the world goin’ blind/Hard to carry on/Without wiseman guidance/Can’t see/Nothing but dreams of foregone times/Facing the final frontier/I’ve faced this road before/Innocence calms down/Before the storm/The hurt I know is true.” Later in the song’s run Rocker asks, “Will I/Who else can I call/What’s done is done/It’s written in the stars.” In examining the song in whole Rocker comes across as making a statement about staying strong even in the most uncertain times with such lyrics. Of course that is just this critic’s own interpretation. It could be completely off the mark. Hopefully it isn’t. but the possibility is there. When that possibility is coupled with the song’s forward-driving musical content, the two together really build their own fire that will spread to listeners when they hear the song for themselves. Keeping that in mind, it is clear in the end why ‘Burning in the Fire’ is this record’s anchor. It is just one of the many songs in this album that can be cited as an example of what makes Rocker’s debut album hard to hate. The ballads that are included in this album do just as much to make it worth at least one listen. That is exemplified even later in the album’s run in the form of the bass-driven ballad ‘How Does It Feel.’

‘Burning in the Fire’ is a solid anchor for Phil Rocker’s debut album. That is thanks to the combination of its classic rock-influenced sound and its equally thought-provoking lyrical content. As solid as it is in the grand scheme of the record it is only one example of what makes it a *rock* solid record. ‘How Does It Feel’ is another good example of what makes Rocker’s new album worth hearing. Unlike ‘Burning in the Fire’ this song is a classic ballad style composition. From Rocker’s own vocal delivery to Ricardo Fernandes’ gentler melody to [Brian] Tichy’s own work behind the kit, this song is a direct throw back to the power ballads of the late 80s and early 90s. In regards to its lyrical content, the song’s lyrics will have listeners just as engaged. Rocker writes in this song, “This conspiracy doesn’t help to see my destiny/Fighting this battle/I’m more than you can be/Psycho maniacs/Rule what you can/Ask for what you need/That’s where I begin/Straight to the unknown.” This comes across as someone dealing with some inner personal issues. And the song’s chorus would seem to hint even more at that as Rocker writes, “Paranoia/In a troubled mind/Agonized by a wounded heart/Self-inflicted victim/In this unfair world/Is it real/What’s going on/How does it feel to walk away/How does it feel to taste the pain/How does it feel to go away/One more day.” The song’s final verse is just as intriguing as Rocker writes about a figure suffering from a number of emotional issues that have essentially crippled said figure. It is definitely an interesting piece that is certain to leave listeners talking just as much as ‘Burning in the Fire.’ Audiences can hear the song for themselves now via Rocker’s official website at It’s just one more example of what makes this record a record worth hearing at least once. It still is not the final example of what makes the album stand out. The album’s opener, ‘Wasted Generation (In Me) is one more example of what makes Hard To Bleed hard to hate.

Phil Rocker offers quite a bit for rock purists in his debut album; so much so that the album proves rather hard to hate. That is obvious in the album’s hard rock anchor ‘Burning in the Fire’ and its polar opposite ‘How Does It Feel.’ While both songs are clear examples of what makes this record worth hearing they are not the only songs that could be cited as examples of the record’s strengths. ‘Wasted Generation (In Me),’ the album’s opener, is one more of the album’s strengths. Much like ‘Burning in the Fire’ Rocker and his fellow musicians waste little time getting things going here. There is a little bit more set up here but very little at the most. Luckily for listeners it isn’t one of those “slow boil” setups that takes its time building up to the song’s real body. Far too many bands today take that route. And it is anything but original or enjoyable. Keeping that in mind, the overall musical composition of ‘Wasted Generation (In Me),’ by itself makes the song both an enjoyable work in itself and an equally solid first impression for Rocker. The song’s lyrical content is just as important to its overall composition as its musical side. Rocker writes in the song’s second verse, “Confused and alone/Left on my own/I can’t find a place to rest/My mind’s so stressed/In between now and then/Yeah, here I am/I feel that I am always somewhere.” He goes on to write, “Come and have a look/Seek what you want/Come and have a look/Seek what you need/Come and have a look/You will find/A wasted generation in me.” The song feels, at least in regards to its lyrical content, as if it comes from the point of someone in a difficult emotional spot. It is almost as if the figure in this song is looking back on certain events of the past and comparing those events to the present, thus leading to the revelations presented here. What is really interesting about all of this is that when set against the song’s musical content there is quite a separation between the two. One would expect considering the song’s lyrical content that this song’s musical content would not have as much fire as it does. Yet somehow in its own way it proves to work just as well alongside that content. Because it does (and surprisingly so) it proves in the end why it is yet another solid first impression for Rocker and another example of what makes his debut worth the listen. Together with the previously noted songs, all three offerings show collectively that not only is this record just worth the listen but they also make this record hard to hate. They are not the only songs that could be used to prove that argument either. There are twelve other songs include in this record that could be cited in making both arguments. Audiences can hear every one of those songs for themselves when they order Hard To Bleed for themselves.

Hard To Bleed is a good first effort from Phill Rocker. The album proves this time and again throughout the course of its fifteen songs and sixty-seven minutes. From the hard rocking anchor that is ‘Burning in the Fire’ to the more melodic classic ballad style ‘How Does It Feel’ to the equally solid opener ‘Wasted Generation (In Me)’ there is plenty for any purist rocker to enjoy. That includes the other dozen songs not directly noted here. All things considered Hard To Bleed proves in the end to be a good first effort from Phill Rocker and an album that is both worth hearing at least once and in turn hard to hate. It can be ordered online now via Rocker’s official Bandcamp website at More information on Hard To Bleed is available online now along with music videos, news, and more at:



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