Drones Debuts New Single, ‘Epitaph’

Courtesy: Thousand Islands Records

Independent punk rock band Drones debuted the third single from its new record this week.

The band debuted its single ‘Epitaph‘ Tuesday. The song is featured in the band’s forthcoming album Our Hell Is Right Here, which is scheduled for release Feb. 12 through Thousand Islands Records. Its premiere follows that of the album’s first two singles, ‘Josephine‘ and ‘Our Hell Is Right Here.’

Pre-orders are open for Our Hell Is Right Here.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Epitaph’ presents an approach and sound that emo and emo-punk fans will find familiar and welcome. The lyrical content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement follows the same contemplative line presented in the album’s current singles.

Singer Lois McDougall talked about the song’s lyrical content during a recent interview.

“‘Epitaph’ is the emo anthem of our new record,” says McDougall. “The umbrella term ‘mental health’ is so widespread and complex that it can be hard to pinpoint the exact problem that one person is experiencing. That’s why conversation is so important to try and unwrap the layers of each individual‘s struggles. Personally, I’ve done a lot of exploring over the last few years to try and find out which wires are crossed for me and since writing this song I have finally found some appeasing answers. A diagnosis can really help free you from the spiraling mess that depression can cause, and writing Epitaph was just one step of that process for me.”

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Animaniacs Volume Four A Fitting Sendoff For The Warners

Courtesy:  Warner Brothers Home Video

Courtesy: Warner Brothers Home Video

All good things must come to an end…or must they?  Thanks to the good people at Warner Brothers Home Video, fans of the modern classic cartoon, Animaniacs, the laughs never have to come to an end now that the show’s fourth and final volume has finally seen the light of day.  This latest volume of episodes is just as entertaining as the show’s previous volumes.  The writers take no prisoners, going after everyone in pop culture from Disney and Hanna Barbera to Universal and even Fox.  They’re not the only victims of the show’s witty writing.  Even the best movies in Hollywood’s modern history  aren’t safe as the show goes after the likes of The Maltese Falcon, Mary Poppins, and even The Sound of music just to name a few.  And that’s just on the set’s first disc.  The second and third discs are just as top heavy with laughs.  Audiences will love that the show’s writers make a farce of all the serious TV specials out there with its very own “Very, Very, Very, Very Special Show.”  The set’s third disc even includes a little holiday flavor in “The Christmas Tree.”  Everyone’s favorite sour squirrel Slappy, takes center stage here.  Her constant delivery makes for so many laughs.    

The jokes are nonstop throughout all three discs of this outrageously hilarious cartoon.  They’re just part of the show’s continued enjoyment.  Along with nonstop laughs provided by the razor sharp comedy, the show also continues to show heart throughout various episodes as well as some educational content believe it or not.  “Multiplication Song” teaches math and pokes fun at how drawn out it can be in the same breath.  It’s that same brand of comedy established with shorts such as “Chalkboard Bungle”, “Planets Song” and “The Senses” (all from Season One).  Audiences will love this continued tradition just as much as the show’s other laughs provided throughout all three discs in this set.    

Animaniacs Volume Four offers audiences laughs from beginning to end in every short.  Those laughs wouldn’t have been possible without solid writing and equally solid performance by the show’s cast who return once again in this final set of twenty-four episodes.  Mauriche LaMarche (The Simpsons, Futurama) is back yet again as the voice of The Brain.  And fellow veteran voice actor Frank Welker (Scooby Doo, The Real Ghostbusters, Tiny Toon Adventures, etc.) returns yet again as the voice of the dopey security guard Ralph, the equally dopey dog Runt (whose spoof of Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man character Raymond Babbitt is as hilarious as ever), and many others.  And even Tress MacNeille (The Simpsons, Futurama) is back once more.  Having the whole team back again is a huge win as the chemistry built between cast members is a big part of its ability to effectively interpret the scripts and make them entertaining both for kids and parents even years after the show’s end.

The voice acting, the jokes, and heart from the first three volumes of Animaniacs episodes all remain in Animaniacs Volume Four.  There is one other factor that makes this show timeless.  That last factor is its animation.  Yet again reference must be made to the difference in today’s computer generated “animation” and that done by hand from actual human animators.  The animation that was a trademark of Animaniacs in previous seasons is just as solid in this new release.  Save perhaps for Steven Spielberg’s other hit cartoon, Tiny Toon Adventures no other shows looked like this one.  It really served as one more factor in developing the show’s identity, unlike so much “animated” content out there today.  Combined with the show’s comedy and its heart, its animation goes into making this a wonderful way for this wacky show to go out.  It’s available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered online direct from Warner Home Video’s online store at http://www.wbshop.com/product/steven+spielberg+presents+animaniacs+vol+4+1000023671.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=Search

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Avenged Sevenfold Featured In New COD Game

Courtesy: Activision/Treyarch

Call of Duty:  Black Ops 2 is finally here!  The anticipation is over.  And for those who perhaps haven’t yet had the pleasure of checking out this game, fans now have one more reason to go out and pick up this game whether for themselves or for the gamer in the house.  Avenged Sevenfold is featured in the game.  The band’s new song, ‘Carry On’ is actually featured in full in the game.  And now fans can check out the official crossover video for the song.  It actually puts the band into the game.

The video features the band performing on stage in its digital form with full on pyro and audience rocking to the performance.  It should be noted that due to language, it may not be entirely suitable for some younger viewers.  Other than that, audiences can check out the official video for the song now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJbrTgUL0Dk.  Fans of Avenged Sevenfold can also get all the latest news and more from the band when they go online to http://www.avengedsevenfold.com and http://www.facebook.com/AvengedSevenFold.

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