Mike Phirman’s New EP Is A Small Record, But Boasts Big Appeal

Courtesy: 8 Pound Gorilla Records

Family music entertainer Mike Phirman is kicking off the weekend by releasing his new EP, Activity Books.  The 17-minute presentation is a unique addition to this year’s field of new family music records.  That is due in part to the musical arrangements that are featured within the EP.  They will be discussed shortly.  The lyrical content that is featured along with the songs’ musical arrangements add their own appeal to the record and will be discussed a little later.  The fashion in which the songs are presented here rounds out the EP’s most important elements.  When it is considered along with the songs’ overall content, the whole makes Activity Books its own interesting musical presentation that every listener will find engaging and entertaining.

Mike Phirman’s new EP, Activity Books is a presentation from which listeners of all ages will find something to appreciate, not the least of which is its musical arrangements.  The arrangements in question vary from one to the next, but still present a positive, upbeat energy throughout.  The EP’s opener, lead single, ‘Connect The Dots/Luggage Dog’ for  instance, opens with an a capella approach and style that conjures thoughts of Sesame Street’s timeless animated pinball “sketch.”  The manner in which the perfomers sing-count is so similar to that of the noted feature.  Meanwhile, ‘Luggage Dog’ conjures thoughts of the light musical numbers from PBS Kids ‘Steve Songs.’  That the whole barely tops the 90-second mark ensures even young listeners’ engagement even more.  ‘Color By Number/Bobbing and Weaving’ changes things up again with its dual African percussion style approach to ‘Color By Number’ and the massively different EDM style approach to ‘Bobbing and Weaving.’  The stylistic approaches continue their constant change from there, with elements of kindie-pop and even some funk showing up at other points.  There is even a catchy drum cadence in ‘Maze’ that will appeal to so many listeners.  All things considered here, the musical content featured in this EP makes for plenty of enjoyment.  For all that the diverse range of musical styles does for the album’s appeal, it is just a portion of what audiences will appreciate.  The lyrical themes that accompany the EP’s musical arrangements add their own share of enjoyment and engagement to the record.

The lyrical content featured in Activity Books is important to note because it is diverse in its own right.  What’s more, the items that the songs touch on will all connect with young listeners.  From the simple joy of doing a word search in the aptly titled ‘Word Search’ to doing a connect-the-dots activity, to the equally enjoyable color by numbers activity, listeners of all ages will enjoy every work here.  Older listeners meanwhile will be taken back to their own childhoods as they take in each song’s theme.  There is even a song here that celebrates the joy of solving mazes in activity books, and finding things wrong with a given picture.  For those who don’t know, such activities still exist in the family favorite magazine, Highlights.  Getting back on the subject at hand, the lyrical celebration of the happiness that doing those activities brings pairs with the enjoyment generated by the record’s relatively diverse musical arrangements to make the record even more enjoyable.  Even with all of this in mind, that collective is just part of what makes Activity Books successful.  The manner in which the record’s content is presented rounds out its most important elements.

The manner in which the record’s content is presented is important because it actually shows that there is more content than marketed.  Overall, the EP lists a total of five tracks.  However, four of the EP’s five featured songs is composed of two parts.  So in reality, listeners get a total of nine songs, not just five.  Given, the longest of the EP’s songs – its closer — runs approximately four minutes, 24 seconds, but even if the songs were split, the EP’s total run time would still be the same.   In short, the presentation of Activity Books makes it look brief.  However, the presentation is misleading, but in a good way.  Audiences get here essentially nine songs, not five.  What’s more, those nine total songs run a total of 17 minutes.  The songs also present a relatively wide range of musical styles and lyrical themes.  So all in all, what audiences get here is a record that despite being brief, still is its own big presentation.

Mike Phirman’s new family music record, Activity Books, is a work that listeners of all ages will enjoy.  That is due in part to the record’s featured arrangements.  The arrangements present a relatively wide range of styles.  That is nothing new within the family music realm, but is always welcome.  The lyrical themes that accompany the record’s musical arrangements are diverse in their own right.  Their collective body celebrates the simple joys of going through things like dot-to-dots, mazes, and word searches.  Adults will love this because of the nostalgia that it will instill in them, while children will enjoy the themes because even today, those activities are still enjoyed by children of all ages.  When these accessible themes are considered along with the short-but-fun musical arrangements, the record gains even more traction.  The actual makeup of the songs reminds audiences that they are actually getting more than is presented, putting the final touch to the record’s presentation.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the record’s presentation.  All things considered, they make Activity Books a work that while small, packs big appeal.  The record is available now.

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Gears’ New Single Takes On Humans’ Hypocrisy With New Single

Courtesy: The Label Group

Independent hard rock band Gears is taking on humans’ hypocrisy as it relates to religion with its latest single.

The band debuted its new single, ‘So What‘ Feb. 25 along with the song’s companion lyric video through Skope Magazine. The video places the song’s lyrics over imagery of the band performing live as the song plays over.

The musical arrangement featured in Gears’ new single is a heavy nu-metal style work that lends itself stylistically to works from the likes of Skindred and Sevendust. The song was produced by Corey Lowery (Saint Asonia, Steromud, Stuck Mojo) and mastered by Paul Logus.

The lyrical theme that accompanies the fiery arrangement addresses the irony of people who claim to be so pious yet are the first to judge others.

Front man Trip Six addressed the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“When we wrote ‘So What?’ two years ago, it was coming from my personal view on how religion has in many ways become its own sort of animal; overriding the concept of love, compassion, family,” he said. “How we’ve gone from loving one another to judging each other and even fighting them based on the religion one practices or doesn’t. Family should be the religion, not the other way around. Of course, anyone who listens to the track can interpret as they wish however, that’s my take.”

The debut of Gears’ new single comes less than four months after the band premiered its cover of Deftones’ hit song ‘Bored.’

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Harker Debuts New Single, ‘The Beast Must Die,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Wiretap Records/Disconnect Disconnect Records/The Shield Records/Fixing A Whole Records

Independent punk rock band Harker debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its single ‘The Beast Must Die’ Friday. The song is featured in the band’s forthcoming album Axiom, which is scheduled for release April 23 through Wiretap Records. It will release through Disconnect Disconnect Records, Shield Recordings, and Fixing a Whole Records overseas.

The video for ‘The Beast Must Die’ is a simple presentation. It features two people demolishing a boom box through the use of a sledgehammer and baseball bat as the song plays over the simple visuals. The visuals are perhaps an artistic way to translate the theme behind the song’s lyrical content.

Front man Mark Boniface addressed the song’s lyrical theme during a recent interview.

“The Beast Must Die’ is based on the idea of ‘Mono-consciousness’ by English writer Colin Wilson – as a philosopher, Wilsons writing was heavily focused on striving to live with a heightened sense of meaning and avoiding a closed mindset,” said Boniface. “This track is a study of characters with a lack of empathy and spirituality, in the end leading to apathy for existence. ‘Mono-consciousness’ is a beast that lurks inside, and needs to be hunted before it takes control of us.”

The musical arrangement that accompanies the song’s lyrical content is just as simple in its approach as that taken to the song’s video. It is a garage-punk style work whose fuzzed guitars form its foundation.

‘The Beast Must Die’ is available to stream and download through Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

More information on ‘The Beast Must Die’ and Harker’s new album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:

Website: https://www.hrkr.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HRKRUK

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HRKRUK

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Another Day’s Armor Debuts ‘Fallen For’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: Another Day’s Armor

Independent hard rock band Another Day’s Armor debuted the video for its latest single over the weekend.

The band debuted the video for its song ‘Fallen For‘ Friday, more than three months after the band debuted its then latest single ‘Underneath‘ and its companion video.  That song, and its predecessor ‘Won’t Stop Me‘ are both featured on the band’s 2019 EP Phoenix.

‘Fallen For’ is a new song that is not part of the noted EP. It is a new composition that features another unique melodic hard rock approach to its instrumentation. That content lends itself to comparisons to works from many of the band’s more well-known mainstream counterparts.

The song’s lyrical content deals with complications of a relationship gone bad, according to statements from front man Daemien Drake during a recent interview.

“Basically the song was inspired by my personal experiences in many toxic relationships that really took a mental toll on me over the years,” he said.  “Like our last release, I like to write very relatable music so when people hear the song they know they are not alone in situations like these.”

‘Fallen For’ is available to stream and download through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play.

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Porn Debuts ‘Some Happy Moments’ Remix

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Goth-industrial remix debuted the remix of another song from its 2020 album No Monsters in God’s Eyes this week.

The band debuted the remix of its song ‘Some Happy Moments‘ Friday.  The remix, featured in the upcoming album Mr. Strangler’s Last Words, was crafted by veteran industrial/goth act Stabbing Westward.  Its debut comes three weeks after Porn debuted the remix for another of the album’s songs, ‘A Lovely Day,’ which was handled by fellow industrial/goth act Combichrist.

Stabbing Westward’s remix of ‘Some Happy Moments’ is a distinct change of pace from its predecessor.  That remix was distinct in its own way because of the keyboard line, which served as its foundation.  That song was more upbeat than its source material and more of an electro-industrial work with a distinct new-wave influence.

The remix of ‘Some Happy Moments’ takes its source material in a new direction, too.  Where the original work went from a Type O Negative-esque in its first half to a heavier, full-on, old school Marilyn Manson type direction in its second half, this work goes in a completely different direction.  The remix is more of another keyboard-driven work that largely stays stable in its approach, save for the subtle addition of a guitar line later in its four-minute-plus arrangement.

Stabbing Westward and Combichrist are just two of the bands who have and are working on remixes for Porn’s latest album.  Also handling remixes from the albums are acts, such as Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), Orgy, and Ash Code.

Porn front man Phillippe Deschemin spoke about the acts working on the upcoming remix album in a recent interview.

” It’s an honor for us to have these greats bands involved : Combichrist, Stabbing Westward, Orgy, Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, Chris Vrenna ( ex NIN and Marilyn Manson), The Anix, Ash Code, and Lluther,” he said. “I am a big fan of all these bands. The PORN’s priest aka Aura Shred did a remix too. And with The One, we cooked a special remix with our side-project An erotic end of times. We can’t wait to share this remixes with our fans. We are PORN, you are PORN ! Mr Strangler is dead, long live his memory! ”

Stabbing Westward’s remix of ‘Some Happy Moments’ is avialable on all digital platforms now.

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PBS’ New ‘Nature’ Episode Is A ‘Big’ Success

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution/WNET

Nature is full of giant creatures, and in a new episode of its hit wildlife series Nature, PBS is introducing audiences to some of nature’s biggest beasts.  Nature: Nature’s Biggest Beasts was released on DVD Jan. 14.  The hour-long episode takes viewers around the world, presenting the biggest of the big and even the biggest of the small.  That central aspect of the DVD forms the program’s foundation, and does a good job of doing so.  As interesting as all of the discoveries are throughout the episode, the program is not perfect, sadly.  The program’s final statement detracts from the episode, but thankfully not to the point that it makes the episode unwatchable.  This will be addressed a little later.  While the program’s finale does detract from its whole, it is the program’s only negative.  There is at least one more positive to note in examining the episode.  That positive is the episode’s pacing.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of the episode.  All things considered, they make Nature: Nature’s Biggest Beasts its own “big” hit.

Nature: Nature’s Biggest Beasts is its own big, successful presentation.  That is due in large part (no pun intended) to its central story.  The hour-long program takes viewers around the world, offering audiences introductions to the biggest of the biggest and biggest of the small beasts.  From the giraffe, which has to position itself just right in order to be able to get a drink of water, to a certain kind of leech, which can eat other invertebrates, to a giant octopus, which can eat other sea life twice its size and more, the program’s central feature serves as a good starting point for so many biology lessons from high school onward.  The program takes audiences into the treetops and skies and even below the waves time and again, wasting little time along the way.  That matter, that of the program’s pacing, will be discussed later.  The central story will surprise many viewers as it introduces them to creatures that they otherwise might not have ever known about.  Case in point are the specific species of bats, beetles and even crabs featured within the program.  On a side note, the crab that is introduced in this program looks a lot like the one who held Maui’s hook in Disney’s Moana.  One can’t help but wonder if that real life crab served as the model for that character.  Getting back on the topic at hand, the various beasts that are introduced throughout the course of Nature’s Biggest Beasts and what makes them so intriguing more than gives audiences reason to take in this episode of NOVA.  That ensured engagement forms a solid foundation for the DVD.

For all of the strength that Nature’s Biggest Beasts gains through its central presentation, there is one problem with this episode that cannot be ignored.  That problem is presented, go figure, at the episode’s end.  As viewers are introduced to the corals that make up the Great Barrier Reef, the narrator makes a direct statement about appreciating and protecting all of nature’s beasts, whether they are the biggest of the big or the biggest of the small.  This is important to note because in hindsight, the whole episode essentially rounds out to one big preachy presentation.  The thing is that the preachy aspect was so covertly incorporated into the program.  It would have been so easy to have not had that element added to the mix, but the fact that it was put in at the very end results in that lasting impression that audiences really are sitting through one big statement story.  That realization that audiences will experience can and does leave a bad taste in some viewers’ mouths so to speak.  Keeping that in mind, this is a detriment to the episode’s presentation.  It is not so bad that it makes the episode unwatchable.  Regardless, it is an element that cannot be ignored.  Luckily for the episode’s sake (and for that of everyone involved in the episode’s creation), this negative is the program’s only con.  Its pacing works with its central presentation to make it that much more worth watching.

The pacing of Nature’s Biggest Beasts is key to note because over the course of roughly an hour, a lot of ground (and water – yes, that awful pun was intended) is covered.  From Africa to North America to Asia to the Atlantic and even to the Arctic, viewers are taken around the globe.  Considering how many regions and animals are examined, it would have been so easy for the pacing to get out of control and leave viewers behind.  Thankfully, that did not happen here.  For all of the material that is presented throughout, each beast and each region of the world gets just enough time.  The transitions from one segment to the next adds to the positive impact of the program’s pacing.  The two elements collectively do just enough to ensure viewers are able to keep up with everything, and in turn to ensure that they gain a certain appreciation for what makes each big beast so intriguing.  That time and thought that was incorporated into the program’s pacing and the transitions clearly paid off.  Considering the successful result of that material and the engagement and entertainment ensured through the presentation itself, the two elements do a lot to make it another positive offering from PBS.  That is even with the issue of the preachy message that was so covertly included in the program.  All things considered, Nature’s Biggest Beasts proves to be a possible candidate for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new documentaries.

Nature: Nature’s Biggest Beasts is an engaging and entertaining new episode of PBS’s hit wildlife series that deserves consideration for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new documentaries.  That is due in part to the wide range of animals and areas that are covered throughout the course of the program.  The program’s pacing and its related transitions, which play into the pacing, make the program that much more worth the watch.  The one negative from which the episode suffers is the covert inclusion of the episode’s preachy message about conservation.  Yes, we as viewers know that we need to take care of the earth and its many great creatures.  The last thing we need in watching such an other wise enjoyable program is to be preached at.  The fact that the program’s script saves that preachy message until its end is really slick. It makes the episode in whole seem like one giant preachy message in whole, which detracts from its presentation.  Thankfully, the impact is not so negative that the episode is unwatchable.  It can’t be ignored either, though.  Keeping all of this in mind, Nature: Nature’s Biggest Beasts is a big success.  It just could have been even bigger if not for that unnecessary, covert preachy aspect.  Either way, it is an episode of Nature that is well worth the watch even with its one con.  The DVD is available now.  More information on this and other episodes of Nature is available online at:




Website: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PBSNature

Twitter: http://twitter.com/PBSNature




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BTBAM Debuts Video For Coma Ecliptic’s Second Single

Courtesy:  Metal Blade Records

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

As the days count down to the release of Between The Buried And Me’s new album Coma Ecliptic, the anticipation inversely builds with each day’s passing. In anticipation of the album’s release, the band recently debuted its lead single ‘Memory Palace.’ The band has built the anticipation even more this week with the premiere of the video for its new single ‘The Coma Machine.’

Front man Tommy Rogers explained the concept behind the video with the media, noting that it goes a long way toward making this chapter of the story clear to audiences. He noted that the video shows the story’s main character preparing for the story that is to come. “This video is special to me because it looks beyond the story that is on the record,” he said. It showcases the character preparing for his journey and is him basically saying bye to his old demons/life. This footage adds dialogue to the story and I think that is very unique. Wes and crew did a wonderful job creating a world that works well with the song and uniquely showcases the depth of this unstable character.” Audiences can see the video for themselves online now via Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/127734366 and via the band’s official page at Metal Blade Records at http://www.metablade.combtbam. While there, audiences can also hear the lead single from the band’s upcoming album, too.

Coma Ecliptic will be available in stores and online on Tuesday, July 7th. It can be pre-ordered online now at http://www.metalblade.com/btbam. Those that pre-order Coma Ecliptic now can receive it with special bundles and packages including: CD, LP, two pre-order exclusive t-shirts, an exclusive hour-long behind the scenes making-of DVD, and a “Coma Ecliptic” limited edition 27″x40″ movie poster.

BTBAM will hit the road in support of Coma Ecliptic beginning on its release date at the Georgia Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. The thirty-two date tour includes a pair of dates in North Carolina. The first brings the band to Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem on August 9th and the second to Ziggy’s by the Sea on August 14th. Along with its headlining tour, the band is also scheduled to appear next month at the annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. The band’s complete current tour schedule is listed below.

Upcoming Tour Dates

06/11-14 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Tour w/ Animals As Leaders, The Contortionist

07/07 Athens, GA Georgia Theatre

07/08 Tallahassee, FL Sidebar Theater

07/09 Orlando, FL Venue 578

07/10 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution

07/11 Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live

07/13 Houston, TX Warehouse Live

07/14 Little Rock, AR Juanita’s

07/15 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom

07/17 Grand Junction, CO Mesa Theater and Club

07/18 Las Vegas, NV Brooklyn Bowl

07/19 Tucson, AZ Club X’s

07/21 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory

07/22 San Diego, CA Observatory North Park

07/23 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst

07/24 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spaces

07/25 Boise, ID Knitting Factory Concert House

07/27 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex

07/29 Des Moines, IA Wooly’s

07/30 Joliet, IL Mojoes

07/31 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall

08/01 Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection

08/02 Bloomington, IL The Castle Theatre

08/04 London, ON London Music Hall

08/06 Buffalo, NY The Town Ballroom

08/07 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE

08/08 Norfolk, VA The NorVa

08/09 Wilmington, NC Ziggys by the Sea

08/11 Clifton Park, NY Upstate Concert Hall

08/12 Providence, RI Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

08/13 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom

08/14 Winston-Salem, NC Ziggys

08/15 Nashville, TN Marathon Music Works

More information on BTBAM’s upcoming album and tour schedule is available online now along with the band’s latest updates at:

Website: http://www.betweentheburiedandme.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BTBAMofficial

Twitter: http://twitter.com/btbamofficial

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Tempt’s Debut EP Is A Guilty Pleasure For Any Fan Of Big Hair And Even Bigger Rock

Courtesy:  Chipster PR

Courtesy: Chipster PR

Indie rock band Tempt recently released its debut EP Under My Skin.  The New York based band’s debut record is something special, especially for fans of bands such as Def Leppard, Journey, Poison and others of that ilk.  The band’s members—Zach Allen (vocals), Harrison Marcello (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Jimmi Kane (drums), and Zak Gross (bass, vocals)—are way too young to have grown up in the 80s.  But the sound that the band’s members collectively craft is one that displays such respect for the music of the era.  It truly makes Tempt quite the rarity in the current era of rock music.  The band transports audiences back to that era of big hair and equally big rock songs right off the top in the EP’s title track.  That pomp and bombast doesn’t let up even in the slightest as the band moves into the EP’s second song.  The song exhibits something of a Queensryche influence circa Rage for Order.  And on the EP’s penultimate track, the 8-s big hair influence keeps rolling before the band closes things with a standard 80s ballad-style song.  All things considered, anyone that is a fan of big rock and big hair will agree after hearing this EP that Under My Skin is one of the best of the year’s new EPs.

The members of Tempt look to be far too young to have grown up in the 80s.  That hasn’t stopped the band from crafting an EP loaded with music that sounds like it has been kept in a time capsule for ages and pulled right from that era of big rock and big hair.  This is obvious right off the top in the EP’s opener and title track.  If one didn’t know any better, one would think this was Def Leppard, Journey, Poison, or another major name act that had its heyday in that era.  Lyrically speaking, the song centers on the standard subject of a broken relationship.  What’s most interesting about it here is not just the standard over-the-top nature of the song, but [Zach] Allen’s vocals on the song.  He sings much in the same style as other big name vocalists from the day as he sings, “Stop and start many years ago/You was a looker that I/Got to know/Now I’m sitting here/The pain won’t die/With the letter saying you’ve left my side.”  There is just a certain quality to his vocal style.  And the song’s chorus brings about even more of that classic song style with the rest of the band joining in almost the same style as the aforementioned bands.  It is pure retro rock joy for fans of that sound.

The first impression that the band makes on its brand new EP is just the beginning of the retro rock joy for fans of hair metal.  ‘Use It Or Lose It’ comes second on the disc.  Those that are more familiar with bands from the era of hair metal will hear influences from the likes of Queensryche right from the song’s opening riff and the chorus style vocals.  The song is just as good a follow-up to ‘Under My Skin’ lyrically as it is musically.  That’s because it follows a similar lyrical theme.  Allen sings here about a woman that is bad news for all intents and purposes.  He sings in the song’s opening verse, “She’ll steal your soul/Drag your mind through pouring rain/Take you down into the dark/She don’t feel no pain/But if I turn my back/Would you turn your eyes on them/Are you ready/Let the games begin.”  He goes on to sing of the woman in question in the song’s second verse, “She’s a one-of-a-kind/A storm within a name/A natural disaster/But I want her just the same.”  As with the EP’s opener, the style of Allen’s vocals and the song’s musical side together make this song sound like something right out of the 80s.  And again, that taken into consideration fans of that sound will welcome this song in with arms and ears wide open.

Both ‘Under My Skin’ and ‘Use It Or Lose It’ are impressive additions to the debut EP from Tempt. The third of the EP’s tracks, ‘The Fight’ instantly conjures thoughts of Journey and other more melodic rock bands of their time. Its forward-driving sound and infectious chorus of “It’s the fight that makes us stronger, baby/We both know you can see” will have audiences singing along in no time whether it be in their vehicle on the road or in their own living room/bedroom. Along with the previously noted songs, this song is just as much an arena anthem as them and the EP’s closing number. Allen and his band mates are seemingly singing about the fight that we have within ourselves to not give up. In this case, it seems to be the fight to not give up on a relationship. If that be the case, then the song takes quite the upbeat turn from so many songs rooted in relationship issues. It actually argues that there is hope for a relationship that would otherwise be broken. That and the song’s musical side together make this one of the EP’s best numbers. And together with the EP’s previously noted tracks, it makes the EP even more worth the listen especially by anyone that grew up a fan of the era of big hair and big rock. Audiences can listen to the title track from Under My Skin now via Tempt’s official website at http://www.temptband.com/#!listen/c1x9v.

Under My Skin can be purchased online via iTunes and Amazon.com or at the band’s next live performance. The band is next scheduled to perform live Friday, July 18th at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York. Audiences can keep up with the band’s tour schedule and all of the band’s latest news online both through its official website, http://www.temptband.com and its official Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/TemptBand. Audiences can also keep up with the latest from the band through its Twitter page, http://twitter.com/temptband and its Reverb Nation website, http://www.reverbnation.com/temptband. To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at https://philspicks.wordpress.com.