New Ghost Hunters Set Shows More Of America’s Haunted History

Courtesy: Image Entertainment/Syfy/Pilgrim Films & Television

Jason, Grant, Steve, and Tango are back again.  Syfy’s hit paranormal investigative team, TAPS, offers fans the second half of its seventh season now out on DVD.  This new four-sic set sees the team investigates some pretty interesting spots.  Among the most interesting of the investigations are investigations of Seaview Terrace, the Carnegie Library, the Sun Inn, and Hanoverhill Roadhouse.Most people probably don’t know the name of Seaview Terrace.  The mansion is actually pretty famous.  It’s the mansion where the original Dark Shadows television series was filmed.  So what better place to investigate than the real life set of a show about a half human-half vampire?  The investigation isn’t without its rewards, either.  The team captures its share of disembodied voices and other unexplained things that go bump in the night.  That’s not all that happens.  A couple of the team members even see their equipment, which was allegedly sitting stable on a table fall over right in front of their own eyes.  There shouldn’t have been any way that it should have fallen.  Between these instances and others, the team leaves little doubt that there’s something left to be explained in this famous house.

Things don’t let up from here.  The team investigates an old jail and a very well-known library, both of which showed signs of some paranormal activity.  And in the spirit of the holidays, the second half of Season Seven offers fans a pair of investigations in Bethlehem, PA.  The team investigates the Sun Inn and the Hanoverhill Roadhouse.  Employees and guests of the Sun Inn reported instances of a little girl’s spirit roaming the building.  And to no surprise, the TAPS team does capture what seems like images of a little girl.  They even hear what sounds like a voice that could be hers.  Having completed this investigation, the team makes its way to the Hanoverhill Roadhouse.  The story behind this investigation is of a little boy who always sad and crying when he’s spotted.  The team doesn’t capture any images of him.  But they do capture what sounds like a whimpering or crying sound at one point.  That evidence alone makes for enough to validate another investigation at another time.  These investigations and the set’s bonus disc make for lots of entertainment for both Ghost Hunters fans and for any paranormal enthusiast.  The set is available in stores and online now.  Season Seven Part Two can be ordered direct via the NBC Universal online store at

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