Steven Wilson Partners With Eagle Rock Entertainment For New Live Recording

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Steven Wilson will release his latest live recording this fall.

The Porcupine Tree front man’s new live recording, Home InvasionIn Concert at the Royal Albert Hall is scheduled to be released Nov. 2 via Eagle Rock Entertainment. It will be available on separate DVD/2CD, Blu-ray/2CD, digital video and audio platforms. A separate limited edition deluxe vinyl pressing of the recording is currently scheduled to be released March 22, 2019.

Home InvasionIn Concert at the Royal Albert Hall was originally captured late in March as Wilson was touring in support of his most recent solo recording, To The Bone, and was recorded at London’s famed Royal Albert Hall. The concert presented in Wilson’s new recording captures the last night of a three-night residency by Wilson and his band at the Royal Albert Hall and features a 21-song set that pulls from To The Bone and other favorites from Wilson.

The forthcoming recording also features a trio of songs recorded during the band’s sound check as part of the recordings’ bonus material. The recording’s full track listing is noted below.

1. Intro “Truth” 
2. Nowhere Now 
3. Pariah 
4. Home Invasion / Regret #9 
5. The Creator Has A Mastertape 
6. Refuge 
7. People Who Eat Darkness 
8. Ancestral 
9. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here 
10. Permanating 
11. Song Of I 
12. Lazarus 
13. Detonation 
14. The Same Asylum As Before 
15. Song Of Unborn 
16. Vermillioncore 
17. Sleep Together 
18. Even Less 
19. Blank Tapes 
20. The Sound Of Muzak 
21. The Raven That Refused to Sing

Bonus material: 
• Interview with Steven recorded during the run of shows. 
• Three tracks recorded in rehearsal at the Royal Albert Hall:

1. Routine
2. Hand Cannot Erase
3. Heartattack In A Layby

Pre-orders are open now. A trailer for the recording is streaming online now. Along with releasing his new recording next month, Wilson will also launch the Canadian/North American leg of his tour in support of To The Bone starting Nov. 15 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The current schedule for the tour is noted below.


11/15 – Vancouver, BC – The Vogue

11/17 – Spokane, WA – Bing Crosby Theater

11/18 – Edmonton, ALB – Union Hall

11/19 – Calgary, ALB – The Palace Theatre

11/22 – Toronto, ON – Phoenix Theatre

11/24 – Hamilton, ON – The Studio @ 1st Ontario

11/25 – London, ON – London Music Hall

11/27 – Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom

11/28 – Boston, MA – House of Blues

11/30 – Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore

12/1 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom

12/2 – Port Chester, NY – Capitol Theatre

12/4 – Huntington, NY – The Paramount

12/5 – Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live

12/7 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle

12/8 – Asheville, NC – Orange Peel

12/9 – Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse

12/10 – Nashville, TN – Cannery Ballroom

12/11 – Pensacola, FL – Vinyl Music Hall

12/13 – Tampa, FL – The Ritz

12/14 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room

12/15 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room

12/16 – Ponte Vedra, FL – Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

12/19 – Dallas, TX – House Of Blues

12/20 – Houston, TX – House of Blues

12/21 – San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theatre

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Collins’ New Project An Impressive New Prog-Rock Record

Courtesy:  InsideOut Music

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

First impressions are everything in this world.  Whether it be a first date, that first job interview, or a band’s first album, that first impression makes all the difference in said person(s) future successes.  In the case of prog-rock trio Sound of Contact, the band’s first impression in Dimensionaut is quite the first impression.  Fronted by second generation rocker Simon Collins—son of Phil Collins—the band’s twelve-track concept album is one of the year’s most intriguing records.  Being released via InsideOut Music, it also qualifies as one of the year’s best independent releases.  Throughout the album’s sequencing, listeners are treated to a record that obviously draws from a number of influences.  Those influences include the likes of: Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, and even his own dad’s former band, Genesis just to name a few.  The thing of it is that the trio has taken those influences and made a record that improves on the sounds crafted by those bands.  In turn, it becomes an album that stands out as a fully original and enjoyable listen from start to finish.

Dimensionaut offers listeners more interesting moments than can be listed in one sitting.  So one will try to pinpoint just a sampling of what makes this album a success.  Right off the bat, the band impresses on its short, acoustic opener, ‘Sound of Contact.’  The harmonies between Collins and band mates Dave Kerzner (keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Dorsey (guitars, bass, backing vocals) are spot on.  And the gentility of this opener makes it s perfect opener, as it leads to the surprise heaviness of ‘Cosmic Distance Ladder.’  Having gone from the gentility of the album’s opener, it serves a double purpose.  On one hand, it makes for a solid transition within the context of this album.  And keeping in mind the album’s overall concept, the song’s very title makes it all the more well-placed in the grand scheme of things.  On another hand, it proves how effortlessly the band’s members can switch from the softer side of the prog world to the much heavier side of things.

‘Pale Blue Dot’, the album’s third song, is another highlight to Dimensionaut.  This is one of those songs that openly draw from earlier prog bands, including that of Collins’ father.  Strangely enough, if one allows one’s self to fully be immersed in this song, nowhere does he sound more like his legendary father.  If one were listening to this song without knowing it was Simon Collins, one would very easily be led to believe that it was indeed Phil Collins.  That is how close the father and son sound to one another.  In terms of the song itself, it’s another well placed piece in the album’s overall layout.  The album as a whole is about a being that can travel between time and space.  The being’s journey is one meant to broaden the human experience.  So it is only natural that early on in the being realizes how insignificant we are in the universe.  The metaphor is used, comparing mankind to a “pale blue dot.”  It’s a relatively good visual.  And in partnership with the almost ethereal musical style, it stands out as one of the most incredible moments on this album.  It is so easy to close one’s eyes, take in the music and really be able to visualize what the being in question must be experiencing at this point in the story. 

The whole journey culminates in what can only be described as prog-rock at its best in the near twenty-minute epic, ‘Mobius Slip.’  The four-movement opus offers its share of heavy and soft from start to finish.  Its ability to mix its more mainstream elements with material more appealing to prog-rock purists makes it the perfect ending to this musical and lyrically existential journey.  Collins’ drumming is just as solid as his father’s, if not better.  The musicianship of his band mates is just as expert as the epic eventually leads to a conclusion that wonderfully book ends the album, closing it just as it opened.  By the time that the song ends, listeners will have realized that they have just experienced an album unlike anything that they have ever heard.  And they will realize, too, that this is an album that proves the promise of Sound of Contact for the future.  In the meantime, audiences will get to experience this journey live when the band hits the road in support of its debut.  The band will perform at the famed Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, California on Wednesday, August 21st.  The trio will also be playing dates in San Diego, California, Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia and more.  Fans can get the band’s most current tour listings online at and the band’s official website,

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Rundgren Re-Invents Himself Again On New LP

Courtesy:  Cherry Red Records/Esoteric Antenna

Courtesy: Cherry Red Records/Esoteric Antenna

If Beatallica’s new album, Abbey Load is the most intriguing album of 2013, then Todd Rundgren’s State is a direct runner-up to the title.  Rundgren continues his tradition of re-inventing himself yet again with this new album.  The album opens with what is best described as an ear-opening mix of Pink Floyd, Devin Townsend, and Office of Strategic Influence (OSI) in ‘Imagination.’  This is a fitting title for the song, especially being that it is the album’s opener.  Its mix of electronica and rock make it a song that will definitely get many listeners’ imaginations running wild with all kinds of images.  Rundgren’s vocals on this song sound like a mix of Devin Townsend and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree).  Whether or not it was intentional, the prog influences are there.  And at over eight minutes long, listeners are sure to find their own connections.  Regardless of the connections made, what can be sure of this song is that Rundgren shows just how much ‘imagination’ and creativity he still has.

‘Imagination’ is just the beginning of Rundgren proving that he still has plenty to offer his listeners on this new record.  The album’s second track, ‘Serious’ is just as imaginative and creative as the album’s opener.  It boasts a rather interesting funky electronica/rock hybrid sound.  The backing choruses of the song sound rather familiar, too like a much older funk tune.  And his screams are solid.  They are reminiscent of King’s X front man dUg Pinnick, strangely enough.  That combined with the song’s mix of sounds easily makes this another highlight to this new album.  It’s not just another dance/electronica song.  It’s a bridge between two musical worlds that could potentially bring fans of both electronica and dance together if only for about four minutes.

It’s not until the album reaches just past its halfway point that Rundgren goes full on techno.  ‘Smoke’ is sure to be an instant club hit with fans of the dance/electronica genre.  This is one of those types of songs that will bring down the lights, and bring out the black lights and mirror balls in clubs around the country.  Its keyboard part and solid two-four beat makes it an easily danceable song.  Of course that electronica vibe doesn’t last long as he goes back to a rock/electronica hybrid in ‘Collide-A-Scope’ before eventually making his way back to a full on techno vibe with the album’s penultimate song, ‘Party Liquor.’  This is sure to be another club hit with its keyboard part and up tempo beats and crowd chants.  What’s really interesting about this song is that at times, one can actually hear a hint of a disco influence throughout the song’s bridge section.  Forget the fact that the song is seemingly about alcohol.  It’s the song’s music that fans will really hear.  And it’s that music that audiences will enjoy.  Though there are more songs from which listeners can choose for their favorite.  This is just a sample of what makes the album stand out.  It will be available next Tuesday, April 8th in stores and online.  The physical CD and digital can both be pre-ordered now.  It can be pre-ordered via iTunes at and at for the physical CD.

Todd kicks off a tour in support of his new album next month at the Infinity Hall in Norfolk, VA.  It all kicks off May 8th.  He will have eight U.S. tour dates before heading overseas for a European tour through most of June.  And on June 23rd, he will be back stateside for the second leg of U.S. dates beginning at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA on June 23rd.  Fans can get a full list of tour dates online at Rundgren’s official Facebook page, or on his official website,

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OSI’s fourth LP one of the best of 2012

The best comes to those who wait.  Who hasn’t heard, spoken, or written that old adage?  Well, in the case of prog-rock supergroup OSI (Office of Strategic Influence), the best–so far–has come.  The band–Kevin Moore (Chroma Key/ex-Dream Theater), Jim Matheos (Fates Warning), and Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree)–has rewarded fans who have waited since the release of its 2009 release, “Blood.”  Simply put, the band’s fourth full length studio effort, “Fire Make Thunder” will be making fire and thunder of its own among fans once it drops.

“Fire Make Thunder” is without a doubt a work of genius.  It is collectively some of the band’s best work to date.  The album starts off soft, with “Cold Call” and ends just as soft with the eery final tones of the album’s closer, “Invisible Men.”  In between these two tracks is a collection of works that make for an album that real prog-rock fans will love.  “Fire Make Thunder” opens eerily, with an announcer speaking about an emergency of some type.  That’s overlaid by the electronics and keyboards that fans have come to know from OSI.  That opening leads into a solid, heavier sound that doesn’t let up until the album’s third song, “Indian Curse.” 

Lyrically speaking, Indian Curse” comes across almost as a history lesson of sorts.  The lyrics seem to speak of the journey of the Native Americans, including their eventual forced removal of their people from their land.  The accompanying music would seem to enforce that theme, too, as it has a rather subdued feel.  It isn’t the only interesting change of sound for OSI this time out.  The bittersweet sound of the album’s penultimate song, “For Nothing” is painful, yet somehow something so beautiful.  Maybe it’s the strains of the piano in the background that really help set the mood.  Regardless, it’s definitely one of the album’s standout tracks.  The full-on instrumental “Enemy Prayer” is another of the album’s real standout songs.  It’s one more piece of evidence that a rock song doesn’t always have to have lyrics to be a great song.

“Fire Make Thunder” has far more great pieces that could be dissected.  But to do that would require far more time than would be needed to properly do service for this album.  So suffice to say that whether for any of the pieces mentioned here or the others not mentioned, OSI has crafted in its new full length studio release, “Fire Make Thunder”, not only another great album, but perhaps its best album to date.  Fans who want more information on the band or its new album can follow the band online at, on Facebook at  and on Twitter at