Lions Lions Release New Video

Boston based Lions Lions has released the video for its new single, ‘Milestones.’  The band released the video in partnership with ABSOLUTEPUNK.NET.  the video shows the band performing live with the new song playing overtop of the video.  the combination of the live video with the music is meant to capture the intensity of a Lions Lions live show.  Fans can check out the video right now online at

Courtesy: Century Media Records/Hollywood Waste Records

Speaking of live shows, the band is currently touring in support of its most recent release, “To Carve Our Names.”  The band is touring alongisde Silverstein.  Lions Lions is scheduled to perform today in Buffalo, NY and follow up that show with a performance in New York City tomorrow.  For a full list of tour dates and for all the latest news from the band, go online to,,, and

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Elenora Another Good Addition To The Post-Hardcore Scene

Courtesy: Persistent Heart Media/Indianola Records

When one thinks of the Pacific Northwest, one doesn’t typically associate that area of the country with the likes of Oregon’s own Elenora.  But with the release of its new five-track E.P., “Avant Garde”, Elenora could become one of the bands to put that section of the country back on the musical map.

The EP’s opening song, ‘Bedfellows’ is a solid melodic post hardcore song that walks the line of screamo/emo just enough that it makes the song commercially viable.  This song is comparable to work from the likes of Fall Out Boy and Set It Off.  The addition of the keyboards in this song is just subtle enough to work.  It adds a certain extra touch that makes the song that much better.  ‘Rome Is Where The Art Is’ is another example of how the band is able to effectively balance its two sounds.  The way that it builds into the heavier sound at the end makes for what is one of the EP’s best tracks.

That balance comes back into play on ‘An Open Book’ as the song moves from adrenaline fueled guitars and vocals to the gentility of the keyboard part in the break back to the guitar driven portion in the song’s second half is a good build on the song.  ‘Star Crossed Lovers’ closes out “Avant Garde.”  It continues the feel built throughout the previous four songs on the EP.  It’s just as solid as those tracks.  All combined, the five tracks on this EP make for a record that any fan of the post-hardcore/screamo-emo scene will enjoy.  The EP is available online now at  For more information on Elenora, fans can go online to,, and

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Glasscloud Debut Seamlessly Branches Metal, Post-Hardcore Worlds

Courtesy: Equal Vision Records

Hampton, Virginia based Glass Cloud’s debut record, “The Royal Thousand” is one of the most interesting records to be released by a band this year in the screamo-post hardcore genre.  This band is more akin to Chimaira than its peers.  The electronics and heavy, crunching, down-tuned guitars mixed in with the voal prowess of front man Jerry Roush make this a record that really branches the two genres together, and brings together audiences from both sides of the musical spectrum.

The album starts off full force with what is easily one of its best songs in ‘White Flag.’  It’s ironic that the album would start with this track, considering that a white flag stands for surrender.  If anything, this song shows that Glass Cloud has no intention to surrender whether it be to audiences who expect the band to be this or that or to label heads who would treat its members in similar fashion.  The album’s intensity keeps up after ‘White Flag’ in ‘If He Dies.’  It goes back and forth between a mild gentility, with Rousch actually singing a little, and absoluate brutality.  Guitarist Josh Travis’s effects are incredible on this song.  Again, it brings the band up to the level of Chimaira.  Considering this is the band’s debut record, that is saying something.

‘Ivy and Wine’ is another high point to “The Royal Thousand.”  It bears that same intensity as the album’s first two tracks.  Not only do Rousch and Travis shine again here, but drummer Chad Hasty’s precision adds another extra level to the song.  A video for the song is available online now at  ‘Prelude For A Ghost’ is the only moment on this record in which the band eases up.  The instrumental is placed precisely in the middle of the track listing.  It gives listeners just enough time to gather themselves before the band launches right back into its assault with ‘All Along.’  That vibe gets stepped up even more as the album nears its end on ‘Counting Sheep.’  This speed metal style piece continues to bridge the gap of the post-hardcore and metal worlds seamlessly. 

The band is currently out on tour right now in support of “The Royal Thousand” on the “Scream It Like You Mean It 2012” tour.  The band is scheduled to perform at Soma tonight in San Diego, California.  It will be at the Fremont East District tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Fans can get a full tour listing and keep up with all the latest from the band online at,, and   

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HEARTCAKEPARTY Releases Hard Hitting New LP in “Mock Heroic”

Courtesy: Indianola Records/Persistent Heart Media

Georgia is one of the biggest hotbeds of music in the country.  For years, some of the biggest names in the business have come from Georgia.  Among some of the biggest bands to come from Georgia are:  Collective Soul, R.E.M. The B-52’s, and Sevendust, just to name a handful.  Now, another Georgia based band is looking to add its name to the ranks of some of the state’s biggest bands.  That band is Summerville, Georgia’s HEARTCAKEPARTY.  This post-hardcore band recently released new album, “Mock Heroic” via Indianola Records.  This is a record for all the fans of bands the likes of All That Remains, Dillinger Escape Plan, Killswitch Engage, and As I Lay Dying.

The album opens with pummeling, “K.O.T.W.O.F.F.L.”  Front man Casey Smith unleashes his vocal fury with precision while his band mates—Shelby Short (bass), Blake Sprayberry (guitar), Jeremy Muse (guitar), and Chris Blankenship (drums)—provide the equally pounding backing that will have any listener moving.  ‘Fun is just F’n Without You’ sees the band lighten up somewhat, offering a more melodic sound with Smith opting to sing instead of his guttural screams.  The band wastes no time after this getting back to its musical brutality when it launches into ‘The Opposition.’ 

“Mock Heroic” continues in much the same fashion through the remainder of the album, with tracks such as ‘Sings of a Sinking Ship’ and ‘Your Friend’s a Killer’ serving as standout tracks.  Perhaps the most standout track on the entire album is the band’s cover of Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ (to clean it up).  Whoever would have thought a hard rock/metal cover of a hip-hop /R&B song would work.  But somehow it does work.  And it makes for one more of the album’s high marks.

HEARTCAKEPARTY will be performing live tomorrow at The Seven Venue with Scream Out Loud in Douglasville, Georgia.  To get any more tour dates and news from HEARTCAKEPARTY, fans can go online to,, and

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New Feel Good Mixtape Will Make Listeners Feel Good

Courtesy: Persistent Heart Media/Indianola Records

Metal/Post-Hardcore and rap/hip-hop are two entirely separate entities in the music world.  So when one thinks of a rocker trying his hand at the rap world, the first thought would be that doing such likely wouldn’t be a good idea.  But on the new mixtape release from his rap/hip-hop project, Feel Good!,  former This Day Will Tell bassist Robby Tucker shows that it is possible for a rocker to enter a wholly different world and succeed.

“Weekend Life” is a surprisingly solid outing for Tucker, boasting more than enough material to please any basshead and beat lover.  Add in a largely positive lyrical vibe, and this release will be even more of a fan favorite.  It should be noted however, that there is more than enough foul language to qualify this release for a parental advisory sticker.  In other words, while it is a lyrically positive release, it’s not exactly kid friendly.  One of the more uplifting pieces on “Weekend Life” comes in the form of ‘Before The Show’.  Tucker writes here, “My life is constant celebration/Drinks are always pourin’/Yeah, you should hear it inside my heart/It sounds like lions roarin’/I couldn’t be happier/The sun even looks like it’s shining brighter/yeah, I’m so high on life/I don’t need smokes, like/here’s your lighter.”  The song continues on in this fashion.  And combined with the solid beats backing it, it stands out as one of the best tracks on the release.

‘Shiny and New’ is another high point to “Weekend Life.”  It’s a good opener, boasting a sound similar to the likes of Kanye West, Common, or even other rappers of that ilk.  The old school style music backing Tucker’s vocal stylings, along with the guest vocals would lead any casual listener to believe that Tucker’s a seasoned veteran to the rap game.  The album’s closer, ‘Something Like Jazz (Daydreamin’)’ is just a solid closer as ‘Shiny and New’ is an opener.  Just as ‘Shiny and New’ gives listeners an easygoing open, ‘Something Like Jazz (Daydreamin’)’ leaves listeners with an easy feeling after taking them on a musical and lyrical journey.  All combined this release proves that it is possible for an artist in one genre to try his hand at something entirely different.  And in those rare cases such as this, that attempt to branch out has proven successful.  It’s a record that both rap fans and fans of his former group, This Day Will Tell, will enjoy, too.

“Weekend Life” is available now.  It can be downloaded at  And to get all the latest on Robby Tucker and Feel Good, go online to

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Rise Records, Poison The Well team up for re-issues

Post hardcore rockers Poison the Well and Rise Records have teamed up to re-issue two of the band’s most famed records, “The Opposite of December” and “Tear From The Red.”  The albums will be re-issued later this summer.  They will be released on limited edition 12″ gatefold vinyl, deluxe cd, and as a digital album. 

Poison the Well has been billed as one of the most important bands in modern hardcore history.  It has been said to be the influence for bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Thrice, Thursday and others.  Its album, “The Opposite of December” has been called “one of the greatest hardcore albums of all time” by Guitar World magazine.

Fans can keep up with the upcoming releases online at or on PtW’s Facebook page,