Perry’s Prismatic World Tour Live Shines Brightly For Fans

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Capitol Records

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Capitol Records

Katy Perry is one of the biggest names in the pop music community today.  Ever since breaking out with her hit song ‘I Kissed a Girl’ in 2008 Perry’s rise to stardom has been meteoric to say the very least.  Now roughly seven years later, she is one of the darlings of the pop world having earned no fewer than five American Music Awards, fourteen People’s Choice Awards, nine number one singles, and much more acclaim.  This is all with Perry having released three albums and one live recording since the release of her 2008 debut album One Of The Boys.  Late last month Perry added yet another live recording to that list, ensuring that her acclaim grows even more.  The recording, Prismatic World Tour Live, was recorded at Perry’s performance in Sydney, Australia during her 2014 Prismatic World Tour.  Whether one is a long-time Katy Perry fan or perhaps just a casual fan, this latest live recording from the pop princess is one every one of her fans will enjoy.  The main reason for that is the show’s set list.  That will be discussed at more length shortly.  Perry’s stage presence and the show’s overall presentation are just as worth noting in this recording.  The show’s production values round out the most important of the recording’s elements.  The camera work and that of those behind the audio boards lies at the center of the recording’s overall viewing experience.  Together with the show’s set list and performance by Perry and company, all three elements combined make Prismatic World Tour Live a recording that any of Perry’s fans will enjoy.

Katy Perry’s new live recording Prismatic World Tour Live is a recording that any of her fans will enjoy.  This applies both to the hardcore fans and even the more casual fan that enjoys her music but might not want to pay the exorbitant price of a ticket to see her live.  The main reason for such high level of enjoyment is the show’s set list.  The twenty-two song set features songs from all three of Perry’s current full-length studio recordings.  Though her two most recent albums—Prism (2013) and Teenage Dream (2010)—are most prominent in the featured set list.  That is not to say that Perry ignored her debut album One Of The Boys (2008).  It is just that the latter pair is more heavily represented.  That is especially the case with Prism.  Nearly the entire album is represented in this performance.  Perry even goes so far as to include the song ‘It Takes Two’ in the show.  That song is only included in the extended edition of Prism.  In all Prism is represented by a grand total of twelve songs.  Teenage Dream is represented by eight songs and One Of The Boys by four.  So since Katy Perry has only been a fixture in the mainstream music community for seven years, it would be improper to call this recording career-defining.  However, considering the fact that all three of her albums so far have been relatively well represented in the concert, it could be argued that one could call it career-spanning.  Of course that term would be used loosely at this point.  But it would still apply.  And that being the case, it can be said that in presenting so much material, the show’s set list shows itself to be a key element to Prismatic World Tour Live’s overall presentation.  It establishes a solid foundation for the recording and in turn is just the beginning of what makes the presentation in whole one that Perry’s fans will enjoy.  Perry’s performance (and that of her dancers) couples with the show’s theatricality in whole to strengthen the concert’s overall presentation.

The set list chosen for Prismatic World Tour Live establishes a solid foundation for the recording.  It is a set that covers all three of Perry’s albums so far.  Two of those albums are even more prominent than the other.  Regardless, Perry’s long-time fans and her more casual fans alike will appreciate that she covered so much ground, musically speaking.  Of course the concert’s set list is just one part of the whole that fans will enjoy.  Perry’s performance (and that of her dancers) couples with the theatricality of the show to add even more depth to the concert.  Perry’s performance throughout the show is within itself important to the whole of this concert in that she really puts on the best possible performance for those in attendance.  From her extensive dance routines to the choreographed routines with her dancers, many hours had to have been spent rehearsing those routines.  Those hours obviously paid off because they are handled with the utmost precision.  To that extent, Perry and company will keep audiences engaged.  On a side note, it should be said that some audiences might find some of the dance featured dance moves….offensive.  That is because there is a fair share of twerking and rump shaking going on throughout the course of the show.  And some of the outfits leave little to the imagination.  Those two factors cannot be ignored even with the precision of the performers’ (Perry included) routines in mind.  On a related note, the theatrical elements of Perry’s show add even more depth to the concert for fans.  There are multiple costume changes and set changes throughout the show.  From an Egyptian set and costumes to something akin to the Broadway musical Cats to a giant balloon-like dress, post-apocalyptic rave-like outfits in the show’s opener, and so much more, Perry and company keep audiences well entertained through the show’s theatricality. All things considered here, the dance routines and overall theatricality of Perry’s live show makes for even more enjoyment for her fans. What’s more it might actually be possible that Perry even used her own vocal talents at different points in the show. Heck, she might have even actually sung her way through the entire show. Though, with her singing over her own vocal track it is at time difficult to tell. It cannot be denied that she did use her own vocals even if it was only at certain points. The fact that she actually did will impress audiences just as much. It is the proverbial cherry on top of the concert’s performance elements that together with said elements makes those elements important in their own right. Together with the show’s set list, they make Prismatic World Tour Live that much more of an entertaining watch for Perry’s fans. As with any other live recording they are hardly the last elements worth noting in examining the concert in whole. The show’s overall production values round out the viewing experience.

The set list and overall performance by Perry and her dancers throughout Prismatic World Tour Live are in their own right hugely important to the concert’s overall viewing experience. The set list covers almost all of her songs to date. The performance and theatricality of the show itself is sure to keep audiences just as engaged. Together, all of those elements make Prismatic World Tour Live a concert experience that any of Katy Perry’s fans will enjoy. Of course they wouldn’t be worth the note if attention wasn’t paid to the show’s production values—its audio and video mix. Of course Eagle Rock Entertainment is not the leading name in live recordings for no reason. It only releases recordings with the highest quality production values. And that holds true here just as much as in any of the label’s vast collection of recordings. The venue at which Perry performed this concert was expansive to say the very least. It was a full-size arena holding any number of her fans. That means that balancing the concert’s audio was of the utmost importance for audiences at home. And that is evident even in the concert’s post production work. That is meant in the most complimentary fashion possible. Audiences can really hear just how expansive the venue was. At the same time, Perry’s vocals are never lost along the way. In simpler terms, audiences can hear as she sings just how far her vocals (and the rest of the show’s audio) spread throughout the arena. But none of those parts ever overpowers the others nor do any of those parts sound airy, as if they are off in the distance. To that extent all involved are deserving of praise for their painstaking efforts to balance the concert’s audio levels. In the same vein, the work of those behind the cameras and editors is just as important to note. Whereas the venue’s size offered its share of challenges for those handling audio duties, it offered just as many opportunities for those behind the lens. And it goes without saying that said individuals used every one of those opportunities. There are shots taken from every possible angle from beginning to end. It gives audiences watching at home quite a view of the show if not the best seat in the house. The work of those charged with assembling said shots in post is just as much to thank for that. It is thanks to their efforts that the shots not only give viewers the best seat in the house and the fullest experience. The zooms, pans, cuts, and angles are used expertly throughout to enhance Perry and company’s performance. They serve to heighten the show’s energy even more and translate said energy to audiences at home. The end product is a concert to which audiences will find themselves singing and dancing because of that expert translation. Together with the equally well-handled audio, that enjoyment is made even more. And together with the performance of Perry and her dancers, and the show’s set list, the recording in whole proves to be one that is well worth the watch by any of Perry’s fans regardless of whether they have ever gotten to see her live or not.

Katy Perry’s new live recording Prismatic World Tour Live is a live recording that any of the pop star’s fans will want to see. This is regardless of whether or not they have ever had the opportunity to see her live. The show’s set list covers all three of the albums that she has released to date, totaling twenty-two songs. Perry’s performance alongside her dancers couples with the show’s theatrical elements to keep fans fully engaged and entertained. The production values give audiences the best seat in the house thanks to the efforts of those that originally recorded the show and those that prepared the show for release. Each element plays its own important part in the whole of this recording’s presentation. Altogether, they make Prismatic World Tour Live a recording that, again, any Katy Perry fan will enjoy. It also serves to show once more why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains to this day the leading name in live recordings. It is available now in stores and online. More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online now at:






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