Orange Loop Rock Fest Details Announced

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Organizers of the Orange Loop Rock Festival announced details for the event Monday.

The three-day festival is scheduled to take place June 10-12 at the Showboat Festival Grounds in Atlantic City, NJ. Tickets and VIP passes are available now. Weekend general admission tickets are $144.99 plus fees and VIP passes are $449.99 plus fees.

Single day tickets for Friday, June 10 are $19.99 plus fees while tickets for June 11 and 12 $74.99 plus fees for each day. Children’s weekend general admission tickets are $54.99 plus fees. Tickets are also available in four-packs for $474.99 plus fees and in two-packs for $259.99 plus fees.

Approximately 17 bands are scheduled to perform at this year’s festival, including and not limited to John 5, Chevelle, and a trio of tribute band that take on classics from Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, and Foreigner.

The festival’s full lineup is noted below.

Friday, June 10th

Foreigners Journey ft. Constantine Maroulis – Tribute to Foreigner & Journey

Ozzmosis – Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne

The Four Horsemen – Tribute to Metallica

Saturday, June 11th




Stephen Pearcy – The Voice of Ratt

Great White



Sunday, June 12th

Stone Temple Pilots


Puddle of Mudd

John 5

L.A. Guns

Treach of Naughty by Nature

Dangerous Toys

More information on the 2022 Orange Loop Rock Festival is available along with all of its latest news at:



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Rocklahoma Performance Times Announced

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The 2021 Rocklahoma Festival will go on for now.

Performance times for the festival were announced Wednesday through a news release distributed to the media. The festival’s unofficial start is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. ET Thursday with a performance by Devium IV on the Deb Concerts Stage.

Thursday night’s kickoff continues at 8:05 p.m. with a performance by Dead Metal Society. The Iron Maidens follow at 9:30 p.m. Stephen Pearcy, the voice of RATT will headline the evening’s events at 10:50 p.m.


Friday’s official launch opens at 11 a.m. on the Deb Concerts Stage with a performance by Straight Six. Lovesick Radio, Outlaw Devils, Travis Bond & The Rebel Souls, and Color of Chaos keep things moving from 11:50 a.m. through 2 p.m.

Liliac closes out the performances on the Deb Concerts Stage at 5 p.m., but before that, Plush will take the stage at 4 p.m. on the Renegade Stage. Half an hour later at 3:30, From Ashes To New will open the action on the Renegade Stage.

Performances from the likes of Tremonti, Candlebox, and Sevendust are also scheduled for Friday. Rob Zombie is scheduled to headline Friday’s events at 10:45 p.m. on the Freedom Stage.


Slipknot is scheduled to headline Saturday’s events at 10:45 p.m. on the Freedom Stage. Prior to its performance, other bands, such as John 5 and the Creatures, Zero 9:36, and Pop Evil are also scheduled to perform.

Also scheduled to perform Saturday are the likes of Butcher Babies, School of Rock, and Falling in Reverse.


Sunday will see its own wide array of acts scheduled to perform. Among those scheduled to perform Sunday are The Hu, Puddle of Mudd, and Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals.

The full rundown of performance times for this weekend’s festival is noted below.

Thursday, September 2


10:50 PM – Stephen Pearcy The Voice Of Ratt

9:20 PM – The Iron Maidens

8:05 PM – Dead Metal Society

7:00 PM – Devium IV

Friday, September 3


10:45 PM – Rob Zombie

8:45 PM – Chevelle

6:55 PM – Sevendust

5:40 PM – Candlebox

4:30 PM – Ayron Jones

3:30 PM – From Ashes To New


9:55 PM – Grandson

8:05 PM – Tremonti

6:20 PM – Austin Meade

4:00 PM – Diamante

3:00 PM – Plush


5:00 PM – Liliac

2:20 PM – Color Of Chaos

1:30 PM – Travis Bond & The Rebel Souls

12:40 PM – Outlaw Devils

11:50 AM – Love Sick Radio

11:00 AM – Straight Six

Saturday, September 4


10:45 PM – Slipknot

8:45 PM – Anthrax

6:55 PM – Pop Evil

5:40 PM – Badflower

4:30 PM – Bones UK

3:30 PM – Butcher Babies


9:55 PM – Falling in Reverse

8:05 PM – Jelly Roll

6:20 PM – Zero 9:36

4:00 PM – All Good Things

3:00 PM – School Of Rock


5:00 PM – John 5 And The Creatures

2:20 PM – Rocket Science

1:30 PM – Fist Of Rage

12:40 PM – 90LB Wrench

11:50 AM – Mind Of Fury

11:00 AM – The Rumours

Sunday, September 5


8:45 PM – Halestorm

6:55 PM – Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals

5:40 PM – Motionless In White

4:30 PM – Steel Panther

3:30 PM – Stellar Ascent


9:55 PM – The Hu

8:05 PM – Andrew W.K.

6:20 PM – Knocked Loose

4:00 PM – Cory Marks

3:00 PM – Jeris Johnson


5:00 PM – Puddle Of Mudd

2:20 PM – Budderside

1:30 PM – Paralandra

12:40 PM – Severmind

11:50 AM – Jessikill

11:00 AM – Chaotic Resemblance

A three-day pass is required to attend the Roadhouse Pre-Party on Sept. Thursday. Doors for the Roadhouse Pre-Party open at 11 a.m. Festival grounds open for the festival daily at 2 p.m.

Rocklahoma is presented by AEG Presents.

More information on Rocklahoma is available along with all of the festival’s latest news at:




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Hold On Hollywood’s New EP Could Help The Band Get More Hold On Mainstream Success

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Pop rock band Hold On Hollywood returned early this with its latest studio recording Love Stories.  The four-song EP is an easy fit for any mainstream Top 40 radio programmer’s list.  That is proven through the record’s fully accessible musical arrangements and its lyrical themes, both of which will be discussed shortly.  The record’s sequencing notable in its own right, too.  All three elements are key in their own way to this latest offering from the up-and-coming outfit.  All things considered, they make Love Stories a work that will appeal to most pop rock audiences.

Hold On Hollywood’s recently released EP Love Stories is a work that, given the right support and attention could be a success with most of this nation’s mainstream Top 40 stations.  That is proven in part through the musical arrangements that make up the 18-minute record’s body.  From start to end, the arrangements easily lend themselves to comparisons to works from so many of the band’s more well-known counterparts.  The record’s opener, ‘Second Favorite’ supports the noted statements.  The arrangement at the center of ‘Second Favorite’ immediately lends itself to a comparison to works from Lifehouse, what with the harmonics from the guitars and bass, and the vocal delivery of front man Ian Dartez.  ‘Anything You Say’ meanwhile boasts a similarity to works from Theory of a Deadnan (albeit slight) in its heavier arrangement.  ‘Movies,’ the EP’s third entry, conjures thoughts of early Fuel and Puddle of Mudd, yet again taking audiences back to the early to mid 90s.  The Lifehouse comparison returns in ‘Too Late,’ along with a comparison to Daughtry, before the band takes audiences even father back in time with its cover of Eddie Money’s 80s hit song ‘Take Me Home Tonight.’  Looking back through these arrangements, it is clear that the arrangements bear strong similarity to works from so many of the band’s more well-known counterparts that rose to fame during the 90s.  Even with those influences, the arrangements still boast their own identity that will appeal to fans of those bands.  Keeping this in mind, it becomes clear why this aspect of the band’s new EP is so important to its odds for success.  It is just one of the elements that makes this record a potentially successful offering from HOH.  The record’s lyrical content adds to its appeal.

The lyrical content featured throughout the body of Love Stories matches the record’s title quite well.  That is because all five of the songs featured in this record center on the topic of relationships.  ‘Second Favorite’ seems, in its body, to come from the standpoint of someone who has gone through a difficult situation and is pleading with that other person to not end the relationship, even noting in the song’s second verse about having been afraid to let go and that he will do whatever it takes “as long as you want me.”  There is even the mention here of making amends, so naturally, it can be assumed that this song focuses on a relationship that is on the verge of ending.  ‘Anything You Say’ seems to be much in the same vein as the record’s opener, with the song’s subject adding to the statement that days without that second person are that much more grey.  ‘Movies’ seems to take a different tone in its lyrical content than the lyrical content in the EP’s first two songs.  This work seems to be more upbeat than its predecessors, adding more of a positive, hopeful tone than those songs.  This time, audiences get a work that seems to be more about a relationship that is going well, and at a point at which the couple is remembering how the relationship started.  It serves as a good “break point” of sorts for the record, considering that it does change the record’s overall tone.  That happier tone only lasts but so long as the EP makes its way out of that song and into the more melancholy ‘Too Late.’  This song opens up with front man Ian Dartez stating, “Is it too late…You can just say what’s on your mind/is we’ll never do this again.”  He even notes later in the song, “Looking back/I should have told you/That I’m sorry/It hasn’t been quite as easy/As it seems.” Between these lines and the rest of the song’s lyrics, it becomes obvious that this song comes from the standpoint of a relationship that met its end, and now the subject is looking back in hindsight at how it came to its end.  ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ takes the exact opposite sire of the familiar mater of relationships.  This is a relationship that is not even at it’s beginning, but rather that earliest infancy.  That is clear in the very statement sung by Eddie Money, “take me home tonight.”  This is that early courtship stage.  Looking at this and the rest of the EP’s lyrical content, the band has covered here, pretty much every stage of any relationship.  The closer is that “infant” stage of the relationship.  ‘Movies’ is the late stage with the happier moments.  ‘Second Favorite’ comes across as a relationship on the verge of ending.  ‘Anything You Say’ is that relationship even closer to the edge, and ‘Too Late’ finds the song’s subject looking back at the ended relationship.  It’s definitely something interesting to contemplate, that in just five songs, this record reaches on the key points of so many relationships.  To that end, it will certainly connect with a wide range of audiences, especially when this aspect is considered along with the record’s collective radio ready musical arrangements.  Keeping all of this in mind, the musical and lyrical content featured in this record is only a portion of what makes the EP a potential success for the band.  The EP’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements.

Love Stories’ sequencing is key to address because it ensures the record’s energy remains stable from beginning to end of the production.  Even in the record’s more reserved moments in ‘Movies’ and ‘Too Late,’ the record doesn’t get but so reserved.  Rather the songs manage to keep the energy just balanced enough with their more melancholic vibes.  ‘Take Me Home Tonight,’ keeps the energy right at its key level where it remained through the rest of the record, again ensuring listeners’ engagement and entertainment.  That stability and consistency in the EP’s sequencing works with the songs and their companion lyrical content to complete the EP’s presentation.  All things considered, they make Love Stories a positive return for Hold on Hollywood that any pop rock fan will appreciate.

Hold on Hollywood’s new EP Love Stories is a simple and accessible record that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.  That is due in part to five musical arrangements, each of which is fully accessible for audiences and ready for any Top 40 radio programmer’s play list.  The arrangements’ accompanying lyrical content are just as accessible as said musical content.  The record’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements, ensuring the EP’s energy remains stable from start to end.  All three noted items are important in their own way to the whole of the EP.  All things considered, they make Love Stories a record that given the right support, could be a hit for Hold on Hollywood.  The record is available now.  More information on the EP is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:










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Lakeshore Debuts Video For Cover Of Puddle Of Mudd’s ‘Blurry’

Lakeshore is taking on a classic Puddle of Mudd song.

The band debuted the video for its cover of Puddle of Mudd’s hit song ‘Blurry‘ over the weekend.  The video mixes footage of front man Jesse Doran singing the song with various other shots, such as rain on a window, an empty building, and a series of random video images presented in fast motion.

Lakeshore’s take on the song stays largely true to its source material, but also gives the song a take that lends itself to comparisons to works from Linkin Park.  Doran’s vocal delivery is even itself comparable to the late Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington here.

Courtesy: Lakeshore/O’Donnell Media Group

Lakeshore guitarist Ben Lionetti talked about the genesis of Lakeshore’s cover of the song in a recent interview.

“I had a few wild nights with [Puddle of Mudd frontman] Wes [Scantlin] while I was living in LA. When Jesse (Doran) and [fellow Lakeshore member] Joe [Lionetti] asked if I wanted to cover “Blurry”, I thought cool dude, cool band, epic song,” he said. “Hope y’all dig it”

‘Blurry’ is just the latest single from Lakeshore.  The band debuted the video for its own original single, ‘History‘ last month.  The band debuted the video for another single, ‘Mountain View‘ in March.

Along with all of this, the band recently released a video tour of its Loud Lion Studios on May 5.  Doran led the tour.

More information on Lake Shore’s new single, news and more is available online at:





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Sleepkillers Debuts ‘Drown’ Video

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Hard rock super group Sleepkillers debuted its latest on Monday.

The band — Damien Starkey (Puddle of Mudd, Burn Season), Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit), Bobby Amarus (Saliva) and ADam Latiff (ex-Puddle of Mudd) — debuted the video for its new single ‘Drown‘ on Monday.  The video — directed by David Borges — follows Starkey as his character efforts to save a young boy (maybe his son?) from a murderous cult.

The video opens with a shot of Starkey looking at himself in a bathroom mirror before fading to a shot of possibly himself in a forest, looking at blood on his hands, before walking away from a dead body.  It is hinted that the body is that of the boy whom he is trying to save.

Cut to a shot of a woman handing out a flyer portraying Starkey’s character and the boy in a store, with Starkey’s character listed as a suspect in a kidnapping and a clerk pointing out that the Starkey’s character was just in the store.

Things get even more intense from there, eventually leading to the revelation that maybe Starkey’s character is not the bad guy that he is being made out to be.

The visualization, while certain to generate plenty of discussion, would seem to work in line with the song’s lyrical content, which finds Starkey singing in the lead verse, “I don’t wanna hide/I don’t wanna be/Crawling on the ground like you/Lost in my head/Drown in what you said/Some things can never be undone/You’re so empty/I feel nothing.”

He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “Hey, you can’t be what you’re not/Pretending that you’re God/Do you hear me screaming/Take, take every word you say/Lie and shoot ’em right at me/Can you hear me scream?”

He goes on in verse three to sing, “I don’t wanna lie/I can never be/Buried in the fight with you/Broken inside, but I’m not scared to die/For something that I know is true.”

The video for ‘Drown’ comes four months after the band debuted the video for its debut single ‘Dirty Foot.’  Both songs are featured on the band’s self-titled debut album, which is available now here.

More information on Sleepkillers’ new album, video and more is available online now at:






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Another Day Dawns Premieres ‘Psycho’ Video

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Independent hard rock band Another Day Dawns premiered its very first music video this week.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Psycho‘ on Tuesday.  The video opens with a series of exterior shots in a seemingly post-apocalyptic setting before moving to footage of the band performing its new single in a warehouse setting.  That footage is crossed with footage of front man Dakota Sean in different rooms, being seemingly tormented by an unidentified woman.

The presentation Sean being seemingly tormented by the woman crosses with the song’s lyrical content to lead one to believe the song, lyrically, focuses on a difficult relationship between a man and a woman.

In terms of the song’s musical arrangement, Sean’s vocal delivery couples with the driving, guitar-centered work, to make a whole that will appeal to fans of acts, such as Crossbreed and Orgy. Interestingly enough, Sean’s vocals in fact, sound very much like that of former Crossbreed front man James Rietz (and even like that of Puddle of Mudd front man Wes Scantlin).

‘Psycho’ is the latest single to be released from Another Day Dawns’ forthcoming EP A Different Life.  The four-song EP also features the songs ‘Rage,’ ‘All of Me’ and ‘The Broken.’

Another Day Dawns is currently scheduled to perform live this Saturday, Feb. 23 at the One Centre Square in Easton, PA.  The performance is part of the band’s promotion for A Different Life.

More information on that performance, the band’s EP, its new video and more is available online now at:






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FLM’s Debut EP Is A Modern Rock Record Well Worth At Least One Listen

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Up-and-coming Boston-based rock trio Freaks Like Me is set to release its new EP Philosophies For The Modern Ant this week via independent rock label Pavement Entertainment. The six-track EP is quite the interesting listen. The main reason for this is that each one of the EP’s tracks are instantly radio ready works, speaking both in terms of their musical content. The band clearly proves this right from the EP’s opener ‘Better Off Blind.’ Musically speaking, it is a solid rock song that mixes old school guitar licks with a more modern rock sound for a whole that any rock purist will enjoy. Lyrically speaking it offers just as much worth discussion. The EP’s second track ‘All In A Lie’ is just as ready for the radio as ‘Better Off Blind’ with its straight-forward, almost Nirvana style sound. And the EP’s brooding closer ‘Poppies and Rain’ offers its own share of interest for audiences with the combination of its musical and lyrical sides. All three songs in themselves serve as good examples of what Freaks Like Me has to offer audiences with its debut EP. Of course the remaining trio of songs that make up Philosophies For The Modern Ant each serve their own part in the whole of FLM’s debut EP. All six songs taken into full consideration, Philosophies For The Modern Ant proves in the long run to be a record worth at least one listen when it is released next week.

FLM’s debut EP Philosophies For The Modern Ant is quite the interesting first effort from the multi-national band. Each of the six tracks that make up the body of the EP prove in their own way that FLM is a band that could easily hold its own against the bands that currently populate American mainstream radio. That argument is made solidly in the EP’s opener ‘Better Off Blind.’ Front man/guitarist Jon O’Connor’s guitar work in the song’s opening measures present a good mix of both modern hard rock and classic rock influences. As the song progresses, drummer Steve Kilroy’s time keeping keeps the song moving forward with bassist Dave Eve offering just enough low end to make the song really heavy in all the right ways. All three parts together create a sound that is just catchy enough to keep listeners engaged throughout the length of the song’s roughly four-minute run time. Lyrically speaking, O’Connor’s subject seems to be singing of someone that is tired of having to deal with someone that has caused him quite a bit of stress. His subject sings of this person, “Selfish dementia/Broken dissertion/Caught in the wheelspin/Running from the fact that you’ll never escape….” He goes on to sing of this person that other than seeing what said person is doing and has done, he would be better off blind. It’s quite the statement. And coupled with the song’s power it shows even more why the song in whole could hold its own against anything out there today on mainstream radio.

‘Better Off Blind’ serves in its own way proof of why FLM’s debut EP is worth at least one listen especially when compared to the fare currently being offered by American mainstream rock radio. It’s just one of the songs that makes the band’s debut EP worth at least one listen, too. ‘All In A Lie’ is just as much a candidate for a representative single for Philosophies For The Modern Ant as ‘Better Off Blind.’ What really makes this song such an interesting addition to PFTMA is the seeming similarity to both Puddle of Mudd and Nirvana musically and stylistically speaking. There is no denying the close similarity between the sound of O’Connor’s voice and that of Puddle of Mudd front man Wes Scantlin. Interestingly enough, the combination of that sound and O’Connor’s own vocal style coupled with the band’s overall musical style makes direct connection to Nirvana. That is at least the case to in the view of this critic. Is that such a bad thing? Honestly, no. Even if the similarity to the sound generated by Nirvana in its heyday it shows a direct influence from that band. Having such similarity to such a groundbreaking band is anything but bad. And that being the case, it makes for yet another reason that FLM’s new EP is worth at least one listen.

FLM offers audiences quite a bit to hear in its new EP Philsophies for the Modern Ant both in terms of its music and its lyrics. For all of the musical and lyrical intensity offered by the band throughout most of its debut EP, there is a different type of energy exuded in the EP’s closer ‘Poppies and Rain,’ The mood set by this song both musically and lyrically is rather brooding. O’Connor’s simple approach using just a guitar and his vocals really gives the song a certain emotional punch. It would have been easier for the band to go all out and have drummer Steve Kilroy add in a big drum part. Luckily the band didn’t take that route, opting instead for a pair of brushes and a shaker. That minimalist approach taken by the band in whole here makes it a fitting closer after all of the energy exuded by the band in the five songs that come before it. That more emotional side of the band set against the energy presented by the rest of the EP’s songs makes it in whole a work that any modern rock fan will agree is worth at least one listen.

Freaks Like Me’s debut EP Philosophies for the Modern Ant is a work that is a work that any modern rock fan will agree is worth at least one listen. Whether for the fire in the music and lyrics of ‘Better Off Dead,’ the equally intriguing and seemingly NIrvana-influenced ‘All In A Lie’ or for its brooding closer ‘Poppies and Rain,’ Philosophies for the Modern Ant proves to have plenty that modern rock fans will enjoy. That includes that trio of songs not noted here, too. All six songs taken into consideration together, Philosophies for the Modern Ant once more proves to be an EP worth hearing at least once whether by the casual listener, rock radio programmers, or both. Philosophies for the Modern Ant will be available tomorrow via Pavement Entertainment. More information on the band’s debut EP is available online now along with the latest news from the band at To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

TV Producer, Record Label Partner To Form New Company

Television producer Richard Dominick and Horizon Entertainment—parent company to indie record label Goomba Music –have announced that they have partnered to form a brand new company titled, Richard Dominick Entertainment Group.  The goal of the new company is to serve as a bridge between music and reality TV production.  The new company already has plans to start filming new full length movies this Spring.  Casting for the movies will take place at the company’s Detroit and Chicago offices.

Dominick, whose credits include Executive Producer of the truTV’s Hardcore Pawn, Executive Producer of The Jerry Springer Show from 1994 – 2008, and Creator and Executive Producer of The Steve Wilkos Show (2007) was clearly excited about the new partnership when interviewed.  “Working within another production house, sometimes leads itself to creative differences”, Dominick said.  “Now when there’s creative differences, I will only have to argue with myself – which is a good thing because my other personality is that of a small Filipino woman and I can take her…” “After so many years of working within the boundaries and limitations of other production companies”, he continues, “I now have what all producers dream of—creative freedom.  This company is a match made in Heaven, and if by chance we end up arguing amongst ourselves, it’ll make a great reality show.  I think when I changed The Jerry Springer Show from Phil Donahue to a show where everyone was welcome to come on the show and air their grievances, it was the beginning of “reality TV” and Springer became the number one show in syndication.  Now, Hardcore Pawn is truTV’s biggest hit. Expect this new company to continue and surpass those successes. 

Greg Wier, CEO of Horizon Entertainment and Goomba Music also shared his thoughts on the new partnership.  “We are thrilled to form this new company with Richard, joining our talents and utilizing our strengths to bring the world a new and exciting full service entertainment company.  By combining his successful track record in television with our accomplishments as an independent record company that has worldwide distribution, the possibilities for new entertainment ventures are endless.  We have a lot of new plans for movies, television, series and record releases that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Goomba Music is home to Brand New Sin, Open Air Stereo, Scum of the Earth, Temple of Thieves and hip-hop artist, A.N.T.  The company originally formed in 2011 and has already released records from Soil, Dark New Day, Pro-Pain, and Puddle of Mudd.

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