COC Makes Its Home State Proud Again With Debut Re-Issue

Courtesy: Candlelight Records/Lumberjack Records

Three decades is a long time for any musical act to last.  It’s an even longer time for an act that has spent most of its career flying well under the mainstream music radar.  For such acts, managing to remain relevant and successful is a major feat.  Not many non-mainstream acts can claim this badge of honor.  One of the few that can is Raleigh, North Carolina’s very own Corrosion of Conformity.  Corrosion of Conformity has always flown just under that mainstream radar.  Yet despite that, this band has remained one of the most important bands in both the punk and hard rock communities throughout its near thirty years.  As the band’s thirtieth anniversary approaches, longtime fans and new fans alike are being re-introduced to the band’s roots thanks to Candlelight Records and Lumberjack Records.

Candlelight and Lumberjack have officially re-issued the band’s 1983 debut record, Eye for an Eye for the masses.  Coming off the heels of the band’s self-titled release earlier this year, this re-issue is an excellent juxtaposition of the aforementioned record.  Both records boast the punk sound that made the band popular from the beginning.  In putting the two albums side by side, the progression that the band has made is obvious.  Even more evident is that while the band has grown, it hasn’t lost its punk roots in the time since its debut.  In comparison to the records released with former front man Pepper Keenan, the sound of the band’s debut is vastly different.  It would be improper to try and compare the band’s more punk based records with the more southern sludge rock tinged records.  That would be comparing apples to oranges.  The songs on Eye for an Eye are punk at their finest.  They are short, fast, and loud.  The longest track on this disc is just over three minutes.  And the shortest song clocks in at less than thirty seconds.  To be exact, it’s timed in at precisely twenty-three seconds long.  Whether three minutes plus or less than a minute, the intensity of this punk classic still makes it a fan favorite and a must have for any COC fan and fan of real punk in general.  It serves as a reminder of everything that was once right with the punk genre.  Next to the band’s new self-titled release, the pair serves as a reminder that despite the glut of happy hopping pop punk that plays across the airwaves every day, real punk is still out there.

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The Offspring to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight

The brand new album from punk rockers, The Offspring hits stores tomorrow, June 26th.  In celebration of the release of its new album, the band will be on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight.  The band will perform the lead single/title track from its new album, “Days Go By.”   

Fans can expect more mix of sounds from the band on “Days Go By.” There’s a reggae-esque piece in ‘OC Guns’, and even a touch of mariachi music in ‘Cruising California (Bumpin’ in My Trunk).’  And for fans who are really wanting something different, there’s some speed punk death metal in ‘Dividing By Zero’ and ‘Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell.’

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Bowling for Soup’s new LP will make fans shout WOO!

Ok, everybody.  On the count of three, everybody yell, “WOO”  Ready?  One.  Two Three.  WOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Texas based Bowling For Soup is back with another great new album in “Fishin’ for Woos.” The band has proven with this record that between its 2009 release, “Sorry for PArtying” and this new release, it hasn’t lost a bit of its fire since that time. 

“Fishin’ For Woos” is a solid album from beginning to end.  Just as with its past albums, the band continues to keep itself distanced from all the other pop punk bands that take themselves far too seriously.  At the same time, it doesn’t reproduce the same sound as its previous release.  The band has kept itself fresh yet again.  Instead of writing a bunch of whiny emo-style songs about love lost, the band takes the road less traveled, opting instead to make another fun party rock record that audiences will love more and more with every listen.  It’s highlighted by songs such as ‘Girls in America’,’Friends Chicks, Guitars’, the Ugly Kid Joe-esque ‘Here’s Your Freakin’ Song’, and the party anthem, ‘S-S-S-Saturday.’  There’s even a touch of an homage to the Ramones in ‘Girls in America’ during the song’s chorus.  Whether that was intentional is anyone’s guess.  But it is there, nonetheless.  And it’s a great added touch to the song.

The most serious that the band gets on “Fishin’ For Woos” is on the song, ‘Turbulence’.  [Jaret] Reddick sings on the album’s only ballad, “We’re all just passengers tonight/and we’re all just travelling through our lives/we will reach our destination/so just hang on for the ride/say a prayer and close your eyes/it’s just a little turbulence…”  It’s a song about getting through life’s difficult times.  But it’s not one of those standard whiny “oh woe is me” style emo/pop punk pieces.  It’s much more positive.  And for that, the band is to be commended even more.

“Fishin’ For Woos” has so much going for it. Whether it’s the album’s only ballad, or any of the more up-tempo pieces throughout the album, Bowling for Soup has crafted what should be considered one of the best punk rock and general rock records of 2011.  And compared to the other punk and pop punk bands out there, it’ll easily continue to set Bowling For Soup apart as one of the best punk and general rock bands currently making music today.