Actual Villains Premieres ‘Losing My Religion’ Cover; Debuts Song’s Companion Video

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Independent rock act Actual Villains debuted the video for its cover of a classic R.E.M. song this week.

The band debuted the video for its cover of R.E.M.’s ‘Losing My Religion‘ Oct. 7. The premiere of the cover and video comes as the world marks the 30th anniversary of the original song’s debut.

The video for Actual Villains’ cover of ‘Losing My Religion’ — directed by Lance Gergar –crosses footage of front man Andrew DeNeef performing the song and video of an astronaut falling in reverse through sky, eventually into space as the song reaches its finale. The group’s musical arrangement stays largely true to its source material in terms of its sound. However, the stylistic approach to the cover gives the song a sound that will appeal to fans of Linkin Park, with its melodic heavy rock approach.

DeNeef talked about the decision to take on R.E.M.’s timeless song during a recent interview.

“To me, R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” has always been a quintessential Alternative Rock song,” he said. “Since it’s release thirty years ago, It’s been one of the only songs from my childhood that I never grew tired of as my musical tastes went through multiple stages of evolution. I’ve always felt the lyrics are about the frustrations of feeling like you’re losing control, at the end of a rope, trying to find yourself through the noise and confusion of the world. A feeling I know all too well lately.”

This year has been particularly tough, with all of its challenges and stress, it’s led to a lot of moments of introspection and soul searching,” added  DeNeef. “Throughout this time this song kept finding its way into my life, like a sign begging for my attention. I’ve been apprehensive in the past about doing cover songs but the more I sang along to this song, the more relevant the lyrics seemed. I could hear my own version of the song in my head taking shape, begging to come to life.”

“I wanted to homage the original song but bring in new energy and a more dynamic sound overall, taking into account my very diverse pool of influences,” concluded DeNeef. “It starts with a sense of sadness that boils into rage by the end, taking the listener on a journey that matches the feelings this song evokes still today after three decades. I hope you enjoy my vision for this timeless classic. “Losing My Religion”, reimagined by Actual Villains.”

Actual Villains’ cover of ‘Losing My Religion’ is available to stream and download through Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

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HEARTCAKEPARTY Releases Hard Hitting New LP in “Mock Heroic”

Courtesy: Indianola Records/Persistent Heart Media

Georgia is one of the biggest hotbeds of music in the country.  For years, some of the biggest names in the business have come from Georgia.  Among some of the biggest bands to come from Georgia are:  Collective Soul, R.E.M. The B-52’s, and Sevendust, just to name a handful.  Now, another Georgia based band is looking to add its name to the ranks of some of the state’s biggest bands.  That band is Summerville, Georgia’s HEARTCAKEPARTY.  This post-hardcore band recently released new album, “Mock Heroic” via Indianola Records.  This is a record for all the fans of bands the likes of All That Remains, Dillinger Escape Plan, Killswitch Engage, and As I Lay Dying.

The album opens with pummeling, “K.O.T.W.O.F.F.L.”  Front man Casey Smith unleashes his vocal fury with precision while his band mates—Shelby Short (bass), Blake Sprayberry (guitar), Jeremy Muse (guitar), and Chris Blankenship (drums)—provide the equally pounding backing that will have any listener moving.  ‘Fun is just F’n Without You’ sees the band lighten up somewhat, offering a more melodic sound with Smith opting to sing instead of his guttural screams.  The band wastes no time after this getting back to its musical brutality when it launches into ‘The Opposition.’ 

“Mock Heroic” continues in much the same fashion through the remainder of the album, with tracks such as ‘Sings of a Sinking Ship’ and ‘Your Friend’s a Killer’ serving as standout tracks.  Perhaps the most standout track on the entire album is the band’s cover of Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ (to clean it up).  Whoever would have thought a hard rock/metal cover of a hip-hop /R&B song would work.  But somehow it does work.  And it makes for one more of the album’s high marks.

HEARTCAKEPARTY will be performing live tomorrow at The Seven Venue with Scream Out Loud in Douglasville, Georgia.  To get any more tour dates and news from HEARTCAKEPARTY, fans can go online to,, and

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